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  1. Shoulda just got a vw motor&box mate! Just like a baby Porsche. Look forward to updates, if anyone can do it, it's you and Hannah! Never contemplated a Subaru engine? WRX-IMP.
  2. Exactly! Bro in the background "wtf that clown takin photo of that fooking thing?"
  3. Nice work polishing that turd, looks a fuck load better! I know a family friend who bought one as a mid life crisis and did nothing with it. Red with pealing clear coat that's just sitting in a shed. There is a few cool ones I see around aucks, they look real cool with sweet wheels, roll bar, flairs etc.
  4. Oh the studs on the heads? Possibly, it is actually quite a distance along the system from there, if you know what I mean. The muffler part bolts on to front exhaust stud with a short hanger just visable in that photo if you look on the inside of the right 180 bend. I've have trouble with this one in the past, the thread just seemed chewed out on the other one. Something to think about though. Thanks man. Really needs a whole new system, guy on TM sells a great looking one, similar style to this but a rip off of the spendy CSP python exhausts. And finally give up on having a working heater system.
  5. Yeah they rub on the edge of the body mount as well, always have. Fine once tyre has self clearanced. Just shaves the lettering off. Old drums did many miles with no problem for good old German steel. Edit: you probley right, shoulda bought 195s instead of the 205s.
  6. When the car was at Frank's, his mechanic commented on how sloppy the shifter was. You just need to know how to drive it mate! Truth is if be having trouble with it for ages. So I left to do the school run and get to work, about a week later, hooked second and WTF? It jumped into neutral and the stick itself forgot it's H Pattern and just flopped about like a spoon in a mixing bowl! Turns out the base held together by these four long pop rivets, until it wasn't. Was a easy fix, even had the right size nut and bolt combo. Actually pretty funny. That my sharns for today. chur.
  7. Wheels look so good, to good! Almost need to do the truck now!
  8. So here we are again. I've said it before but this thing is farkin loud to drive around in, one of the exhaust studs had pulled out way back, so has been on the list of things to do for some time. Still even with all the leaks, I started noticing a weird noise from the rear end, wheel bearing? Drove around for a week or so and it was not getting better. My hatred of vw rear hubs is as high as ever, so I dropped it off at Frank's because fuck vw rear hubs with their 300pound foot of bullshit. Turned out both rear drums had flogged out and where fairly close to falling off! I think these new drums are made of cheese? So we'll see how long these new new ones last? Don't think the last ones did 10k? Realized I had a M10 tap and some threaded rod, dunno if this was the right way to go but thanks to the drums and fuckin covid it will have to do! Can see all the carbon on the head there. Removable rear valance made this job super easy! Engine is still going well, sounds very tappy tappy and the bottom is covered in oil. I would like to install a better oil breather system as it doesn't really have one, I'm sure this would help keeping the black stuff inside the case. My long term plan was to built a nice new engine before this one fucks out and straight swap them, I have also had naughty thoughts of a nice modern sohc Subaru engine, minimal chopping to install and an easy 200% power increase. Thanks for watching.
  9. Hey man, good luck with the rebuild, body and the engine. Those cracked heads are very common on the old twinports, time to replace. Do your research, if the bore is to large the cylinder walls can be to thin and this can lead to problems. These things are strangled from the factory so carbs, cam and exhaust can improve things a lot. Like any engine, cooling is very important, all tinwear and seals need to be in place for the air to flow correctly. Oil cooling is also important, your engine has the later doghouse style oilcooler, with is the best, extra cooling and filter can add a good couple liters of oil to the system.
  10. Jesus Christ! That parcel tray! Good work cleaning up these many hack jobs on this cool car.
  11. Looks like that will push the beam out a inch or so, no good for a sedan but might be okay for a buggy?