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  1. have hopefully fixed the worn out gas sender problem.I have no idea how much gas I have, but the old gauge don't work anyway, I can just look down the filler neck and at least I can full'er up now.And then as Sunday drew to a end...dells seem to fit. oh man those manifolds are right bastards! hooked up the throttle wire.made brumbrum noises.just need to finish wiring and install electric fuel pump, K&Ns should be here at the end of the month.So questions,1; I have a Red and a Blue wire coming from my 009 distributor, is one positive and one negative on the coil?2; loom has two large red wires in the engine bay, one goes to the Alternator?, and one goes to the starter?, and then I think one goes from the alt to the starter? my loom had no instructions, and because I've gone with alt from genny, this has changed a few things??Also how the hell do you keep the fusebox in place? I bought that little clip but I'm buggered if I can make that work!trying to avoid using a washer and wood screw like it use to have.
  2. wide 5's or GTFO! haha
  3. yuss.
  4. foamer confirmed. It's not actually to bigger job to drill out the spot welds and re-weld them lower down. ew, more foam, were your bump stops at mang? my car a mongrel too, built from about 12 cars, all the shit left over/survived the war/50 years.
  5. I thought there was somefin a bit funny about this car. "It's a 1200 '62 with later panels" I would say its more like a 62 floorpan under a 72(?) body, with earlier panels. windows are to big to be a early car. you should not have that gap between the body mounts like that, VW changed this when the proper IRS chassis came out. that hole with the two studs is for the factory swaybar, or Z bar. There should be just a thin, 5mm rubber pad between the pan and shell, but that spacer will be okay, no sure if it's going to like jumps! This does mean its a king and linkpin front end though right?? perfect for slamming and Baja-ing, heaps more traval than a ball joint beam.
  6. You and me both! At this rate, you'll be finished before me. Haha.
  7. holy smokes! I just clicked that the pics on the mags are not photoshopped, haha. well done.
  8. sTRANGE bED FELLOWs.our cars couldn't be any more different! finished mounting the fuel line, ended up going under the throttle tube. mounted the coil on the cooler scoop, the extra weight makes the scoop flap about, might need a couple more screws to hold the scoop now fitted up the crusty old heater boxes, so I could button up the tins. valve covers will be painted dark grey at a later date.found these little RUBBER NIPPLES at pineline, that place has everything! these block the vacuum ports on the carbs, very handy for keeping you walrus protected also.test fitted the old bugpack zorst, fuck it's shite!!get in there ya wee bugger!! guess I'd better install the rear engine bay seal.ah yeah....
  9. we gonna rock down to electric avenue...please please work!spent several hours of my life making these air cleaner spacers.now looking not quite as homemade, still need holes for studs on top of the crabs.played mix and match with the fuel inlets on my old single dell, twins now both the same fittings with one side blocked off, so the line will come up though the firewall, to the left carb then over the the right hand side.got the linkage working nice and fitted the sparkplug wires.test fitting the old k&N off the single, new ones will be the taller ones I think.so close!
  10. B6HS.Hmmmmmmm.that don't look right at all.so I took it all back apart, double checked everything, took the Alternator off, put the gennie back on, still the same.I think it's been like this for years, I blame the shitty aftermarket tinwear, the Alt can move back into the stand but the shroud and everthing thats bolted to won't let it, I even leaned on it and got a mate to tighten the strap, but that juts made it crooked and out of alignment.need more beer
  11. fan stuff.new oil cooler sealsso the fan housing could get bolted down now. thinking about mounting the coil here.on the top of the oil cooler scoop.
  12. been focused on the engine for the last couple weeks.dirty.clean.mean!was hoping some of it's hp might rub off on my bucket.back in the cave.gave the heat exchangers a good de-grease.they're pretty much worn out, but will do a few more miles/years, until I finally give up on this fantasy of having a working heater.(its never worked)Alt stand and a very quick black paint job.if you look back a couple post, you'll notice the fan shroud had two holes for the throttle cable, neither were in the right spot.sorted.terrible paint on this thing, ran out of primer, ah fuckit!shiny!sparky!after spending a not insignificant amount of time cleaning up all the old, oil covered stainless tinwear screws,I found these new button head ones, ah well!
  13. GIZ!
  14. well, thats another old toyota you own that I've never seen before, well done!
  15. thats a shame, paddock baja will be rustfucked I'm sure. Keen to see a better pic of those empi seats there shurbsbin. Also, flares on a bug? um......