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  1. But first, more important things! As I don't have radio, I've just been plugging my phone into this 222Wattts of retro power! With speakers in the front now, I was keen to get them going, luckily I have two 222Wattts amps. After way to much time trying to somehow fit them both under the back seat, I realize there's heaps of room behind the back seat, I was going to but this behind the back seat. But, without drilling holes in my floor there's nothing to anchor it's considerably weight to. So. Ye ol 6x9th, shall suffice. Tidied up the wiring. Been fiddling with settings, running the low pass on the 6x9, not bad. Had a stupid idea of just mounting the sub like the 6x9s as that rear area is pretty good box. Took the family out for a drive over to Devonport, they weren't that thrilled about not taking mums limo. Well not limo, but a 04 Odyssey is infinitely more comfortable that this tiny smelly noisy little car. Started off great, got on the motorway, had gone about 2kms and the engine stuttered and we're outta gas! Fortunately I always carry spare gas. Are we making memories yet! Had a swim and drove home our wet toggs with an ice cream, i always have to turn the car off a drivethu, cant hear the little man in the box! By the end of the day we all a most excellent day out.
  2. New ragtop cover for the ragtop time. Brought the bug inside work, took the old cover off and had fun removing all the sticky duct tape glue, fuck that stuff. All the parts layed out. Cut the new cover on the esko, perfectly square cad cut. Sewed the hems over and added slits for the bow to sit inside as factory, the old cover didn't do this so you had to be careful not to end up with a parachute attached to the roof. All mounted, I added some thick felt to the front bow, not sure I like it, if it doesn't pack down I might remove it, looks to chunky. Looks sweet folded back. Will now start thinking about the inside headlining.
  3. I have been in a stock as a rock old lady car years ago, was much quieter. Could have a conversation at highway speeds, very hard in mine, keeps the kids quiet!
  4. No, nothing up there, it's on the list. Need to find something that won't hold moisture and cause rust like the factory did in the late 70s.
  5. This is glue, very strong stuff. And Hurrah! Interior is a much nice place to be now with all the carpet back in. Still loud as all hell inside, maybe a little better around town, so that's a win. Got a roll of canvas through work, so I'm going to make a new sunroof cover with the industrial sewing machine we have. Pretty easy to do, its just a big square shape with a douple hem on each side. Shit is spendy, lucky I only need 1.2mtrs.so nice, could have bought another vinyl cover for half the price, but this sewfine canvas is triple layered lushness. Then I'll reattach the inside headlining which actually helps the rag work properly. Good it have you back ol' girl.
  6. All done now, still worked Sweet! Noise stuff. And put all the autodec back in. Speakers are mounted to some 3mm mdf and glued the back of the carpet, no boxes, the magnets help keep them in place.
  7. So the rust proofing has a interesting colour/look @sheepers dunno what happened to your gun mate, but as soon as I turned the air on it shot it's load all over the garage, seems stuck on?
  8. Leaky corner. Hopefully this stuff sorts it.
  9. The other reason for new belts was to get rid of these stupidly long storks. I shopped around and was keen to get some old school style buckles, which are available in reel ups, but the buckle side was also an adjustable belt, as this car is a daily I didn't want to be fishing around under seats and nothing else is original in this car so who cares! Better.
  10. Made up these little things to mount my fancy new seatbelts. Gave them a lick of paint. And, for the first time ever! Reel up seatbelts!
  11. Pulled the interior, which took about 15 minutes. gave it a good clean, was please to see everything still looks pretty dry and tidy. Darrell gave me a huge sheet of sound deadening, stuck in place.
  12. So the old vw has been off the road for about ten months. Luckily, as fate would have it my young brother-in-law was heading overseas to travel. So I've had his old car to drive over winter. Anyone what to buy a 96 Caldina turbo desiel? No Right, moving on. When I finally finished the resto on this thing, the interior was just thrown in, zero fucks, basic. Ten months ago it Also failed it's wof on the setlbelts. So the desiel arrived just on time. I'd noticed that the rear floor was getting wet while driving in the rain. Turned out to be a leak between the floorpan and body right in the corner under the back right. The sunroof had also seen better days, I'd only duct taped in on 2 years ago and the cover was starting to crack and leak. It also has no noise insulation and I'd never gotten around to spraying the rust proofing about inside, again because it was such a mad rush at the end.
  13. Am going to attempt to install an interior plus some kind of noise insulation so I can hear myself think, Jesus Christ its loud in there! Also fancy new reel up seatbelts and see if I can get the ragtop to actually work.
  14. Hey man, nice work. I'm following with interest and learning lots from this thread. Been searching for a way to avoid shitty Auckland traffic without selling my car. I'm keen to build one of these!