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  1. 63Ragtop

    Sod's 64 Cortina Cosworth

    Very nice man.
  2. 63Ragtop

    Snoozin's 1981 KPiz Starlet

    Nice work man, keep going, nearly there!
  3. 63Ragtop

    Gav’s Honda N360

    Tool kit is cool. You mad bastard!
  4. 63Ragtop

    Nick's Datto 1600

    Fuck yes. That is all.
  5. 63Ragtop

    Romans COD piece

    stupid like a fox!! great work mate, would love to have half the time, money and knowledge as yourself.
  6. 63Ragtop

    Bricks 69 beetle

    Insert chat thread here...
  7. 63Ragtop

    Rivalrx - 1972 Mazda 618 Coupe

    Well that must feel pretty damn awesome? Fucking well done!
  8. 63Ragtop

    Bluebear01's 1937 International D-2

    Fuckin sweet! Older the better I say.
  9. 63Ragtop

    Corbie's MkIII Cortina Wagon - Discussion

    Cool man, even a non turbo barra would make it shift! Looking forward to updates.
  10. 63Ragtop

    64Valiants 1969 low light kombi

    Hide it under your bus, drop bus to the floor, she'll never see it then! But is it legal on the NZ? Cert-wise.
  11. Excellent evening of old vehicles and semi old people.
  12. Wife doesn't have night shift that wendneday evening, I may be in the general vicinity and require a burger, will be in my daily driven 63, what a coincidence.
  13. vote for black and silver combo. nice work mate!
  14. 63Ragtop

    matteybeans 1978 rt104 corona

    I would agree, which does surprise me. Usually flares on flares look fucking shit. I'd be more inclined to rethink the tyre/rim combo? one of the things I really like about your car is how clean and uncluttered it is.