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  1. Good page that, good info. The is the bare minimum set up is the old cast alloy empi box, connecting the oil filler and both valve covers, many many options and devices out there. This is a tidy install. Can't help but feel these are quite small? Or does that matter as the oil should be draining back down at the same time.
  2. Yep, a very slippery slope. I do have some NOS bare factory heads stashed for the "one day" build. Plan this far is to replace oil cooler, rear seal, reseal alt stand, remove heads, maybe jugs? Hope they aren't stuffed, reseal with new pushrod tubes, install better engine breather system. Drive until it dies.
  3. 90km? 90,000miles. Sounds about right. Not really in a position to do a full rebuild right now. Will get some new seals and see how it goes.
  4. Stripped all the tinwear off. Some of the problem is poor crankcase ventilation. As well as the standard cam, lightened flywheel, carbs and exhaust. This engine is actually blueprinted and dynamically balanced, which means it revs faster and higher than stock. Which means more pressure or splashy oil stuff inside or something. Add to that my stupid worst than stock breather, and shit comes out everywhere and anywhere.the front pulley doesn't have any seal, it has a thread that chucks it back inside, looks like some oil has made it out, possibly the oil pump cover below also? The r
  5. Old solid front mount. Nice new heavy-duty kombi mounts in place. So fresh and so clean! Just need to remember to top up the gearbox oil, something else I've never done, not the easiest process I'm guessing. Which just leaves this thing to sort out. Which although looks cool from this side. Is caked in oil from this side. Any tips on stopping a vw engine leaking oil from ever possible place would be greatly appreciated. Fin.
  6. Which finally leads to this. Gotta take these off first and a couple other things, and out she comes. One very rusty dusty old (dated 1999) clutch. The bearing in the center there is all lose, don't think it's supposed to be like that ? Plate looks okay, again center section had a rattle. Bellhouseing was wet and grimey. I bought new engine mounts when I good the new clutch, these polyurethane ones were cool when I was twenty, but I'm sure they make the noise and vibration issues even worse. And the axle boots need replaced again, these only laste
  7. Still going. After being a daily driver for the last three years, the clutch had reaaalllly had enough, I adjusted it one more time, and it was working sweet. I drove over to qualitat to grab a couple last parts, thought I'd pop in and see a mate at his work down the road, pulled up a couple blocks away and bang. No more clutch cable. Old mate helped me push it inside, dropped me off home, picked me up in the morning, took me back over to qualitat, and helped me sort the cable. Good cunt. Guess I had it cranked the cable a bit much and stressed it out. Anyway four hours la
  8. Another thing I've never gotten around to is polishing the paint. After I smashed the front fender I had intended on doing it after painting. After sitting out in the sun all day at work for the last couple years the paint was pretty rinsed. Spent a couple evenings worth of elbow grease, paint is actually cracking in places. Wish I'd done it years ago, but whatever, looked so nice after a shower of rain, water all beading off.
  9. The other thing that likes to die is the wiper motor. It works fine until you really need them, like a thunderstorm in heavy Auckland traffic. Then they cook themselves and fuck out. Opening the motor for possible the first time in sixty years reveled grease with the texture of smashed prunes.
  10. Hello oldschool. The bug got a new wof a couple months back. Just needed new front tyres and the front bearings adjusted to pass. Was looking pretty hard for a wider tyre as technically the 145s are too small for the 5.5in wheels. No 155s or 165s in the profile in wanted, to chicken it try a 175, so bought another set of 145/65/15r. Balanced and aligned together with the sorted front bearings and the high speed shakes have greatly reduced. Drives really nice now. Except for the slow death of my clutch.
  11. Looks better on those ryms.
  12. Least it wasn't the back one.
  13. Amazing as usual man, so cool to watch your work.
  14. Thanks, had stainless allen head bolts, which rusted. Only had to drill one out.
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