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  1. I'm sure I read somewhere, that the suby sound has a lot to do with the way the zost is from factory. Yeah, aussiegears make them reverse things eh? Bug box can handle maybe 100hp, kombi about 200. Shouldn't hard to find one? Only thing that don't rust! Can convert swing axle floorpan to IRS. Wonder what year the pan is?
  2. Love this thing bro, looks like a 70s hot wheels come to life! Vw engines take a lot of money to make any power. Is the radiator in the rear? I'm thinking turbo suby or a 13b.
  3. Crazy dutchies.Ah, air ride. That's a whole nother cert issue, has anyone ever built a air ride bug in NZ and got it legal? The shock mounts on vw's aren't really designed to carry the whole weight of the car? Which is what happens if you remove the torsion bars like people seem to do overseas.
  4. He is right though. First dude I took my car to for a wof went fine tooth comb on it, apart from the many many other issues, one was it needs a cert for the 1600cc as it deffiantly wasn't a 1200 and more. Also @scooters heaps of people run 2-3inch beams without a cert, unless you know, most get away with it. The only really narrow car I've see in nz was a white bug on BRMs, pretty sure it was certed, anyway doesn't really answer your question but good to sharn. I find with the 63, ground clearance is more of a issue, I've got a stock width beam and no drop spindles, and the beam is about 90mm off the deck. If i go over the speed bumps at work any faster than a crawl, the back of my front fenders get smashed, I would like to drop it one more inch.
  5. Like the fresh angle bro, but.... Would that tail light fit in the rear fenders kick up?
  6. Amazing fabrication Bro, great work!
  7. x2. And Paul Smith is a muthafuckin GC.
  8. Nice work man, keep going, nearly there!
  9. Tool kit is cool. You mad bastard!
  10. stupid like a fox!! great work mate, would love to have half the time, money and knowledge as yourself.
  11. Insert chat thread here...
  12. Well that must feel pretty damn awesome? Fucking well done!