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  1. Yeah, I'm gonna blame the different welder and materials for that, and the massive gap I had to bridge. Also helps to turn the gas back on ! Haha.
  2. Had a busy week with the bug, changing gears was be coming rather hit and miss, by Wednesday I was having to start it in gear if I wanted to use reverse. One thing I'd meant to do during the rebuild was to replace the plastic bushing that holds the shifter rod in place inside the tunnel. I even bought the part, but, meh I had a whole car to build and it worked okay before, also it's a cunt of a job. The problem is to change the bush you need to completely remove the three foot long shifter rod. And this is the only access. You gotta take the spare tyre out, the front bumper, two access plates and as it turns out both front beam adjustment bolts, and poke the shifter rod out the front. Fuck me. Old thing new thing. Didn't end up taking to long, an hour or so. Gears still fucked, adjust clutch. Ah, much better. these two things have made the car so much nicer to drive it has reinvigorated my enthusiasm for the car. So on Friday I cut the muffler off. Old shit. New shit. Some shit welding and a lick of paint. And a short five hours later. Tried to kick The tail up at the end. Sounds so good, very happy with it, I'd had the old one nearly twenty years so not bad. Makes prober vroom vroom sounds now! Also cut a hole out of a large trapezoid of mdf. For the jbl to sit in, speaker only just fits. Sub doesn't have the same punch of the when it was in the box, bit more boomie, but heaps of volume and is fine with a few twiddles of the eq. Was going to cover it but it's fun watching it move in the rear view mirror.  Random photo of small mount on can I had to jigger. Note self clearance flange.
  3. So on the vw started making a weird fluttering sound. I checked the basic things like oil and removed the fan belt to see if the fan was rubbing on the housing. Guessing it was a massive exhaust leak I finally admitted that I'll never have a working heater system, I went and bought these. Which replace these old shitters. Volkswagen heater boxes, which are air heat exchangers, the hot exhaust goes in those ports at the back, turn 180 under the heads and connects to rest of the system, whilst the engine fan pumps cold fresh air (hahahah) though the large holes over the alloy fins that incase the exhaust and into the cabin. Fair to say these things have done their dash and weigh about 5kgs each. Now factory vws have these annoying slip joints were the heater boxes attach to the muffler. As mine a bit low and the aftermarket exhaust flange is the first thing that hits the road pulling into a driveway (which can be seen in the last pic of the last post) it would crack the seal and would start leaking again. So I was able to reuse the flanges off the boxes and weld them in place thanks to my brother in law's weld as mine decided to die. Ugly welds but strong. So much better using gas! I told what I was doing and mentioned that the muffler was also on its last legs and he pulls this out from under his house. The openings are a little bigger as it's off his V8 prem, but the can looks to be exactly the same size as the bugpack muffler I have tucked up under the bugs fender. Next project sorted. Here is are J pipes in place. Please ignore the oil slick under the engine. So after fucking around all day, I start it up and bugger me if it was still making the fluttering sound! Me and Darrel spent a couple beers trying to suss what was making the noise, getting pretty gassed in the process, carbs need a tune, running very rich. So I go down the road to turn around, give it the old italian tune-up, and waa hey, problem solved! Still not sure what it was but I'll take the win.
  4. Well, after a small break over winter, I got a new wof for summer Feels good to be back on the road, been thinking about the subwoofer, I bought that box with the shitty lightning audio 12 inch, for 10bucks at the dump shop, It's super well built, better than the cheap repco ones and a lot better what I could build. The old sub is stuffed but I have always wanted some doffdoff! I have own this JBL12 for nearly 20 years! But the old vw genny has never had enough juice to run one. Time to see if this thing still works! Bridged the mighty 222watts and stuck it on the back seat for now. Gets ya right in the kidneys. Fuck yeah.
  5. This, looks like fun.
  6. Finished this bench to sit over the ugly whiteware and provide some extra bench space. I started it last lockdown, so I'm glad to finish it! Except for the screws to hold the ply on its all recycled materials. Sanded the old ply down and coated in boiled linseed oil. Silky smooth. And black zinc it for the frame. Turned out better than I expected, the plan was to mount a bench grinder to it but the wife thinks it's nice enough to be extra outdoor furniture!
  7. That factory Bright Green they came in? Was hoping this new project would show up here soon! Keep the updates coming!
  8. No problem. I nicked it off someone else on the internet.
  9. Cut up my first failed version of the switch plate today and turned it into a chuck key holder. Ye olde drill press had this weird half brass screw already, so I made use of it.
  10. Finally got my old 1950s drill press finished. Had to make up this small plate to mount the toggle switch. Please with how it turned out, looks the part. all wired up thanks to my mate Darrell, and ready to go for another 70 years.
  11. Nice, didn't realize it was big enough for two cars! Block much light to that narrow window? Gud jurb!