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  1. I don't give two shits about the long block, owes me $2. Im not expecting 500hp, 200wrhp will suit me fine. From what I have read elsewhere the ports are very close, (near enough for a low buck Ratrod) so I'll get a n/a one (or at least a gasket) and check it for myself
  2. Got it in one, wise one!
  3. I've actually got the hangar18 link and that link on my home pages on my phone. It's really an experiment to see if it will work
  4. I had actually thought of that as well, but the whole seal changing sounds like a clusterfuck. The other forum liked the idea of 2 tdo5s, but I'd imagine that's twice the headache, but it would be pretty different. I had intentions of getting it to run as it is (manifold) and if it kinda works go whole hog and chop the guts out of the manifold under the "spacer", and weld it directly onto the manifold. My reasoning is I know it works as it is, and blazing in with the grinder and hacking a good manifold seems a little counterproductive.
  5. That was an option I was thinking of. I can also use a barra manifold and rotate 4 5 and 6 port plates
  6. Thanks for input @cletus, I was hoping you'd pipe in. I've spoken to some speedway engine builder/tuners and they say the conversion can be done, if not I'll use the 750, I don't care. I have a dislike of computers when it comes to Ford 4.0l, they just smother any performance out of them. Its running carb and dizzy now, not going backward. Also it's to prove I can do it to the old man, he hasn't got one to work....
  7. Possibly, but am trying to keep that away the front
  8. Poke fun at me, whatever. I'm toying with the idea of putting a blow through carb setup on my dirty old 4.0l intech. Ive been told the vacuum secondary carb isn't really suitable so I've got a "broken" 750 double pumper coming and was going to pull the backend off and put that on my freshly kitted 600. I'm also aware that it will require nitrophyl floats. Check. So, turbo. Thinking of using some chingaling turbo. Turboforums reckons I'll need a 60-65mm intake side, but seem a little reluctant to offer any recommendation of what I need. I have zero intention of doing anything to the engine and only want to run 5-8psi maximum. Its mainly for shock factor than anything else, power gain is secondary. I am after recommendations for fuel pump and regulator, turbo, waste gate and bov. I'll make the top hat myself out of sheet alloy. Ridicule me now Thank you
  9. I inherited my Great Grandfather's 90 odd year old Record when my grandmother sold the farm. It looks very average but still does the job
  10. Nice work my man. Quite fond of that shape.
  11. Just to add a pic this is what a 1980 XS850 standard looks like. This is not my bike, but in 1994 this is very close to what it looked like 825cc, 3 cylinder dohc shaft drive. I now have an original seat, mine is stock standard apart from replacement mufflers and carb setup. I am looking at going back to the 3 carbs, if I can find someone to sell me some.
  12. Dredging up a thread that was last updated 2010. Gotta be some sort of record. So XJ650 is long sold. XS850 is currently in storage unit beside the Ratrod. Waiting for house to sell and get into new place. Have got onto a lead for 750/850 parts in Rotorua and another guy in Christchurch. I'll put up some pics once in new enviroment
  13. I'll be there, my appearance somewhat changed/reminiscent of 2013....and rolling the daughtermobile
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