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  1. Nice job man. Making panels from scratch is never easy.
  2. I've been offered one for cheap to fit the 4.0l. I'm also intending to get cam ground (standard stock cam . 499 lift at valve 290/290 duration) worth the effort/money?
  3. Lf will always wear quick due to toe in and constantly "driving uphill". This is where prudent tyre rotation comes into play. Well up here anyway due to our heavily cambered roads

    Holley carb talk.

    600. I am monitoring oil level. Have seen oil being "made" by overfuelling in truck engines
  5. Actually not as bad as I was imagining. Might be a tentative yes!

    Holley carb talk.

    After rekit, a bit of fluffing around with float levels and dissy timing and it sat there idling by itself. I'll probably drop down 2 or 3 jet sizes as smells a little rich. And rev.... Oh my....
  7. @cletus Can the chassis end of the engine mount have the threads tapped into them, or do they have to be bolts and nuts with spring washers and a minimum of 2 threads projecting? These are what I'm using, GU Patrol TD42T.
  8. Fired it up again. Fiddle with distributor a little bit. Floats a little high. Fiddle with them a little bit. Sat there idling unassisted for two minutes. 45psi of oil pressure at idle. Couple of good full throttle revs, neighbours poking their heads out. Bloody sterling engine. Old man suitably impressed
  9. My brother has some tiny little helicopter battery in his Superstock. Was hellishly expensive. Cranks a fairly hot 1UZ easily.
  10. Thought I'd have a look and see what was out there in the way of a engine mount. The Falcon ones have terrible angles to try and work with. Perusing Trademe and bingo GU Nissan Patrol. 4 bolt bottom one stud top. Perfect. A sterling price of $67 for the pair delivered.
  11. Reassembled carb. Went well until I went to put the base plate on. FUCK!!! 2 bolts short. Tore shed apart looking for them. No dice. Was googling what thread they were and found this NO wonder I couldn't find them, they were never there. So.... Try again on weekend
  12. MACKAZ

    Holley carb talk.

    Hasn't got any of those. I found the instructions difficult to follow, appeared blurred, and had different options to what my carb has. I found it bloody confusing. Ended up finding clearer documentation through I'm curious to find out what it's been jetted for having #60 in it instead of its original #66. Under usual circumstances I'd be grabbing another carb off Dad, but with him being retired the stream of parts has dried up....
  13. MACKAZ

    Holley carb talk.

    I've just thrown the kit in it, but God knows how but 2 of the base screws have vanished. WTAF?? Go hunting....