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  1. Thanks Clint. All I've cut off is the original engine mounts and the original cab mounts. Rest is OEM mitsi
  2. See your add on Facey. Do you have a repairable bonnet? It's for my old man
  3. I'm one of the bone heads that paid for it 8 years ago. I emailed regarding any changes (the copy is registered to my Mother) and got no reply. I don't recall ever seeing anything in my HCM regarding frontal impact compliance, but then again I don't have a very good comprehension of technical jargon. In saying that if I built basically a scaled down version of a half cage to the standards I have should suffice?
  4. That is applicable to production vehicles, correct? I've been told by LVVTA that I MUST fabricate an upper anchorage for my belts. Yet I was told (some time ago) by a former LVVTA certifier that lap belts would suffice. As I'm not going 4 seater anymore I was going to run harnesses as they are cheaper than Web grab lap and diagonal belts. I'm wanting to know whether (if you use harnesses) they need to be "in date". For stockcars they expire, I can get some brand new expired belts. Also trying to find someone who can offer some guidance around the mounting of harnesses if I can use them
  5. Re above. Can you used "expired" speedway belts? In a standard stock you can't run belts over a year or two old. Dad's got a couple that are brand new, still in the packaging. Yay-nay?
  6. I'm in. @ESKIN8R @ruff kunt automotive @rb drifter been looking for a valid excuse to go to Burgerfuel.
  7. Good base to start with. Body is in better nick that what I started with/currently ignoring
  8. Thread dredge. Tonight I put the motor and box back in it, ratchet strapped it in tight. I won't be touching it in the next few months apart from going for a ride on a trailer.. Next few months are going to be interesting...... Watch this space
  9. Looks awesome man. Looks fricking straight
  10. Facebook marketplace sometimes has its advantages. Bought these LED navigation and anchor lights (second hand but still in the OG packaging) for $50. Sundry bolts washers wiring terminals $20 ish. All lit up. Trademe purchase of an older (2008 vintage) Garmin Fishfinder 140. $63 including ship. Its a bit scruffy but appears to work. Battery holder made out of leftovers from making the 4.0l high-rise carb adapter and tigged it together myself at work (in own time of course) 7a/hr gel deep cycle battery free from GC workmate Jacob. Zip zero nada. Test run on weekend....m
  11. Huge job. But you are THE MAN to do it. Love it, watching with interest. I've got a pine for this shape only equalled by 61 Plymouth Fury.
  12. Oh neat. Just called local Mercury agent to see if my part has arrived. Was told ex Auckland no prob when I emailed my enquiry last Thursday. Advised its "just come off backorder" from Australia? Pretty average service.....
  13. I couldn't agree more, I'm considering making one out of a block of aluminium. Im thinking as it spent the first 23 yrs of its life on the back of a boat as an auxiliary it was probably up on that stop. Years of being in that position and its just worn away.
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