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    KPR's 84 chromelux discussion

    I lol heartily at these 1jz comments dropkick posts. Don't even sound like a six.
  2. Went to Whangarei swap meet. Came back empty handed. Anyways plans for the Hemi are 6 straight pipes, necked down to 3/4 inch 19mm at the ends to shut her up. Also looking at making a "high-rise" inlet manifold from exhaust tubing and a lump of 75x50mm boxsection, topped with a trio of Holden single barrel carbs. Also on the cards a third pedal MIGHT possibly get squeezed in the footwell
  3. Engines aren't here yet, but a pile of bits are. New engine to be fitted is a 265 Hemi Valiant. 200hp standard vs Holdens 92hp will propel this pile of parts much quicker.

    KPR's 84 chromelux discussion

    I reckon it'll go about 250hp.....atw

    Nels Hb viva discussion

    I concur. Workmanship is awesome....
  6. I approve of this, being an ex 125T racecar driver

    Northland boys, meet?

    This is beginning to sound like a plan. Someone throw a date into the mix, only thing is Labour weekend is out...

    kpr's starlet


    Daveyc's 1974 hc viva

    Choice car man. I've always had a soft spot for 2 Dr HC Viva Magnums. I'm waiting for the old man to get these racecar things (Camaro and a Commodore) out of his system so we can start on his HB rebuild, all I know is he has bought them (2) and they're in another dry storage, on hold, after being in a back shed in a wreckers yard for 18 years.
  10. MACKAZ

    kpr's starlet

    Things have changed since last time I seen this! Have to catch up with you at some stage.
  11. Dads first stockcar in 1981-82 had a very worked Supersnipe engine in it. I'm not going V8, it's had one dangled in the engine bay but looked physically too small. It's getting another 6 in it and it isn't modern. There is a rod running around up here with one in it, but only one I've ever seen, even going through my old NZHR mags there's nothing...
  12. MACKAZ

    Northland boys, meet?

    You would say that. I gotta have my kids. Wifey working all weekend
  13. MACKAZ

    Northland boys, meet?

    I'll bump this up again, anyone interested??
  14. Cool build. True kiwi rodding at it's finest. Dads cousin had a J14 cut down into a roadster, diff u bolted directly to the chassis. Never seen pics of it but sounded awesome/dangerous as all hell. He swapped it to his cousin for his A40 Devon but my grandfather booted his arse so hard he was made to take it back Dig the X2. I personally am not a huge fan of Holden as is why mine is being ditched for the engine I wanted (but couldn't find) to put in it originally, my ultra rare carb setup will be on the market once engines in place
  15. Hopefully getting a repower very soon to something waaaay cooler, waaaay more powerful and quite a bit bigger displacement. Watch this space, gotta go pick this piece of pure awesome up...... Cue mysterious music