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  1. Got bargain today. EL lightweight flywheel, clutch and pressure plate. $50 off workmate, his stockcar spare one. I'll have to buy bolts and a spigot bearing. Now I will HAVE to yank it out of the chassis and separate engine and box to get thread pitch.
  2. Went down and have hacked out the old mounts as good as I can with engine in place. Need to get the 202/auto combo sold so I can plonk the 4.0l on the ground. I've only got so much room
  3. @cletusThanks mate. I'm picking I will go with a 3mm reinforcing plate (if thick enough) then use a mount similar to pictured above. Sound above board? Reason I'm asking here is our certifier up here is super unhelpful. Just a dick to deal with..... More interested in truck trailers and towbars
  4. @cletus @KKtrips I heard/read/dreamt that engine mounts attached to chassis require a plate welded to chassis (larger that actual mount) then mount welded to that. Did I actually dream that? If so how thick does the plate need to be, and recommendation of wall thickness for the actual mount? With the Ford's mounts being further back than the Holden the mounts will be where the chassis bends, so will need to be made of formed plate. Or can I use a large round mount like so and have a flat plate mount
  5. I've only got my shite Huawei and an ipad. I've sorta got it there but not "tidy" like others I'm seen. I don't see signatures on my phone
  6. Can someone tidy my sig up, or tell me how to fix it. Technologically challenged....Exactly why I told MITO to shove their online joke of an apprenticeship
  7. Roger that. I'll see if I can fix it
  8. Hell no. This replacement is simple, easily fixed, easily replaced if it pops, and it probably will. Makes same power standard than a $5000 red motor. This thing gonna get thrashed, mercilessly, and I wont/don't care what others think. The USA crew love it
  9. It's, umm, substantially bigger. Dropped it in the hole, jumped the gun a bit. Needs to go back another 150mm, but need to remove old mounts as the oil filter fouls on them. I'll need to fit a Z700 (Cortina) oil filter for more room. Tunnel appears to have enough clearance. Much better than that other engine
  10. Knock off work early today as very slow. Thought I'd spend day with wife. She suggested giving me a hand to remove the Holden. Very surprised by that. Next thing shits getting real and it's out
  11. Yep. Had a EL in my one. Plenty of life after 6000rpm, something a 3.8 hasn't got
  12. Glad you approve Sir. For time being I will get it running carbed. Will attempt the turbo at a later date
  13. Quick swap over this morning. Hasn't got a flywheel at the moment, at least I can mock up. Manual setup come out of a dirt car
  14. Looking for 2 wire XD dissy, flywheel and maybe an EA vee belt front pulley setup