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  1. What's the plan now Greg?
  2. I'm still requiring that clutch pedal bruv....
  3. Sterling work! They're not a cheap engine to tinker with, as my brother is finding out, he's building another engine for his Superstock
  4. Lol 54 come alongs... From memory it's a fair hike up to the shed too. Last time I bought a 720 King cab off him, I got another 4 720s in bits. When he Barry collects he does it to the extreme
  5. ^^Hardcone, know your self worth, you're a frigging genius in my book.
  6. Well, I've gotta wait a little longer. Sharn goes storage barn is on one side of a creek opposite to the entry. Guys recently had a flood go through his farm and its washed the culvert out. And guess what's on the barn side of the creek? The dudes digger, with only one track on it. And the other tracks this side. Bah, might be easier to try buy a 265.....
  7. I'm still loving it! Keep them updates flowing/make up for my inactivity
  8. Dunno if still available but you used to be able to get retractable that you could dial an angle into it. This was 20 years ago though
  9. @cletus regarding the brake declaration. If that's the case I'll buy stuff in NZ if needed. Will the ball joints and tie rods will they be OK. Are proof of purchase in NZ required?
  10. I'll take you up on that Tori. I got some old parts books but if you've got genuine numbers it'll make the job much easier.
  11. I don't really know what it is. All I vaguely remember was a brown L200 2000 Sport with single rectangle headlights, I had the tags for it but they've got lost when my brother bought our parents house and he chucked the majority of stuff that was put away by the old man in his little hidey holes. This shape
  12. When it comes to the brake declaration at cert time, do you have to prove everything is new, or is it a declaration of what's used? If so it's 100% Mitsubishi unmodified.... If it is required to be new, do you produce receipts, and are parts ordered through Rock Auto compliant? Because there's no Mitsubishi L200 listed I'm looking at Dodge D50 stuff. They're listed under Mitsubishi part numbers?
  13. I had an 88 petrol, no power steer.
  14. Keep showing interest guys, anyone who is "new" make yourself known, you're more than welcome
  15. I'll text Jase. He's pretty busy with his newborn son though
  16. RKA in, bigfoot, rbdrifter a maybe, MACKAZ in don't be shy fellas
  17. As title says. Know numbers are dwindling, need to get things going again. If keen reply on here or pm me. Date and venue to be comfirmed depending on numbers.
  18. Sick. Sick, sick, sick.! Cool on a new level! As you were etc
  19. I am liking this progress. Stopping powah looks top notch.