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  1. Bimini on. The depth sounder (I don't call them fish finders, cos I don't normally catch any) is fully wired and functional. Ive dropped the hull on the back lawn and applying a fresh layer of cold galv where surface rust is showing through. Not so elcheapo now, owes me just over $2800, but I suppose its cheap compared to buying one in similar state.
  2. Maybe Hudson Terraplane judging by the alloy moulding. Could be (and most probably am) wrong. As to value no idea but if you had a Terraplane grille you could almost name your price to the rat rod fraternity.
  3. Another almost Alloy welder attempt. Made a mount for the new transducer and slathered it in neutral cure silicon One step closer
  4. In my haste I forgot a before pic. The guide had the front completely broken off, and unevenly. Burnt some scrap 3mm onto it and shaped it to suit. If it fails I'll need to make a new one. It's as rough as guts but should work
  5. Pic of new (old) sounder. Downloaded a manual for it and it's far superior to the other Garmin. Shed will get a clearout soon.
  6. Well summers upon us, and the annual January holiday is 6 weeks away. Time to drag it out and get it ready. Last time I used it I managed to tear a rowlock off, so that's to be done. The depth sounder I bought seems to be faulty. Lucky for me workmate just put flash new one in his boat so got his cast off for $25. Need to fit that. Really keen to get bimini top for some shade. It's like a fricking frying pan. But first need to remove the ton of crap in front of it.
  7. Awesome. I've always pined for one of these. I'd imagine the kick start would be as finicky as my 850. Like like like the plans for it. That windjammer might be worth something. I've seen so many of those things one stateside 750-850s like mine
  8. Anytime @cletus. I think it's was a good buy for the price. Stoked you bought it.
  9. Departure in t-15hrs. Fingers crossed its a cruisy and drama less day. Woot.
  10. Dragged Hull home from work lockup where its been since March. Collected engine/fuel tanks/fishing gear from storage lockup. Life jackets out of the caravan (at same work lockup). Only thing I can't find is the anchor and rope. Currently impatiently waiting for Savebarn to open to buy rope and a grapple anchor. Workmate has given me an old sand anchor. Ran engine up last night once I remembered how to start it. Electrical check. Battery charged. Assemble anchor setup tonight Bring on next week. Here fishy fishy
  11. I don't give two shits about the long block, owes me $2. Im not expecting 500hp, 200wrhp will suit me fine. From what I have read elsewhere the ports are very close, (near enough for a low buck Ratrod) so I'll get a n/a one (or at least a gasket) and check it for myself
  12. I've actually got the hangar18 link and that link on my home pages on my phone. It's really an experiment to see if it will work
  13. I had actually thought of that as well, but the whole seal changing sounds like a clusterfuck. The other forum liked the idea of 2 tdo5s, but I'd imagine that's twice the headache, but it would be pretty different. I had intentions of getting it to run as it is (manifold) and if it kinda works go whole hog and chop the guts out of the manifold under the "spacer", and weld it directly onto the manifold. My reasoning is I know it works as it is, and blazing in with the grinder and hacking a good manifold seems a little counterproductive.
  14. That was an option I was thinking of. I can also use a barra manifold and rotate 4 5 and 6 port plates
  15. Thanks for input @cletus, I was hoping you'd pipe in. I've spoken to some speedway engine builder/tuners and they say the conversion can be done, if not I'll use the 750, I don't care. I have a dislike of computers when it comes to Ford 4.0l, they just smother any performance out of them. Its running carb and dizzy now, not going backward. Also it's to prove I can do it to the old man, he hasn't got one to work....
  16. Possibly, but am trying to keep that away the front
  17. Poke fun at me, whatever. I'm toying with the idea of putting a blow through carb setup on my dirty old 4.0l intech. Ive been told the vacuum secondary carb isn't really suitable so I've got a "broken" 750 double pumper coming and was going to pull the backend off and put that on my freshly kitted 600. I'm also aware that it will require nitrophyl floats. Check. So, turbo. Thinking of using some chingaling turbo. Turboforums reckons I'll need a 60-65mm intake side, but seem a little reluctant to offer any recommendation of what I need. I have zero intention of doing anything to the engine and only want to run 5-8psi maximum. Its mainly for shock factor than anything else, power gain is secondary. I am after recommendations for fuel pump and regulator, turbo, waste gate and bov. I'll make the top hat myself out of sheet alloy. Ridicule me now Thank you
  18. I inherited my Great Grandfather's 90 odd year old Record when my grandmother sold the farm. It looks very average but still does the job
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