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  1. All advice always welcome. And plenty of great tips in there! I'll sus out my led light to be on hand. Watched a few vids and some pros had sweet gun mounted led lighting.
  2. New light bulbs, 4 times the brightness of the old ones, so good! (compare it with the above photos of the car mid paint job to see just how gloomy it was. Some pretty heavy duty heaters borrowed from work and screwed to the roof. Car sanded down and masked, cleaned a few times, will clean some more and tack cloth it in the morning before I spray base and clear for the 2nd and hopefully last time!
  3. I'll get around to my parents place at some stage and see what I've got stashed.
  4. i think i have two sets of this grill if its of any interest. i may only have one sedan grill and the coupe grill fitted to my sedan in which case i wont let it go incase i ever bend the front end, but if i have two sedan grills like i recall id be happy to sell one. however. are you sure itll fit? these are all the face lifted rt81 or rt84 cars, and yours is the rt80.
  5. BlownCorona


    that was the original dissusion haha. and rattle cans without some sort of UV protection on them can get in the bin. i did spray the advan livery on my mates mx5 with rattle cans and 2k clear overtop. it came out bloody mint, though has showen adhesion issues between the rattle can and clear in some areas (could have been a clenliness or technique issue though). the whole job cost less than 300 bucks, was done in less than 48 hours and has lasted years. all paint zero vinyl.
  6. BlownCorona


    yeah i get what youre saying too with the thin and thick. has given me something to think about for sure. could almost look powercoated which might look weird. but also im not sure if hes going to mind really. itll be a drivers car not a show pony. i dont really want to rattle can it cause in 6 months itll look like a chalkboard. pl;us all the glass and trim are off currently, so prime time to spray it. its not had a respray as far as im aware, but has had rust repairs and some dents fixed up. ill hopefully by collecting the car this afternoon so will have a better idea. might price up both options and see what he wants to do. agree with Bling, this thread has been pure gold for the back yard hacks
  7. BlownCorona


    though im pretty sure the factory paint is straight white with no pearl or anything, ill have to see what it arrives.
  8. BlownCorona


    ill take all that into consideration for sure base over clear is an option. its an 80s celica '84 i think.
  9. BlownCorona


    i may not have explained it properly. (and i also havnt laid eyes on the car in real life yet so things may change) but the car has had a heap of body work done already and its quite straight now. we will definitley sand it with sanding blocks, but we dont want to go to the effort of sanding down hi fill primer and getting the thing dead straight like ive done with the crown, we simply dont have that sort of spare time (which is why the crown has taken my 9 months and counting to paint) and dad just wants a cool old Toyota to drive around in again, he was just going to rattle can white over the repaired spots untill i convinced him to put something somewhat decent on it. its also a budget thing.
  10. i think its me and hayden coming down to surprise dad. dad thinks hes driving down to get the car tomorrow.
  11. BlownCorona


    So my dad bought a pretty cool old toyota. and it needs painting, we just want it a nice solid crisp white and as budget as possible. so were keen to use 2k white, and especially after seeing MrMk1s struggles with his datsun, but ultimate success using baslac. we'll go with that product. my question is what sort of primer should i use underneath it. the car is plenty straight enough, but we dont want to go to the hassle of fill primer and blocking it back. so just want a primer to go under the 2k white and call it a day. we want the car on the road, not in the garage! also basic technique for this system? what grit sandpaper should the body be done in before the primer, and then what grit sand paper (if at all?) should we scuff the primer to before the 2k topcoat? cheers! and another question back related to the crown. ive dont a bunch more reading and watching videos and came across someone saying that the new age high solid 2k clears only need two coats? is that true, because if so, i think i found the root cause of my issues, i put about 5 coats of clear on (and i also dont think i allowed enough flash time). because thats what i would have done with 1k clear when ive done motorbike tanks ect and never had issues with runs. but never considered the fact that that product used alot more solvent. how many coats of clear would you recommend? Cheers again!
  12. totally agree on the blitz ss. had one on my old charade turbo and it was such a crisp sounding valve. so stoked dads engine is going into this, it was sad to remove it from his s110 race car.
  13. i might have an uncracked dash and unpainted dials i could be convinced to part with if you want to go down that route. id have to go look in my pile of spares to see whats exactly there though. but shit at least bathe those dials in thinners! holy shit!
  14. Yup, nothing flash, but nice and tidy just to get it all sealed up and driving ASAP. I'll have a hunt for any potential build thread to continue. It wasn't Ryan fels old one was it? I remember a white ta60 being on the forum years back. /Thread hijack sorry. As you were, though he bought a corona in the end so good decisions all round.