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  1. Jordans 1982 Suzuki TS185 dirt/street tracker

    the only thing i ever rotated on that base were tires and bottles
  2. GuyWithAviators' Yamaha V50

    pw80 engine?
  3. BlownCoronas 1971 Toyota Corona

    Vertical stays would be stronger, these stays are just some that were available for a good price, the spoiler and brackets are 2.5mm stainless so it doesn't really matter where it's supported from cause it's very rigid. I fit them this way cause the boot skin is pretty thin and I was more concerned about point loading the boot so opted to spread the load out there. Vertical stays would also get around this issue but on an angle seems to work just fine and I like the look, which let's face it, is 100% the reason I built a spoiler in the first place!
  4. BlownCoronas 1971 Toyota Corona

    the wing isnt adjustable, and would be pretty hard to get to hinge and look nice due to the curve of the bootlid. the rod stays are adjustable but dont need to be. its 100% for looks and some research seems to sugest it may help with fuel economy due to less drag but if that actually happens itll just be a bonus. between the angle brakets and the supports its very solid. if i push on it the whole car moves. everything is somewhat triangulated. through looking at pics of these kinda wings i noticed that 90% of them, although they had adjustable turnbuckles, were not actually adjustable, and i made the call that i wasnt going to need to actually adjust it, so no point wasting more money and thought on a hinge setup that would probably have looked less tidy, where on a race car thats not such an issue.
  5. BlownCoronas 1971 Toyota Corona

    Progress on the spoiler. Very very pleased with it so far. It will be painted flat black, and I have a large old font Toyota decal/stencil in on order to so an slr5000 style graphic on the back.
  6. BlownCoronas 1971 Toyota Corona

    likewise! its a spare boot anyway so if it all goes to hell ill just mod a ke55 glass spoiler or bolt the original lid back on, but im confident it will look good, the cardboard template on the car looked great.
  7. BlownCoronas 1971 Toyota Corona

    its going to be flat and follow the slight curve of the bootlid. ive look at a million photos over the last few months and settled on this style. as i can definatly make it look good on the cheap (important right now) and i cant buy a glass spoiler to suit my car, certaintly cant make one that will look any good etc. plus im liking the very subtle american twist the car is getting.
  8. BlownCoronas 1971 Toyota Corona

    Something else ive been cooking up for a spare bootlid i had.
  9. BlownCoronas 1971 Toyota Corona

    Well this is a rather proud post from me, and ive held it back a few weeks while i tidy some stuff up enough to make a video. I can officially state that i own a supercharged corona, the motor is up and running, and running great! with the only thing really going wrong being my maths skills, ive fucked up the pully ratio and not making the amount of boost i want but thats an easy fix, and for now its nice to tune on a really safe boost level. Heres a lame video of some of the more dorty bits of a tuning run i did this evening. i still need to make a post about some of the smaller details. such as the bizzare way i made mrmk1s water pump pulley work for me, and the tensioner pulley grunter so kindly made for me. ill do that at some point. but for now im over the moon about how well my car is running, plenty of tuning to go including winding some more boost into it, which will also net that signiture whine!! but before i do that ive decided ill tear the pistons out and open up the ring gaps, as that is the single thing that bugs me, and ill be so gutted if the engine fails because i didnt take the time to sus it. ive wanted a supercharged car ever since i saw one at the dirt track speedway when i was a kid.
  10. BlownCoronas 1971 Toyota Corona

    Might as well grab it, who knows!
  11. BlownCoronas 1971 Toyota Corona

    Today i went around to my brothers house and used his ta63 carina as a lathe, and polised up the WORK Lesco Pulse 1s. all i can say is that i am so far beyond stoked with these wheels. my cellphone pictures dont do it justice but the fitment and style suit this car down to a t and a couple nicer but still cellphone photos of how the engine is looking, its getting dangerously close to firing up, with the only things left to do are finish welding the tensioner (have wire now) wire up the ecu and a sensors hook up a throttle cable track down a water pump pulley discussion -
  12. Rusti'z 1920-26 Ford T bucket (of rust) Discussion

    thats a luggage strap not a belt lol
  13. BlownCoronas 1971 Toyota Corona

    So i have been pretty quiet on the corona front, Firstly due to needing/wanting to build a new bike for QCR Dirtmasters '17, which saw me spending every evening in the garage for the best part of a month smashing out this pretty wild gn125 powered XL80(mostly) build. Whilst all that was happening i went through a couple of jobs and money was very tight (the xl80 build was only possible thanks to the epic group that is QCR!) but things have started to come right, and ultimately ill be making a big career change in the future, but its almost guaranteed financial security so onward with the projects! things i have done but dont have pictures of are fit the 450cc injectors Modify the fuel rail to have a AN- fitting on the regulator side to facilitate a boost referenced fuel regulator which i am yet to purchase. die grind all the internals of the pipe work after the welding, and formed a bead for the silicone joiner to secure over. make a top bracket for the blower so now its rock solid (you can see this in following pictures) Paint the new wheels and polish the spokes. now need to polish the lips before purchasing tires and fitting. Yesterday i set up all my heat lamps and gave the blower, brackets and pipework a good coat of wrinkle black and im so stoked with how it looks. the pipes not look almost like factory castings. the intake pipe will need a touch up as an area obviously didn't have enough heat to wrinkle up but no big deal. the HT leads will also be run underneath the manifold. longer ones may be required but i have a few sets here to try out. sorry about the blury photos, i had to hold my lamps up and take the picture with one hand since i cant roll the car out of my gloomy garage! Discussion -
  14. King Pete's royally spectacular bikes.

    are you worried that people will look at that and think huh cool retro bike/nice resto project. and not realise how much effort you put into it?? looks so proper.
  15. BlownCoronas 1971 Toyota Corona

    very happy today to discover/finally get around to test fitting, my modified dizzy, with the trigger wheel and pickup, from the old bike carbed 18r fits in the 18rgeu (although i sent both dizzy retainers off with the engines when i sold them!, the RG dizzy has a cast on retainer) but this means a bunch less work to do all over again, and i was secretly hoping that it would plug and play!