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  1. BlownCorona

    Ash’s Suzuki CS50 roadie

    i put the 80cc version of this 3 speed motor on a go kart as super kid friendly being 3 spd auto while still being awesomely quick once you wind it out through the gears. found it hard to find info, but everything said the automatic system was a really well designed and bulletproof system.
  2. BlownCorona

    Specific engine building technical questions

    very good info. certainly keen on knock detection. ive got a knock sensor here that i planning on making some sort of DIY audio knock setup with. just need to look into what parts itll need
  3. BlownCorona

    Specific engine building technical questions

    tuning i want to do myself. fucking it up is a concern and did make me wonder if i should buy stronger parts just for insurance on that front, but am interested to hear what you guys think. not a 100% tuning noob, but not a pro either. i also dont have a dyno in my shed KPR. lucky bastard.
  4. BlownCorona

    Specific engine building technical questions

    assuming, and your not the first person to suggest i wont really need forged pistons, i dont buy them. will standard type piston rings be up to the task, once gaped properly, or do i need to look around for something specific?
  5. BlownCorona

    Specific engine building technical questions

    you can get forged pistons, though would need 1mm over bore. and are spendy. can get an MLS gasket from the same outfit in america, kinda spendy, but not all that much more if your buying a gasket anyway. ill probably be buying there full gasket kit anyway as it looks the most complete and well priced. they also do flash bearings with some kind of special heat treatment. probably not needed by the sounds. forged rods also availible, but since they are rated to 200hp per rod, i aleady assumed this was not required. id be pretty happy with 200hp across the whole motor! definatly going to be gapping rings for boost, as this is 100% of the reason its only ever ran super low boost 2-3psi. its been over heated a few times, never super super hot. but ill want to get the head checked out and hardness tested as first port of call.
  6. BlownCorona

    Nissan key fob

    ahh we dont have ones like that sorry!. must be an earlier model. ours look like this
  7. BlownCorona

    Nissan key fob

    what does it look like? and are the programable to other cars? we crash tiidas at work and might have something you can use. pretty sure ive got one of the keyless oval type ones
  8. Hi hopefully more experienced people than me. i have a few questions, mainly about what extent i need to go to, around my up coming engine build for the corona. engine is currently a disassembled 18rgeu which had a failed head gasket. Now i know how to build an engine, have done a couple in the past and even have some formal engine building training. but what i dont know much about is building an engine to make more power than it came from the factory. short story is its an old 18rgeu with a supercharger strapped to it. will be running about 8psi, and run by a megasquirt stand alone ecu. how far do i need to take things? do i need forged pistons? do i need fancy bearings, do i need flash piston rings, do i need a MLS head gasket (im pretty keen to use one anyway) is there anything else i should be doing or need to look for, in order to produce a reliable engine. i don't much care about making the most power i can. but reliability is 100% priority, while still being supercharged. id usually just do internet research on this, but theres a million conflicting articles and most originate from someone selling something.
  9. BlownCorona

    BlownCoronas 1988 Toyota Crown TC24SC

    The ball joint on that side didn't have a split pin either, so I'm picking its a genuine aliexpress part (which terrifyingly is available) Went back to the dog park today, which I was coming home from when this happened, the skid mark is about 75m long and shows a struggle in the steering as I wrestled it to the side. I don't remember any of it! Shit happens fast.
  10. BlownCorona

    BlownCoronas Blown Crown

    cars back on all four wheels now. found lower ball joints locally no problem, but was concerned about the stress the upper may have seen, when it was all that was holding a wheel dragging at 90* along the road. so have got some of those inbound from Australia for piece of mind. i did take it slowly around the block and had a bit of a frightening light bulb moment, i had initially been planning on getting the car a wheel alignment because it didn't return to center all that well when turning. but with the new lower ball joints is now spins right back to center quick as can be. guess we know what the real problem was now, never did feel any play when i looked quickly when swapping wheels. oh well live and learn.
  11. BlownCorona

    Re-powering newish car with old motor?

    fix that cam sensor and sell it.
  12. BlownCorona

    BlownCoronas 1988 Toyota Crown TC24SC

    I somewhat blame the shocking work on the chch roads too, But ultimately its bad maintenance
  13. BlownCorona

    BlownCoronas Blown Crown

    Complete ball joint failure. Don't rely on wofs meaning your shit is all good folks! That said, this can't have been good at its last wof. They don't make cars this tough anymore, the weight of the car is on the fender and no bending at all. New wheels all good too, hopefully the tire is alright. Will change both lower ball joints and check all other components. Could have been worse at speed, pretty happy with how calm I remained with minimal control over direction.
  14. BlownCorona

    BlownCoronas 1971 Toyota Corona

    Tonights effort. engine fully disassembled, except the head. everything looks good, its clearly had coolant in the oil. the bearings are fairly worn, but the surfaces look primo. im piking the wear on the bearings has been from the water. Nothing very obvious on the head gasket though other than being quite brittle and shitty. its had a rebuild before so that could be a contributor now onto cleaning and sourcing new parts.
  15. BlownCorona

    BlownCoronas 1971 Toyota Corona

    this mornings effort. getting on a major roll. will start engine dissasembly tonight once the kids are in bed and the wife has gone to work.