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  1. twin turbo 2gr is going to be wild. race ya to finish twin turbo 80 series builds! couple thoughts, a j160 will almost certainly not take the torque of your planned engine, and neither will nearly any mx5 diff option. a friend is putting a vq35de into his mx5 and will be producing subframe adapters to fit an r200 diff. given yore a fabricator i image you can simply do the same. check out flying miatas ford 8.8 diff conversion and copy that for an available diff. tremec tr6060 would be my pick. otherwise a cd009 or r154 would probably be suitable options.
  2. eh, i get a flashing low fuel light in my car, but the engine doesn't change its operation in any way.
  3. how the fuck have i never heard this, this should be etched into their fucking cases!
  4. im still gonna just buy something right at the last minute anyway, dont want to make things too easy... how much was mgb anyway?
  5. yeah had a poke around their site and couldnt see. thats excellent news! thanks very much, i think ill buy two and have both the digital dash pack and oem speedo function in the corona too.
  6. do you know what sort of 'flavor' pulse comes out of it? it might be an easy way to reinstate cruise control on the crown. my auto gearbox had a hall sensor which read 4 pulses per revolution on the output shaft. but the manual trans has no such provisions.
  7. i just sourced some parts from him this weekend. very friendly and cut me a solid deal without me even asking him to sharpen his already fair list prices. a real good bastard for sure.
  8. I would totally roll an mgf on this horror show
  9. also i really thinks s13s are pretty nearly if not definitely oldschool these days. what is it? an '89 or something? my crown and my chevron are both '88 and pretty oldschool. s13s were well ahead of the curve in terms of styling, they must have looks like spaceships in their day, epic resurrection
  10. consider me in, will probably purchase a car much closer to the date though.
  11. last stop on the tour pick a part for everyone to scrap their vehicles?
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