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  1. its been a while. given that i bought the supercharged crown, i was starting to think that perhaps id like to have a turbo car in the garage, so i listed the supercharger kit for sale and it turns out matteybean on here bought it and has fitted it to hit RT104 and done a real nice job of finishing it off. real glad i get to see it finished off. now turbo 18rgs are pretty common and never wanting to do the smart or easy thing decided i really like the look of aftermarket twin high mount turbo rb26 engines. so decided this is the style id go for. twin IHI VF32s the secondary tu
  2. ive been going to that wof shop for years, and had nothing but excellent service. as confirmed by felix it sounds like the brakes are probably just shit old british brakes and move in and out of balance, they also just put in a brand new brake roller machine and given thats a pass/fail percentage of inballance and not a personal opinion thing i know who id side with. and as for the fuel leak, its my personal experience several times that you dont have a fluid leak onto an exhaust manifold without knowing about it within about 10 minutes after it occurring, so id pack it in with blaming a wof s
  3. https://hotwheels.mattel.com/explore/en/legends-tour# if this monster doesnt tick all those boxes then i dont know what does!
  4. you should also enter this in the hotwheels comp. id buy a 1/64th model
  5. In the final stages of getting dad's ta63 notch finished. The driveshaft we have for it is slightly too short, can I turn up a spacer (with locating spigots). Or will this fail a wof? I need to go eyeball it and see if the spacer is going to be too thick or not, but thought I'd better check on the legality first
  6. correct, the torsen will take the power of a beams as they seem to hold up behind turbo mx5s. they are quite hard to get and fairly expensive, though if your considering front and rear subframe swaps, the cost will pale in comparison. don't quote me on it, but im pretty sure FC rx7 diffs fit and there are a few different strength options in that field too. as for my sloooooow burning v8 mx5 project, i intend to run a skyline r200 in the mx5 subframe, copying the engineering flying miata have done to fit a ford explorer diff in, as the two diffs mount the same way. something to look into
  7. this missed out on getting a wof/used this summer because i focused all my spare time on the crown, but shit its good to be dailying the crown again, so well worth the sacrafice. anyway i have recently made some progress on the chevron. my work held its track day last week and i was pretty excited to cut some laps in my first real race car. days before the event we got word that open top cars were not going to be allowed without an MSNZ spec roll bar, so for perhaps a normal person this would have mean parking the car and dealing with in later. but for me, i luckily had 90% of my new rol
  8. sorry looks like it was too long ago and the auction details are no longer online. beware that there are about 5 different tail light options of these cars. mine is probably the rarest, but only judging by parts availability. i paid what ever my tail light was going to end at because it was the first LH good condition correct style light id seen. if you want cheap car parts, get a cressida haha
  9. some are stuck on, some pop on with barbs. just be careful you don't break them when removing maybe YouTube some techniques or something
  10. from memory the tail light ran be about 200 bucks, and i dont think this included shipping but it may have.
  11. i got it from the Japanese auctions, there are plenty on there. i use jauce.com to search for parts and purchase, use google chrome with auto translate, and consider looking up Japanese search terms, its a front end to the jap auction sites, as well as a freight forwarder. you pay a fee (they have a calculator for this and shipping estimates) they organize freight within japan to their warehouse, where you get free storage for parts for a few months, so you can ship all the stuff you want to NZ in one box. shipping's not cheap at the moment.
  12. pre charger will also increase the sealing and efficiency (more boost) and help keep the rotors cool (no teflon delamination worries) real pleased the kit went to such a nice car and one that i can follow! cant wait to hear it whining away at a proper boost level, guess i should update my build thread with the new forced induction kit in progress so people dont think i just gave up on it
  13. reasoning behind this? i just ran the externally regulated unit on the corona when i fitted the efi 18rgeu because it was easy and didnt seem to give any issues. but if its gonna cause long term issues id be keen to swap it out during the next engine build
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