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  1. Kicker's Honda Beat FC50

    wideband will probably read pretty weird on an oil burning two stroke?
  2. Henry The AX100

    Yeah nick Ritchie got the pipe made by the same guy as me, interesting about the muffler and power band smoothing, might have to give it a go, Mines geared down aswell as a 17" wheel conversion, so when your cruising along you can crack it into the power band and it really jumps forward. Not a bad thing persay but I'm interested to see how it would ride with that smoothed out a little
  3. Massive Yes to cycle car. Just don't take 5 years to finish it like I am!
  4. My vote is some kinda cool classic grass / tarmac kart
  5. Henry The AX100

    what does your pipe sound like with the muffler? i have the same bike/pipe (pretty sure built by the same dude even) and run it unsilenced, while i dont mind the volume and the wide bearth people give me now. im curious to know what it sounds like with a muffler
  6. it sure does sound like it needs more performance....
  7. bmw R80 scrambler project

  8. Karls Nissan Bluebird 910 coupe 1982

    Unsure how similar it is. But with my father's z18et Nissan gazelle, that we put an s14 sr20det in, we used 35mm offset engine mount rubbers from a volvo 240gl and the whole affair was a bolt in deal, gearbox xmember bolted up. And the drive shaft fits fine. I don't remember if we used the gazelle or the silvia shafts, pretty sure it was the gazelle one.
  9. Jordans 1982 Suzuki TS185 dirt/street tracker

    the only thing i ever rotated on that base were tires and bottles
  10. GuyWithAviators' Yamaha V50

    pw80 engine?
  11. BlownCoronas 1971 Toyota Corona

    Vertical stays would be stronger, these stays are just some that were available for a good price, the spoiler and brackets are 2.5mm stainless so it doesn't really matter where it's supported from cause it's very rigid. I fit them this way cause the boot skin is pretty thin and I was more concerned about point loading the boot so opted to spread the load out there. Vertical stays would also get around this issue but on an angle seems to work just fine and I like the look, which let's face it, is 100% the reason I built a spoiler in the first place!
  12. BlownCoronas 1971 Toyota Corona

    the wing isnt adjustable, and would be pretty hard to get to hinge and look nice due to the curve of the bootlid. the rod stays are adjustable but dont need to be. its 100% for looks and some research seems to sugest it may help with fuel economy due to less drag but if that actually happens itll just be a bonus. between the angle brakets and the supports its very solid. if i push on it the whole car moves. everything is somewhat triangulated. through looking at pics of these kinda wings i noticed that 90% of them, although they had adjustable turnbuckles, were not actually adjustable, and i made the call that i wasnt going to need to actually adjust it, so no point wasting more money and thought on a hinge setup that would probably have looked less tidy, where on a race car thats not such an issue.
  13. BlownCoronas 1971 Toyota Corona

    Progress on the spoiler. Very very pleased with it so far. It will be painted flat black, and I have a large old font Toyota decal/stencil in on order to so an slr5000 style graphic on the back.
  14. BlownCoronas 1971 Toyota Corona

    likewise! its a spare boot anyway so if it all goes to hell ill just mod a ke55 glass spoiler or bolt the original lid back on, but im confident it will look good, the cardboard template on the car looked great.
  15. BlownCoronas 1971 Toyota Corona

    its going to be flat and follow the slight curve of the bootlid. ive look at a million photos over the last few months and settled on this style. as i can definatly make it look good on the cheap (important right now) and i cant buy a glass spoiler to suit my car, certaintly cant make one that will look any good etc. plus im liking the very subtle american twist the car is getting.