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  1. BlownCorona

    BlownCoronas Blown Crown

    They started off looking like this!
  2. BlownCorona

    BlownCoronas Blown Crown

    Fitted up the nearly brand new tail light, and had a few hours on polished the existing good one, 800/1500/2000 grit sand paper and then some cream polish, came up pretty close but there's still some in it I think. Will pick up some actual plastic polish. But if it gets no better than this I'm still stoked. Miles better from where it started. The tail lights are one of my favourite parts of the car so it's great to have them sorted and looking mint
  3. BlownCorona

    BlownCoronas Blown Crown

    Another parcel arrived from japan this morning with more or less everything i need to tidy the car up. new tail light in the hard to find configuration and tint. super stoked on this one, it looks brand new and ill have to polish up my "good" one to match now. my old RH light had a big crack in it and water had gotten inside and made it cloudy and corroded, would have seriously let the car down post paint. corner light, again, looks almost new. existing one was cracked and suffered the same as above. has black trim where as my current one (and grill) has chrome. ill either paint the whole set black, or maybe spray chrome for the rim. either will look good. rear mud flaps. im missing the RH one and it was cheaper to buy a pair. the rear looks quite incomplete without them RH rear window regulator, current one is fucked and this will keep my daughter happy in the summer months! heater control panel, featuring working off button! a luxury my car has sorely been missing. and finally, perhaps the best score for nearly no money, a clutch pedal and manual spec brake pedal. naturally there are some other things around the interior of the car that are cracked, but i think this is the extent ill go to for importing parts. its a daily and the things remaining that are damaged can be glued or ignored, possibly found local if i get lucky, but they dont impact on the whole experience! cant wait for paint and manual, itll be like a totally different car.
  4. BlownCorona

    BlownCoronas Blown Crown

    Took this on my works mid winter xmas do car rally. got this pretty awesome photo! makes the car look way better than it is, but gets me super excited for painting it!
  5. BlownCorona

    new school mopar engine mount questions

    the dude helping me seems to have a direct line to the dodge system where ever he works. i asume a dodge dealership, or an auto sparky. ill dump all the info he gives me in my build thread once ive got it all and hopefully any other people can find that info that simply wasn't freely available. although he called my project ambitious... i told him thats how we like it in NZ
  6. BlownCorona

    new school mopar engine mount questions

    Have already had an reply with ecu pinouts from that forum. super helpful bart, cheers!
  7. BlownCorona

    new school mopar engine mount questions

    Signed up to that forum and will ask the questions after a poke around. came accross a thread detailing how to megasquirt the genIII hemi, so that will be super useful when we hemi the merc SL600 at work!
  8. BlownCorona

    new school mopar engine mount questions

    cheers! i bought those hemi mounts anyway. for the money spent i probably couldn't get the mount bushes and weld in chassis side. so if i have to make a new engine side plate, or redrill, thats fine by me!
  9. BlownCorona

    new school mopar engine mount questions

    the seem to go alright, not over quick in the truck, and who knows what the economy is like. dont suppose you have any contacts in the mopar world with access to wiring diagrams? Armstrong prestige told me they have then but wouldn't give them to me. cunts, i used to dish that info out no problem when i was at bmw.
  10. BlownCorona

    new school mopar engine mount questions

    Ive been looking into them and im not convinced that true, it looks like the early engines were manufactured at Daimler. but a lot of resources on internet claim its a new Chrysler design, that said, it does appear to be a separate design from the 5.7 at any rate so i do doubt the mount kit will fit, although it may still be cheaper to mod the 5.7 kit than it is to buy all the parts on their own. are there universal mount kits available locally? also note the twin spark plugs i never noticed! 16 fucking spark plugs! im certainly no expert though, but this page has alot of info
  11. BlownCorona

    new school mopar engine mount questions

    also does anyone here have access to the ecu wiring diagram/pinout for the 2009+ 4.7 v8s came out of a 2013 dodge ram 1500 2wd and has 3 plugs on the ecu, some seem to have 4 smaller plugs.
  12. Hi mopar experts. I have a quick questions, you can buy "project car" engine mount kits for the new gen 5.7 hemi engine for fuck all out of the states. now im putting the not so flash 4.7 dodge motor into my car, and wondered if anyone knows do they share the same block mounting pattern? as in could i use the 5.7 kit, bolt it to my 4.7 and weld it into the car. the internet hasn't been much help, but i did find out the 5.7 and the 4.7 use the same transmission, so a hemi swap down the line could be an option, especially if the mounts are the same.
  13. BlownCorona

    Christchurch meets Discussion Thread.

    oh man, i definitely need to remember these meets. drive the 1 minute down the road to spitfire square and add the crown to that sweet lineup of big body toyotas
  14. BlownCorona

    BlownCoronas Blown Crown

    Had a company track day today, took the crown for a couple of laps, 100% just for a Photo Op. holy shit its terrible on track! cant corner at speed to save itself, might need a wheel alignment, but im pretty sure its just the chinese tires and nearly 2 ton weight! it did pull a (GPS indicated) touch under 170 km/h down the main straight which i thought was pretty epic for a 2ton brick with a soggy automatic. that little supercharged 1g can really pull! if it didnt over heat the brakes after two laps and wore a better set of tires, there would be more in it, but its unlikely to ever see track work again. especially once the mopar miata is running.
  15. BlownCorona

    BlownCoronas 1971 Toyota Corona

    just found out my sister may not be using her car for 6 months, so might be able to nab that and get to work on the crown! cheers though