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  1. thats exactly what i want. i wonder whats been done it it. will have to send them a message!
  2. need to fix the failed muffler so i can even hear the blower first! the blower isnt very loud, i fitted a pod filter even though i usualy dislike them, just to let the sound out some more, but i want to look into how i can make it louder again. options include, more boost and the kits you can buy (or just make) which run a hose from right inside the blower inlet into the cabin, with a sealed drum like mebrane over it, which transfers the sound into the cabin and makes it howl.
  3. wow havnt actually updated this thread in a while! the reason why it wouldn't start was because the starter motor fuse was blown. other things ive done since the last post include fitting the handbrake and having the cables modified to suit. as well as fitting the manual handbrake centre console. i also borrowed a commercial upholstery cleaner and went to down on the seats and carpets. they've come up really nice. i then had issues with idle, which turned out to be the ISCV super gummed up, aswell as the timing was set way too advanced, it now idles good, but i
  4. had been running on 95 pre paint job as 98 was not everywhere and real expensive. but recently npd have rolled out 100 at a reasonable price and nearly every station.
  5. Icv clean made it alot better, but still had issues. Got dad's timing light and checked it. Car was set at about 35btdc.. I bumped it a little advanced earlier but into a couple degrees. Anyway it's 99% good now shockingly. I suspect I could get it slightly better if I fitted something like an apexi safc II and fiddling with fuel down low. My brother has one in his lockup which I may fit at some point. They look pretty cool at any rate. The cars still mid polish job so havnt driven it, but am pretty keen to see how it's running on the street now.
  6. Again, I have been spending the day colour sanding while I have the rare opportunity of solid days to myself But the idle speed is significantly higher than it was ~2500 rpm after cleaning the iscv. So regardless if that was the problem, it was definitely its own issue. I'll get under the hood and wind the idle back down later today hopefully and see what happen
  7. Yuck (the throttle body is probably like this too)
  8. i got bored home alone on new years and the bourbons just weren't filling the void inside me, so i went out and pulled the iacv off. i started to clean the rubber pintle valve with carb cleaner only to discover it wasn't rubber, and was actually half the size it started once id cleaned all the shit off. given it was nearly 12, i couldn't really run the engine long or rev it heaps, but a quick test felt positive. i probably should have waited till 12 and all the fireworks would have covered the noise lol. will see in the morning
  9. idle up reminding me of a symptom i forgot to mention. when it was idling by itself and i hit the ac fan on, it stalled out so it didnt seem like idle up wasnt working, not sure if this means somethings not operational or just part of the whole issue. id really like the car to function as if it were factory, but not at all against doing non factory things to get it there. can you get aftermarket IACV controllers that would have more adjustability?
  10. some slight progress/investigation today, but since i had a good block of time i mostly focused on colour sanding the orange peel out. but i noticed that the secondary exhaust manifold gasket was leaking, i forgot that during the manual swap we went to remove the exhuast from the headers back and one nut rounded off and and seized after a few turns before snapping off. the o2 sensor is directly in front of the leak. its a 1 wire sensor so not super flash but cant be helping. it needs fixing anyway so have ordered the gaskets and will do that first. for idle control these have
  11. oh outstanding! super glad you got it over the line man
  12. Gonna grab dad's but thanks for the offer! Would stale fuel do this? Its been in the tank for over a year... Not a quick paint job It's on e so will be getting some fresh stuff real soon
  13. Nope spoke too soon, same issue still. Seems a bit better but still not quite right. Need to see if timing is even in the right area though before poking around anything else
  14. After actualy finding the idle screw (on the back and underneath the TB, and a H2 Allen bolt????? Turns out it never even was touching the throttle. So I adjusted this up. I guess the cable was doing the throttle stopping and I upset it when I removed the kick down cable. Found my timing light is broken, but as it still had a bit of a stumble, advanced it a couple taps and it's pretty acceptable now. Will check what it really it soon. So I guess that's all it really needed.
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