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  1. shit that's going to be a large motor! i had in my head that those parts were the profile of the crankcase and that part housed the crank gear like a standard engine would have a timing gear case on the front of the block
  2. one time it bit me in the ass and the master was a cunt to remove, so i always do now
  3. you should bench bleed any master cylinder before fitment anyway.
  4. the way mx5s are going, this will out value the 110 by 2023 and and he'll pull all the panels off this instead
  5. it would sit on a pallet nicely if separated. so probably wouldn't be too prohibitive to freight.
  6. I have had zero success with diesel in a seized engine, but awesome results from a 50/50 mix of acetone and ATF. The acetone thins out the oil letting it wick in everywhere and then evaporates leaving the oil behind. Replenish every few days over a couple weeks and some pressure o on the crank each time you top up the sauce and I'd be surprised if it didn't work free.
  7. i dont see any reason you couldnt make one. 3d printed ones can be purchased from someone on the NZMX5 Facebook page, but i cant remember who. i also got banned from that page for consistently pointing out that one of the mods, who is also on oldschool, advice is always horrible and wrong lol.
  8. bmw e36 (or pretty much any bmw) TPS is popular, several options for mounting it to the mx5 throttle
  9. A+ job on designing it so that the tops of the monitors are flush. i hate when my dual monitors at work get bumped out of alignment.
  10. It was the 7.5a fuse. finally tracked down my fuse box lid with the diagram on it, and although i had checked all the fuses. it was located in a separate stack of fuses that i thought were spares.... dumbass. runs good now!
  11. youre right, i cant see what the starter is wired in on the above diagrams at all. it must be related to the NSW or else it would start in any gear with the auto it also looks to be that if the AFM wasn't plugged in, the circuit opening relay wouldn't operate. something else ill double check i plugged in/is seated correctly. i definitely removed this for another reason
  12. BlownCorona


    Used paint stripper on the roof of the crown because the panel beater didn't want to see much heat put into the crazy thin roof panel. Spray store had some new homebrew gel stripper that apperently professional shops said was as good as tergo. It sure ripped the paint off the roof with minimal effort. I'd have used less product if I had a better sheet of plastic to go over top, but I used rubbish bags and the wind kept lifting them. Would trade again