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  1. Windscreen replacement, chch

    i was also going to suggest 4ag_addicts brother. hes mobile and was excellent service when he did my corona glass removal and installs when i painted it.
  2. Ashburton Wheels Week? 5th-20th May

    Ashburton weeks go for ages! 15 days
  3. DIY Fuel injection thread.

    lol im not surprised that aeroflow pump was loud. it says itll flow enough to support over 600hp and you put it on a 4k.
  4. Kicker's Honda Beat FC50

    wideband will probably read pretty weird on an oil burning two stroke?
  5. Henry The AX100

    Yeah nick Ritchie got the pipe made by the same guy as me, interesting about the muffler and power band smoothing, might have to give it a go, Mines geared down aswell as a 17" wheel conversion, so when your cruising along you can crack it into the power band and it really jumps forward. Not a bad thing persay but I'm interested to see how it would ride with that smoothed out a little
  6. Massive Yes to cycle car. Just don't take 5 years to finish it like I am!
  7. My vote is some kinda cool classic grass / tarmac kart
  8. Henry The AX100

    what does your pipe sound like with the muffler? i have the same bike/pipe (pretty sure built by the same dude even) and run it unsilenced, while i dont mind the volume and the wide bearth people give me now. im curious to know what it sounds like with a muffler
  9. it sure does sound like it needs more performance....
  10. Carb to efi fuel conversion help needed

    called it. but yeah, cheers for adding weight to my statement, it does happen! ive spent longer than 15 mins in a burger king drive thru. i remember because i spent the whole time watching my temp gauge rise. pretty sure i nearly cooked the old motor that day
  11. DIY Fuel injection thread.

    the one thing that stopped me from going down this path you are looking at, and led me to get that little OLED screen monitor, was that have you actually tried to read a tablet in sunlight? its either shining the sun in your face or just pure glare. or put it down low out of the light and youll just see a reflection of your interior.
  12. DIY Fuel injection thread.

    I bought a little 10 in 1 display from just race parts in aussie and it shows everything you'd really need to know on the fly, with programable alarms and the option for one big idiot light too. Gotta get the control unit and sensors too, all up was 240nzd shipped. I've not fully installed it yet but I'm pretty happy with it so far
  13. Carb to efi fuel conversion help needed

    That's really only an issue with boosted cars. How much lag would there be with a 3-4m reference line to the fpr?
  14. Carb to efi fuel conversion help needed

    I was very close to running a returnless system as testament mentions, a few websites scared me off the idea but since I've been working on race cars for a few months, a lot of them run it and are running 600+ hp. I also dont recommend putting a t piece in the supply to the pump, you'll recycle the fuel heating it more and more each time until one day it'll vapor lock and be a cunt to figure out What I did end up doing was running my original supply line as the return, and drilling a hole and fitting a bulkhead an connector to an external pump and new supply line. Now I'm not saying this is the right way to do things either but it was very easy and seems to work alright. I didn't put a lot of effort in as I'm likely to fit an ally drop tank and surge tank setup at some point in the future
  15. DIY Fuel injection thread.

    You could definitely get that shit for free. Especially since the wasted spark setup came on base spec imprezzas with turbo ones getting coil packs. Hell I'll give you one of my spare ignitors for free. On another note. My engine and tuning seems to be going well, but I've noticed that if I'm being lazy and turning the engine on to move the car in and out of the shed it'll fowl one or two plugs and run like balls untill I clean them or sometimes drive around enough that it clears up. Where do I look to fix this? It's not showing rich at idle (though could be from blipping throttle to move in and out) Hotter plugs? Tuning? Something to do with the blower?