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  1. BlownCorona

    BlownCoronas 1971 Toyota Corona

    The suspected residual valve that shouldn't be there. This valve helps hold positive pressure on drum brake slave cylinders. But is not required for disk brakes and causes slight pressure to stay on. Have removed and even though they need bleeding, can tell its fixed the issue
  2. BlownCorona

    BlownCoronas 1971 Toyota Corona

    Continuing through my checklist to get it cert ready, scored a half day on Friday so spend the afternoon at work fixing everything (or so i thought) first problem was that the handbrake cable went straight through the driveshaft hoop. so i made the spreader bar that the cable loops around and goes off to the two wheels slightly wider. and reshaped the driveshaft hoop a little. this also stopped the exhaust hitting the hoop. bonus. i also replaced a bunch of exhaust gaskets and its sealed up good now. but compared to the crown it sounds like shit, so that will require attention futher down the line, i might even put a massive muffler on and shut it up, letting the supercharger noise be the main sound. with all that done i was please and in the frame of mind that that car should be able to be booked in for cert, im not sure on the brakes. the datsun 1200 master cylinder has made the pedal feel not solid like a race car now. its a bit spongy which i expected. but it still doesnt stop very well. now im not sure if it really doesn't stop very well. or it doesn't stop very well compared to the recently sold Audi S4 i was dailying, which i fitted 325mm brakes to, and would probably throw you through the windshield. so i think ill send it for cert and if the cert man isnt happy ill figure out something then anyway i gave the wheels a rotate, and noticed the front brakes were dragging, im 99% sure the new master cylinder, although sold to me as a disk/drum unit probably has the drum brake one way valve things in both front and rear, so ill have to remove that and re bleed the brakes. no pictures cause i got into too much of a roll...
  3. +1 for putting the vtwin in something safer. i wanted to suggest that, and typed it out a few times but never felt right suggesting it given the situation. a caged buggy would be awesome with this motor + turbo
  4. BlownCorona

    BlownCoronas 1988 Toyota Crown TC24SC

    no worries. most can be had out of japan auctions for next to nothing
  5. BlownCorona

    BlownCoronas 1988 Toyota Crown TC24SC

    @HighLUX I chucked up some pictures of broken stuff in the build thread
  6. BlownCorona

    BlownCoronas Blown Crown

    a post mostly for @HighLUX but i went around the car and took pics of anything broken i could see. obviously some are more damaged than others and some could be glued back together pretty easily. im mostly interested in a functioning aircon / radio button panel as mine is broken and i cant turn the fan off! and the radio surround panel. both parts i can get pretty cheaply from japan. im also interested in electric window switches plus their plastic surround. some of mine are broken and some switches dont work, could probably be fixed with a tickle up on the contacts though. its missing the bonnet trim, but im undecided what to do here. i dont really like how it bulges up with the trim in place. i may look at making something more smooth. same goes for the 2x missing lower door trims, im probably going to delete them all for a smoother look. the trim behind the door pull on the LR door is broken, but id be interested in a full set as they break so easy. Front Left corner light is cracked, might get pulled up on a wof, same goes with the Rear Left tail light, but i specifically want this style tail light as i love the way it looks compared to a normal style with the indicators up top. what ever the missing trim is on the "superwoofers" would be nice to get too. Also on the hunt for manual conversion parts. i already have a W55 and a G-W bellhousing. depending on what ratios suit better the option to trade for my brothers W57 is there. brother has a 1g flywheel for me. will probably just get the driveshaft modified rather than try and find a used front half. looks like i can get a brand new clutch pedal from amayama fairly cheap. just need to see someone about how to read the Toyota parts cataloger and what "sub assembly" actually includes. i might be able to do the same with the handbrake lever too, but the real tricky part is going to be a manual center console.
  7. BlownCorona

    BlownCoronas 1988 Toyota Crown TC24SC

    ooh could be pretty interested in that! will put together a list of bits i need. not a manual by chance is it? and what colour interior?
  8. BlownCorona

    BlownCoronas 1988 Toyota Crown TC24SC

    very likely. made the trip from auckland through kapiti on saturday and then through to christchurch late sunday. was an awesome cruise down, if only the rear diff wasn't geared so low and it could make any sort of power at alll uphill! that extra boost just makes so much heat and kills the HP. the car is pretty rough looking, but the bones are solid so it should make for an excellent car once a fresh coat of paint is applied. the interior is in remarkably good condition and will benifit hugely from a shampoo and wetvac i think. ill grab some more photos of the car when i get a few seconds
  9. BlownCorona

    BlownCoronas Blown Crown

    So ive promised myself that i wont really touch this untill the Corona is certified, which its about 3 hours of work away from being ready to. but it needed a radio so i fit one i had laying around today and a small sub/amp. bought a brand new amp kit and with wires only just reached from the battery to the boot, its so fucking long. someone in their infinite wisdom fitted a really tiny blower pulley and it makes something like 17psi of boost, and a shit ton of heat and zero power once warm. it included the stock clutched pulley so ill probably refit that. plans include manual converting it asap. i have a gearbox here to suit and will be on the hunt for other suitable parts fixing the small defects on the body and giving it a paint job. rebuilding the shitty exhaust it has. sourcing some replacement interior plastics and a few lights that are cracked. fit an LSD that my brother hopefully has kicking around and sort out the final drive ratio, as the speedo is over 15% out and 100kmh cruise is 3100RPM! i drove from auckland with the little bell dinging, thank god for loud music. source some wheels. i may have a plan for some one of custom wheels. update the stereo components daily it and enjoy my life! i plan on keeping this one. Paint ideas currently are BMW Sepang Bronze, but this is not settled on, feel free to chuck any ideas my way. Discus how i probably shouldn't have sold a perfectly good Audi s4 to fund this project
  10. BlownCorona

    DIY Fuel injection thread.

    As verified by your Chinese sensor
  11. BlownCorona

    BlownCoronas Blown Crown

    Currently enjoying a beer in kapiti, half way home with my new small project/daily. 1988 Toyota Crown TC24 Supercharger.
  12. BlownCorona

    Toyota 5 speed gearbox related question

    if you dont care toooo much about power, id be seriously looking at 18rs. soch sideflow 2000cc 4 cyl. not the most modern engine option available. but setup a nice carb on it, and itll be reliable and powerful enough to daily, they were used in utes, vans and family sedans for a good amount of years. pretty sure they are more common over in aus too.
  13. BlownCorona

    Toyota 5 speed gearbox related question

    Depending on what he wants from the engine a nice 18r single cam carb might be a solid option too. A bit easier to get and with a reground cam and a weber 32/36. Become really quite a great and simple engine.
  14. BlownCorona

    Toyota 5 speed gearbox related question

    i have a w-r series bell i could sell if you wanted an r series engine?