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  1. Thanks for all your replys. I'm going to check everything one last time tomorrow after work and if I don't get anywhere I'll employ the help of @Carsnz123 Thanks for your quick replys
  2. Yep swapped leads and spark plugs around. Caps have plug in leads.... So possibly the connection between cap and lead?
  3. Compression is good. Yep no spark by eye and also pulling the lead off cylinder two makes no difference to how the car runs
  4. Swapped plugs and leads. Valve clearances have been set, cylinder head has been fully reconditioned, no play in the shaft. I've had a mechanic look at it and he's said all lobes are fine. I can check that the points are opening at each position. Burn the mechanic has said they are. I'm very much at the limit of my knowledge which is why I passed it over to a mechanic.... But still no luck. I will recheck all these things tomorrow evening after work. Thanks for the input!
  5. Hi guys, so I have an issue with my 1256 hc viva in that I'm getting no spark to cylinder two. I've swapped ht leads, distributor cap and rotor arm. The distributor doesn't appear to have any signs of wear that they are commonly associated with. I have replaced the earth wire inside and also replaced the wire that goes from the coil to the distributor. I can get a brand new distributor from the UK but it's kinda costly and I don't think its the distributor that's the issue.... But perhaps it is? I've replaced every other component in the system: coil, points, condenser etc Is th
  6. https://www.retwine.co.nz/ This places might sell a more suitable vinyl for recovering your dash. I lined the back of my van with a flexible carpet from them. Very cool car!
  7. Hi guys, there are some parts I'm after from a vehicle at pick a part Wellington. The main part is some vehicle specific roof bars. But depending on the condition of some other smaller items I could be interested in them too. I'm in Christchurch which is a Bit of a pain. Obviously I'd pay for the parts and cost of a courier. Also beer money for helping me out. I know it's a pain but these roof bars would really help me out Thanks
  8. Somebody messaged me and recommended them, so that's where it will go! Thank You! It wasn't your white chevette parked up in sumner on Saturday was it?
  9. So here is how it sits Also if anyone has recommendations for a rust repair person in Christchurch I'd love to hear from You!
  10. Oh wow almost a year without an update! Things have been happening with the viva but it's still been slow progress. So the car now runs and has had a very brief road test. I genuinely don't think it's to far away from the road! The bigger magnum brakes have been fitted. fully reconditioned calipers and master cylinder were what was needed with New shoes and cylinders in the drums. All electrics work apart from the interior light. This shouldn't be to much drama to sort. Bad earths and poor connections were causing issues with the headlights and indicators. All added electrics run
  11. Cheers for the replys guys. I hadn't thought about a 2zz. I'll do some googling! I was thinking of using an engine that's been fitted to a viva before. Just for ease of conversion, knowing which additional parts are needed etc.
  12. A more modern conversion would probably be money better spent. 4age or mx5 possibly. If I went for something more modern I'd probably want to get a bit more out of it, 150bhp would be a nice ballpark figure. But more costly and difficult to fit.
  13. Hey guys, just doing some lockdown pondering. It seems the datsun/nissan A series engines are a fairly straight swap for a Vauxhall viva. I've found this very useful link http://datsun1200.com/modules/mediawiki/index.php?title=Engine_buildup But I'd just like to know if anyone has any first hand experience with tuning them? The quoted hp figures seem very high on that site. It seems a well set up engine could power the viva along quite nicely. I was thinking of following the standard procedure, head, cam, twin carbs etc. What sort of real world performance can I expect from this
  14. I went along, really enjoyed it (as I have done the previous few years) Didn't buy much a badge, a patch for my jacket and a pastie! My highlight was going into the vcc spares barn! I always assumed it was members only..... jeez they have alot of stuff! Some beautiful cars about too! Which has given me a renewed enthusiasm to get mine on the road!
  15. 9 Wow 7 months without an update! To be honest I lost all motivation. Everything I tried to fix either turned to crap or created more issues. It's felt like a constant battle, I've quite literaly got a piece of shit. But I'm to far through to give up! So not much has happened. I have fitted a complete set of standard viva springs. I have plans to get them compressed or at least get the rears compressed and chop the fronts a little. I want to lower it about 30mm. So this should not be an issue. In getting to this point I have learnt alot about suspension springs and can swap them out pre
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