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  1. Somebody messaged me and recommended them, so that's where it will go! Thank You! It wasn't your white chevette parked up in sumner on Saturday was it?
  2. So here is how it sits Also if anyone has recommendations for a rust repair person in Christchurch I'd love to hear from You!
  3. Oh wow almost a year without an update! Things have been happening with the viva but it's still been slow progress. So the car now runs and has had a very brief road test. I genuinely don't think it's to far away from the road! The bigger magnum brakes have been fitted. fully reconditioned calipers and master cylinder were what was needed with New shoes and cylinders in the drums. All electrics work apart from the interior light. This shouldn't be to much drama to sort. Bad earths and poor connections were causing issues with the headlights and indicators. All added electrics run through a separate fuseboard which makes things easier. Top and bottom ball joints replaced Tie rod ends replaced A variety of bushes replaced The engine is running really nicely, no oil or coolant leaks. Most of the ignition system has been changed as i was having various running issues. Ultimately these were caused by the wrong coil being fitted and the ballest resistor wire not being disconnected. The carb will need some fine tuning I'm sure. But I'll get someone who knows what they are doing to look at this. I don't even know if the jets are the correct size. The carb is a bit big for the little 1256cc engine but hopefully it can be down tuned if need be. I'd like to keep the 32/36 but if I need something smaller then so be it. Lots of learning has happened during this project, which is exactly what I wanted. There was an intermittent hot starting problem which turned out to be the inlet manifold had no metal gasket. Something so simple which has caused me years of head scratching and Google searches! The oldschool forum and various viva Facebook groups have been an infinite source of knowledge and wisdom! A huge thank you to all those that have helped and inspired! So i don't have to much left on the 'to do' list. But here it is: The wipers are really slow, so I'm going to give the motor and connections a good clean and hopefully get it working a little better. Tidy up some electrics and get the interior light working. It's mainly just checking everything over and making sure things are sheathed and tight. I'd also like to relocate the rev counter and oil pressure gauges. Which won't be to much drama Fit a few interior bits and pieces like the step trims are to be fitted. And then give the car a good clean. Then the car can go for it's rust repairs and have the new window rubbers that I very prematurely bought fitted. Then off to a classic car friendly garage for a tune up and wof. I'm sure there will be things to sort out for the wof but hopefully nothing major! It still bugs me that the paint and wheel arches are so crap. I aspire to have it shiny with standard arches one day but for now I have a bit of a plan regarding the look, which will be a kinda patina racing look. It just needs a few aged decals and aged door numbers. It'll definitely make it stand out and will be a bit of fun. The app I was using to resize photos isn't working and my phone won't let me download another app so I'll resize them online and post them below. Any thoughts or questions please express them in the discussion thread. I'd love to hear your thoughts.
  4. Cheers for the replys guys. I hadn't thought about a 2zz. I'll do some googling! I was thinking of using an engine that's been fitted to a viva before. Just for ease of conversion, knowing which additional parts are needed etc.
  5. A more modern conversion would probably be money better spent. 4age or mx5 possibly. If I went for something more modern I'd probably want to get a bit more out of it, 150bhp would be a nice ballpark figure. But more costly and difficult to fit.
  6. Hey guys, just doing some lockdown pondering. It seems the datsun/nissan A series engines are a fairly straight swap for a Vauxhall viva. I've found this very useful link http://datsun1200.com/modules/mediawiki/index.php?title=Engine_buildup But I'd just like to know if anyone has any first hand experience with tuning them? The quoted hp figures seem very high on that site. It seems a well set up engine could power the viva along quite nicely. I was thinking of following the standard procedure, head, cam, twin carbs etc. What sort of real world performance can I expect from this? Cheers
  7. I went along, really enjoyed it (as I have done the previous few years) Didn't buy much a badge, a patch for my jacket and a pastie! My highlight was going into the vcc spares barn! I always assumed it was members only..... jeez they have alot of stuff! Some beautiful cars about too! Which has given me a renewed enthusiasm to get mine on the road!
  8. 9 Wow 7 months without an update! To be honest I lost all motivation. Everything I tried to fix either turned to crap or created more issues. It's felt like a constant battle, I've quite literaly got a piece of shit. But I'm to far through to give up! So not much has happened. I have fitted a complete set of standard viva springs. I have plans to get them compressed or at least get the rears compressed and chop the fronts a little. I want to lower it about 30mm. So this should not be an issue. In getting to this point I have learnt alot about suspension springs and can swap them out pretty quickly! I got the radiator recored. It was an expense I didn't want to endure but getting a brand New looking radiator back was a lovely feeling! I was keeping an eye on eBay UK for a nos one for a couple of months but nothing came up.... until 2 days after I got mine back! Typical! I fitted the bigger front brakes from the donor car. Unfortunately one of the calipers is damaged so I'm going to refit the original front brakes for now and upgrade to the bigger ones at a later date. I'm hoping to do the swap over the weekend and finaly get to test drive the car! I still have the rust to get sorted. Which I think is worse than I first thought ! I have lots of little bits and pieces to sort. I'm feeling motivated so hopefully progress will be made! My biggest concern at the moment (and it shouldn't be) is the bodywork and paint. I want to return the car to standard wheel arches and then the whole thing needs a respray. It doesn't need to be perfect but it's not gonna be cheap! But I shouldn't really be even thinking about that right now. I just need to actually get it on the road and use it. So overall not much of an update but hopefully things will start moving forward at a bit more pace! Heres how it's sitting eagerly awaiting the open road!
  9. A little update, turns out the cost of the parts is the biggest issue. So parts will be ordered from the UK and I have a garage lined up to do it! Thanks for your input!
  10. Unfortunately today was a non stop day at work. So no time to do anything. I need to phone the vw specialist back for a break down on the quote. The job doesn't sound horrendous, but having a fully stocked workshop would be benefical! It's a little bit different to the Vauxhall viva! I will give the recommended places a ring tomorrow! Thanks guys!
  11. Hi guys, I'm looking for recommendations for a person or company to do some work on my daily, 2004 vw transporter t4. I need the duel mass flywheel and clutch replaced. I had a quote from a vw specialist for $2700. I quite literally can't afford this. So any recommendations from you good folks? Or is $2700 What it's going to cost? Thanks, David
  12. A small update, unfortunately I tore the ligaments/damaged the cartalige in my knee so work stopped on the viva. I then had my brother visit from the UK so nothing had Happened for a while.... until Saturday! I bought a springalex deep dish steering wheel from the UK and my brother bought it over with him. So that has been fitted I'm really pleased with it! I'm rather tall so this makes for a comfortable driving position! In an earlier post I talked about the springs being to low. I have fitted some standard front springs from a Vauxhall magnum (slightly heavier duty) so it's sitting pretty high! These are the same as lc torana springs, so I can now work out which lowering springs I need to order! Or possibly just loose a coil for now? The old ones had 3 coils cut out! The clutch has been adjusted and is working well! The car now looks like a gasser! So I need to sort out the spring situation, connect the throttle and choke cables, check over the electrics, get a couple or rust repairs sorted . Then the big one is sorting the brakes...... Then it should be ready to take for a wof and get a fail sheet to work to! I really want to get it on the road and have more or a rolling resto thing going on!
  13. Okay next big issue, the wheel on the drivers side hits the wheel arch when turning. So my thoughts were bigger springs and a little bit of adjustment to the arch. Somebody at the storage unit where the car is kept suggested pulling the arch out. I'm not 100% sure how this works? I guess it gets pulled out above the fibreglass arch? I was given the number of a panel beater so following on from forum advice I will go and see him. So what would you do in this situation? If I were to go with taller springs will certain torana ones fit? Any info is, as always really appreciated
  14. So today I made a phenolic spacer out of a chopping board (forum recommendation, cheers guys) Put the last bits and pieces back on the engine, filled with oil and coolant and it fired up straight away! Starts easily and no signs of oil leaks! There is a little coolant leak from a deteriorated hose so will sort that. Overall very happy! It's also given me a big burst of enthusiasm so will hopefully spend a couple of evenings on it this week and sort the front wheel arch issues and see what needs replacing in the brake department!
  15. Looks like this, I believe it's made from bakelite. So I can venture to warehouse tomorrow and use a plastic chopping board?
  16. A little update, the gearbox and new clutch are in the car! The gear lever retaining clip got damaged on removal so a new one is on its way to me. Also the clutch pedal spring disappeard, so a replacement is on the way also. I need a phenolic spacer for the carb, the accelerator lever hits the manifold. There was one fitted to the old setup, but it was all cut about to make it work. If anybody knows of somewhere I can get one please let me know, I don't really want to wait for one to arrive from the UK. I have some bits and pieces I can carry on with until these parts arrive but I just wanna get the engine running! Brakes and front wheel arch rubbing issues are the next big things! A pair of black two door reclining seats popped up on a Vauxhall Facebook page, waiting on more pics but hopefully they will be mine! No real progress photos so here is just a general pic!
  17. I have no idea what the cost would be to return the car to standard wheel arches. But ultimately that's what I would love to do. I will keep an eye out for some front wings and repair sections for the rear then bite the bullet come respray time. I have no idea how many years away that is! Clutch and gearbox went back in this evening! Progress!!!
  18. Had a thought regarding the crappy flared arches. I could cut them off and rivet on some universal 50mm arches and paint them black. It's a cool look on the right car, and would potentially solve a lot of my issues. Obviously I would need a big chin lip to match!
  19. A little update, got the engine back from the reconditioners! So all should be well! Got it sat back in the car on Friday. I got a case of the man flu so that's all that happened. my new (new to me) inlet manifold arrived today, so that now means the bonnet will close! Succses!plans are to fit the clutch and gearbox on Thursday. Hopefully it should be all up and running by the end of the weekend! I had a thought regarding the wheel arch issues, I could cut them off and fit some universal 50mm flares, and paint them black? Thoughts?
  20. Whenever something goes well it's always closely followed by a problem. One of the front arches is bigger than the other one. So the wheel looks more inset on the passenger side. I will try and sort this out as best I can (another job added to the list) eventually I want to repaint the car, it it's possible I think I will get the four flares cut off and standard arches welded in place. I'm going to constantly have issues with them cracking and what not. But I don't need to worry to much about that now. So a few weeks ago a viva estate arrived in Christchurch pick a part. I have been after some interior parts for a while so went and had a look. The car was pretty far gone but I managed to get what I needed. Mainly just switches and switch covers. Being an estate it has the same size doors as a two door so I managed to get the door panels. I was really happy to find a set, they are a little water damaged and one has a tear on the lower part. I'm sure I can fix them up. These will replace the ones I made. They will look better for having the stiched Patten. I have a new clutch and the machined flywheel ready to go on once the seal has been sorted!
  21. Unfortunately I was wrong. It still leaks oil. Not as bad as before but the seal needs to be changed again. I took the engine out of the car on saturday and will take it to an engine shop this week. The crank needs to be removed or At least loosened and lifted to fit the seal properly. I feel this is a bit more than I can handle. I can also get the engine looked over to make sure all is well. Getting quick at removing the engine now! I finally found and bought some tyres! So to cheer myself up I got them fitted and balenced and chucked on the car. They are a little chunkier than I would have liked but they look great on the car and are a good tyre and a good price!
  22. Hi guys, I'm looking for recommendations for a person or company to change the rear main seal on my 1256 viva engine. The crank needs to be removed to fit the seal and this is past my skill level. Engine is out of the car and I'm sure it's not abig job for somebody with the know how and the right equipment. So any advice on who to use in Christchurch? Thanks David
  23. The carb was fitted prior to my ownership. I have no idea what jets are in the carb. It idles nicely and starts easily. But I haven't driven it yet, it's been a work in progress for two years! Is there an easy way to find out the size of the jets?
  24. Thank you! Basically I have a dgv carb fitted to my 1256 viva. The manifold was home made by the previous owner and with the carb and filter on it fouls the bonnet. So I have been looking for a replacement manifold. One has poped up, but says it fits a dcd Weber. So it should work?