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  1. pies

    Need a car alarm at a good price?

    this free bump was proudly brought to you by me. pies. Can trust this dude with your pride and joy. cos i say so.
  2. pies

    Hemi's 910 bird

  3. pies

    von Mako's '58 VW Ragtop

    so... i assume your gonna stripe this? cant wait to see what you do, if you do!
  4. pies

    filthys Fordson

    I like roof chops. But i have to disagree. that pic you posted (im guessing you stole it off that trademe ad?) of the one without the roof chop looks fucking tuff.
  5. agreed. haynes manual may be hard to find for dieseasel version but well worth the money if your gonna keep the car
  6. haha yea. good on ya for doing it yourself man.
  7. pies

    filthys Fordson

    my pants are down. waiting for the spankfest that is going to result from this project. im in love man!
  8. pies

    von Mako's '58 VW Ragtop

    rather jealous. nice bits you have aquired there!!
  9. gtood is an understatement. i am fucking awesome. ok the bolt at the top is the hinge, it swings on that one. the adjuster will be underneath and will have a bolt at one end and no bolt at the other, but will have a washer or something holding it to a bracket. if you loosen the hinge bolt, dont undo it, just loosen it enough so that the alternator moves up and down freely, then place the belt over both pulleys and pull the alternator so it tightens. then tighten the adjuster nut so that its nice and firm, then tighten up the hinge bolts again. BLAMO! hopefully you still have all your fingers/hands/knob, and i havent given you instructions on how to destroy your engine
  10. that look like your engine? Toyota 2c diesel
  11. use a torch. should be pretty obvious how to tighten/loosen it off. also, if its making noise, tighten it a little. not heaps though. just enough so it stops making noise. over tightening will cause excessive wear on your alternator and possibly do damage to your crank pulley and/or crank
  12. ALTERNATOR WILL BE ADJUSTABLE ON THESE ENGINES. CBF RETYPING THAT IN LOWER CASE SO NOW THE REST OF THIS POST WILL BE IN CAPS... nah jokes there will be an adjuster on the alternator. look closer and you will see what i mean. if you cant see it, get a mechanic to do it or you will probably take your fingers/hands/knob off trying to replace the belt in the way you are describing.
  13. im keen. will bring my old school dreams... and my newschool hoonduh
  14. pies

    crusty whips MX31 Toyota Mark 2

    sedan rocks my face. as does coupe. Im glad it went to a good home, although i almost firebombed your house when you said it was gonna get an RB rims look tuff as on it. You need a hand with it let me know