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  1. Anyone keen? extreme short notice i know. but get fucked //oldschool.co.nz/phpbb/viewtopic. ... 003#281003
  2. info thread for re-registering vehicles (maybe sticky somewhere?)... [*:2jyhil48]LTSA Factsheet 9 - Reregistering your vehicle [*:2jyhil48]Vehicle inspection requirements manual - In-service certification also just emailing LTSA to find out about a checklist
  3. picked it up friday 13th evening (pfft bad luck my ass...) with a flat battery. jumped it and drove it to palmy where we had maccas, went out to head back to welly, and fuken battery was still dead. so after half of palmy turned up to help jump start the bitch (thanks richie/ron p, sprak, seedy_al, Tara, bunch of toyspeed cunts) we left it running for a few minutes and chatted for a bit. then... caboon thought it would be funny to turn the car off. good one mutant. thats why you dont get thanked above. so then we stole mutants battery to start the 910 and we were on the way. almost ran out
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