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  1. Cheers for the meet new area rep kicker. Good to get the hog out and see some GC's
  2. oldnrusty

    Help flipping a trailer. This arvo

    Think we are sorted now, thanks
  3. Aw hey hi Old Schoolers, gonna need a hand to flip my trailer back onto it wheels, had to weld a new draw bar, gonna run some wiring then it's ready to flip, I'd say around 2pm'ish 73 Black Rock rd Newlands. Ok cheers thanks
  4. oldnrusty

    Russell's Mk1 Cortina_Discussion

    Variant use to smell super fuel'ly with a full tank aswel. Replace the fuel cap seal might help, think I did that plus replaced the filler and breather hoses going to the tank aswel
  5. Damit! Mt.Vic hill climb, masterton drag way 50th plus this, and we're missing all of it for a bloody engagement party in Napier! Stinkface
  6. Looking forward to this, Will be there after racing at manfeild, not too sure what the misses plans are
  7. Project grave dig up, For those that Don't know, this has made its way back to the South Island to a guy that is mates witg the guy i got it off? I think. Maybe even an OS guy, can't remember now as this was awhile ago. Hope it's going all good/ someone is actually doing something with it. Also thank you PB for fucking this build thread, I'd say ill fix the photo's but that will never happen.
  8. oldnrusty

    Boozin Da Bayz - Nov 24th

    Departing Watermark Sign Company at around 11am
  9. This is always a bloody good day out. Think this is like the fifth annual ride, Pic of invite says it all.
  10. Definitely keen for otaki forks meet. Danny's/Heyhole's Mum is racing at mainfeild that weekend so will be there afternoon Saturday and then up first thing Sunday morning to help out/ pit bitching
  11. oldnrusty

    Kicker's Honda Beat FC50

    Nothing wrong with that rate of flow in my (super amateur spec) experience
  12. oldnrusty

    XS650 Chopper road to rego

    You'll need to prove the year. Another way to do it is find another one or a friend with one, and just "share" (or make/buy) another plate and rock that on your bike.
  13. Got the bobber running. But would only run on one cylinder until I took it for a blat and had it under load at high rpm and then it would kick on and off two cylinders. Will whip the carbs off again tomorrow before meet and see if she'll fire on all two properly. Fingers crossed