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  1. Bloody good work Roger!!! Very impressed that this is your first time doing sheet metal work! Good on ya, keep it up
  2. Shit yeah! Even another Wag Nats would be rad!
  3. Ah nice! Yeah that's right, and they aren't getting any cheaper.
  4. Bloody good stuff, might try and get some rego for a bobber aswel, break one less law haha Keep up the good work.
  5. I did hear that he's abit of a wheeler dealer, but i'm happy with the deal I got, I also sold the fenders for 650 bucks to a local guy that has a carpentry shop and he said he'd help me out with making a couple of wood parts that he needed for his aswel, and would just run off two of them. So that's cool. Always a great time hangin out with you guys mate. And yeah was bloody stoked to find that chassis and blew my mind it was only 20 odd minutes away. Hopefully make a start on the body as soon as I find out these body mount dimms or whether I can just sit in straight on the chassis
  6. Not sure on the motor, I know his son that was there helping us out had a coupe with a big block hemi init he had just sold from memory, by yeah really cool build especially when he built it no one in NZ was building hotrod like that.
  7. That would be amazing, the guy i brought the body off, Hotrod Harry, he took his car over to the states after he built it. He said the slogan "street legal" accross the backend was abit lost on the yanks
  8. Once I had figured out the roof panels, I realized I was going to need the body sitting square on a chassis before I welded it in. One random drunken night search on TradeMe, and i found, local, a 1930 chassis for 300 bucks! Its in bloody good condition with very little surface rust, the only thing was the front cross member had been removed, plus a few other brackets. He offered choice of ether a late model cross member or the original, I just chose the original. So with that at home, I once again rearranged the garage, which was made a little easier with the wife's DX corolla now up in Napier. (also on trademe if your keen on a clean DX) So that is pretty much where I'm at to date. As I say this is my dream car, not quite in dream condition, however this is the only way I think Ill be able to afford one. Its defiantly a huge project and I hope I can get it done with my skills, some improved/learned skills and friends and family. Speaking of family, one quite cool thing is that my father in law (Big G) is actually building his own 30 Model A Pickup at the moment aswel. Which is quite helpful for knowledge and motivation. He does have abit more money motivation, which is the frustrating factor for myself. Updates wont be coming in hot and heavy, but Im hoping to make a start on the body, which is a cheaper thing I can get on with. After some research I've found out that the 3 and 5 windows, plus Tudor bodies sat on timber body mounts from factory. I have searched the net and can not for the life of me find dimensions for these body mounts. I went to a vintage swap meet a couple of weeks before lock down and an old Barry there took my number and said he would get in touch with me as he had just given his neighbor a set. I have found new repo ones to buy for around $200, however I dont intend on running them as I will eventually be channeling the body over the chassis and in turn building a new floor and bolting it straight to the chassis. So if anyone knows of these dimms or could get me these dimms that would be amazing, as I dont want to start welding the roof in until I know the body is some where near square. Here"s a few picture of the direction I want to go... Im personally not a huge fan of suicide front ends (axle in front on the grill) and 32 rails, but this one does have a cool look. (Lower Image) Ive drooled over this car for so long. I love the proportions, such a good look. (lower image) I recently found this car on Instagram, (@muddhuffer) I dont think I have the skills to get my Tudor body anywhere near the level it would need to be to paint it anything like this but I love this car, again the proportions are exactly what I like. Its also a 28/29 with the early style cowl which Im not huge on, still, so good. Cheers for looking. Again dont hold your breathe for updates, but this is my dream car so I will get it built....................one day. https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/71373-hayholes-rusty-dreams/
  9. With the help of a few mates, we got the body off the trailer and sitting in the garage. I rearranged the garage to make it alot more useable Went through the replacement steel roof pieces and tried to figure out the puzzle.
  10. So with a deal done, we booked tickets for the ferry and locked in a roadtrip My wife (BabyK), father in law (BigG) and Dog (Rufus) were all keen to come down aswel. We could only get tickets for the late night Friday ferry docking Picton at around midnight. I drove for as long as my eyeballs would allow me, found a Doc site I had spyed on Google maps just north of Kaikoura and set up camp in the pitch black freezing cold night. We woke first thing in the morning, just as it started to rain, quickly packed up the tent and made our way to the Morresey's place. Chris knew the old boy that was listing the Tudor and was mates with his son. As it turned out I also knew him too, not in the same way Chris did but from his "first" Tudor he built (which Ill get to later). We got to Harry's place around mid morning and the body was still on the chassis. We all cracked into it, with some hilarity along the way - one of which being (long story short) we nearly drove the car off the hoist. Here I was thinking it was gonna take us all day, end up taking all of about 2 hours to tear it right down and have it sitting in the trailer. We yarned with Harry and had a look at his many other vehicles for a awhile, one of which is this car.... Which is where I knew Harry from, aka Hotrod Harry. Who if you dont know of him, then you probably dont know alot about the NZ hotrod scene. I even have this issue of Street Machine magazine. We loaded up the fenders and all other parts in the body of the Model A and the back of the Prado and headed on our way. Caught up with a few mates while in Chch and crashed the night at the Morresey's. then left on our way for the North Island Waiting in line at he ferry terminal, I had put a couple of lengths of 4x2 on the roof in case the body didnt fit inside the trailer, turns out it did, so we just took them for an inter island roadtrip in the end. Was a bloody good roadtrip tho, had a great time with plenty of laughs. PS; Prodo's for sale. If your interested, let me know.
  11. This has been my dream car for as long as I care to remember. However now that we have a house I figured I'd never be able to afford one. So when an ad came up on TradeMe awhile back for a Tudor body at a reasonable price, I thought "fuck it, its now or never". The listing was in Christchurch but I managed to rangle a better deal to help suck up the extra cost of going down on the ferry to pick it up. Now the words "Model A Body" are abit loose once you start really looking at it. its no Sema ready body. It did come with a brand new steel kit for the roof surround and a wood kit for the insert. It also come with another rear panel with a less rusted out window surround, but the surface rust is pretty heavy so I feel fixing the current one might be less work
  12. Been awhile since I've put more than a "like" up on oldschool.co.nz, mainly because its been awhile since I've had an "oldschool" car. So here's an Intro into the project for those that might not know me directly or follow me on Instagram....... A few things happened since the last project car, I got a few more motorbikes, had a few daily duty vehicles come and go, got married, got a dog, got a trailer..... and got a house. Which has been a real time and money drain hole. However it did come with a sweet garage. A pretty descent depth two car garage, WITH a workshop on top!!! Needless to say this was the first room in the house to be renovated. Pulled up the manky vinyl flooring and clear coated the wooden floors. So stoked to have all these things that I have horded for ages in the same place and downstairs from my house. However, being that this is a 1950's house, that has received very little up keep, it has been and still is a time sponge. Still, no complaints, as is house life, there is always work to do and having a two story garage out-ways any of the bad. Note; only renovated the front of the house yet haha Anyways, that'll do for the back story. On with the project car.
  13. Shit yeah! Stoked for you man! All up and running?
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