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  1. Water spot remover, I think got some from Bunnings or I may still have some left if you're in chch
  2. Soo, I'm wanting something to eat away rusty bits before I can weld in new metal, will this be any good for several patches and then selling/passing off http://mytools.co.nz/products/sandblaster-kit I guess it's a step up from those handheld Supercheap doodads but is it up to the job?
  3. I've got one in Central, oldie but a goodie no load leveller though
  4. It really depends on what the sticker and paint are made of, I personally would start with hot water, meths/turps, brake clean, if it still isn't budging, acetone, cum clean, thinners etc
  5. Tyres burn best at night, $5 a tyre adds up very quickly...
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