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  1. does any from marlborough know a trader from trade me under the name as manormouse his name is kerian from the add on trade me he had a datsun diff for sale just need to make sure he ship cheers ron
  2. does any body know of a ryan paisley out of the following places greymouth hokitika nelson hes meant to work at firestone hokitika as a tyre fitter
  3. taiparacer

    Auckland OS Cruise - Sunday 30th April - Hamilton

    im taking a short cut and will meet u in hamilton at the show
  4. taiparacer

    Auckland shed tour 2017

    x2 i tend to get lost in the big smoke
  5. taiparacer

    Auckland shed tour 2017

    well this is looking good so far
  6. ill be up in aucks on sunday with the nissian safarai high top then taurangra the following week where pickup from
  7. taiparacer

    Auckland shed tour 2017

    depending on when this is im kneen to come up again or imaybe a trip to bens(the dudes ) he still down in the middle of the island knowing him hell have come up with some interesting finds by now
  8. hi am looking at a diff head on trade me at the moment the guy says pick up only is their any body that lives around their that could pick it up and freight/post it for me quite willing to pay in the usual manner cash beers etc cheers ron
  9. hi am looking a a diff head on trade me the guy says pickup only if he wont freight is their somebody who lives near their that could pick it up and post or hold to the next old school freight cheers ron
  10. taiparacer

    Anyone in TGA able to check out a car?`

    if u get stuck give us a bell can shoot over tomorrow need to see a mate over there
  11. taiparacer

    Auckland Monthly Meet - 25 November

    me please kind sir
  12. taiparacer

    Driveshaft for my Coupe

    which head is on your diff and length or post up a photo plus do u have the 21 spine on your five speed
  13. taiparacer

    Morrinsville pick up

    pm sent