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  1. hve a guy up here that has a 73rover v8 low milage no visual signs of rust with the spare wheel on the back hes whanting to kbow what its worth and please dont say what ever somebody is willing to pay
  2. getting close all welcome daniel is cooking from the datsun club is cooking up a storm so taste his cooking if u dare bring all those things that u keep tripping over or come and buy some more things to trip over u know u need to drag the project out or find where your next one is come along and get the shove in the right direction to get yours finished
  3. will be their whos interested in going plenty of nice easy rides for the bikes good selection of cars
  4. does any from marlborough know a trader from trade me under the name as manormouse his name is kerian from the add on trade me he had a datsun diff for sale just need to make sure he ship cheers ron
  5. does any body know of a ryan paisley out of the following places greymouth hokitika nelson hes meant to work at firestone hokitika as a tyre fitter
  6. makes that 3 phase lathe look interesting
  7. ill be up in aucks on sunday with the nissian safarai high top then taurangra the following week where pickup from
  8. depending on when this is im kneen to come up again or imaybe a trip to bens(the dudes ) he still down in the middle of the island knowing him hell have come up with some interesting finds by now
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