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  1. I'm avoiding that by going entirely 12v and using an inverter in case of needing something to run off 230v, so not much help I'm afraid.
  2. I’m in the market for a TIG, I’ll be a first time user but I’m keen to give those MIG/TIG/Arc combos a go as I want to be able to do car panel stuff and also stainless tube for the bike project, etc. Are there any deals about that are recommended? cheers kempy
  3. Thanks for the offer, I'd like to go down the sliding throttle path though as there's other controls that also need to be incorporated That postie bag idea certainly has me pondering the idea, all the electronics, fuel etc could be stuffed into each bag
  4. A bit of maintenance and planning, there's a lot more to ponder with moving to twin turbines. Most likely I'll end up re-designing most of the original configuration with larger tube to keep twice the amount the wires and pipes hidden The original bike has part of the tank that's reserved for the fuel pump, fuel and gas solenoid valves, filters etc. which takes up ~20% of the tank volume, the new version will suck the current 2.5lL tank dry in 3 minutes @ full power (@.83L/min) so it's going to need a larger tank too. I'm thinking of moving the pumps etc. to a larger control box above the turbines so I can keep as much volume as possible for fuel, this depends on tank location and if the pumps can suck fuel up from the tank, I don't really want to add a 3rd fuel pump. I might see if I can sneak the tank under the main frame this time instead of on top to lower the centre of gravity, Just stripped down the turbine on the left and gave it a visual check and clean, the bearings have a slight noise so it might need to be sent off to have the bearings replaced and turbine balanced. Double Trouble Electronics will need a redesign as well with independent throttles for each turbine as well as 2 ECU's, I'm hoping to get away with one battery source. Throttles will need to change from the current rotary knobs design to 2 sliding throttles, remotely similar to those used on commercial jets as it will be too difficult to balance the engines with 2 rotary knobs and ride the bike Something like the chopper bike gear lever would be cool but they're impossible to find, let alone 2 of them The bike will need an emergency cut off this time, all jokes aside things could get a bit nasty if I came the bike under full noise as the turbines would continue at full throttle until something happened... I'm thinking of a lanyard design like the ones used on jetski's. Should be an interesting noise hearing 2 turbines spooling up
  5. @Tumeke, There is some truth to your post above Sorted the lack of power, will need to play around with configurations but at this stage I think side by side will be best.
  6. Seems that time has marched on a bit, working 50-70 hour weeks and not really having any time for anything’s token it’s toll in the pursuit of pleasure. I thought it was time to change this and I that It would be a good idea to start with re-working a fun project, the bike was the most motivating and easily grabs my attention, and there’s a few things that could be improved. The main objective is that Id like a bit more confidence that Im not about to faceplant the tarmac at any given moment due to weak points in the bike, cant so much about rider skill. Frame: It’s no secret that I’m probably not the size of rider that the manufacturer had in mind and I’d also say that the frame is giving it’s all to stay together, hurtling down the track at over 70k’s ( unofficially 90+) with with 100 kilos of adult on board Wheels: Pretty much the same as above, they’ve done their job and worked to earn their keep Handling: At 60-70kph it gets a bit dicey, To be honest I’m not sure if handling gets any better over that speed or if it’s just the adrenaline correcting things for me, needless to say it gets a bit hairy and those wee front forks are a bit of a concern. Power: it does take a bit of time to get going and pedaling is fairly essential to get moving until the jet seems to get to a critical airflow. a little more power would be nice. This will never be a daily ride, I just run the gauntlet occasionally, It’s just too loud and too thirsty. I can guarentee it's never going to gain a tick of approval from our friendly road enforcement crew, but it is the most fun I’ve ever had on two wheels. Probably the most logical thing would be to used a more suitable frame, and In essence I would agree, however the project would lose its appeal to me, sure, Anyone can strap a large turbine on a race bike and go fast.. but that’s not not my bag. From here there’s only a couple of options for me (but feel free to chime in with suggestions), either work the current bike by strengthening the frame, wheels, forks and improve the handling a bit or try to find another similar looking bike that already has these attributes. I did consider the Sakei bike for this but it seems a bit of a shame to use what I believe is a fairly uncommon bike and bastardize it like this. Are there any similar looking/size bikes with the characteristics that I’m looking for?Im unaware but open to suggestion. As for improving the cruiser, Wheels, I’ve seem some nice wheels and tires that should hold out at speeds up to 100k’s no problems( according to the guy in the shop), better bearings would seem the go as well. Frame: I’m guessing some strengthening at weld/joints for the main tube would be a good start, along with the forks as well, just at the beginning of the thought process with this one. Handling: fark knows, guess I have some reading and questioning to do. Power: I was considering an afterburner but the maths and Engineering got a bit over my levels of enthusiasm to make something that actually gave a valuable power increase. There’s tons of people that have made them, however most seem to be all noise ( and heat) and extremely inefficient which is a consideration for me as I’m only carrying a few litres of fuel. I do however have a plan B for power, a cunning plan indeed. PS. it’s not a hybrid electric/ jet turbine bike either.
  7. Good to see some of the OS crew. Scored some vintage piles of alloy corrosion while lurking about
  8. I believe the North Western motorway will be closed Northbound lanes between Lincoln Road off ramp and Brigham Creek Road roundabout, on Saturday January20th (approx. 8:00p.m. to 8:00a.m.) if you are traveling late
  9. @h4ndWash your mouth out young man!, I'm a tinkerer! @oldrx I have a temp controlled soldering Iron but nothing specifically for SMD's , Ive been avoiding that world
  10. kempy

    Floor Jack Oil

    @Ogre yea I was pondering that after I posted, but can't remember what the differences were,if any. Far too long ago!!
  11. Have found some sites mentioning the sleeve was super tight, put the engine in a vice and turned it over ok, I just wasn't expecting it to be that tight. cheers @00quattro00 & co. time to get this puppy working!
  12. Yes, 20.5mm according to a parts list I just found. I'm just trying to turn using the prop mount without the glow plug in and a few drops of ATF I honestly wouldn't think it would be that tight?
  13. Its a GMS 2000, 0.4 cu in. You're right with the ABC setup but it's so tight that I can't turn it over by hand ie. The piston moves freely for the bottom 80% of the stroke??
  14. I have a nitro engine that's NOS , unused but by the feel and look of it I think the bore sleeve is slightly crushed out of shape at the top, causing the piston to bind, this isn't substantiated yet as I don't have the measuring gear to substantiate this, only an eyecrometer. I'd really like to get the engine going but lack the kit to measure and machine, does anyone here have a small accurate lathe at their disposal ( Pref Akl.) I'd love to own a small lathe, but alas.. Im not sure what tolerances to use or even how to bore an engine this small, but any help would be greatly appreciated CHeers Kempy