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  1. NickJ

    Malpassi fpr noises

    I know nothing about that regulator, but thinking out loud... For a fluid to make noise you need cavitation/turbulence, that suggests high flow, I assume the engine isn't sucking excessive amounts? what kind of flow goes back to the tank? Can you try throttling the flow from the pump to slow the feed to the reg/ is it sized too big? Also the feed does a 90deg right as it enters the regulator, can you remove that and see if it helps?
  2. I put a piece of black tape down the middle of mine at wof time, old mate didn't see the joke
  3. I had an error between chassis number in the system and actual chassis number, something like a 1 and 7 mix up, man at the testing station was being a dick about it, but his boss took the papers, walked into the office and came back job done. I have no idea what the actual process is other than it is possible.
  4. Quick fixer upper for one last hoon on Queens birthday.... Someone left coffee grinds in the fuel filter..... Yep, that sucks, tank is gunna have to come out, will be put on the winter list. Considering the filter is ~2 years old so I am going to just replaced it and let the rust be tomorrow Nick's problem. The alternator issue turned out to be an OK repair, considering I went about it the hardest way possible! The pulley is meant to have 2 flats that engage on the shaft, my guess is that years ago the nut got loose, was also stripped at some stage in its life to finally work loose until it spun and made a right mess of the lot. My fix? In some odd moment of cheap and quick I decided that fabricating a new pulley was the correct approach. (I really should have just fizzed the pulley onto the spacer and been done with it) Step 1) Wait for the workshop staff to go home and leave some machines unguarded Step 2) Spin bit of 6061 real fast like Step 3) Dig around behind the CNC mills and uncover a largely neglected indexing head and spin many dials real slow and orderly Step 4) Realise the M12 thread is actually poked and have to change the design, interference fit for the pulley and cut a M10 thread with stuff all material free. Step 5) Bake till crispy and seal in the luck thus far. Step 6) Plug it back together Step 7) Dump it back in the hole where no one will ever see it again. Step 8 turn in for the night, waking the household this late with Datsun noise will not be in my longterm interests, will be a long day waiting to test drive! Very stupid/illogical that I put in all this effort, half as much would have grafted a modern alternator into position with much less future hassle.
  5. NickJ

    Slideways' Purvis

    As above, awesome effort to just give asking a go! There was a red scorpion with a fiat twin cam that popped up on facebook about a year ago, not sure where it went though
  6. I'm with Tortron, shrinkfit bronze sleeve thats then machined to size I look forward to your report that makes it look way more fun whilst neglecting the reality of hours spent dialing it in square
  7. Forgive me for being too lazy to do the maths, but the contact area between the pipes is small compared to the surface exposed to the air/frame, i'd safely wager that any heat leak will be minimal compared to the cooling from such long runs. Imp looks pocket sized in some of the pictures, like it could be easily stored under a bench, the perfect car really! I wish you many pleasant adventures to come. Did they ever put SU carbs on the Datsun A series?
  8. NickJ

    Nick's Datto 1600

    Its now at the panelbeaters getting the worst of the rot dealt with, not sure what their exact timeline is but it should be getting close. That pic is post blasting and looking at the others he sent me, its actually in pretty good shape for a Datsun that hasn't moved for 30 years
  9. NickJ

    Nick's Datto 1600

    Awesome, good man indeed, he doesn't need much to start a good yarn about Datsuns eh! I guess he's told you all about this one: Be sure to pester him at every opportunity as I do, need to be sure it gets completed in a timely fashion.
  10. Thats quite handy if its the right car I guess a bulk pack of deutsch connectors off Ali plus legit cable locally not what you're after?
  11. No fixing, just hooning update. Went for a cruise down to lake Tekapo with the Datsun club. Car ran great except for the usual niggles, up one of the last hills into Tekapo I seemed to loose fuel pressure, couldn't find any issues on the side of the road and got home no trouble, will pull the filters as first call and go from there. Secondly had the alternator pulley split in two a few hundred meters from home, will dump that out for what I hope is just a quick tightening. Have noticed the back end feels a bit loose at times but with a person in the backseat it feels much better, having checked all the bushes can I interpret that the car is requesting a light serving of low? (is currently on standard springs) I've been instructed 180b rear coils are worth trying, any other suggestions? With the Canterbury winter gloom only a few weeks away, I feel that might be all the driving she gets til spring, winter is Niva season!
  12. But if you had a curve to cut, that may work out easier than cutting on the small edge and then needing another operation to cut the radius.
  13. NickJ

    KPR's 84 chromelux discussion

    The lack of bounce landing off those dunes is really impressive! Whats the ride like in the cab?
  14. NickJ

    azzurro's 125p Pickup dyskusja

    How many turns off the seat are the idle screws? off idle sounds to me like the idle jet needs to come up a fraction. screw depth off the seat is a good indicator of where in the range the idle wants to be. Also not returning to idle is a potential sign of a vac leak, is it possible that might be messing with you?
  15. NickJ

    azzurro's 125p Pickup dyskusja

    Pretty sure I flipped one throttle shaft so the two short ends where facing each other to make mine fit and had to custom fabricate the linkage. But what I really don't understand, how can you balance the carbs and not test drive?