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  1. These guys are my goto, can you can send your items?
  2. If only... Have tried a few things but the chain is so far not the main culprit. Seems to be stuck at TDC #1, something jamming, not a hard stop and I haven't the guts to really lean on it until I look closer, felt like a stuck valve but thats now been ruled out. Due to the age, i'm happy to strip it right down before it goes near the test stand, kinda fun too!
  3. Went in today for a chat, didn't sound to keen when I asked if he could clean the engine but when I added i'd degrease it and just wanted to get it sparkly to prep for rebuild he was sweet. Real good bugger, happy to have work done by him. Pulled the head for a look and all is okish, just something blocking it from moving pistons more than 2-3mm... Fingers crossed the good luck continues....
  4. Rad! pulling the head off the motor hopefully by the weekend to assess what its gunna need, i'll be in touch
  5. oooh, I'll drop in this week and say hi
  6. Who's the go to to get a bare block and head cleaned/dipped in Hornby? Anywhere on the otherside of town is too much of a hassle with work etc
  7. Just noticed this now, about to dive into another engine build so might take you up on the offer if you still have it?
  8. NickJ

    KwS's TVR

    Mate, good effort getting this far and for admitting the lack of gas issue! Unfortunately, ze germans have no sense of humour, they use the term "Old timer cars" as we'd use "classic cars"
  9. Had one very similar with a cab on the farm, was surprisingly nimble, only negative was the stupid layout of levers making access with boots tricky,
  10. For a weekend car, are filters really needed......
  11. I can only imagine how good this must sound! +1 for wof and run as is
  12. Anyone know a supplier for brake liner adhesive in NZ?
  13. No respect the youth of today would provide a house for 13 if they ever tried to dispose of it
  14. I'm sure we could find a corner to hide them for a week or so if needed. I'm surprised to see them dump the eco car, that was the first one right?