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  1. There was a time when the Datsun club and OS were one, I feel this arrangement may need re-thinking. Datsun/Mirage wounders inc?
  2. Gave the 1600 a go over today with positive results, most likely join the Datsun club for the day
  3. I used oneil for class 2-4 flatdecks for work, cost was pretty reasonable around $500 for a day
  4. If I can salvage a strip 350 wide it might be close enough
  5. Do you have any door skins in the "not quite right" pile that have the hip folded nice but not much else? Decided to tear out the damaged section on mine and replace it, would save me much time if I could complement your bank acc instead Raw panel size is 350w x 700h
  6. Work is totally going to be in the way and we have to find some way to occupy the dog while on the 4wd trips. Having a shit year so far so just gunna book leave and walk out the door, figure it out on the go! No accom booked and plan to be camping at various locations during the stay if thats up your alley?
  7. See you there Going full barry and joining the Land Rover display......
  8. Battery terminal hasn't come loose?
  9. NickJ

    diesel spam

    Still haven't got around to fitting the valve or searching further for the leak but.... found a part of the problem! One night during our recent 4wd tour of the south while enjoying a beer I heard hissing from the fuel cap, gave it a spin and it gulped in a huge mouthful of air, even better, the next morning it started first pop. After the next full day of driving I released the cap to the same result and sure enough, the engine firing up first go the following morning. I now need to look into the tank breather set up (likely the fuel cap?) and probably looking for a small air leak s
  10. Unfortunately not, West is 40-50C then it really gets soft, with post cure you can push it nearer to 70C but even then I wouldn't want to go over 50 service. Of course this will be fine if there are no structural loads (Pressure) it may just deform over time or leak a bit. Adr 243 + 140 hardener will get you in the mid hundreds happily, may even get away with a service post cure depending on layup technique. Potentially get away with tapered fittings but it will be prone to small leaks through thermal cycling, BUT I design these things for vacuum service so my expectation for leak ti
  11. Temps will be way high for west system, will need to pick the resin carefully. The tank would be simple and straight forward to make, variety of methods to achieve the end goal, pick the one you like the best. Biggest single hassle is the inlet/outlets, getting fibre orientations etc so they don't snap off or enlarging the bond area to handle it can really complicate things. Perhaps a bond in flange for the cap with integrated fittings?
  12. NickJ

    diesel spam

    return off the injectors always has air, kinda bizzarre, tried to bleed it out but its direct back in there. The fuel lines from the tank are plastic so will have a measure up this weekend, that valve is worth a shot for $20 (if it fits)
  13. NickJ

    diesel spam

    yep, arm was broken so that was replaced early on, bleeding the system as usual works quite effectively. No abnormal performance when running, actually quite impressed with the motor otherwise.
  14. NickJ

    diesel spam

    Nope, living with it cos I just don't have the time to pull the pump and check over all the seals. Where can one find a suitable no-return valve? if its an inexpensive 1 hour fit kinda job it would be useful for diagnosis
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