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  1. And not too long between 1st and 2nd Just the way he likes
  2. Other than the roll cage thats tidy, but why do these imp posts all have some fella thats caps lock away from starting a fight?
  3. I reakon Alex could complete one in a weekend if not for all the bike rides, Kevin watching, Weka feeding and general Golden bay lifestyle demands.
  4. This is a constant pain I have, bigger wheels were dealer fitted way back before rules were made so the cert plate just says OE, now with all the commotion over mud tyres the wof man fails me on the same size as fitted the day of cert. Have a few other inconsistencies on the cert plate but I doubt there are many wof inspectors left who can correctly identify Fiat/lada gearbox housings, the original inspector couldn’t!
  5. What @440bbm did is identical to what i've done, 50x50rhs to frame out cutouts then its just regular building techniques. +all the numbers for be effin careful knocking out the windows, its both heavier and floppier than you expect, much like chopping down an old pine, just plan the cuts.
  6. So unbelievably stoked to see this running and all your hardwork has it sounding amazing from day 1! Don't worry about the oil leaks, the honda is just trying to fit in long term.
  7. What cad are you running? Pretty sure fusion has a stencil font
  8. Shit yeah, first payday in 6 months, straight to Hanmeat entry
  9. A quick note here, if the back face is not machined flat then a nut will have very little use, that may drive the decision for you?
  10. Can you just build them a spreadsheet based on setup cost + material cost + cut distance/time? Put some good factors in there to play under promise/over deliver?
  11. Get in touch with some local LR Barrys through Facebook, there are a number of groups but they are all the same people, will be someone near you with the right scan tool or know a garage that does.
  12. I've been messing around with Polycam on Iphone, $40 for the full app but also has a 7 day free trial, so far the results are pretty good
  13. If you have spare slots in the fusebox, for the love of OCD, use them! They generally use standard uninsulated female crimp terminals, so easy Jaycar are open Sunday https://www.jaycar.co.nz/63mm-non-insulated-spade-connectors-pk-10/p/PT4630
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