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  1. One would hope there is additional reporting behind those images to qualify the results?
  2. Yeah they tend to weep as its quite hard to get the copper to yield evenly/everywhere. When I was looking at making one, I considered etching away non clamping areas similar to a standard gasket.
  3. Is it possible to deck the pistons domes down? We have copper sheet and could cut a gasket if needed, just the design is tricky, you need to ensure you get sufficient clamping force on the copper.
  4. Managed to scratch up some suitable paints from the horde and now the badge looks much better than expected, time for a beer!
  5. Had another play with casting the badges after work.... Built a new mould using timber scraps Left the plaster a couple of days between each pour, the last few practice moulds had been too green and I lost detail removing the badge. Baked it out for 24 hours and then poured at about 200C, no bubbling/spitting at all. Not 'perfect' but so much better than the previous attempts and I have proved a few fundamentals for myself. Gave it a quick file and it fits the contour of the bootlid surprising well, considering the worst bits can be filed out or painted over, it may just do the trick.
  6. Datsun nats coming up so best drag the covers off and give her the once over.. Lifted up off the deck and gave everything a solid shake, only item out of place was some play in a rear wheel bearing, a closer look put the play in the spline.... Lucky enough it was only loose, caught early enough! a quick clean up and back together. Next on the list was sorting the blanked off water passage, normally there is a circuit running from the head, through the inlet manifold returning to the water pump. From the past race life, the ports on the head had been welded up as the sidedraft manifold didn't have such provisions. The port on the water pump was just blanked off and this hose was starting to perish. I turned up a shiny new ali plug and with a new stub of heater hose dropped it into place. Also flushed the radiator and dropped in an oil change, i'm sure you'll excuse the lack of pics there. With nothing left on the list, arrangements were made for a date with Rocky Auto. Only a few minor issues to sort and WOF status was obtained. Many thanks to daylight savings for the celebratory trip to Governors bay after work.
  7. NickJ

    Weber carby copies

    Genuine Webers had a center punch in the brass screw to hold them in, if someone has 'serviced' them and not re-punched, they fall out real quick. One review I read mentioned the carb ran like junk, all it needed was stripping down and cleaned of excess swarf.
  8. NickJ


    Tooling aint cheap! we have similar gear that prices in the home deposit area. I have a mate with the gear to make such cutters if that thing doesn't work out
  9. Do go via golden bay, was the best part of bringing the Datsun home with quality beers and yarns
  10. Crikey, thats quite a bump from seaside bliss! I'm heading up for Leadfoot, likely able to assist with vehicle logistics if required?
  11. And nearly a year later...... Oil leak finally got to the point of Greenpeace protestors chaining themselves around the car..... Finally got around to setting up the electric winch I brought off @HKM400 ages ago, wish I had one of these since day one, engine removal was a breeze! Turned out the diff mount had been rubbing on the sump leaving quite a hole, once again the lada gods smiled as it also made a reasonable job of blocking the hole. With the engine out I modified the sump to have more clearance and TIGed up the hole in time for a trip to the hills. Always fun taking the Niva up into the snow Also surprising that i've put chains on it twice this year, that doubles the number of times its had chains in my ownership!
  12. Yeah the shafts are different but that is all. (Actually I am not 100% on the splines, just the housings) The bonus if you can graft it in is ditching the pesky UJs for CVs
  13. Sad times to be parking away the Datsun, so glad we don't have road salt to worry about. I assume you're aware the diffs are the same as Subaru? I grabbed a bunch of magnetic plugs from the wrecker here for $5
  14. I had much the same problem, I eventually installed new cylinders and have not been through the same issues, still unsure as to exactly why. Bore was in good condition, new seals and still leaked. Honed to be sure and new seals installed, leaked again, gave up and brought new cylinders.