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  1. Might be time to catch up for a beer
  2. Not a bad idea if I find somewhere to park it
  3. Already have a double garage and double carport, new car doesn't fit under and the girlfriend doesn't see the pleasure in shuffling all the cars just to get to sports. Don't quite have buy in to convert the front yard into another garage....yet
  4. Looks likely that I might need to tuck the Niva away for an unknown length of time, I no longer have the space for it at home and really don't want to sell. Anyone have a lead on covered storage for under $500 per year? I know i'm dreaming for that around Chch, would happily drive/tow it around the south island if an opportunity arises. Cheers ears
  5. Awesome day for a cruise over the Port Hills, somehow a few cars got lost by the time we got to Governor's bay
  6. I've had a few from repco do the same, no refunds on electronic goods..... Dicks
  7. Making the trek up from the south for this, quite excited to see what all the fuss is about
  8. If the hose is fibre reinforced (the little stringy bits that hang out of the cut faces) then remoulding will be near impossible.
  9. 3mm? are you building a tractor? But no, very good, sheetmetal is a thorn but oh so satisfying when it works out.
  10. I can't see why not, the river is easily crossable at Coleridge in normal flow, Mof should be able to give better guidance though, I've never been up there. From all the research i've done its just a farm track but if you're really creative i'm sure you'll find an excuse to need winching
  11. pretty cheap weekend away, tank of gas and some snacks
  12. A good head and being honest with your abilities is far more important than any $$$ on 4wd gear. As long as we have a toolkit, highlift and a few different tow options we'll be sweet up there. I'm all keen for a day of river crossing, working on waterproofing the Niva and need to do some testing, have no idea of whats local to chch
  13. Yeah, but when the doc hut is 8 hours walk in, it doesn't see much traffic, i'll still be camping though. The gate is locked to vehicles as the track is across private land, just have to book the key in advance from the station owners.
  14. Top of lake Coleridge, pretty sure Mof has been up there before to give a better description, from what I understand its more of a farm track than challenging 4wd expedition. There is a doc hut that you can drive to the door, plan to camp there the night, yarn, drive home.