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  1. As far as OS goes, this thread is pretty PC
  2. NickJ

    Escort / Xflow Idling Issues - I'm stumped.

    Throttle spindles wear out on those carbs, mega air leak down the shaft and you can never get a steady idle. Checking play is hard to do with the return springs in place, but if you hold it at half/full throttle and can give it a wiggle, chances are its time for a spendy rebuild
  3. Yep, i'll pop along for a hello and a burger
  4. tax some from ya neighbours for us please
  5. Yes/No, I actually thought it would be a good way to size the system for cheap and then buy legit ones. The tapered threads on the Ali ones were that terrible, I doubt they would make a seal of any confidence
  6. Workmate just brought a stack of chinesium AN fittings for an efi conversion, macaroni elbows would have been a superior material choice.....
  7. NickJ

    Nick's Datto 1600

    My father actually ordered them from Australia to cover all his collection, i'll try to remember to ask next time I chat. A quick google brings up a few on ebay so there should still be a few about.
  8. NickJ

    BlownCoronas 1971 Toyota Corona

    Yeah we're mainly large CNC machines, yes they could do it, but its not the kind of work we do daily, even then a top level motorsport machinist would be cheaper! I have a bore gauge at home that could measure into the pockets if you want to look that close?
  9. NickJ

    BlownCoronas 1971 Toyota Corona

    That really sucks to find that this far in! Get that block in for a tickle up ASAP, hard to tell from the pics but often the depth looks worse than it is.
  10. I can still hear that Corolla....
  11. NickJ

    Malpassi fpr noises

    I know nothing about that regulator, but thinking out loud... For a fluid to make noise you need cavitation/turbulence, that suggests high flow, I assume the engine isn't sucking excessive amounts? what kind of flow goes back to the tank? Can you try throttling the flow from the pump to slow the feed to the reg/ is it sized too big? Also the feed does a 90deg right as it enters the regulator, can you remove that and see if it helps?
  12. I put a piece of black tape down the middle of mine at wof time, old mate didn't see the joke
  13. I had an error between chassis number in the system and actual chassis number, something like a 1 and 7 mix up, man at the testing station was being a dick about it, but his boss took the papers, walked into the office and came back job done. I have no idea what the actual process is other than it is possible.
  14. Quick fixer upper for one last hoon on Queens birthday.... Someone left coffee grinds in the fuel filter..... Yep, that sucks, tank is gunna have to come out, will be put on the winter list. Considering the filter is ~2 years old so I am going to just replaced it and let the rust be tomorrow Nick's problem. The alternator issue turned out to be an OK repair, considering I went about it the hardest way possible! The pulley is meant to have 2 flats that engage on the shaft, my guess is that years ago the nut got loose, was also stripped at some stage in its life to finally work loose until it spun and made a right mess of the lot. My fix? In some odd moment of cheap and quick I decided that fabricating a new pulley was the correct approach. (I really should have just fizzed the pulley onto the spacer and been done with it) Step 1) Wait for the workshop staff to go home and leave some machines unguarded Step 2) Spin bit of 6061 real fast like Step 3) Dig around behind the CNC mills and uncover a largely neglected indexing head and spin many dials real slow and orderly Step 4) Realise the M12 thread is actually poked and have to change the design, interference fit for the pulley and cut a M10 thread with stuff all material free. Step 5) Bake till crispy and seal in the luck thus far. Step 6) Plug it back together Step 7) Dump it back in the hole where no one will ever see it again. Step 8 turn in for the night, waking the household this late with Datsun noise will not be in my longterm interests, will be a long day waiting to test drive! Very stupid/illogical that I put in all this effort, half as much would have grafted a modern alternator into position with much less future hassle.
  15. NickJ

    Slideways' Purvis

    As above, awesome effort to just give asking a go! There was a red scorpion with a fiat twin cam that popped up on facebook about a year ago, not sure where it went though