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  1. Earlier this year I went for a 4wd mission to scope new hunting areas and came to the realisation that I was choosing spots based on where the Niva could go and not where I wanted to go, the big barrier on the east coast is rivers, and the fiat motor hates water! We managed 15min up this valley before being forced to cross the river, issue with the twin cam is the spark plugs are located in the valley between the two cams, any splash of water is directed here which promptly kills the engine, normally mid-current. We turned around and headed home, on the way back I was pondering methods to prevent water but nothing was simple or failsafe. What I needed was a snorkel, diesel, raised breathers, longer wheelbase and bigger wheels........ With this in mind I set to work.... The snorkel was easy, pretty much bolt on Diesel pump to fiat twincam was tricky, but with a big enough hammer it went into place Bigger wheels needed clearance, overload springs were installed This all took quite some time, and the result somewhat best enjoyed with a cup of tea in hand Unfortunately i've replaced the Niva with a more suitable vehicle for my current needs. I have access to a garage not too far from home that once lockdown is over it will be tucked into, My mind says I should sell it and move on, but I can't bear the thought just yet of parting, its been a great toy over the years and really is a hoot to drive, sadly I just don't have the space for so many cars! Before parking up, I plan to carve out some rust to be sure there is no deterioration, parked up in WOF condition is the plan, ready to hoon should the urge arise.
  2. Some of the bolt on efi carb replacements don't have the ability to store the "learned" map developed during closed loop operation if power is disconnected - remove the battery and its back to base map until it's run a few cycles to relearn.
  3. From an emergency management point of view, i'd be bloody stoked if the cops have time to do WOF checks in the next 4 weeks.
  4. Actually those JB ones would be handy, having the usb charger makes them well useable in the car.
  5. 1 person per truck and communication only via UHF suits me fine
  6. You seemed to know what you were up to, and I was busy turning the camera on to say anything
  7. All the serenities So many pictures to go through, epic weekend, top blokes, much lols and one winch in need of non rusty power terminals...
  8. Awesome, gunna go grab a bag of coal for the hut, maybe a box of beer is in order too
  9. So how many trucks are coming? @JustHarry @Mof Had a few mates lined up but being in the emergency care industry has killed their chances of freedom for the foreseeable future
  10. Today's rain is just on the east coast, will have little effect on the river. Tomorrow, the rain is set to start late morning with heavy falls from midday, this will make the river come up considerably. My current preference is to leave town 8am, hit the river about 10am and make efficient time up to the top crossing, hopefully at the hut by midday as the rain hits, there is about 1-3 hours of lag from the onset of heavy rain to the river rising so that is a little extra up our sleeve. If it at all looks like shits getting out of hand, turning around and heading home or camping on the riverbank will be in order. I quite enjoy being up in the hills for a good storm, so keen as to at least try, if we have to turn around 100m part the first gate, then thats OK, we'll rebook the key and try again.
  11. Yeah thats the one, the final time of 80s was when the timing gear had a fit after the subie crossed the line sideways, they apologised and offered the 5-6 cars another run, no one too worried about the times, just keen for another hoon!
  12. UCM? Get in touch, i'm sure they'd be happy to show you around
  13. He was in his element, everytime I called back into the pits after a run he was chatting Datsuns! Amazing event, I still can't get over how well run it was, from the moment we drove in the gate to packdown, it really is something special. I forget the times dad posted, was nothing startling and irrelevant, this was his first outing in 8 years due to rebuilding the car and he was happy to enjoy the hill without risking too much. I really hope we can make it back again! Token shot of UCM, was good to catch up with these guys, and see how far they have brought that project, compared to what we were doing with it in my years, it is so far ahead in all regards to what we could ever have imagined.
  14. Checked the map, headwaters are further off the devide than I thought, worst of the rain will be through sat night at this stage, I agree, no worries