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  1. Love the work as usual, especially Kevin's ramp! Word of warning, the mixer looks suspiciously similar to the budget friendly version we purchased during our reno which I just replaced this week due to a crack in the cold water hose. We couldn't justify the cost of a fancy one during the build 2 years ago, but the upgrade is definitely worth it in hindsight.
  2. That looks like the ticket, cheers! Had a look at mil-spec ripoff sockets on aliexpress, coming from working with Amphenol mil-spec daily nothing on there looked moderately capable of surviving so something legit is welcome! Actually keen to have a look, the original loom comes through this boot, not excited about making additional holes in the firewall where possible so if I can get an idea of size/bulk and get it to fit in, thats a bonus! I already have a good selection of crimp tools and plenty more at work, no worries if I need to buy another pair, I convinced myself ye
  3. Look forward to hearing every detail of making an agent squirm, dealing with them was the worst part of house buying for us, they all came off as openly dishonest without even trying to hide how much they were ready to rip us off.
  4. Finally got the throttle body adapter plate port matched and dropped it on the current motor for visual motivation Started a quick spreadsheet and have rapidly worked out I need ~45 individual wires running through the firewall to operate the motor and the usual electrics (lights, wipers etc) most of these are because I wish to move the fusebox and relays into the cabin. A quick estimate and this looks to be about 55m of cable.... For ease, putting a 50pin connector on the bulkhead looks to be the way forward. Rather than threading each wire, I can wire the loom on the workbenc
  5. Awesome thread mate, so good to see these old cars with a story getting rebuilt. Out of interest, do you know what flavour Datsun pistons they are?
  6. Cos agreeing on a date is next to finishing a project for difficulty, I'm gunna open the bids with Thursday cos its next on the list after Wednesday
  7. Another +1 for enjoying keeping up with your Fiat talents, passed through dunners on the weekend and was hoping to spot them from the main drag! Keep up the A+ restos!
  8. Nothing too wrong with the merc engine, but you've got my attention, what stage cam would you recommend for the drillport?
  9. Totally agree, if it passes all the key inspections I think it will get skimmed, the ports cleaned up, reassembled and matched with new flat top pistons in the block. Just don't want to get all carried away and excited until I have confirmation it is healthy enough to continue with
  10. A while back I came across an L18 in pieces on marketplace, turns out the guy had started a build which got put in the back of the shed for 20 years and forgotten about, I quickly took possession and promptly forgot about it too! Late last night with the aid of 40% off spring compressor from Supercheap I stripped the head down, cleaned up the pieces and sorted them into an identical container to the L20b head. Both will be dropped off for a decent clean and hardness test, I will then crack test them both to figure out a build plan for the new EFI motor. Both heads have the sa
  11. And another shot from last week, this one is growing on me and may have to have printed larger.
  12. Do those guys deal to the public? 500g of chromate would need a few more resto projects to consume!
  13. Was that a supply or regulatory issue?
  14. I too have seen that kit, unfortunately they list the chromate as an addition, a solution that is DG so shipping internationally is not fun. If that can be sourced in NZ, all the bits are found here easy enough.
  15. About to kick off quite some work on the Datsun and among the parts i'd like to restore the yellow zinc finish to fasteners and brackets. Totally aware that there are numerous places around Chch that offer this service and that its not all that expensive but as i'll be doing a stack of work in to clean up all the parts prior and my insane paranoia of loosing stuff or forgetting what goes where 6 month later, running smaller batches in my own time would be very useful. A quick search of chemicals online shows how unsavoury they are and at higher concentrations not available to the gen
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