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  1. Rimu dust.... Gives me terrible throat/eye irritation in small doses, mask is compulsory, partially why completion of our kitchen is dragging on!
  2. Three people with gear is a bit much for the rear suspension and the Defender is much, much quieter!
  3. Took the Datsun for a WOF, tows really good, just unsettling that you can't really see it except in the reverse camera!
  4. Had a bunch of Lada stuff sent down and amongst was a Fiat starter motor, little use to me (except I might steal the solenoid) effectively mirror of the Niva unit, any interest to ya?
  5. Possible to clarify piston or slide? Could be very pertinent to us as piston boots are NLA for a vehicle we're about to re-reg
  6. Did it die with honour? Hoping you were out on an adventure and not in the driveway?
  7. Cos the Datsun is quite loud and unsocial for long trips I planned to tow it down to Datsun nats this coming Labour weekend. Upon finding the cost to rent a transporter and having the welder set up to glue some beams for a mate's house build, I spontaneously decided to build an A-frame. Bit of a cock up, the horizontal was meant to be at the kink, but that would strike the number plate, was also meant to be collapsable but I couldn't decide on the design so we'll call this v.0.1 Hopefully build the courage to hook it all up and go for a drive next week.
  8. I drew all the designs up, was the result of needing a stock that fits my lankyness but everything is from america where all firearm designers must be under 5' with t-rex arms. Never got around to thumbhole designs cos they'd be best tackled with a 4th axis which we didn't have.
  9. I will add that there is a bespoke market out there happy to drop a few k on a stock, but the input required is more than a side project job.
  10. I looked into it in detail, end result was the NZ market is small and the expectations are cheap, cost price of machine + labour to finish was ~$5-600. To compete against imported that retailed cheaper than that I didn't have the motivation to deal with people. Should be able to dig out a nested pair for you easy.
  11. Can send you some rifle stock models if you want a challenge
  12. All about free shit, but fire is not one I want to fuck with, had a pretty bad experience due to expired extinguishers not working, best use is training/tape to skateboard and smash the valve off with a hammer.
  13. Not really, careful with wetting out and even pressure on the peel ply compression leaves a quick rub with the long block back to flat. There are a few ripples that visibly disrupt the weave but thats only cosmetic and if I was worried, nothing a coat of paint won't hide!
  14. NickJ

    diesel spam

    Any fancy tricks for finding air leaks in the fuel system? If I leave my 300tdi for a couple of days the filter fills with air extending cranking time. I'm guessing there is a leak either in the injector pump or a hose along the way? I have so far replaced the spill lines as they looked suspect and there are no external signs of diesel leaking. Side note, priming the air out still doesn't make it start first pop, possibly a seal in the pump itself?