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  1. Does the alloy need any special priming before paint?
  2. Speedy fast progress! Just run the spindle manually? Had similar problems setting up mates router that was our fix until figuring out the configuration/communication.
  3. Thanks, not too many pic of the process as its messy and picking up a camera is not too appealing! The process was just laying cloth layer by layer and wrapping with peel ply for compression, very crude and would look much better painted!
  4. And a year later.... Had the stock layup complete quite rapidly after the cutting the core only to run out of time before the competition I was hoping to run it in, cue COVID and i've had no motivation to do the finishing touches with most comps canceled. In the last few weeks i've chipped away the final fitting and polishing that i'm finally happy with the result, not a product I would put on a shelf to sell, but 100% fit for purpose. Learnings - the model I programmed the CAM off was for a laminate timber stock, no allowance for carbon layup..... so the final is ~1mm fatter but with some careful trimming isn't too much a problem. Glueing and clamping the two halves wasn't perfect so there is a slight kink, thankfully you need to know its there to notice and doesn't seem to effect performance. So far i've only managed a few rounds down range but it does feel much more comfortable to be behind, i'm cautiously claiming a better fit and in that regard, a success.
  5. Reefton motorcamp at posted rates is still the best value in the country, i've booked to arrive on midnight and they've always been cool as about it, keys in the letterbox, come see us in the morning.
  6. Shit no, if I leave him unattended with the Datsun he'll relocate it back to the north island!
  7. Kinda want to, was mega keen for donating a set of tyres to Highlands until I found out it was only two laps behind a safety car. Anyhow the old man is looking to head down for it, so will likely just hoon crown range etc for the weekend.
  8. Have you asked for the previous number plate? How long has the new plate been in his name?
  9. Finally got the machining completed on the throttle body - twin carb adapter plate, now to figure out all the nitty gritty details, timing triggers, fuel delivery etc.
  10. Ramping down fast needs an external load no?
  11. I asked if scratches were reason for replacement under my cover and they said yes.
  12. Valid point, instead I managed to find a wof guy who is legit to deal with, I dread having to take the car anywhere else for that reason though.
  13. I would be so keen for this to be implemented, had a continual pain with VTNZ failing the Niva for the rim/tyre combo not being "OE" as stated on the plate even though they haven't changed, quick picture of the car from cert day would tidy over, no fuss.
  14. I was expecting to get grilled for that, but had to check cos the late 90s/00 had some interesting colour schemes
  15. Stoked to see another 1600 on here! I wish you speed to having it back on the road. What colour is it, red or pink? hard to tell on my screen
  16. NickJ

    Su carbs

    If the idle does not increase momentarily when you push the nipple up that indicates toward a vacuum leak no?
  17. NickJ

    Wideband Sensors ?

    I have a 400mm length of pipe with a sensor that clamps inside the tail pipe. Have used it and seems to correlate well to the usual spot. Rigged my wideband with 2m extension lead and can be battery/cigarette/hardwired depending on the vehicle.
  18. Helical cut boxes will transfer load to the opposite end of the box, diffs will run pinions in reverse and hate every moment of it. Can a goldwing achieve torque values that reach this limit in a go cart? Worth a hoon 200%!
  19. Screw you all for making no effort, I moved 20 cars from the driveway today so the Datsun could have some fresh air!
  20. System will allow me to rego the cars, just wanting to fully understand what is legal before risking fines I can't afford!
  21. Ah, now those pages make sense, I was expecting something on the lines of "if rego/wof expires between A and B, the new expiry date is C" Will throw new rego on and give them a good warm up/run
  22. Am I blind or does it say exactly what date the wof extension is valid until? All the external links come up as dead
  23. Anyone have a link to the exact COVID WOF extension dates? All I can find is documents saying there is an extension but nothing that says what the end date is and what qualifies. The Datsun and Niva both expired during lockdown and wouldn't mind throwing rego on for a month to give them a legal spin around the block. /useless at the google
  24. Perfect! I'll put that in my build list, trying to plan this entirely so I can plug it all together over a weekend, not in the mood for development on my own projects right now!
  25. Yes, preferred option is analogue at this stage as they are all free pins, if I put a screen into play it will chew up the bulk of the digi ports. Unless i'm missing fancy tricks?