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  1. We stop going there for 5 years and it turns hipster...?
  2. Have you seen this @datlow? https://trademe.nz/listing/2170571114
  3. These guys have good accommodation very near Waikaremoana. https://www.lakelodge.co.nz Around $30-40 per person for lodge/dorm style and a few other options. They do meals but you have to order in advance (hearty roast of the day kind of thing) and have to be there at the specified dinner time. About $30 for dinner and $20 for breakfast. A++++++ would trade again
  4. I went in and out the Wairoa side. There were a few hairy bits near Waikaremoana itself but luckily they graded it first thing the next morning. Went in and out the Murupara side in a daily driver about 12 years ago. It seemed like forever but maybe because I'd started in Auckland.
  5. They moved to Station Rd I think. https://www.seatbelts4u.co.nz
  6. Can't make it but I hope everyone turns up like this
  7. Would be lol/lush if it was a car and pet and meat meet. Porches and pooches. Holdens and hounds Toyotas and pterodactyls
  8. Was a 80s/90s G Wagen. One of the ones I was looking at basically went for the price of a 348 so fuck that. I thought they might be less than $10k like they were a few years ago.
  9. The car thing went for like 3x as much $$ as I was expecting so solved that problem. Haha.