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  1. Taco Tuesday 6/12/22 12:00-13:00 Snickel Lane 23 Commerce Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010 https://heartofthecity.co.nz/dining/lunch-auckland/tacoteca
  2. Does anyone still work/live in Auckland and/or want to lunch on Tuesdays? We could do a 10 year anniversary meat.
  3. Also fuck, I went to Christchurch on the weekend too. I could have checked them in and taken them on the 29 bus. There was someone else on the bus carrying car numberplates
  4. I keep forgetting to look
  5. I have two catchers to suit this mower if you want to somehow get them from Auckland
  6. These guys might be worth a chat. They should be sympathetic to a french car owner https://www.plasticsconstructions.co.nz/
  7. I noticed a few places near me have been using grooved deck stuff as fence palings. Is there some fence timber shortage or are these guys just all weirdos?
  8. Is it something to do with cruise control? Maybe to figure out if there's a mismatch between the cruise control brake switch and the brake light switch.
  9. Yeah my car's only 4382 long
  10. How big is it? I might be able to get it to Auckland a week from now if it fits in my boot
  11. Some inspiration https://m.facebook.com/groups/505269776754348?view=permalink&id=646477269300264&anchor_composer=false
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