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  1. Can't make it but I hope everyone turns up like this
  2. Akl monthly meet

    Would be lol/lush if it was a car and pet and meat meet. Porches and pooches. Holdens and hounds Toyotas and pterodactyls
  3. Was a 80s/90s G Wagen. One of the ones I was looking at basically went for the price of a 348 so fuck that. I thought they might be less than $10k like they were a few years ago.
  4. The car thing went for like 3x as much $$ as I was expecting so solved that problem. Haha.
  5. Oh true. Weird. I don't know what to do.
  6. I'm scared of this http://www.legislation.govt.nz/regulation/public/2017/0214/latest/DLM7378907.html https://www.customs.govt.nz/business/import/prohibited-and-restricted-imports/prohibitions-and-restrictions/ Seems like a 2017 law? Sounds like customs can flag it at the border and ruin your day.
  7. Are wound back odometers a ballache for getting imports on the road in NZ. I was inquiring about a car in Japan but the guy warned me to say they couldn't verify the km. Edit: apparently it might be a customs "prohibited item" if a car has dodgy speedo. Doh! Anyone had experience with this?
  8. Doing neds box

  9. Road-trippin' - Across the USA

    If you're not anti-credit cards, some of the more expensive ones give travel insurance. E.g. Westpac Black Mastercard gives 120 days travel insurance and the annual fee is $350 or something so probably cheaper than getting insurance. You just have to use it to pay for the plane ticket. There are cheaper ones - maybe $75-100 that give ~60-90 days of insurance too. Edit: https://www.westpac.co.nz/credit-cards/compare/?product1=airpoints-world-mastercard&product2=airpoints-platinum-mastercard $145 for 35 days/$390 for 120 days https://www.kiwibank.co.nz/personal-banking/credit-cards/airpoints-credit-cards/platinum-mastercard/ $150 for 40 days etc
  10. How "in bits" is the motor? I've heard of jokers disconnecting the pump drive belt/pulley and using an electric drill/windy gun to spin it
  11. Swapping Gingernuts for Super Wines?
  12. laser cutting auckland

    Replica with a k?

    Hey @Testament
  14. I bought an EGR blanking thing for my mum's 308 HDi for like £1.99 on eBay 4lols. Doesn't throw any codes but i cant remember if the guy did any trickery.