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  1. Drat's right.
  2. When I sold my 33, I got less for the entire car than I did for an identical set of wheels as what was on the car, but without tyres. The gearbox and carbs were worth a [relative] fortune too.
  3. Gross. Just kidding.
  4. You've got really funny looking teabags at your house. Edit: Oh heck, way too late.
  5. Have you considered 27" Simmonses?
  6. I found my argon regulator this afternoon and thought of you.
  7. Finish dis pls josiph
  8. Rookie Salonen Get 555 or JPS sponsorship too plz.
  9. Peugeot 204/Citroen GS/GSA/Ami?
  10. Wow! I hope 911s are the next OS bellybutton car.
  11. When are you going to put some sweet 6x9s in it? Also, I talked to Robert and he said Targa top should be no worries for trackdays etc.
  12. Hey, I assembled the engine crane. I didn't even look at the instructions until I ran out of bolts and had some doohickeys left over.
  13. Is it slammed a bit? I thought Seppo ones were yuck high spec so the bumpers hit SUV bumpers at the right height, but this one seems to be at a nice height. Did the guy you bought it off know you were the one outbidding him on the other one? I forgot to clarify these details irl. Also, is it a bitch not having a right hand side wing mirror?