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  1. Wife has a manual 2006 1.3 Averaging 16km/l according to the computer. So 6.25l/100. Only downside is have to push it a bit to get up hills etc.
  2. Nice Mate, I had the triangle labs one, looks exactly the same and did a good job. Looking at some GSXR1000 ITB's so hopefully they will be big enough!
  3. Have a look at the BIQU H2 Extruder Hotend combo, can get them to run hot prints and should be fine for Carbon Nylon. Just installed mine and its great. https://www.biqu.equipment/products/biqu-h2-v2-0-extruder Love the build, exactly what I want to do with my NA8.
  4. Finally got out of the tent and back to the computer. starting to sort through the 1000 odd photos and various videos that are on the camera. Managed to get this video tho.
  5. Have got some videos of the 787b's starting up and giving it a bit of a rev. Will upload when I'm not in a tent. They had 3 running 787's and then one on the centre piece. So much to see and do, don't think 4 days is enough!
  6. Sounds like there will be a few Kiwi's floating around the event! Heading over for this and then kicking off my O.E. straight after. Looking forward to all of this!
  7. What an awesome Event! Huge thanks to Karl for organizing and making this happen! Turns out with no roof you need sunscreen for both Face and Hands. Ive only managed to get rubbish photos but ran out of room to bring anything else!
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