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  1. Ethrottle? the prices on this site aren't bad!
  2. Ooo yeah I have to say, when I pulled my street triple 675 to bits the throttles are pretty porny to look at.
  3. Love it, looking forward to following along on your fizz journey.
  4. Yes now we can look forward to the rest of the car being painted, that red is going to look fucking SHARP.
  5. Started life as a 6 spd manual
  6. @Roman was it you who made that air flow straightener years ago out of party straws?
  7. I remember seeing/hearing that at british car day. Pretty rowdy indeed. Or is there another one? *Edit I dont think that's the same one... Either way good combo haha.
  8. Those repairs look legit, give yourself more credit!
  9. Previous owners always give the best lols.
  10. Ling post but if someone’s bothered to make aftermarket ones I’d take that as a sign. in fact I was watching a skid factory video yesterday and turbo yoda mentioned how shit stepper motors are for idle control.
  11. Love this car, what a life it's had! Glad I saved it twice from owners who treated it like shit.
  12. I wouldn't be suprised if they changed some of the pinouts. If you're lucky you haven't fried anything and you might just need to repin a couple things.
  13. Pinouts are usually printed on the board in my experience if you dont' have luck with diagrams.
  14. With those brackets you can add some strength/rigidity by staking them on the bends.