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  1. My parents had vanettes when I was a kid. Dad had a c20 and mum carted us kids around in one like the silver one. sr20det in either is great!
  2. Stock tezza lsd an option then?
  3. C series was happy behind my 7agte. I think you’ll be fine
  4. The timber with green is a winning combo
  5. Yes! highschool friend had one of these always felt like having a petrol fight riding 5 up with the boys and the roofs off.
  6. The MR2 power steering units are pretty outdated now. The Mercedes W168 unit used in Project Binky looks like a nice solution: SW20 with powersteering is 100amp alternator W168 is 90amp alternator.
  7. to be fair, if whatever is chosen does fuck out and lunch the motor; I'd happily chuck some dollars in to help pay for the next motor. It would only provide more entertainment for us and Alex has provided a tonne of that on this forum for free
  8. Unsure on yellow, would go raw or white, follow through on the horizontal raised bits of the brake housing thingo.
  9. Ethrottle? the prices on this site aren't bad!
  10. Ooo yeah I have to say, when I pulled my street triple 675 to bits the throttles are pretty porny to look at.
  11. Love it, looking forward to following along on your fizz journey.