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  1. Matt is ex Kaizen and also a GC
  2. Geeze you might be okay on the older stuff but I'd love to see anyone take on a modern car with an axe. I let the magic smoke out of my recip cutting our Toyota Blade in half. The chassis rail/floor junction was THICC.
  3. 3.5L 2GR or the Hilux 4.0L have the same bellhousing bolt pattern. Would give that thing even more beans and probably use less fuel.
  4. Door issue on old car sounds like loom may have fatigued. Does window performance change as you swing the door open and closed or is it when the door latches shut?
  5. I wonder if they stood back after finishing and said "Yeah, that looks... different".
  6. Yeh and Z3 - vacuum referenced reg on these. Can't seem to find specs as easily as C5 one. This article was interesting though - https://aeromotiveinc.com/aeromotive-corvette-filter-regulator-combo/
  7. Unsure if helpful but C5 corvette's have fuel filter with a regulator built in.
  8. I thought when I watched the video the sounds were coming from a wheel because the frequency of the sound didnt match the speed of anything in frame. Glad you've found it, this thing must be loose to drive. My dad had a C20 vanette for years and mum had one like your original one when were were little kids, was the only 7 seater they could afford!
  9. Yesss with project binky coming to a close, I've been thinking how neat it would be with yaris GR running gear instead of the celica stuff.
  10. Even I've done the above and had zero experience pulling apart a gearbag. All goods.
  11. Yeah my builder is onto it and has been ordering things months ahead, biggest delay has been due to the weather
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