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  1. Mm I was going to suggest adding a vent or checking the existing one. I think I was reading a project forum somewhere and the factory vent was one of those with a semi retained metal top, except the top was too tight and his axle seals were floating on the axles.
  2. I saw the busa and thought, hmm I don’t remember him mentioning this before. Figured I’d missed the post of you having it. I nearly swapped my sportster for one. Probably best I didn’t. Gave one a bit of a cheeky race on my street triple r, I had him off the mark and a decent lead but he reeled me in and then on motorway I just had no chance!
  3. That finish is nice! Digging the rebated sink!
  4. You're certainly moving at a pace I simply can't match, everything is taking me atleast four times as long!
  5. Yeah I don’t remember having to clutch in on my nz new with that same switchgear. Had to be in neutral though.
  6. I don’t think any cars came out with a 1ggze manual?
  7. I had that style clutch in my mr2. Gave in around 220kw atw. Nice driveability
  8. My parents had vanettes when I was a kid. Dad had a c20 and mum carted us kids around in one like the silver one. sr20det in either is great!
  9. C series was happy behind my 7agte. I think you’ll be fine
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