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  1. Thoughts on a few of us rocking up and down molesworth on Ag bikes? Or we aiming for number plates?
  2. Big thanks to Drew (vk327 on here) for whipping up looms for me and the brother. While I'm sure an LS1 loom isnt toooooo hard, these later model engine ones turned out to be relatively complex and I am so fucking glad I didn't bother attempting it. There are a few little quirks that would have 100% caught me out, like the fact that my loom that came with engine was missing plugs and shit. Drew knows all the ins and outs which meant that the final product is essentially as good as it can possibly be for tuneability and coolcuntness. ECU/PCM now has base tune on it to roughly match cam, so
  3. Fuck I love these. Please put some giant wheels on it and do a burnout
  4. Man that airbox is such a cool idea. No silly wank stuff, just more power
  5. So my expensive engine mounts from the USA were shit. They looked nice but engine was high and way off centre. I tried my hardest to accept it and move on but fuck that. Made new engine mounts that sit engine about 30mm lower and way more central. In the interests of making the certifier think I’m not a cefiro person, I tried to make them look ok. Had very limited resources as can’t buy stuff in lockdown so it’s made from 2” pipe and a mix of 10 and 5mm plate. I kept the old Sikky urethanes just cos then it’s not a complete waste of money? It’s welded to fuck so shouldn’t let go anytime s
  6. Well fuck haha. i think in the long run that running the GM unit will be easier for tuning and I suspect this layout will be better for heel/toe but I just need to find tune placement. Im quite disappointed I didn’t think about e46 throttle tho
  7. Oh my Lordy. Made some plates with the intention of plug welding them to the firewall. Got stuck in to the welding which was quite fiddly under the dash. Was smoking a bit and got to the point where the smoke was a bit worrying, so hunted round to find source and sure enough, fire! Couldn’t find it but could see orange glow. Went into full panic mode and ripped inner guard liner off to find the fire on foam attached to back of firewall. Put it out but I think it took a few years off my life. Anyway bolted pedal up and it’s not in a great position. When you hit brake pedal the s
  8. Trying to find things to do that don't require new bits. Lockdown and all. Thought I'd get stuck into the go pedal. The LS I'm using has an E-throttle, where the bmw setup used the other kind of wires. The BMW one also hinged off the floor (I forget name for this style) but the commodore one is normal. I actually really liked the BMW one and would have kept it and butchered the commy pedal and gutted it, if only it wasn't plastic. So instead, I pulled up carpet ripped out some fire damaged foam, cleared some space, and in a strange turn of events the BMW firewall is flat where i need to m
  9. Been trying to sort shifter out. Thanks to solidworks I have been able to have a good go at this. The pic below is for brothers one (which sits stick back from gbox a lot further) but mine looks pretty similar. I've designed it to use all the original commodore bushes to save hassle. Fingers crossed for it to not hit things in the car, I cbf modelling the tunnel and gbox.
  10. you’re the trendiest cunt I know. Also does your wagon skid? I’ve never seen a skid pic. I like skids
  11. How dare you assume a gender! I’d assume it’ll have a couple of white racing stripes down it’s pubis one day tho. Strange... I’ve been working full time from home but somehow been getting heaps done on car at night. I think the lack of stress means you’re still pumped at 5pm. This could be the new future, I’m almost into it. So I’ve been drinking too much and didn’t wear safety gogs which I regret but I’ve been under the car singing ‘clip it, clip it real good’. Sadly nobody is around and it just makes me a crazy person but regardless I got the lines clipped. Just need 2x tack weld
  12. Managed to pretty much finish fuel lines tonight. Small win - the -6 hose fits into the original clips on the tank. Need to P clip it under the car but I might be short of clips. Will have a crack. Thank fuck for luck, I had about 50mm to spare with the hose and I can’t get anymore for a month! I will buy nice end fittings for the tank end, stop that cunt of a hose cutting fingers off. Pics or it didn’t happen Anyone who’s worked on BMWs knows they loved using plastic everywhere. Get it gone! Was good 20 years ago but it gets brittle and snaps easily.
  13. Busy busy Chucked on an M3 cross brace. As an engineer I have to question the value of it with such a good chassis - but like anyone from the 1940s would say; if the Germans thought it was good, it probably was.... On my non-M crossmember there aren’t any threaded holes for bolts so I need to use riv-nuts. Normally that would give me a hardon but for some reason I feel like there must be a better option. Regardless of my distaste I’ll be using them. Trying to find where air filter is going to sit. I’m a retard and bought the worlds biggest pod filter so it doesn’t fit anywhere.
  14. Been keeping busy while under the weather with the Coronavirus Finally my summit order showed up. I’m a bit embarrassed that I didn’t realise Japrace in Chch sells the AN fittings for pretty much the same price. Won’t be shopping American again, especially with the exchange rate as it is. Had to go into japrace to do my panic shopping. Got a fuel pressure gauge and some hose and fittings. Fuel line looks pretty tidy now. It’s -8 between the rails but only -6 from the pump. Just trying to save on fittings, the rails were -8 female. for anyone doing an engine swap (with
  15. I wanna have your babies KK
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