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  1. Fuck I love these. Please put some giant wheels on it and do a burnout
  2. Man that airbox is such a cool idea. No silly wank stuff, just more power
  3. Yo cleeeeetus. My van was certified for a wheelchair hoist which I have removed. No other mods at all. Can I remove the plate? Xx
  4. Hey I don’t have FB so I think I’m missing the dates/times for these? Is it posted somewhere else?
  5. I thought the 4 locals who went there every day would be enough to keep it open! I quite liked stopping in at that one - by that stage of the drive I’m normally pretty thirsty.
  6. Ha I’m pretty sure that driveshaft hoop was my old one! Can’t believe it suffered that badly. Also you’re probably still using my old engine cross member, glad to see parts live on forever
  7. So. This has been going on for years! I call it a bobber but I live in Chch, our roads are shit, so bobbers aren’t a great idea, so it’s not a bobber. Started like this. slowly turned into this I bought an exploded Honda rebel 450 and then hunted for ages for any engine to go in. Hoped for air cooled, struggled to find anything. finally a bandit 600 engine and loom showed up on trade me. I took my frame there to see if it would fit. There was NO WAY it would fit. So I bought it anyway. Story gets weird here. I had it and the frame sitting and garage doing nothing. Got really drunk one night and kinda had one of those crazy blackouts. Woke up in the morning and the engine is not only in the frame, but the whole thing is up on a desk in my garage. Couldn’t get the fucker down off the desk by myself and couldn’t get the engine out for aaaages. Modified frame to suit, did some other stuff, then put project on hold while I was between permanent houses. Trying to get stuck back in now. Most of wiring is done, just needs foot controls mounted (forward now). Also, my low rider with this new school twin coat powder coat. Sold now And my brothers K100