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  1. Similar story for us, market changes and doom and gloom it's looking smarter to stay put for now.
  2. What’s estimate on that in current market? Couldn’t agree on a price?
  3. I just had a better read through your thread on the laptop instead of phone. That engine is going to be super sweet, I had a bandit 1200 at one point and it was such a smooth effortless engine. The fronte's were always fun to pest around in with Joe & John but bleeding from the ears is probably not great long term!
  4. Yeah it's nice when sellers play along and it's better to accept a compromise up front because DT doesn't guarantee they'll pay up. The 335D I just bought had a noise from the rear of the car, seller reckoned runflat tyres were a bit old. Hmm drove it to Wgtn from Auckland and yeah that aint tyres. The seller kindly paid the $1200 bill to have it replaced.
  5. Yeah if infrequently I just check tyres and reset. It does work though because I had a nail in a tyre the last time it pinged. Was about 20PSI in the tyre when I made it to the station, probably something like a 10psi difference when the light came on.
  6. I'm no expert on cooling/airflow but looks like you could close in the air path to go through the radiator better? Looks fricken chur and still remember going for a ride in your other turbo tank.
  7. what do you do to tell it to go up and down? Such high levels of commitment to kitchen usage.
  8. RE spark plug socket, I believe a pressed steel socket is the go to that mitsi peeps have in their tool box. Like so
  9. https://www.turners.co.nz/Damaged-Vehicles/Damaged-Cars-for-Sale/suzuki/swift/21993447 wheels + car attached
  10. This has reminded me that a young chap broke down outside my house in a manual swift sport. He'd learnt to drive in it and had it full of his mates. I checked if they were all good and it's exhibiting all the same signs you're expressing. Unsure how he got on but he openly admitted he rode the clutch all the time haha. I think 5 up finished the job.
  11. I know what you mean about shakey mirror, the z4 mirror glass was hanging on by a tiny bit of glue and would flap around like mad. Huge distraction!
  12. tight, always see frugal fat fucks riding these into town. Living the dream
  13. SC units are self contained and filled with gear oil (or Toyota Genuine SC oil) defintely don't recommend plumbing the engine oil in :p
  14. Matt is ex Kaizen and also a GC
  15. Geeze you might be okay on the older stuff but I'd love to see anyone take on a modern car with an axe. I let the magic smoke out of my recip cutting our Toyota Blade in half. The chassis rail/floor junction was THICC.
  16. 3.5L 2GR or the Hilux 4.0L have the same bellhousing bolt pattern. Would give that thing even more beans and probably use less fuel.
  17. Door issue on old car sounds like loom may have fatigued. Does window performance change as you swing the door open and closed or is it when the door latches shut?
  18. I wonder if they stood back after finishing and said "Yeah, that looks... different".
  19. Yeh and Z3 - vacuum referenced reg on these. Can't seem to find specs as easily as C5 one. This article was interesting though - https://aeromotiveinc.com/aeromotive-corvette-filter-regulator-combo/
  20. Unsure if helpful but C5 corvette's have fuel filter with a regulator built in.
  21. I thought when I watched the video the sounds were coming from a wheel because the frequency of the sound didnt match the speed of anything in frame. Glad you've found it, this thing must be loose to drive. My dad had a C20 vanette for years and mum had one like your original one when were were little kids, was the only 7 seater they could afford!
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