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  1. Stu

    4AGEMAD's 1986 notchback hachi

    Sweet car mate!
  2. Slow progress, hopefully will jam the engine back in this coming week.
  3. Legit, it will stay 4age I'd say, probably some sort of tame turbo setup? If I could find another shell thats not worth saving I'd slam a weird engine it in for giggles (no, not a 3s... hi Dave) Im currently using a 0.72 vband housing so will stick with that as its a bolt in deal. Also going to be swapping in an 8.9:1 bottom end eventually to wake it up a bit.
  4. Yeah recent acquisition, another money pit Will be a NA 4age in it for now while I gather parts together for a different setup. Its a series 2 gtx2867 which should wake the starlet up a bit. I compared the flow maps between the current gt2876, a g25-550 and a few gtx versions and the 2867 looked like a good match, especially as the 2860 on KPR's Hilux goes so well. Will see how it goes. Hows the ute going?
  5. EP71 update: Bits and pieces have been turning up. Some 3 inch stainless bends and straight for a new exhaust. And this...
  6. Levin update: Rather than being smart and spending a relatively small number of hours to make this turd run and just enjoy it, I opted for the dumb route and ripped it to bits instead. The engine came out, I trailered it to work, and got stuck in taking 10 steps backwards progress wise. All the front end came off and it was a pleasant surprise to find it was a virgin and had never been apart before, so is relatively unmolested. There were a few rusty spots to contend with and had to bare metal it around the brake master as it leaked fluid there which did wonderous things to the paint. Body work is not my forte so when Joe Manji made the mistake of offering to help I took him up on it. Huge thanks to his hours and motivation else I would have rattle canned that bitch matte black and chalked on cock and balls insignia's all over the place. Wire wheeled and cleaned up the inner guards and tunnel and slammed that with some black underbody stuff which came out fairly amazingly. Joe Manji grappled the spray gun and splooged factory white all over the shop and it looks bloody good! Way too fancy in fact, and now I've realised I'll need to spend an eternity making sure everything that goes back is clean and tidy. Truth is that I'll probably start cleaning shit up then get impatient and just slam it all back in so I can get on with the fun stuff - watch this space.
  7. Thanks man! The 4age swap wasn't too bad, but there's not alot of space so it takes bit of nutting out to get it to fit while keeping the shaft angles right. Bring a grinder to the party is all I can suggest Bahahaha
  8. My name is Stu, and I like 4ages. So much so that about 16 years ago I made one fit into a EP71 because I couldn't afford an AE86. Yes its wrong wheel drive, yes its too loud, yes the intercooler is too big, yes there are many other sins, but it eventually ended up being reasonably fast-ish and just quietly it is a little bit of fun to drive. But recently I redeemed myself by acquiring an AE86 Levin, so I thought it was about time to supply you the reader with double the amusement of watching me waste many hours and many dollars on a couple of examples of Toyotas best metal > rust conversion products from the 1980s... I'll do a decent post on each of them eventually but here's a snapshot to get the ball rolling. The EP I'll start with this, bore you with the details, then switch to the more exciting 86... It started out as a white 1985 Toyota Starlet Si - featuring the worlds smokiest 2e-elu. It had a couple of redeeming features in that it was straight, and complete, had 120k on the clock, and came from a very quiet family who loved it and were very sad when i drove away in it. It drove quiet and smooth and apart from the smoke screen everywhere it went, it was a nice car. I wrecked all that by fitting a 4age, adding boost, vibration and lots of noise and smoke. It currently has a fairly basic engine setup comprising of an cobbled together 8.0:1 bottom end with some arp bits, lightly tickled blacktop head, single throttle intake, long merge turbo manifold to a GT2876r and stainless exhaust. Its runs a Link G4+ Storm that I wired and tuned (the later with the help of KPR who I have been annoying for years... oh the shame of tuning a fwd). It has run a slippery best 11.81@121mph on the quarter mile at a peak of 17psi with a 2.3 60ft so there's more potential there. Its currently tuned to 23psi but haven't run that much on a track yet. It only been on a dyno once way back in the day on a aw11 bigport ze and T04e where it made 195kw on 16psi. No idea what its making now as its street tuned, will one day find out. It will surprise most but this thing does go around corners and runs surprising straight without too much torque steer #notlies. Anyway, other than that is fairly simple, some strengthening work in the front, coil overs, turret dropped rear, sway bars, fancy short ratio gearbox with LSD etc etc. Ive done pretty much everything myself bar the paint. Its been a great learning curve and through practice has lead to me wiring and tuning ALOT of other cars for guys I know. Will go into that another time. Here's some photos: The 86 This is newly acquired from a mate who I have been pestering about 86's to for years. I have yet to find time to work on it, but its straight and virtually rust free, and comes with a non-running bluetop with quads, stainrish headers and some HKS bit apparently... = win. This isn't my first AE car, but I'm hoping to build it into as close to my dream 86 as possible (except for the small fault of not being a notch but you can't win them all). Will update on this reasonably regularly this year as I want to get this on the road asap and enjoy it while I piece together a different setup for it. Its not going to be silly like the EP ended up... well, that's the intention. That'll do for now. PS: Hi Dave. Abuse here
  9. Stu

    Romans COD piece

    I personally feel we've steered too far away from the raw beauty that is a Roman vs MS Paint graph. The majesty is there with solidworks, but the raw emotion has been lost. Do better Dave xx PS: Paint 3D will do.
  10. Stu

    KPR's 84 chromelux discussion

    What you don't get from the vids is how utterly amazing this thing sounds. Pootles around off boost and sounds very lucid, then all hell breaks loose. #wouldjumpagain
  11. Stu

    DIY Fuel injection thread.

    Yeah I can help but not until after christmas sorry
  12. Stu

    DIY Fuel injection thread.

    Yeah thats been done, works fine