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  1. Yawn... Might slap some white on this bitch next week. Also might not.
  2. Just set the limiter settings so they are really soft acting in the ecu you are using.
  3. All good mate, hopefully he can help
  4. You could give Robbie from RIPS an email too - if there's anyone that knows about RB's its him. He's good a pretty good guy and while he builds mega dolla RB30s he's usually super helpful to the average Joe.
  5. Thats the plan if the paint is done in time!
  6. Rust repairs and painting gives me the shits, would much rather be doing exciting things... like smokey 11's Anywho, some more progress, back bumper was hiding some gems which needed dealing to.
  7. Just a waiting game while the painting guy does stuff. I decided to take the side trim off so the guards needed a bit more work but are all in primer again now. Body is coming along very slowly. Front bumper is off to get fixed as theres a few cracks in it. Painting is boring so just one photo for now. In other news these arrived... finally. I run FA stuff in the EP and its pretty good, so thought Id have a stab at it for the AE too. Spenny, but hopefully worth it. Went with 8kg and 6kg and the shortest possible rear shocks. Will order some new bearings and maybe rotors sometime soon. No rush without the car here.
  8. Woop, weekend locked in the calendar
  9. Stu

    kpr's starlet

    So much 20v love Good job I have the best 16v there is... stock bluetop awesomeness! Remember kids, rev til bust!
  10. Little bits and pieces starting to come together now on the 86 - painfully slow but any progress is good progress right? I've fitted the new water pump, cleaned up and painted the coolant bypass hard lines, picked up new radiator hoses and have the heater hoses ordered and on way. Front of the engine is coming along with the hall effect sensor on the crank mounted, still have the sensor for the intake cam pulley to do but hoping to knock that off next week. I've found and mounted up an ae85 radiator overflow/washer bottle in the front drivers corner of the engine bay as the ae86 one will melt over by the headers I think. Found a brake reservoir sock thing to cover tidy up the faded gayness. Am in the process of cleaning up and painting the brake lines so I can refit those, have some braided lines to go on. The drive shaft is now in with new bolts and a new gearbox rear seal. Tidied up and painted the strut brace mounting plates. Exhaust is almost done, just have about 200mm of pipe to do from the merge collector to the rest of the system to build. How its looking currently Also picked up this which is now fitted: And this which isn't fitted Pulleys are sitting on the cnc machine so will have them done next week all going well.
  11. So I looked at the prices of aftermarket pulleys and said to myself "fuck that, I can make those" so have drawn them all up and will be putting them on the cnc lathe soon. Idea is to make myself a set and get them anodised. Will likely sell these eventually too, have got fwd and rwd water pump pulleys drawn up and the alternator pulleys so yell out if anyone is interested. These are underdriven too. Nearly there with the design, just need a few tweaks to give some added strength and make them easier to run up on the lathe.
  12. The middle one: As long as its complete and not cooked im pretty keen!
  13. Im working on that concept, just need a donor head!
  14. Thanks! Didnt really anticipate the direction its taken to be honest. Was thinking rip the engine out of the EP and slam in but this seems like a more logical path for now.