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  1. Are you sure on that? My Silvertop had two different filters
  2. 1nz+t Carina is looking more and more likely
  3. Full send. I approve
  4. This thing has been a pleasure to help with - so stoked its just a sniff away from being road legal. You've built one hell of tidy car mate!
  5. Yearly update Life has been busy, and while juggling kids, a growing business, and another couple of projects for people it's meant I haven't got all that much done on either car. I had visions of making OS Drags this year but yeah nah the 86 isn't running yet and I've left it too late to resurrect the EP71. EP71 wise it still starts up and drives fine, except the gearbox is now leaking so will need to come out. I've got a new Cusco LSD on the shelf along, several good gearsets that I already modified a few years ago, so really just need to put a box together and swap that in. Wi
  6. Dare I say it, but throw a Link on it instead? That way you can use the dizzy you have? Plus it will be better in the long run once you inevitably slide carelessly down the "might just do a couple of subtle modifications" route...
  7. Easy as, send me a PM and we can work out what you need. Im super fussy with cutters and the edge finish being perfect straight off the machines so I buy quite reguarly. Im my game if I can save labour hours each day cleaning up edges its well worth buying more cutters instead.
  8. What sort of cutters are you using? Ive got some partially worn but still pretty reasonably ones here you can try if you'd like?
  9. C series in my EP - seems to take the 11sec punishment fine.
  10. Looking great! Out of interest, what step over % are you using for the tool paths?
  11. At worst use some double sided tape to stick it to the bed, it scraps off again easy enough with after.
  12. The 4.762 is a straight cutter. With ACM, if the pieces are really fine and need small internal radii then you can step down to a 3.174 vortex down cutter that will push the swarf into the gaps which helps cut parts to stay on the bed rather than flying off or getting sucked up the extractor.
  13. Yeah spindle speed makes a world of difference, especially for clearing the chips. There's a few calculators around for working out feeds and speeds but I've found all machines vary a bit so its really a case of fine tuning. I use 4.762 O-flute cutters for ACM, single pass, 18000rpm spindle speed, feed rates around 3000mm/min but you may need to drop back to 1800mm/min depending on how your spindle and servos handle it. For ACM you could also try a 6mm 2 flute slow helix spiral cutter at 16000rpm and 3600mm/min feed rates. Finish is usually perfect on the top edge if you find that swe
  14. What tooling are you using? Ive got a couple of flatbeds here running ali, acm, acrylic, ply and mdf so might have some applicable feed rates etc if you needed them.
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