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  1. Stu

    Switched power

    From memory there is an updated wiring diagram on the link FAQ on how the ecu needs to be powered. I can dig up the wiring diagrams for the last few customers cars Ive wired up if you want too.
  2. Stu

    Switched power

    ^ this is the cause.
  3. Body loom wiring is about as much fun as a 3s - all yours mate, I will stick with 4ages and engine looms haha
  4. Its the same for injectors and coils, but I usually twist the 4x drives and the power feed together through to engine, then split with an open barrel crimp into the 4 individual power feeds and split to each injector/coil from there. I can't find a photo of the last set of COP's I've done but with smart coils for example I usually slam a plug in there to avoid having to take the whole shooting box out if the engine/loom has to come out, but from there seperate the earths off to the head while the loom shoots back into the cabin. Many ways to skin the cat I guess.
  5. You can save space by spinning up the circuits, tightens the loom up a fair bit. Cheats concentric twist.
  6. I've got both factory seats and will probably roll those for the wof. Pump up lumbar support is lush!
  7. Forgot a photo, here's the inside in all its dusty shitness. Should clean up good though. Wont make it to OS drags but I'd rather get this together properly than thrash on it and have to do it again later.
  8. Plan is to finish wiring Richies KP then hit this thing hard. For now have swapped out the front carpet as it was a bit shit, and fitted the lights. Its back in storage now. There's a looooong way to go.
  9. Can confirm this thing is white now - no photos yet. My usual "No pic no post rule" got the ass on this one...)
  10. Yawn... Might slap some white on this bitch next week. Also might not.
  11. Just set the limiter settings so they are really soft acting in the ecu you are using.
  12. All good mate, hopefully he can help
  13. You could give Robbie from RIPS an email too - if there's anyone that knows about RB's its him. He's good a pretty good guy and while he builds mega dolla RB30s he's usually super helpful to the average Joe.