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  1. Stu

    oldschool drag day 2019 discussion

    Woop, weekend locked in the calendar
  2. Stu

    kpr's starlet

    So much 20v love Good job I have the best 16v there is... stock bluetop awesomeness! Remember kids, rev til bust!
  3. Little bits and pieces starting to come together now on the 86 - painfully slow but any progress is good progress right? I've fitted the new water pump, cleaned up and painted the coolant bypass hard lines, picked up new radiator hoses and have the heater hoses ordered and on way. Front of the engine is coming along with the hall effect sensor on the crank mounted, still have the sensor for the intake cam pulley to do but hoping to knock that off next week. I've found and mounted up an ae85 radiator overflow/washer bottle in the front drivers corner of the engine bay as the ae86 one will melt over by the headers I think. Found a brake reservoir sock thing to cover tidy up the faded gayness. Am in the process of cleaning up and painting the brake lines so I can refit those, have some braided lines to go on. The drive shaft is now in with new bolts and a new gearbox rear seal. Tidied up and painted the strut brace mounting plates. Exhaust is almost done, just have about 200mm of pipe to do from the merge collector to the rest of the system to build. How its looking currently Also picked up this which is now fitted: And this which isn't fitted Pulleys are sitting on the cnc machine so will have them done next week all going well.
  4. So I looked at the prices of aftermarket pulleys and said to myself "fuck that, I can make those" so have drawn them all up and will be putting them on the cnc lathe soon. Idea is to make myself a set and get them anodised. Will likely sell these eventually too, have got fwd and rwd water pump pulleys drawn up and the alternator pulleys so yell out if anyone is interested. These are underdriven too. Nearly there with the design, just need a few tweaks to give some added strength and make them easier to run up on the lathe.
  5. The middle one: As long as its complete and not cooked im pretty keen!
  6. Im working on that concept, just need a donor head!
  7. Thanks! Didnt really anticipate the direction its taken to be honest. Was thinking rip the engine out of the EP and slam in but this seems like a more logical path for now.
  8. So this happens when you leave random carparts in reception at your business by mistake: And I received a care package from @KPR :
  9. Small progress is better than no progress: The fuel rail looked pretty shitty and I want to run -6 lines so I did the old weld it up trick that I've done for many customers over the years. Also needed to add a wideband bung and slightly change the angle of the collector outlet as it was a bit close to the floor: But shit news, the LSD I have is dead and I really cant be arsed measuring and drawing it all to make new parts on the mill. Anyone have a decent T series LSD for me before I go and buy one? TRD/Kaaz/Cusco etc, anything considered.
  10. So following on with my 1 step forward and 2 steps back theme, I pulled this apart again... I was mulling over the engine and its unknown history so decided to do some preventative maintenance before slamming it back in the hole. So the box and fly came off again, the engine got slammed on the stand and its front and pants taken off. Had a bit of a look at the bottom end , all looked very clean - almost suspiciously clean, but looks relatively stock I think. There's a metal head gasket on it and the ports have definitely been played with but who know to what extent. Its got some HKS cams apparently but haven't pulled the top covers off to look yet. Anyway, put the new oil pump on, glooped the windage tray and sump back on, dummy fitted some new Toda cam wheels and a fancy belt. Ive got a new idler pulley for it but need to drop in to Toyota for the new water pump so will fit that next time. Fly, clutch and gearbox went back on then dropped it in the hole. Headers fitted and some other bits and pieces. The clutch hard line was a bit fucked up so made a new one from braid and bled that up. Making progress very slowly. Yes the cams are not aligned, the belt is just sitting there poser spec. All has to come off again so I can fit the hall effect sensors. Will have a CAS for sale shortly if anyone needs one. Fuck theres a long way to go. Anyone know where to buy new passivated bolts for this turd? I can't bring myself to put the old shit ones back in - especially as most are missing.
  11. Not as much progress as I'd hoped but slowly getting there. Gave the engine a quick rattle can rebuild, swapped on a lightweight flywheel/clutch setup that KPR had lying around, and got the gearbox on and ready to go in the hole. Will fit that all next time and put on the new oil pump Ive got etc. The -3kw comment is a standing joke between KRP and I. Years ago he helped street tune my EP in preperation for a dyno day that I ran. His EP82 came out with 198kw , compared to the 195kw in my EP71 . So from that day forward I claim that everytime he touches or has parts that end up on one of my cars the power figure deliberately reduces by 3kw. I also made up some billet radiator brackets and a battery clamp at work, might make a few of these eventually. Anyway, its ready to go in the hole. Ive got a whole heaps of parts waiting to go into the car, just need to find the time to do it. ,
  12. Nah wont be ready, the painter fell through so its still in bits. I'm helping on the day so will be there anyway. I'll make it run and drive over easter all going well.
  13. Stu

    4AGEMAD's 1986 notchback hachi

    Sweet car mate!
  14. Slow progress, hopefully will jam the engine back in this coming week.