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  1. Entered. Depending on numbers closer to the date, will enter the truck too and get the wife to drive it.
  2. Once they start revving they do? puhuhuh
  3. No pressure KPR
  4. Fuck im so keen - such a lush day Will bring everyones most hated fwd along, unless a 1991 vehicle is allowed in which case I will race the Safari for a diesel smoke laying challenge
  5. And 0.7mm trd headgasket.
  6. Over 1.1mil views, doubt there are any 3s hilux vids with that many views...
  7. I've got some in stock but it would be far easier to raid the wreckers
  8. Definitely not $50 each - super common at wreckers and you can buy off ebay/ali if needed. Yeah they come with the big clip or not. Also some Toyota water temp sensor plugs are the same and green too
  9. Looks to be a standard Bosch EV1 plug? Should find them on Holdens and Euros at Pick A Part / Zebra. Worth a try anyway.
  10. Painting that diff is banned, unless its using paint of the dazzle variety and by variety I mean pink.
  11. Holy shit balls thats amazing. So start up soon then?
  12. Boost till bust... Like you have a choice muhuhahah