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  1. Just kidding ive done quite alot lately imported this ms51 toyopet from japan for jap parts swaped them with nz new parts and have sold it on with the paoer work to get it on the road in nz
  2. Nothing has really changed . Few we books from japan. and nz crown colour chat . Sort of colour im thinking of
  3. Has been set up for 350 and 9inch rear back in the day .Not sure if it ever saw the road with this . By the state of the gear box tunnel I'm guessing not . Using as a parts car as it's rusty and missing fair few bits
  4. Havnt posted anything up for awhile . Few new things will up date soon. In the mean time a pic of my new parts car ms51 #2
  5. Boot floor cut out and sear tray to suit the chassis and worked out the 9s won't really fit in the rear so going to try a 8inch and flears
  6. R200 subframe nearly all mounted. And ready to go back under the body and get the floor cut out to suit the new chassis and the wheels
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