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  1. Boot floor cut out and sear tray to suit the chassis and worked out the 9s won't really fit in the rear so going to try a 8inch and flears
  2. R200 subframe nearly all mounted. And ready to go back under the body and get the floor cut out to suit the new chassis and the wheels
  3. That rear didn't work out so well so off with it we go and on to the mark 2 . Sub frame half mounted and looking mint this time . Using all new adjustable arms just waiting on the lower arms to come . Subframe is . S13/r32 Nissan. R200 diff
  4. Ended up selling the ms112 diff and going r200 Nissan irs and subframe .that's all so brought up some big problems on it's own
  5. wheels from Japan ssr super stars 14x6.5
  6. Lucky enough to go for a ride in sheepers coupe at Toyota fest hapmton downs
  7. Bit of paint
  8. All sand blasted the new steel and ready for rear guards
  9. Seats striped down ready to be retrimed
  10. Minitubing finished in the rear