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  1. Today i managed to spend the day chasing wires with my multimeter. And suceeded in geting the eletronic over drive to function. Wacky 60s japanese tech now functions like a 5speed with a 2nd over and 3rd over with a automatic like kick down. And mint crusin rpms
  2. Repaired rust in LH and RH fire walls Removed motor and striped down chassis and sent away for sand blasting Started to assemble chassis So yeah other than that i dont have many more photos will have to take some when im next over the shed
  3. PHOTO UPDATE. Process began with tackling the rust in the lower 1/4s of the gaurds LH RH Next on the list was to remove the cab and wellside from the chassis And took to the underside with wire wheels to expose more rust
  4. At the end of last year i decided to bite the bullet and a truck ive allways had a soft spot for. Ended up on the road to tauranga and picked my beloved she is 1965 c10 long wheel base sporting a late model junk 350 chev with 3 speed floor change manual 4.10 lsd rear end and drum brakes all round. Plans for it were to just comply it as is and just shop truck'n for a while. But when i was told the seat belts were not up standard and would need lvv this is when out the window. Car in it current state Complete sandblasted frame 2.5" drop spindles and 4" drop spindes in front 5" coils in rear with 2" blocks Sway bars front and rear Adjustable pan hard rod Disc brake conversion front and rear with pcd change to 5x5 All bushes and steering joints replaced 20x8 steel rims Nv3500 alloy 5 speed trans mission Underside of cab has been bear metaled and rust killed Plans at the moment are to mini notch the rear end and build a gear box crossmember Have been rather slack at the whole old school world but need to get back in the scene so any advice slash yarns fully welcome lads cheers
  5. Long a waited revial So after a few years and three motors. This old chook runs again. Now sporting a 4m out of a ms85 with a very agressive cam grind Have tracked down the orginal circuit diagrams for the eletric overdrive trans mission so will be chipping away over the next few weeks. Cheers josh
  6. has anyone got a cad for a 12a exhaust ?
  7. Hey just a few question's. I have recently purchased a 4m out of a ms110 to put into my ms45 which was powerd by a 2m with 3speed manual . Just wondering if anyone would know if a 7m bell housing or the likes would bolt up to run a w55 behind it also anyone would if the mounts will be inter changeable ? Any othe tips and tricks would be lovely cheers josh
  8. Hey anyone willing to sell a m series to rebirth the ms45? Sorry for thread jacking
  9. ahhh yes im back again! had a few hickups over the last few weeks. but all is good now! First of all the old girl decided to not start again out side the local Chinese take away, i just though oh she just has a flat battery old mackaz the gc came to the rescue left the brews to help the fellow oldschooler! choice! hooked her up to the battery he raided out of the old bighorn and she fired to life mint! untill we unhooked the jumperleads and all life was lost! STINK EH alternator issues so we jamed the huge diesel battery in the engine bay and got her home! took the alternator to a local auto sparkey his final verdict was shes dead boss so the hunt begain! retrofitted another jap alternator and it was charging sweet took it for a drive and fan belt shat it self so new one was in order all sused also was sick of all the oil leaks found: *not even tight oil filter (replaced with new item) *loose sump plug with a weird broken o ring jamed underneath (used a pritty fiber washer) *most of the sump bolts loose (tightened them the fuck up) *replaced old yuck oil with new 20w50 choice *chucked the air cleaner on with aid of a new filter! will steam clean it at work tomoro and see if she still leaks! so thats about it ill be daily driving it from now on while i cnotch my bounty so will be fixing the little annoying little things as i can things on the to do list at the moment: *replace radiator hoses flush system and new coolant *remove engine earths of alloy front cover * install sound system might remove the air con unit in back and install a custom sound system in its place *get the overdriver going! photo dump!
  10. Im back! Well ive been chipping away at this old girl over the last few months, have been doing alot of small things to get this old girl on the streets legaly my daily driver has decided to get diesel bug so have been driving it daily often but as of yesterday she all legal beagle she now has *brand new fully exhaust system 2 1/4" straight through bit on the roudy side *new hilux front shocks in the rear all captive and snug *new supercats cheers to old deon (MACKAZ) *new rear view mirror as factory dash one was goners *new seatbelts * full under body grease *lights ect and what ever else i was surprised on the clean sheet this old girl got! so bring on the next six months! next on the list is to get a small muffler in the rear as this thing is cackley as fuck also full sound system any one got advice on this i was thinking of running 6" speakers in the kick panels and a box with 6x9 and 12" sub in place of the old ac unit!
  11. hey boes well this fine piece of ass fell into my hands the start of last week and it is awesome. have done a bit of work and driving in this thing and loving it to pieces! first thing was to fix the huge oil leaks and timing issues so off came the timing cover only to find the everything completely in the wrong places glad no valve damage had occured so whiped off the chain aligned up all my timing marks swaped the tensioner out as the old one was fucked slapped new gaskets and gaskets on problem solved next was the carby big shout of to our area rep deon goodest cunt! it had major issues was cloged up with shit and had isuues with ivor flooding the engine or running the fuel bowl dry which is gay! i found out the hard way in town on friday opps! deon shot out after work on friday and gave her a spruce up! whangarei old school whanu chuur gave the under side a good clean! and just been driving it round sounds soo mint with little to no exhaust! so yeah ill keep you people posted! photo dump!
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