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  1. Depending on the model most of these had disc rears already K-tripper. Most likely it has vented fronts and disc rear, these some of the best factory crown brakes that exist (something like 250mm vented fronts), they are similar all the way into the 2000's and not that much bigger/different for factory 1UZ and 2JZ crowns.
  2. Its a pretty standard double wishbone stub axle arrangement, you could build caliper brackets for near anything you want once you find a disc you want that works on the standard hub/stub.
  3. It should have vented discs already? should be plenty for a NA 1JZ??? People steal the front and rear disc brakes from these for older crowns. I have seen people swap old 50/60/80 series crown solid disc front ends to Holden HQ gear but its a pretty shitty upgrade.
  4. Personally as a old man I would just replace to standy spec if you can be bothered. Removing leaves or lowering big-useful leaf sprung vehicles usually makes them more shit for not much gain.
  5. EDIT: Ignore me didn't see it was broken. Plan to put heavy things in it?
  6. Its a one day job to clean it out and run POR 15 or KBS tank kit through it. I wouldn't drive it until the tank was cleaned out.
  7. Holy shit dude, so envious of those lush new parts!
  8. Yes but old cars start costing money big time as they age if you don't fix them yourself (many cars fall out of warranty and cost people thousands and thousands). For most people here pursuing gains in our irrational hobby never ads up, ever. You have to chalk up the money as learning and enjoyment Anyway spamming this thread haha. Cool Carina bro, you should try a K24.
  9. Drive to Melbourne for $19
  10. Now I want to build a car that gets like 1l/100km that civic makes it seem easy.
  11. Could probably run some thin as fuck gearbox oil, special tyres etc? I know some guys with drag cars that use lower friction bearings with no grease packing, can push them around like a skateboard on a flat surface.
  12. Yea its awesome. Imagine how sweet it would go with some super modern efficient 4 banger tuned for mega lean burn (maybe something direct injection, tune the exhaust and intake around your cruise speed?, Im sure there's many more ticks to apply). Costs would outweigh the savings, but as a project it would be fun, could start with something maybe a little more slippery? although that era civic probably wins for the blend of weighing nothing and some modernish slick shape.
  13. Yea 16's look dope so far, need a full car shot.
  14. Good times. The painted bumpers look much better than I anticipated man. You going to re-paint the black/purple car now this one is painted? lol
  15. Well why the fuck do you need 4 lows is my question? You need to see the 20 feet in front of you really good? The H4 reference was just saying that its the only thing you need to do to a old quad lamp car, that and some relays and good high beams, not implying you haven't done that. You fatty.