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  1. Yeah a few cam swaps I have messed with on bucket setups you bang them in and magically it all works out fine measurement wise. I don't know much about cams but I would guess that good aftermarket ones have base circles similar enough to stock that it stays in spec
  2. Dunno are F1 ports dimpled? not the old ones you can see IRL. Paint/stickers were smooth also. Im sure we will see the result on garage 4age soon, dimpled bigport owns smallports.
  3. Spencer


    Strip disc and wire wheel time.
  4. Spencer


    Some old paint seals up mint under epoxy primer (almost all old factory paint I have messed with is fine). If it’s real shit and reacting it probably needs to fuck off anyway. Start grinding
  5. Yeah and after that you have to be some kind of race car engineer type to know about the flow through the ports and how that effects combustion chamber mixing and all that. In general though Yamaha tried and eneded up back at 4v per cyl with racing things probably for a reason. A good blacktop 20v goes hard for what they are though etc.
  6. Yes I have heard many a barry yarn that they need bigger valves, not sure but didn't think there is much room for that carry on.
  7. Not many 80's auto hiaces around anymore. Best bet to just hit-up and call every wrecker in Australia that has old shit. All of them will have done 300,000km
  8. Yeah what engine etc. Some will be harder to track down a bell-housing that others. People threw away the A43 etc autos like crazy but they are pretty good units, a overdrive and lockup version without computer control being the holy grail.
  9. We have a exhaust on this yet? eat up those 4ages with all those exhaust side gainz.
  10. The old shit is Butyl tape stuff I think, can be replaced with urethane 100%
  11. A pro will use a urethane based widow sealant. You can do the rear windows with the urethane, there is a art to getting it nice and not all squish out. You can use bits of foam shit to get it all sitting in the right place.
  12. They run a normal Toyota shit, if its from the 90's then A340 and if its older then the A43 etc. Bellhousings hard to find most people have made something to use other boxes.
  13. Spencer


    Edit what Torton says look at the data sheet. The urethane primer I used you wet sand to 600 or whatever, much nicer than dry. Assume we are talking urethane primer?
  14. Spencer


    Yes if you want it to be smooth. It will stick all the way to like 600/800 is the norm I think, don't think I have ever used over 400/600. It would stick well enough even if you just scuffed with scotch brite and painted.
  15. Spencer


    Its all garbage! Rust primers suck at rust converting and suck at being a primer. Worst of both worlds. Same for weld through primer, chuck it in the bin. 2 part epoxy holds heat better and burns off less if you let it cure 24/48h. Just rename the thread to buy some 2 part epoxy primer and apply to clean abraded/acid washed metal thx.
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