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  1. Tried these guys? http://www.nags.net.nz/
  2. The Beach Hop organisers announced on Facebook the postponement of the March 25-29 event until November 25-29th.
  3. https://jdmtsurikawa.com/collections/genuine/products/genuine-classic-4 $59 USD. Damn I have 6 of them.
  4. How about a genuine JDM tsurikawa ring? You could start up a welsh branch of the yakuza.
  5. Rockauto comes up a champ. $45 for a guard. https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/toyota,1985,4runner,2.4l+l4,1272136,body,fender,1380
  6. Ok, found some 4runner guards in Canada. Scroll to the bottom. https://www.apt-autoparts.com/cgi/page.cgi/catalogue.html/TOYOTA/1987/4RUNNER?action=show_all
  7. Maybe someone in Auckland can sort some panels for you? http://www.apinz.com/model/630/TOYOTA/HILUX-1986-1988-RN55/
  8. Is your left side guard mirror missing? I have two L/H one's in my 80's Toyota parts stash.
  9. When are you putting in the 1FZ?
  10. @fuel has some reflex mags to get rid of.
  11. What about some of these? I happen to have a set. 4 x 114.3 and 5 x 114.3 PCD.
  12. Auction for Gyro Canopy, but seller also has Gyro X and Gyro Up. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/motorbikes/motorbikes/scooters/auction-1556370192.htm?rsqid=ae000c92681a4c6895739392a633e8cb
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