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  1. Sorry, that was me. Avondale Pick a Part. Paid something ridiculous like $12. Sold to workmate for $100.
  2. Try Paeroa Auto Spares. 07 8627529
  3. I don't think having two wives has ever brought any man happiness.
  4. Hey Ed, I think Thames Toyota still have a key machine that punches the key blanks from the code on the key/lock barrel.
  5. In the section right of the house. Where it looks like they have put down carpet or some sort of ground cover. Right next to trees at road side.
  6. There's something similar to your N360 opposite AFFCO Horotiu at 6077 State Highway 1, Horotiu. You can see it on google maps on satellite and street view.
  7. GX61 top hats same as RX30/MX40.