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  1. I used to use a single flute end mill for ACM on the CNC Router that I ran for a few years. Spindle speed was up there from memory.. over 20000rpm, and feed rates were about 1800mm a minute.
  2. Made an upgraded bait launcher / spud gun. Should work well Twin 100mm stainless tanks, each able to be isolated separately. 50mm stainless irrigation valve, modified to be released via push button trigger. Its a tad overkill haha.
  3. nvmyvl

    ATC 200

    Were these from pokeno??
  4. Never heard of freezing it first.. and I machined the shit for 16 years. Depending on the hardness, then tool steel is the best To use. If you go see the boys at LEP in onehunga, they will look after you. Plus they pour polyurethane there, so if you had originals, then they can make a mould from them and then pour as many as you like
  5. Looking good.. May I suggest that you get a fire going in it as soon as possible. You are going to need to set the paint well, before its first use.. the smell from the high heat black is pretty horrendous. It will burn off tho, and then you will be all good, till next year, when you will need to paint it again. Also check on the can, but with the pot belly black that I used from bunnings, it said that you have to recoat within 16 hours, otherwise leave for 7 days then recoat. I didn't follow the instruction when I painted my spit, and it all bubbled off in the first burn.
  6. Cheers man, not sure wat to do yet.. I've got a couple of mutton roasts in the freezer, from some old girl I knocked off a few months ago.. may try that, or go the standard ribs or brisket. It's been running for 10.5 hours so far.. and its been pretty consistent between 250F and 270F.. had it cranked up to 435F for a bit, just to try and set the pot belly black paint.
  7. Built me an UDS (Ugly Drum Smoker).. Got an old drum and burnt it out for a few hours, sanded it, pot belly blacked out.. made 4 intakes out of copper pipe.. exhaust is stainless.. Running it for the first time today, to season it.. seems to be pretty easy to keep within temp range for low and slow..
  8. Just chuck a foot valve on the suction side of the pump.. that way you wont loose prime
  9. Hey I got 3 lengths @ 2000mm here.. got surface rust on it, but that's easy to clean off.. your welcome to a piece if you still want it.. I'm in Drury, so may be able to get it on somebody going down your way, if somebody is..
  10. How much do you need for the axle?? I got a couple of lengths in my shed of 50 x 50 x 6mm wall.. perfect for welding stubs into
  11. If you are in Auckland, go see LEP Engineering plastics in onehunga.. they cast polyurethane in sheets from 3mm thick.. will have a heap of off cuts on the shelf.. Otherwise, I will see what I have at home..
  12. nvmyvl

    max's bj

    Since when?? I thought you could do a 2" lift before it became a cert job. I never had any problems with a 2" body lift I did in my pajero, when it came to wof's
  13. I've asked about bmx bikes, thru my brother who works for avanti.. if your still keen on some, I will let you know what happens.
  14. I thought as much.. there isn't much info about them being fit to vehicles