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  1. nvmyvl

    Bump Stop Spacers / Packers / Shims in NZ

    If you are in Auckland, go see LEP Engineering plastics in onehunga.. they cast polyurethane in sheets from 3mm thick.. will have a heap of off cuts on the shelf.. Otherwise, I will see what I have at home..
  2. I thought as much.. there isn't much info about them being fit to vehicles
  3. I've been reading on the net, about suspension lift kits for the new Colorado's.. something along the line of these... https://www.perfectlift.com.au/holden-colorado-rg-2012-lift-kits-PLK-9003E What's the legality of these in NZ? And will it need to be certed??
  4. Yeah I used to work for a company that specialized in polturethane. Problem with polyurethane is that heat and oil/grease can break it down quite quickly. Plus the lower the shore hardness, the softer it is, so it becomes easier to tear. The sheer strength disappears. Elasticity is still there tho. Also, you would have to send your parts in to be made. Supply a mould etc, as nobody will supply the raw materials for you. The curative is a massive carcinogen. And very explosive. Plus for the lower shore hardness grades, there is s 16+ hour cure time at 90 deg C. Silicone and latex are both pourable at home, but I would say that they will have the same problems as low shore hardness polturethane. Poor strength. I would go see Steve a Plus Plastics in East Tamaki and have a chat to him. He's a bloody good guy and probably the most knowledgeable in the field. I used to work with him, and i still send all my work to him, even tho I worked for his opposition. Any other questions, the dont hesitate to ask. Cheers Blair
  5. nvmyvl

    Doof Doofs

    have you got a model number for the battery? i grabbed a heap of ups batteries from my old work, and they were only 7aH. useless for anything that needs power, even if it has a full size car battery hooked up to it.
  6. nvmyvl

    Alt whine in speakers

    is it a pioneer head unit?
  7. nvmyvl

    Floor and fire wall rubbers

    Comac will do them as well.. Comac.co.nz
  8. nvmyvl

    Nvmyvl's 1981 VC Commy

    WOF'd and Rego'd..... been doing some miles in it to.. it's like a oversized go kart to drive. Totally different to my VZ commy. Next thing to work out, is why the fans have stopped working. May just wire them to a switch on the dash, rather than turn on with the thermostat thingies that's hooked up. Got a small issue with the new carb as well.. it has a major flat spot, but only when changing into second, and only once. If I change back to first, then second again, it's not there. Only happens when it's cold to. I will have a look online and see if I can sort it. Oh and it skids like a Harley Davidson..... very disappointed haha
  9. nvmyvl

    Nvmyvl's 1981 VC Commy Discussion

    Luckily the cert plate is for 16 x 8.5's, and thats what i have on there now.
  10. nvmyvl

    Nvmyvl's 1981 VC Commy

    Ok, so on Friday i took the old girl in for a warrant. It Failed haha. Need to replace the right tie rod end, put the rest of the exhaust back on, get 1 new tyre, and 1 headlight needs to be replaced. The tyres on the 18" wheels that it came on, were stuffed. I had a blow out on the left front, while i was driving it home, the day i got it. So i put the factory set for 17's from my SV8 on to get a warrent. The only problem was that one tyre needed to be replaced. So to fix that, i bought these... I think they suit it much better than the 18's or 17's. And they have mint tyres all round. Needed a new headlight, so bought a set. Got them from Auto Lab in Henderson. $100 a piece. I will be getting new indicators as well, but my wife never picked them up for me.... Pick a part mission this morning, to get door pockets, so i can mount some speakers in the front doors. Came off of a VS Commy. Just noticed that the cert plate, has the old rego number on it. I will get that updated, once i get the personalized plate on her.
  11. nvmyvl

    Nvmyvl's 1981 VC Commy

    New Carby all fitted and running. Now to read up on how to tune them up. Found an online manual, so will have a read up at work today. Idle was a little low at first, but after a couple of minutes, it seemed to even out and sit around the 700-750rpm mark. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtPq7RTLuac
  12. nvmyvl

    Nvmyvl's 1981 VC Commy Discussion

    Still need to take it for a strop down the road, but it's dark and I don't want to break down haha
  13. nvmyvl

    Nvmyvl's 1981 VC Commy Discussion

    Well the carb was a success. Ran the fuel line and it fire up straight away and idled.. a bit low on the idle, but that's fixable. I got it of a mate of a mate in East Tamaki, Auckland
  14. nvmyvl

    Nvmyvl's 1981 VC Commy Discussion

    One of my mates has a set of corvette rims, i may have to long term borrow them off him.. They were going on his VH, but thats sat in his garage for years, with nothing being done on it.
  15. nvmyvl

    Nvmyvl's 1981 VC Commy

    Changed the carb over last night. from Holley 600 to an Edelbrock Performer 600. Have had more luck with Edelbrock Carbs. The Holley carbs that ive had, seem to go out of tune all the time. Its got a brand new intake manifold on it... New Carb in place And as luck would have it, the fuel line is about 100mm short.......so will grab some more fuel line today. Chucked my spare filter and housing on also changed the top radiator hose, as that had a couple of small splits in it, around the hose clamp on the thermostat housing. I will get better hose clamps while im getting the fuel line as well. Project discussion here ------> //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/54236-nvmyvls-1981-vc-commy-discussion/