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  1. Funny that , one with that rego is hanging out in my shed lol
  2. Hey do you still have the escort ?
  3. OK , sweet as. Tried to put it on hold and it says the rego has been cancelled.chur
  4. Yeah I am the last owner. the rego is PE751 see what u think when car jamming it
  5. Can I ring up vtnz and they enter them on the system and see what comes up ?
  6. Hey guys , so in my shed I have some old holden vl number plates. Where do I take them to get rid of them and how do I find out if any monies is owed in the rego. Putting the rego into carjam ? Or should I just keep the plates and keep quiet about it all. The plates have been in my possession for about 10 years.
  7. Hey folks me again , pulling off the right from wing panel . how does it come away from the front bumper panel. I've drilled out all the spot welds and peeled it.away from the door frame. Thanks .
  8. During the week or next weekend I shall take off the panel completely. I am going to tackle the dodgy repair in the driver side sill soon as well. Thanks for reading be back soon ta.