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  1. Jusepy82

    re-registering a vehicle

    OK , sweet as. Tried to put it on hold and it says the rego has been cancelled.chur
  2. Jusepy82

    re-registering a vehicle

    Yeah I am the last owner. the rego is PE751 see what u think when car jamming it
  3. Jusepy82

    re-registering a vehicle

    Can I ring up vtnz and they enter them on the system and see what comes up ?
  4. Jusepy82

    re-registering a vehicle

    Hey guys , so in my shed I have some old holden vl number plates. Where do I take them to get rid of them and how do I find out if any monies is owed in the rego. Putting the rego into carjam ? Or should I just keep the plates and keep quiet about it all. The plates have been in my possession for about 10 years.
  5. Here is my discussion forum cheers.
  6. Jusepy82


    Hey folks me again , pulling off the right from wing panel . how does it come away from the front bumper panel. I've drilled out all the spot welds and peeled it.away from the door frame. Thanks .
  7. During the week or next weekend I shall take off the panel completely. I am going to tackle the dodgy repair in the driver side sill soon as well. Thanks for reading be back soon ta.
  8. Solo today was the perfect day outside to start pulling the drivers side wing panel off. I have brought parts for my brake rebuild but havnt started reassembling them yet. Have been thinking about sidedrafts also , whether to fit them or just run weber carb. I'm a big fan of dropping down the brake booster by lowering the mountain holes on it but will stick to normal carbs for now. Anyhow I drilled out all the spot welds with a 6mm spotweld drill bit to find it hadn't done the job properly so I ended up using the 8mm spotweld drill bit and a lot happier with that. Got all the spot welds drilled out and started to peel the pannel away from the frame , ran out of time as was working on the eskie while baby was asleep and guess what... She woke up before I had it off completely. I'm not sure how the guard is joined onto the front bumper/panel as looks solid as...any ideas? Sorry bout all the babbling , was a solid hour and a half in the shed and was enjoyable. Anyway here's some pics....