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  1. Hey man , I have a 77 panel van I am in the middle of doing. Could I be cheeky and ask where you got the radiator from and what kind it is . thanks mate , your van looks amazing.
  2. Jusepy82

    ATC 200

    Here’s my old girl
  3. Jusepy82

    ATC 200

    Hello Lads, Does anyone else have a honda atc 200 or similar trike ? I know , I know , they are known as death traps but hey , ride to your abilities and she will be right , right !! Anyways I brought two for $600 , one complete running , the other a frame and engine. Engine turned out to be fucked but got lotsa parts off it , which im willing to sell if your interested. Ive had to sort out a few issues and im in process of getting her going. cheers
  4. I was looking at that mitsi off the hobby site website. Pics please once completed.
  5. If you look on certain Japanese sites there is escort estates. Let me know if u want the site
  6. I've been looking at that one too , pics when completed please.
  7. I did find that one but twas sold out
  8. Hello , has anyone seen any ford escort panel van models for sale , kitset or diecast. Thanks in advance.
  9. Funny that , one with that rego is hanging out in my shed lol
  10. Hey do you still have the escort ?
  11. Where are u located for a head skim ?
  12. OK , sweet as. Tried to put it on hold and it says the rego has been cancelled.chur
  13. Yeah I am the last owner. the rego is PE751 see what u think when car jamming it
  14. Can I ring up vtnz and they enter them on the system and see what comes up ?
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