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  1. Gozza's '68 Mk1 Trumpet

    Made a bit more progress the last few days. Swore and cursed at the carpet kit I bought until the flat carpet had conformed to the shape of the floor. Instructions said to allow 4 hours lol. Got it pretty good in the end and any of the bits I'm not 100% happy with are hidden anyway so it'll look fine when the seats etc are back in. Then spent hours with some leather cleaner and a nail brush sorting out the rear bench. It was so grimy. Couple of hours on that and a couple of coats of conditioner on the thing and it looks like new again. Result Still need to do the front mats but will do that once I've finished all the computer stuff so I don't end up burning holes in it with the soldering iron. Had a bit of a luck in at supercheap today as well. I've been procrastinating over fitting an electric fan and saw a couple that looked like they'd fit the bill. Couple of trips back and forward measuring and I settled on two of the smallest ones they had. Little bit of fiddling around joining the two together and I had the perfect fit. They will stay attached to the car even if the radiator needs to be removed. result = beer o'clock
  2. Gozza's '68 Mk1 Trumpet

    Dynamatted the floor last week and got a set of carpets from autodeck up in Auckland. Kinda ran out of the dynamat so have ordered another box of that to finish up before I put the floor carpets in but did do the side pieces which turned out pretty ok. Settled on a place for the relay board up under the dash and have started on version one of the bracket to mount it. Also figured how to best run the loom so that there is enough slack to easily remove the board while still connected for the inevitable trouble shooting...Still need to run a few more wires from the engine back to the board before I go connecting everything up but getting it all plotted out now so making some solid progress
  3. Gozza's '68 Mk1 Trumpet

    Been making slow progress the last month or so but progress none the less. There are so many little fidley bits that I keep putting off and some big shit too that I've been scared to start. But it all needs to be done. I ordered a bunch of fittings and pipe and stuff from Fluid Power to plumb up the fuel system. Some of it arrived real quick and some still hasn't turned up which is annoying. I have managed to run stainless supply and return lines, fit a lift pump, plumb most of the surge pot and HP pump, plus the feed to the rail and the regulator so some solid progress there. Also, due to an annoying stink of fuel whenever I fill the tank, and the need to add a fitting to send the fuel return back to I bit the bullet and pulled out the tank. I'm just going to tee the return pipe into the vent pipe at the top of the tank which I could have done with the tank in, but as I needed to seal up the big rubber pipe on the filler neck as well it was easier to take the whole thing out. Then, mostly because I was bored waiting for the last of the fittings I ordered, I decided to pull out the seats and carpets. Thinking I might dynamat the floor and put some new carpet in as the old stuff is pretty ratty. Pulled the parcel shelf out too to try and figure where the computer and relay board is going to go... Not sure if I should go with this or get a 2.6EI one made?
  4. Gozza's '68 Mk1 Trumpet

    Managed a little more on the Triumph over the last few days. Been tinkering on the exhaust getting it all to fit properly, the system runs pretty close to shit and been doing my best to get it fitted up with no tension. What should be easy seems to be not so... Also been plotting out the fuel plumbing and have settled on where everything needs to go and how to mount it all up. Spent an hour in Fluid Power today trolling catalogues for all the little fittings and pipes I'll need, they had some and have ordered the rest. I've chosen to not make it too flashy in that department, just the minimum to get the job done. I reckon it'll look clean enough without any blingy shit. some pics for proof Surge pot/filter and high pressure pump tacked into the boot O2 sensor boss got mounted into the little piece of pipe directly aft of the extractors Fuel pressure regulator and return line on the back of the rail Bodged packer I need to make and add under the right hand engine mount to gain a little clearance.... Slowly slowly heaps to go
  5. Gozza's '68 Mk1 Trumpet

    Got a little bit more done today. Chucked the crossmember and rack back in and pretty pleased with how it all fitted into the little notch. fitted up the pump and put the plenum back on to make it look better also... fuel pump and plumbing next....
  6. Gozza's '68 Mk1 Trumpet

    This time with feeling
  7. Gozza's '68 Mk1 Trumpet

    Stole a couple of hours this morning and blew some left over paint over the wee mod. Reckon when it's all back together it'll look almost factory. Might try and lift the engine back in this arvo
  8. Gozza's '68 Mk1 Trumpet

    Oh, and this turned up too. Should fuck the neighbours off if used correctly
  9. Gozza's '68 Mk1 Trumpet

    Well the busy season at work has been keeping me away from the garage and making much progress on the engine swap but there have been some developments. More of a one step forward two steps back kinda thing though. A bit of thought went into a starter motor due to the fact a standard starter can't be removed without first taking off the exhaust manifold. There are options for smaller high torque replacements, the quality ones (expensive) or the Chinese ones (cheap) were considered but in the end I went with having a standard one rebuilt. Time will tell if that was wise but I don't expect it to give me any shit... Then, with that all bolted up and the manifold on I got all enthusiastic and hoisted the new motor up into the car which took only 40 minutes including the two beers I seemed to need. All looked great.... ...until I put the front crossmember in. I am adding power steering to the car using MK2 parts, months ago I had asked around and was assured it was all a bolt in affair. Off I went and found all the bits I needed and set about rebuilding the pump, rack, etc and reprinting everything. When I bolted it up it became obvious that the earlier MK1 was going to protest. Turns out that the later cars have a notch in the chassis rail to clear the steering UJ which is now in a different place to the manual rack. Fuck it So out with the grinder... Tig in a piece of 75mm pipe... and prime it up... had a real good look up inside the rail and it was mint with no rust. Took the time to blow a thick coat of Brunox all up in there to help keep it that way. long and short of it is, apart from respraying the rail I'm back to where I was a couple of weeks ago.
  10. Gozza's '68 Mk1 Trumpet

    Semi productive day yesterday, pulled out the old motor and box, swapped the box over onto the new motor along with a new clutch and pressure plate. Need to find an electric fan and get that mounted up in front of the radiator and do a little bit of cleaning up in the engine bay then I'll sling the new one back in.
  11. Gozza's '68 Mk1 Trumpet

    Motor and box coming out together so suspension gets dropped out first. Have a rebuilt power steering rack and crossmember to go in at the same time too..
  12. Gozza's '68 Mk1 Trumpet

    Today I gave the old 2000 a fresh sump of oil and a new filter and took it out for a 100km thrash in preparation for pulling the motor and storing it. Got the new motor to a point where I just need to fit it to finish up the small tasks... Cleaned out a bit of space and made a start...
  13. Gozza's '68 Mk1 Trumpet

    Small bit of progress... Adapter plate for the throttle body welded on to the plenum and painted it yesterday. Also cleaned up and painted the water pump housing and fitted that along with a new QH water pump. The previously overhauled power steering pump and a new Alternator got thrown at it also. Getting closer...
  14. tripleo's 1966 Mk1 Triumph 2000

    Choice man! Enjoy!!