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  1. Gozza's '68 Mk1 Trumpet

    Motor and box coming out together so suspension gets dropped out first. Have a rebuilt power steering rack and crossmember to go in at the same time too..
  2. Gozza's '68 Mk1 Trumpet

    Today I gave the old 2000 a fresh sump of oil and a new filter and took it out for a 100km thrash in preparation for pulling the motor and storing it. Got the new motor to a point where I just need to fit it to finish up the small tasks... Cleaned out a bit of space and made a start...
  3. Gozza's '68 Mk1 Trumpet

    Small bit of progress... Adapter plate for the throttle body welded on to the plenum and painted it yesterday. Also cleaned up and painted the water pump housing and fitted that along with a new QH water pump. The previously overhauled power steering pump and a new Alternator got thrown at it also. Getting closer...
  4. tripleo's 1966 Mk1 Triumph 2000

    Choice man! Enjoy!!
  5. Gozza's '68 Mk1 Trumpet

    It might be clean now, but let's not kid ourselves... the secret is not filling it with oil! Hi Alex, I'm sorry I haven't been over to collect the F1 motor, I hope it's still in the pristine condition I left it in;) My approach to this EFI thing will be to be as careful as possible putting everything together, then taking most of it off for the run in. First runs will be with the MS controlling spark and with all sensors connected but without any of the fuel related items. I'll just chuck a set of carbs on for a start... figure that's the safest on a new motor with so many other new and untested things. Much to learn
  6. Gozza's '68 Mk1 Trumpet

    It's starting to get complicated Just need to make up a few brackets to mount things properly then it'll be time to start on the computer.
  7. Gozza's '68 Mk1 Trumpet

    Wired up the injectors today... small steps
  8. Gozza's '68 Mk1 Trumpet

    Picked this little bastard up in Temuka today. Time to clean out the shed and start fitting all the little do dahs and nick nacks I've been collecting for the megasquirt EFI setup. Steep learning curve ahead
  9. Gozza's '68 Mk1 Trumpet

    Good things are supposed to take time right? Seems like months have passed (and it fucking is) since I got this started but a milestone was reached recently. Bottom half is all done and dusted. Bored to 2.6L, fancy pistons, Newman 280/300 cam, new oil pump, line bored, new bearings, balanced everything, blah blah etc... Have had to find another head as the one I had turned out to be cracked but the new one has gone away to have the big nitrided valves fitted. Some new guides go in also, along with a little exhaust port work and a skim to get the compression ratio up to 10:1 Hopefully have it in the garage in the next couple of weeks to make a start on the EFI conversion.
  10. Gozza's '68 Mk1 Trumpet

    Truth is, I was under the impression they were supposed to be forged but since I've googled them I'm not now so sure... they were supplied by the machinist in Christchurch. The brand seems ok but if anyone has anything to add about Nural brand pistons id be pleased to hear. Can see the part number in that pic...
  11. Gozza's '68 Mk1 Trumpet

    Had a chance to check up on the progress of my new motor today while on the way past Tumuka. Not much to report really but the bottom end has been assembled so that's a start. Everything looks pretty good, all nice and shiny and turns pretty easy. Alex says he will try and make a start on the head next week which will involve the new valves and a bit of cleaning up. in other breaking news I've found myself utterly confused with options regarding the megasquirt computer and it's plethora of options but think I've settled on what I need. Just a small bit more brain work to figure out what I need to make the Bosch coil pack do what I need and I'll get that on the way too.
  12. I haven't forgotten about you baby. Just been busy with life and the saloon...
  13. Gozza's '68 Mk1 Trumpet

    Last of the parts finally turned up today. Got some Nitrided valves with stellite tips(whatever the fuck that means), new iron guides, seals, and some inserts from a fellow in the UK. Im having second thoughts about the inserts as I hear they can cause more shit than they prevent. Plan will be to run on avgas because I like the smell of it but if I can't get it then pump gas. Anyone got real world advise? Anyway, I'll get these off to Temuka tomorrow and hopefully a new donk will emerge in short order.
  14. Be a good girl and wait here for awhile...
  15. Thank you Hanna and Alex! I've got so much to learn before I can even start, and then there is the other Mk1 project currently under way... One thing is for sure, this wagon is going to be fucking sick when it gets back on the road.....