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  1. And this car also missing under load... and idle sometimes, hot or cold Took plugs out and they all spark strong, plugs are new, ignition modules new, coils new, leads all the right ohms, cap and rotor cleaned, all cylinders have 150psi comp, injectors cleaned and all work, bit at a loss as to what it is Might have to get it to do it again at idle and pull plugs to see if a cylinders cutting out ... Do these look lean? Discussion link is on page one...
  2. https://youtu.be/alNlXaad7p0 Been a slow winter but hopefully pick up on this again.. obviously some of the hosing etc will have to be tidied up, ive just had a missfire on boost develop and while all spark plugs were firing, one was f#cked
  3. Had a bit of time today to see if i could fix the -20kmh speedometer discrepancy, had a hunt around the shed and found a gear that had 2 more teeth than the one that was in it... Had a look-see if any datsun/nissan gears were available on line, no luck so i decided to use what i have . The original yellow gear was being stubborn in coming off so i heated it up a bit and it came off with a bit of force .. The new gear was a tight fit, but to make sure it stays on i decided to drill tap the end and red loctite a m5 bolt in there with a locking washer to really ensure it stays on took for a test drive with a gps speedometer app and it reads pretty damn close ... pretty happy with that
  4. Some hoses that are oil resistant for oil breather and blow off valve return, from safety blackwoods, and its driving good now, noticed steering wheels on the piss a little and speedos out by 20ks... maybe needs a better radiator cap, other than that it's ready for some extended driving ...
  5. Converted the blown sealed lights to h4, replacable bulbs, got these ignite ones for $100 or so with bulbs, pretty good deal really, they work fine, and that almost sums up everything i need to do before cert... Want to do some test driving and long distance drives to test everything is reliable... If anyone has a h190 diff head lying around that i can weld, or knows what lsd centers are able to fit in casing... let me know, having a hard time finding anything ...
  6. Also extended my awning, so i can keep it out of the rain this winter, old vans dont like moisture lol
  7. Replaced the worn out spring eye bushes, the shackles look to be replaced already... Lot tighter now, greased up and installed, should help the rear end a lot...ready for paint today hopefully if it warms up, in hindsight should have removed trim bit, painted this when i painted the front... gives me a chance to do another coat on light surrounds though
  8. Made some 1 inch blocks instead of the 2 inch, was too low and exhaust was too close to the diff now its all level and clearsolid steel rod for the spring so it doesnt collapse, should be plenty strong and fits nice and tight
  9. Along with the cracks i filled some drill holes in the cargo rail thing and rust treated and repainted the roof gutter which had a lot of surface rust, all sanded properly, masked primed etc etc, a lot more work than the photos make it look like lol, painted nissan 2k white Had the center trim nearly done, placed it on the roof and proceeded to go on a test drive, , , found it on the road later in a million pieces so have to do a little paint where that used to be...just waiting in some parts coming in from aussy, apparently they are taking the long way around the world ...
  10. When i got this van it had a bed frame in the back, which was hanging off the cargo rail thing, which caused the steel around the bolt holes to crack in the pillar, also the driver slider door had cracked the metal around the stopping rubber, as well as a couply dents, did a bit of welding and filling and good as new ..
  11. Not much to report other than did a lot of small things, old leaky hoses fixed, coolant resiviour mounted in only available space, better radiator brackets, test drives/skids (on indusrtial area roads), and further cert tests, still got some brake and reverse lights to sort, and some bushings but getting close!
  12. Done this today, plates on the top are way over size, but thats to allow for corrugated floor, should have enough contact for cert, just gotta trim the long bit off and some paint maybe tomorrow... lost motivation and funds for a while, hope to button up all the loose ends ... at least get to some progress soon
  13. New radiator in, fan shroud on, fan on and working, have brought upto temp and all works, no leaks, now.... hopefully i can start to tidy everything up and get this thing a cert, still have a driveshaft hoop to install and small things
  14. Welded sealed pressure tested , welded in water this time to cool the rows preventing them from separating from the tanks from the heat... worked, still gotta mount it but the hose ends in the right places and fill fits under engine cover Will weld mounts on and spray black soon
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