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  1. Haven't done too much lately, needed a break from the van, if I forced myself to work on it, would result in some halfass work haha . But anyway it's just getting tidy up of wiring, hosing, delete some unneccessary bits like the throttle body heater, etc, no snow here lol, and I could use the space to make it less of a b#Tch to service it in the future. Not very photo moments... so I'll come back with some body work soon hopefully.
  2. The new van came with a new steering arm bush/pivot/thing, so I put it in, while I was there I thought to check the brakes, they weren't too bad but maybe a bit spongy. Turns out the caliper on drivers side leaked brake fluid out when I push the piston in... , so I swapped all the parts from the old van.. which I'd already gone through for the previous cert process, and the discs are new (came with the old van) and new pads. Cleaned up the surface rust, bit of high heat paint, some other cleaning 'while I was in there' layers of grease removed...., also did a general check of ball jo
  3. I've extended the shift arm as much as I think is necessary, welded a piece of 5mm steel in. Welded on both sides so should handle any abuse thrown at it, it now selects all gears easily, maybe 1st is a little harder than the rest but is bearable for now, a little adjustment the other way and it will be mint .
  4. I'm probably going to leave the side steps made of aluminum on, someone made them before I got it
  5. Been trying to make the shift levers work properly, barely gets 1st and no reverse unless I really yank on it, so i figured it's the bushes, which were loose, fixed all of them by adding washers and bushes to make all the joints tight when moving, and its better.. gets 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th, but still doesnt want to reach reverse no matter how much I adjust it at the gearbox, either 1st at the bottom, or reverse at the top work, but not both, being column shift it's different than the cable floor shift of the old van (up/down-neutral lever that's the issue, gear select- forward, backward le
  6. The old van keeps giving,.. the thin piece of aluminium disguised as a window on the rhs rear... not very secure So now it's got an opening rear window A donor car is soo good, 2 of everything and mix/match parts everywhere
  7. One more improvement, van had one cracked plastic monsoon shield, my 'luxury' sgl datsun van had stainless shields, so polished them with some autosol and installed. I like the look. it'll tie in with the rear trim and door slides which are all stainless/chrome plastic .
  8. How I fill gearboxes and diffs lol, hose to bottom of the container, put a couple psi in there and watch it drain till it comes out the hole .
  9. It drives, its ridiculously fast and unsafe, wheels breaking loose in 3rd (in the rain lol), still many thing to improve upon but I'm happy with the progress, also cleaned my shed/battled my son to put things away faster than he can take them back out haha https://youtube.com/shorts/8jkVOMLF-zA
  10. No where near final but my goal was to have it driving by end of holidays so it's close, of course I diddnt compromise on the quality unless I know I have to buy parts to do it, generally it's just small things that will improve, those will come later
  11. It's now all done and working except for tach, will now just need oil for diff and gearbox, have put water in but needs a flush as heater core is full of rust, no coolant corroded everything, just a couple of things and it will drive!
  12. Did some more tidying up of wiring
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