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  1. Well, 2nd sons arrived now, waiting on some funds to come through to buy argon for my tig, hopefully soon, in the mean time here's a picture of a gas cap with Jdm stickers on the old van lol
  2. When funds permit I'll get some v5 simmons or similar
  3. I had a set of brakes from the vs ute, slotted drilled rotors and master cylinder etc, had to buy hub adapters to make it work as well as a spacer for the booster, and now works great, the rotors are a bit bigger, calipers finned, rotor no longer house wheel bearings, mate at work skimmed the front rotors to make for a nice brake setup, that can still have small wheels go over I believe. And got certified, first time around was a fail on speedometer out and a fuel line fastener in one spot, not bad! Fixed those things and all done !
  4. Paint problems, and havent cleaned the engine bay in a while lol
  5. During this I'd gotten a fenix radiator, which was a bit too tall and the hose inlet was in the wrong place so I modified the way it was mounted, just barely fits, and fan shroud. I made it so the whole unit comes out now (fan, radiator, adjustable fan controller) by just removing the 2 wires, 3 hoses and lifting it out of the custom rubber mounts, no bolts at all, has saved a lot of time... Also made a cold air box with pod filter inside that's sealed from the engine bay, and a pan, or folded alli plate that seals the front area so air can only go through the radiator
  6. Some of the stages the engine bay went through, rattle can painted white, but my paint had a reaction or something and though it looks nice on pictures, it cracked horribly all over, so this is now on the to-do list, took me a while to get the proper 5litre vt front cover
  7. Weld it up and sand it back, it's not too hard
  8. Got some more fittings machined up, next will be welding them on various parts, not much else as lifes happening, here's a pic of another resident of the van
  9. Started getting cert ready too, installed both driveshaft loops ... next time I'm using a lift..
  10. At this stage the gearbox was all done, I'd put clutch resiviour in, bleed and put new oil in the box, all the interior was taken out and cleaned, carpet washed with soap and a water blaster (bit oil stained) And installed the battery in boot properly with all-thread welded to the boot floor, with a steel hold down clamp , with isolator in passenger footwell which can shut all power down to the car, after all the wiring has been moved so much I thought it a good idea. The inside was now much cleaner and tidier.
  11. Also found this in one of my seat backing, maybe they mixed matched some parts here, at the factory or someone swapped the seats
  12. I had bolted the flywheel, clutch, everything up to the motor, but before I could put the driveshaft in I had to press the abs style speedometer wheel onto the yoke, then see how to attach the speedometer. I decided I'd use a gauge cluster out of a vt v8 manual, rare to find but I did and I got to wiring it up ... some functions just wouldn't work as the bcm or body control module wouldn't be wired up with it. But I was curious to see if the cluster would work for just the speedometer if anything else, after setting up a test rig and spinning it up I was surprised to see it work!
  13. The powerglide by this time was proving pretty good, drove around the block 30 times, couple single peels, so i tried selling it for what i put into it,, took way to long and ended selling for a small loss but it sold to a better place, and then i had money to buy a manual box, and i found the right one a few weeks or months later from a guy who imports them, not some dodgy box that had no history, at 2k i wanted the right deal ya know.. What i ended up with was a vt series one v8 getrag 290 gearbox with 150xxx km, and associated parts needed to install.. brought a new hd clutch and
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