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  1. Hey bud. I have a garage full of these old radios. If you want any bits let me know. Happy to remove the eyes trim if I have one that your after. Saves you losing any more auctions to collectors . Pm me a pic of the one you were looking for and I will see what I have.
  2. I have that exact same toolbox in me garage if ya want to make a matching one.
  3. Also had me at pies. Might tag along with you in ya boring daily if ya keen.
  4. Keen as to catch up. What time were we thinking as will be most likely working till mid morning. I too don't have a road worthy oldskool vehicle but keen to tag along or bring the daily.
  5. man that's a sweet van. reminds me of the good old days of borrowing my mates dads old one for piss trips.
  6. Was hoping to go to the swap meet and look for a bunch of old holden stuff but Im also away this coming weekend. will definitely be interested in the bowls again tho. Had a blast last time.
  7. Yea i think it was around then. Looking forward to. Has been too long since ive managed to make a meet. Be good to catch up with you all.
  8. Just read through and realised you have it sorted. Pays me to read before i write. Anyway. Another awesome meet. Throughly enjoyed it. Shame there wasnt more of us and the rain set it but we had a little bit of sun when we got to picton. Seing all the old cars is definately geting me motivated to start working on the ej. And yes ben starting a thread also. Thanks again guys for the day. Am looking forward to the next meet.
  9. I know a guy that has one. When would ya need it or do you have it sorted
  10. If ya wana flag fixin ya euro and dont have a ride i have a spare seat
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