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  1. 0fnsiv

    eaton m90 help

    Mmmmmm.......and the securing bolt holes?
  2. 0fnsiv

    Modern Daily Guzzling Oil, NO leaks or smoke...

    What grade and brand of oil are you using? When was the last oil change done?
  3. 0fnsiv

    fletch's 1970 datsun cedric super six

    Y44 from a President..... Period piece JDM wheels, like techno stars or Yayoi
  4. 0fnsiv

    What gearbox to use

    There's like a million different versions, from Aussie toyota 4 cylinder to V8..... They were used behind 304 Holdens and 302 Fords.......from memory the V8 box will handle 200 odd hp. Best bang for buck is the TKO box from a late 90's mustang..... 500 ftlb 500hp supposedly......
  5. 0fnsiv

    What gearbox to use

    Use a tremac t5 box from v8 falcon commodore camaro mustang etc....a clutch will be cheap and easy to obtain as will be a hydraulic release bearing set-up they have a basic 4 bolt pattern used to secure it to a piece of plate that you could weld or bolt to the auto bell housing....and there's a multitude of shifter options...a new box is only like $2k off eBay.....
  6. 0fnsiv

    die dimensions

    Use a 16 x 2 die nut, it won't be full formed but it will have enough to crank a nut up tight
  7. 0fnsiv

    Mk2 Escort - noob electrics / vacuum question

    Yes, negative earth yes, no vacuum advance Never used one of those, but they look the nuts
  8. 0fnsiv

    Help with Surge tank plumbing

    Say 'NO' to Walboro....they're rubbish! Genuine 044 for the win and reliability. -8 for tank to surge to pump to engine, -6 for engine to surge tank(return), -4 for surge vapor to tank and tank vapor This way the carter(good choice) will actually keep positive pressure on your 044. Fill the surge from the top,with the return higher and the vapor higher if possible and feed the 044 from the bottom of the surge, even though the returned fuel will be a few degrees higher the flooding action of the carter will pretty much make it a non event......
  9. 0fnsiv

    Machining in Auckland - reccomendations

    Gillespie Engineering, talk to Malcolm or Colin
  10. 0fnsiv

    2tgeu start and run for a few seconds then die

    Will it keep running if you squirt engine start in the intake?
  11. 0fnsiv

    Quick Pinto 2L Question

    In the sump.....
  12. 0fnsiv

    Hilux LSD Recommendation Please

    Air locker.......best investment money can buy........ Locked when you want controllability under power, and freewheeling for pushing around in the shed.....
  13. 0fnsiv

    T5 Borg-Warner Gearboxes

    Finding any info for Borg-Warner is going to be difficult, they sold their gearbox business to Tremec in 1998. To be honest they have been fitted to everything from Toyota coronas to Mustangs and depending on what the factory fitment is will dictate how good it is(not). Factory fitted falcon and Holden boxes are not bad, good for around 300hp but as they get older the selectors can cause shifting to be more of an effort and they will quite often break when being downshifting or big engine braking (with a heavy vehicle/trailer). World class gearboxes fitted to Mustangs and Camaros are good for around 400, but I found if you going to go to the expense of importing a gearbox then might as well buy a Tremec TKO they shift hard handle big power and getting an awesome clutch is as easy as www.summitracing.com
  14. Straight 60w pennsoil.......or hold at 3000 and feed the carb a bottle of brasso........ Followed by 500ml of water/kero mix and a lovely Sunday cane