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  1. Yep same - more likely to trip the reset in the charger than do damage to the car sounds more like earth or connection problems
  2. ^^^ yeah what he said--- custom flywheel with rx8 ring gear fitted I went for the hybrid no flywheel spacer option to get engine as far back as possible without cutting firewall (position is set by gearbox in mx5) and flywheel spacers scare me much more than rough enough home made adaptor plate
  3. Is it possible to get rebalanced/ checked for zero balance ? look at steel for adapter plate as the bell housing to adapter holes will have to be threaded /tapped depending on how thick the adapter is alloy won't hold thread without steel inserts 1 bolt above starter should line up and bolt right thru 2 lowest holes on motor to adapter can be threaded and bolted up from the front - others all need to be counter sunk or stepped in to clear bell housing a lot depends on thickness of adapter
  4. Yeah the rotor flywheel balance thing seems a hurdle unless you can get one machined and balanced back to neutral balance expand your search for v6 flywheels a bit - cronos lantis 323 v6 Telstar 1.8 2.0 2.3 k8 KF KJ KL there are a lot odd models with the same block also google for bajawes he did a kl onto vw box and his site has dxf drawings of the kl bolt pattern will try to find the link for you later
  5. Ah interesting - well she knows her stuff Alex's viva has rx7 box and kl flywheel/clutch and slightly modded kl starter mine is hybrid rx7 bell onto mx5 box so has no flywheel spacer but it made the starter mount a pain the more standard bits you can fit the easier rx8 starter should tuck in better too kl solenoid hangs right out the side
  6. Guy from Crapengineering is a chick called Claire ... i have not seen any using anything other than kl flywheel on any of her builds /kits for others prob ten + so far never seen an rx flywheel version
  7. kl onto rx8 box with pics still live
  8. Back up a bit there ... Is that a rare as Capella 4wd v6 wagon ??? Auto or manual? If you have to buy a flywheel get a KF 2.0 v6 one they are the lightest k8 1.8 is next and kl is heaviest all fit will dig out the part numbers for late kl 36-1 crank pulley and for the blanking plug for dist hole very late klg4 went to wasted spark no dist
  9. Yeah I need to redo the pics in my thread too and add the recent ones of engine mounts and chopping off the egr port rx8 box should fit nicely in the tunnel as it's the same Aisin gearbox in later mx5s (different bell housing for rotary ) and for some light reading 54+ pages on rwd klv6
  10. Yes go the v6 --- can get kl to rx8 adapter plate from Crapengineering on Facebook in the uk Claire has made a few before - and the flywheel spacer to match other hurdles are the sump and the intake and looks like you have been practicing for that on the pinto need to lose the dizzy off the kl for space so that means standalone ecu of some type and the egr blank plate that sticks out most on the back rh side can be cut back further too read Alex's viva thread 3 more times then there are a few more builds I can point you at
  11. The Ka-pie car bro... Nice cruiser ... My first car at 17 was one of these what flavour of Bedford gearbox is it ?
  12. How were they running cooking off same tank ? Gas stove bottles draw gas from top - vehicle tanks draw liquid from bottom and vaporise near the carb ...?
  13. Oh and install cool stickers on bumpers
  14. Need tank in current test (vans need it boxed and vented to outside) LPG install plate ( alloy plate from random LPG guy cost me 15$ did not look at car at all ) lpg warrant and sniffer test 45$ done sell petrol tank and retard hell out of ignition for slower burn and enjoy cheap motoring
  15. Yes anti dive is a known good feature of leading link forks when I have been setting up bike calipers onto odd thing I set the caliper onto the disc in the right place for pad contact up/down with the adapter attached then rubber band the brake lever to hold it all in place then rotate disc to wherever the adapter is gonna attach always make sure the disc clears the top of the pad