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  1. Ha scuttle shake is such a convertible thing … prob why they put the strut brace on tightening up the door fit does a lot to fix it - if it has rubber blocks in the door striker areas then making some delrin blocks like Mx5s will help
  2. Beautiful machines probably the finest ever Ford out of England my misspent teens were spent in mk3 s the 6s always lost 2nd gear and then eventually threw # 5 rod out of bed a nice mk3 lowered a little and debumpered and with the front and rear seams removed is a very slippery and road hugging aerodynamic shape will be awesome with 289
  3. Yup I missed the hybrid part in the title of that link and at the bottom of the std motobatt features page
  4. Um not really when the 16 series are about 150-160 on tard me …
  5. Apparently some machines call 30% positive 70% or some tucked up shit - like whole backasswards to the other manufacturers and yeah it makes tungsten not happy if you set wrong way So yours may be minus 30 ? Been watching a lot of this guy like his plain fucking English approach and covers from simple to in-depth as possible
  6. Yup got pedal bottle new gloves and all sorts of consumables sitting here - haven’t even opened the boxes yet lol
  7. Nothing new that is being pushed recently ? So no holes drilled and glue them on with some super sika bond steel glue is all good ? I guess drilling holes to bolt in a no cert needed half cage would also need cert ?
  8. So I am hearing a vicious rumour that the bolt on floor stiffeners that are common aftermarket fitted on Mx5s are now something that requires cert ? fake news or ?
  9. ^ wow - I use magnets a bit and have never noticed anything that crazy
  10. Sometimes frames crack but the powdercoat doesn’t til frame failure
  11. Yup just bought same ac/dc tig and sorted an argon bottle and starter selection of filler rods sooo many settings to get head around oh well keeps the old grey matter alive new stuff is always fun
  12. Au falcon fans are a cheap slimline option
  13. @NickJ did you get the foot pedal included or did you buy the $ 200 foot pedal seperate ? argon reg is included ?
  14. Yup been looking at that too - keen to hear your thoughts once you have had a bash with it
  15. Hmmm does it have the drive gear on the tailshaft to run the vss? Looks easy enough to get drilled/ tapped once you have the housing off the tailshaft NC info is scarce prob the least modified model-Aisin 6 speed ? Shares some bits with the Rx8 ? Look at flying miata see how they work around it on their engine conversion ?
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