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  1. Open invite if you need anything in Westport - I’m on call Saturday so will be at home or I would beg for a passenger seat on adventures The red wings motor caravan assoc are at Reefton racecourse so there should be lots of GILF action in the Reefton pubs for you Motorbike racing greymouth Sunday so heaps of bikes on the road in wannabe racer mode - means heaps of cops on the coast for the weekend - I got random tested last night
  2. Transom

    FiTech EFI

    Some diesel trucks run the diesel thru chambers in the ecu before it goes to the injectors to keep the ecu cool ... and it’s bolted to the side of the block - not without a problems sometimes but it’s a thing
  3. No need to rescue the whole thing - surely all the super turbo parts would fit in a shoebox for easy postage ?
  4. So why are you after a Geiger counter ? Got some old watch dials to lick ? Or have you possibly uncovered a terrorist plot ?
  5. Na but keen to get one as I sometimes work right next to the largest uranium source discovered in nz so far - to aliex to look for one now what are the utes you sometimes see with the radiation hazchem Symbol on the dg placard ? Rad source and counter for pipe testing ? see them a bit / one got stolen last year and they had a wee panic
  6. Na he is sold on this flat 6 thing - commer ts3 it is then lol
  7. Yeah won’t worry me as I like to roll legal can see Johnny rfb hacker trying it on just like they do now - good there is a plan in place
  8. I see there being a great market in bootleg lvv discs that QR code link to a hacked page showing sick modified car as all legal occifer...
  9. Hell yes go grandad with the waste oil you beauty such a brutal looking car - spent some of my teens in a mates rebel 7-up to pay for the gas and many hotbox sessions at the beach
  10. @Kimjon if you have another hour tomorrow...
  11. Maybe easier to go triumph triple throttle bodies then better quality units and have injector bosses possibly usable size injectors with them also they bolt down - the bmw ones hoseclamp onto a rubber flange can send you a spare bmw one for contemplation purposes if you want
  12. K100 itbs are what I sourced for my v6 got 1 set from tardme for around $100 and the other from eBay uk for around the same price posted via you shop - I take it the Honda has the injectors direct into the head like the bmw as they are only butterflies and body no injector mount - Also the factory motorbike trick to use satin alloy coloured paint on alloy casings cos it stays cleaner and easier to wash oil and road gunge off