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  1. How were they running cooking off same tank ? Gas stove bottles draw gas from top - vehicle tanks draw liquid from bottom and vaporise near the carb ...?
  2. Oh and install cool stickers on bumpers
  3. Need tank in current test (vans need it boxed and vented to outside) LPG install plate ( alloy plate from random LPG guy cost me 15$ did not look at car at all ) lpg warrant and sniffer test 45$ done sell petrol tank and retard hell out of ignition for slower burn and enjoy cheap motoring
  4. Yes anti dive is a known good feature of leading link forks when I have been setting up bike calipers onto odd thing I set the caliper onto the disc in the right place for pad contact up/down with the adapter attached then rubber band the brake lever to hold it all in place then rotate disc to wherever the adapter is gonna attach always make sure the disc clears the top of the pad
  5. Front brake with linkage like that should cause brake force to make the front end rise = anti dive braking system
  6. Looking good the motorcycle Barry in me says that's a leaf sprung leading link fork you are building not a girder fork (girders have linkages at top not bottom) but it does look evil and dangerous so big thumbs up
  7. well that gives me something to aim for since its kinda close .. earlier than other years???
  8. Check this gearbox page if you have not already seen It As much as I liked the throw an efi mx5 motor idea in I also really like the keep it original style too Very cool ute good to see it being used
  9. That rad hose T piece is a Mazda one Cos I have one here
  10. Yup from reading his story it seems like the Camira dash was the beginning of the end from kitcar to corporate fuckup Also seems like our OPs car is one of the finest made and the creator even bought it for his daughter at some point More photos of your awesome and rare piece of nz oldschool motoring history please
  11. Very cool Now about 1/2 way thru reading this very cool old Sharn by the heron creator
  12. Fuck yes Show us more please Especially the skoda parts
  13. Control arm bushes? have them listed under American Motors 1965 classic