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  1. May be raising body to be able to lift engine higher away from the live axle pumpkin - and the diff stay above the pumpkin that stops the axle rolling forward under braking I had cough(rover)v8 in an ln65 and that was the major clearance issue that would not be a problem in the ifs version
  2. Yes I would be looking at better sealed connectors also
  3. I bought a similar set but with 3 sets of jaws Does take a bit of practice to find the best jaw setup for style of crimp Toptul rachet crimper set from tardme - must have been on a deal cos I’m sure I didn’t pay 250 for it Do those connectors have a name or part # - will narrow down which jaws you need
  4. Yup do it outdoors - submerge the whole thing and scrub off / rinse Don’t leave them too long or it will etch into the alloy Some won’t shift some falls right off - do a test patch on the back of one first The cheaper the oven cleaner the better results bam or Selleys is good
  5. Yup the “Bam” super toxic stuff is great for de anodising
  6. ^ don’t use oven cleaner on anodising it’s removes it Keen to try it on brake dust now
  7. Meguiars wheel cleaner seems to remove brake dust well turns purple then washes off - won’t remove pitted into alloy stuff Is there one called dragons breath or something similar ?
  8. Lol that thing makes such a glorious noise ...
  9. Yup I fizzed thru a couple of those disposable co2 bottles very very quickly then just got a rental Surely you can rent a full bottle local and just return it after a month or 2 ? 16$ a month and about 60$ for a fill is what I’m paying
  10. @DoBro Jesus Throttle bodies x 3 - 2 are same linkage as yours iacv X 1 ( other has rusted water inlet tube ) and new gasket x1 Yours for freight cost - you bai nowww can throw in a dist and some other random parts if we can figure out a cheap way to get it all to you
  11. 2 - one just behind gearbox uni one just behind centre bearing uni - at least that’s what I had to do on my hilux with 2 piece rear shaft
  12. There is a plane like that at founders park museum Nelson - may be some pics on their website and a local Barry to go planespot for you to compare props
  13. Open invite if you need anything in Westport - I’m on call Saturday so will be at home or I would beg for a passenger seat on adventures The red wings motor caravan assoc are at Reefton racecourse so there should be lots of GILF action in the Reefton pubs for you Motorbike racing greymouth Sunday so heaps of bikes on the road in wannabe racer mode - means heaps of cops on the coast for the weekend - I got random tested last night
  14. Transom

    FiTech EFI

    Some diesel trucks run the diesel thru chambers in the ecu before it goes to the injectors to keep the ecu cool ... and it’s bolted to the side of the block - not without a problems sometimes but it’s a thing
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