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  1. Transom

    Mitsubishi 4m40 diesel - What goes wrong with em.

    Diesel pump seal fail so they leak down overnight and then you drive 1km in the morning and conk out / bleed / go again $500 to fix - or electric fuel pump hidden under the battery box - ask me how I know lol
  2. Transom

    Mitsubishi 4m40 diesel - What goes wrong with em.

    Cracked head - they all do it usually starts with the radiator header tank bottle dying
  3. Transom

    Twisted's mid school RF of procrastination

    Sweet will take a photo and some measures - looks like your own pictured up earlier just with remote
  4. Transom

    Twisted's mid school RF of procrastination

    @twisted Hey I found a rf900 rear shock in my shed rebound adjust and remote res with hard/soft adjustment - going for the price of courier to you if you want ?
  5. Transom

    Identify these electrical plugs please

    First one looks very generic Vw/ Audi / BMW i bought some from AliExpress to fit vw 02 sensor
  6. Also more mass to absorb heat more surface area to shed heat as well as the leverage it's also more actual rotor surface contacting pad for every rotation under braking
  7. Transom

    Oldschool Hanmer Springs - 2019 Discussion

    Farewell spit access only on approved monopolised tour 4wd buses ... no public access of any other kind not even walking
  8. So is that the way to get a custom front subframe approved ? or is there another form for that ? Stock suspension locations and mounts to body and engine just built from tubing not from pressed tin spot welded together
  9. Transom

    Jesse's 4x4 l300 yarns

    The gearbox is just too small for a 4wd go fine if you are gentle but if you start pinning and then smashing 2nd it's all over
  10. Transom

    Jesse's 4x4 l300 yarns

    They are basically an early 2.5 Pajero underneath - so weak link is the gearbox
  11. Hold that thought that may have been cos I was doing rereg from scratch - never ever had them even look in interior for any other cof
  12. Has to have bed table and cooker to reg as mobile home easy enough to throw in even if the interior is gutted
  13. The rocketeer swap jag /mondeo/ mazda v6. - very nice swap kit very expensive but sounds like they are selling individual parts now Nissan v6 looks easier as the inlet is already super low
  14. Buy a power file / finger sander thingy - perfect for stuff like that - air ones are cheap as or toolshed 240v version - belts are $1.99 for 3