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  1. Hold that thought that may have been cos I was doing rereg from scratch - never ever had them even look in interior for any other cof
  2. Has to have bed table and cooker to reg as mobile home easy enough to throw in even if the interior is gutted
  3. The rocketeer swap jag /mondeo/ mazda v6. - very nice swap kit very expensive but sounds like they are selling individual parts now Nissan v6 looks easier as the inlet is already super low
  4. Buy a power file / finger sander thingy - perfect for stuff like that - air ones are cheap as or toolshed 240v version - belts are $1.99 for 3
  5. Well yes potentially you could put a 13b and max speeding rods finest quality China adjustables back in it with bent tin engine mounts and a driveshaft loop made of painted cardboard and get a vtnz warrant no worries mate
  6. Transom

    Hurmeez' 1977 Mk2 Escort Estate

    Valve retainers / collets / whatever holds the spring onto the valve it was the ze ones have been known to fall in half and wreck engines from there - probetalk forums seems to have died completely and so much knowledge on kl is lost in cyberspace
  7. Transom

    DIY Fuel injection thread.

    I thought link did an mx5 plug and play they were on special a while back ? Or does that not work with 2000 model ? Vvti ?
  8. Have you seen the "crapengineering " mx5 subframes from uk ? Look as good as v8 roadsters and have many options - I have thought about importing a non painted one and getting it thru TAC approval if one passes TAC is that it then all others good to go or is it TAC for every individual subframe ?
  9. Yup same now I have had another look dunno where I got that from and I even asked the same question on here ages ago when I was building a sump and got told no minimum but allow enough room for torque reaction and worn mounts
  10. Not sure on the exact section but most engine will torque enough to close a 7 mm gap unless solid mounted maybe one of our friendly cert dudes will stop by and clarify
  11. Also don't you need at least 20mm clearance between sump and steering rack ? Thats the way I read it ?
  12. Transom

    Hurmeez' 1977 Mk2 Escort Estate

    Looking good and you could use stock injector setup or the ports in throttle bodies also that rocker cover vent that links the two covers together can be deleted - later klg4 engines don't have the link and no adverse effects or fit pcv valve to there and block other 2 as I guess stock pcv valve hole is right under an intake runner ?
  13. Transom

    Hurmeez' 1977 Mk2 Escort Estate

    Maybe easier to cut/ weld the left ( passenger) side rocker cover to gain more clearance as it's way higher than the other cover and does not need to be higher than the spark plug valley - I looked at doing similar with you on the not cutting bonnet or adding scoop that's the easy option not the what the hell is under there surprise option