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  1. I think the only things I have ever shipped with youshop is auto parts - eBay rock auto or Amazon free shipping to Portland Oregon USA thanks - then youshop no problem even for used auto parts
  2. Maxspeedingrods is a known brand name right ?
  3. Yup there’s the cletus seal of approval Well worth checking out crossover steering to sort a lot of problems in one go I think I was down to last days before repay for another cert check so went with the option that was already half built
  4. No photos it was a while back now but was on the modern Lvv cert system Basically 2 bits of 5mm steel plate shaped to the diff tube and boxed in to replicate the mount on the diff pumpkin but on left hand side and slightly lower mounting ears at the top for more clearance - that’s why it needed the adjustable arm Also had to replicate the upper mount on the crossmember / chassis that it mounts to Had a look at my old thread on off-road express circa 2007 but pics are long gone Does seem if you go to the “crossover “ steering conversion then the torque arm becomes obsole
  5. Yep well worthy of an entry - skid factory will love it cos safari and surely there is some worthy bracketry - tis a very cool well executed clean looking conversion
  6. Yup torque arm on front axle gets in the way of most sumps My “cough” RV8 lux had no torque bar when I bought it and hitting the brakes hard made front axle roll forward on springs - wheels go to left - steering wheel goes to right - very very frighteneing Made a new mount on axle other side from the pumpkin and fitted adjustable torque bar from nz4wdbits - sorted and certed
  7. Gas cooker / bbq hold them in the flame with pliers til cherry red
  8. Yep always been a fan of laverda triples - they sound so good
  9. Yeah cool nothing like buying local and with such good history You know I have a particular hate for the TK but the twin headlights do help - my bro has one same size but twin underbody tipper hoist not sure on motor but it’s jap diesel -similar history bought off an old boy on a Southland farm no one wants the original 214/300 petrol or the Bedford 330 diesel except maybe one extreme Barry - converted ones are worth way more Throttle linkage - ha wait til you see the brake linkages to master cylinder lol No tilt cab means way easier to put loft over cab - can’t wait t
  10. May be raising body to be able to lift engine higher away from the live axle pumpkin - and the diff stay above the pumpkin that stops the axle rolling forward under braking I had cough(rover)v8 in an ln65 and that was the major clearance issue that would not be a problem in the ifs version
  11. Yes I would be looking at better sealed connectors also
  12. I bought a similar set but with 3 sets of jaws Does take a bit of practice to find the best jaw setup for style of crimp Toptul rachet crimper set from tardme - must have been on a deal cos I’m sure I didn’t pay 250 for it Do those connectors have a name or part # - will narrow down which jaws you need
  13. Yup do it outdoors - submerge the whole thing and scrub off / rinse Don’t leave them too long or it will etch into the alloy Some won’t shift some falls right off - do a test patch on the back of one first The cheaper the oven cleaner the better results bam or Selleys is good
  14. Yup the “Bam” super toxic stuff is great for de anodising
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