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  1. The Davies Craig controller ? Any reason you are using that rather than direct control from the ecu ? is there not an option for zero flow until a minimum temp is reached ? have been looking at buying one of these controllers
  2. Citric acid look at the active ingredient on radiator flush bottles Buy from the supermarket for like $2 in the baking aisle
  3. Multiple reasons can’t be fucked with the admin of getting cert from a remote area can barely fit in the thing anymore and too harsh bumpy for me and the missus to enjoy with our aging and decrepit bodies it’s all about comfort now Over the whole “miata yata with juddies drop kick dumb kid culture that has grown around the cult car “ and don’t want to be associated with it in any way shape or form Really enjoying having the shed and hoist space back
  4. And sold as a rolling shell and gone to a good home no one was interested in the engines so I’m thinking mini jet boat no regerts made back what I spent on it not counting time and have a shed full of tools and skills I picked up working on it
  5. Because muppets and also ftp i looked at buying some and right hand drive dip are rare and spendy Very popular in the mx-5 world but the plan seems to be just put the stock headlights back in for warrants / cert
  6. Ah there is probably a hockey match on or moose season or something
  7. Are you communicating direct with 14.7 in the USA ? Had excellent response times from them even considering time zones
  8. Steel sleeve inside the bike rack so it’s a tighter fit on the ball and a plate with a hole in it at the top of the sleeve so the tow ball top has something to locate to and the bolts have something to pull down against when I worked in a bike shop the owner had a merc with euro tow ball and just bought the T7 rack that fitted and that was pretty much the difference can prob buy just the upright not the whole rack
  9. Have put 1.5 ton on the 250kg setting on a supercheap hoist and then moved it around … as above I would be more worried about centre of gravity than shear strength
  10. Yes they do so need monitored / maintenance charging and to be stored in a flameproof storage We have all seen the videos of exploding vapes cellphones and laptops Once they go puffy chuck them out on the concrete driveway hook up an old unregulated car battery charger and a long extension cord stand well back and flick the switch lol
  11. Actual zero on a lithium battery is past the voltage they go puffy and catch on fire there will be a cutoff in the controller or battery pack well before that ( meter may say zero but the actual cell voltage will be at a safe minimum )
  12. Here’s a mates old one for inspiration Ducati style fairing and his own handmade solo seat
  13. ATV winch cos remote controls I have one which I am looking at using to power a lifter for the spa pool cover
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