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  1. Hesitate to suggest it.... but could probably also make this work fuel rail wise, https://www.bosch-motorsport-shop.com.au/fuel-pressure-regulator-housing But the price is eye wateringly unafordable for what it is!!!! Radium offer a nice adapter which has a port for the FP sensor.
  2. Thanks for setting out the FP versus injector duty cycle considerations. That was an interesting read. The external AFR option, usually mounted remotely to the fuel rail is also a space hog. Prefer something neat and OEM like the Bosch 4 Bar FPR. Might work for you if your current direction of travel with more injector duty time etc etc doesn't play out https://www.bosch-motorsport-shop.com.au/fuel-pressure-regulator-4bar Probably wont work in your application but this site offers a Bosch Regulator housing adapter that is designed for the Bosch FPR. There are probably similar
  3. Nope not mine. These pictures show one of mine. The Side view shows the Lightened Fly on right. All the balancing boss' and approximately half the back side of the fly removed to reduce weight and then re balanced. My effort is just a KLZE in a Presso.
  4. The K8 is the lightest (Marked up as K8-01 in the attached picture). The other is a KF for comparison.
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