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  1. Haha no worries, being a full frame chassis there aren’t many places you can’t jack from. Here’s Mr Toyota’s recommendation though.
  2. I have to admit, I do like the fake wood panel on the tail gate. Cool looking wagon man! I only just saw your question regarding that 1uz sorry. It's prob too late but that is the one you need for the Crowns, a uzs131 1uz. It's a true mid-sump with squished R/H header to clear the steering box. It's also got the slip yoke on the trans if you want to keep the auto.
  3. I had a close call the other day! A rather high truck popped its tow ball bang into the center of my tail light, no panel damage thankfully. They agreed to sort it out and paid for a set of brand new rear lenses to be shipped over. In the mean time I had 1 old L/R lens on the shelf so I could keep on driving. We've managed to put 8,000km on the old girl in the 6 months she's been back on the road! Up and down the South Island with no problems so far. I've probably been a bit hard on it in my excitement because the clutch is feeling like it may need replacing soon, might pay to b
  4. Bit of a shakedown run out to Lake Sumner over the weekend. Back in her natural habitat, gravel roads. Went like a champ!
  5. Awesome car. I love that the gasket looks like it's for a 4 cylinder Briggs.
  6. @KKtrips You're a champion, thanks heaps!
  7. Big thanks to all you helpful folks on here! Quick question, cc rating on my cert plate has a typo. Should I bother getting it updated, or not worth the hassle? It should read 3968cc.
  8. Done! I took my kids around the hills last night and it blew their minds! They can't remember a time when it wasn't stuck in the garage so it was pretty cool. Big thanks to all you folks on here, you've been a huge help with advice/parts/motivation! Future plans are to finish tidying up the little bits of rust, throw in a 3.9 rear end that @Barnz.NZ helped me out with, maybe pop on some fender mirrors and debate if she should go low... But for now its time to eat up some miles!
  9. So I swapped out the ancient genuine Toyota pads that obviously weren't up to the job with some Ferodo's and also changed the brake fluid to something a bit overkill. The brakes were completely different after that, so much better. They were able to bring the old boat to a stand still from 100kph in under 4 seconds consistently, and cert man was happy. I've been filling time waiting for the plate by making up new brackets to fit my old Cressida visor and throwing on some clip on white walls for the complete sleeper look! Hopefully the cert plate will arriv
  10. Thanks man, that’s much appreciated advice! It’s got stock vented rotors so I’ll definitely try and get some better pads and try to hit those times!
  11. Stoked! He was very happy with everything, the only issues being the brake booster vac hose needs to be to spec and the brakes start to fade half way through the cyclic brake test. I'll try some fancy brake fluid & maybe different brake pads, but he did say the first 2 applications were up to spec so I'm hoping I wont need to go crazy. Worst case I do have a spare disk rear end from a MS112 I could use which might help. All things considered I'm very happy with that result.
  12. Last job before cert was the dash lights. I joined the tail warning & headlight warning lamps together to make space for an engine check light. The current symbols are etched onto clear plastic so I couldn't clean it off. My father in law came to the party with his new engraving machine that he was playing with over the lockdown. After he drew up the new design and calibrated it he got a great result! Only problem with a good job is no one will ever notice it And she's done! Off for cert to see what I've missed, hopefully it's not a large list!
  13. I haven't had much experience with panel repair, and it shows! But its now rust free in the important parts and I think I'll be able to clean it up to a paintable state after cert. This corner has been bothering me for a long time so its nice to have it sorted. You can see where the water was sneaking in at the bottom of the C-pillar and keeping the whole R/R wheel arch damp. I've used a syringe to squirt Rust Converter into all the gaps incase there was some rust I missed.
  14. No worries! Glad it helped. I certainly like it so far.
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