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  1. Congrats on the purchase! I've done a quick scan of the charging system section & the radio section. No info regarding speaker removal but i can run you through that if you like, just PM me. I am keen to get the whole lot into PDF, when that happens it will be up here. For now here's a link to the 2 sections: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fzJmHisp1K75IAeEkB7hEhEP93Ja0T7T/view?usp=sharing
  2. Man, I might need to get one of those! I wouldn’t have guessed half of them...
  3. I work with @JustHarry at Auto Restorations. We do see some pretty cool cars come through
  4. Cheers guys, yea I was surprised to se electronic ignition is available in 6v positive earth. Although regular breakdowns are a great way to teach the kids about car maintenance!
  5. I've found this thing great as a daily! It's easy to drive through town, gets parks easy, uses almost no fuel, seats 4 adults and is also good for runs to Bunnings. The problem with driving it daily is you have to watch out for the other muppets out there. I had a Tiida give me a little nudge in the rear in town. He must have known I couldn't catch him because he took off the other way never to be seen again. Fortunately Classic Cover were great and it was all sorted through work without any probs. It was also a good excuse to cut and polish the paint to see how good it could get. It came up better than I was expecting! Although I'm aware I'd better not get the car looking too nice, this thing is too much fun to park up in a shed again. Next winter the engine may come out for some oil leaks, a shuddering clutch and refit that crank handle, but for now we are just going to drive it and keep fixing any issues that pop up.
  6. After getting the WOF and the bloody cheap rego we took it all over the place, slowly increasing the distance from home as breakdowns became less frequent. Over the last 6 months I've had to replace the intake gasket and carb needle & seat. The points burn out regularly, I think the New Old Stock condenser is too Old. The front dampener fell off and the crank handle fell out. Various other components have come loose so a regular tightening of everything was needed for the first wee while. The fuel sender float would slowly fill up with fuel, that took a few goes to plug up. Other than that i changed out all the fluids & adjusted the brakes a few times as they settled down. After all that we took it out to Oxford for the big snow they had. It did pretty well with the wife, 2 kids and the dog! It clapped out at 50mph with no issues. It was a bit sketchy coming home in the dark though, the 6 volt headlights don't do much. We took it out to Oxford a few times after that, and also dragged it up to Godley head. That one did stretch the thermo-syphon cooling system! The biggest cost came when the front tyres wore down. Turns out they were retreads from 1978, so they did pretty well. A pair set me back $400!
  7. The engine had a bit of work done 40 years ago, but only around 4000miles ago. After winding over on the crank handle it was obvious it only had compression on 3 cylinders. Luckily it was only down to a stuck valve. Next was fuel. The tank had a quarter of rotten gas so it came out and I gave it a thorough steam clean. The fuel pump diaphragm was stuffed so a new one went in. Then no spark due to stuffed points and condenser was sorted. After that and a new battery and she flicked into life pretty easily. After that it was just a case of cleaning some switch contacts, getting new keys cut, wiring up the generator correctly and getting a WOF sticker on.
  8. Discussion here... As mentioned on another thread, I picked this up the other day. It was restored by a character by the name of Burt Williamson some time in the early 70's. He loved the thing and made a very detailed diary of all the little modifications and repairs he did on it. He then had the diary copied and bound for the other Austin boys to reference for their repairs, a true Barry. When he passed in the 80's my wife's Grandfather took it on and got a few thousand miles on it. When he passed in 2001 the family weren't sure what to do with it so it was parked up. That's when I said it's about time it was enjoyed, so I got the job of getting it back on the road. So 20 years after it was parked up, with air in the tyres from last century, I hooked up its little a-frame and dragged it across town. First was to give it a good clean. It was in really good condition from its dry storage, no real rust to speak of. The right side of the car took a little bit of UV so the rubber is a bit sad. The paint came up nicely after getting rid of the priceless barn find dust. So I'm slowly finding out more about these things. It's a '38 Austin 7 Ruby with the stronger 3 bearing crank & a 4 speed box. It even has syncros on 3 gears! The brakes are mechanical cable so no pesky hydraulics to overhaul. As you can see old Bert had thrown a few extras at her with indicators, a reverse light and an optimistic tow ball! Thankfully they had the presence of mind to keep the rego on hold all this time, so it's just a case of getting it running and get a WOF...
  9. I’ve done close to 5000km since last year, we’ve had it all over the island and it hasn’t missed a beat! The 4.1 diff was great for beating people off the lights, but not great for open road cruising... I had a lot of fun setting up my first diff. I had a spare f series and a 3.1 gear set, which I swapped in with new bearings, seal and crush tube. The new bits cost me around $300 from Toyota and ABD. After I swapped that in it dropped the rpm at 100km to 2800, much better. We also picked up a new project the other day on an A-frame, I’ll need to get around to posting that soon...
  10. @Codpiece hey man, I grabbed the seperate clutch pedal and pedal box out of a 1983 Toyota Cressida RX60. It pretty much bolted right up!
  11. Congrats man, you won’t regret going down this road! Happy to answer any questions you think of as you go.
  12. Haha no worries, being a full frame chassis there aren’t many places you can’t jack from. Here’s Mr Toyota’s recommendation though.
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