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  1. Bluebear01

    Bluebear01's 1937 International D-2

    Moving on with our leisurely pace, we removed the rear deck and lifted the cab off. So much wood in the body! It will make rot repairs easy, but I really hope we have no issues re-registering it. From memory if we can prove it was on nz roads long ago enough a wooden body will be fine?
  2. Bluebear01

    Michael's MS112 Crown hardtop discussion

    Love the crown! You’ve got me thinking of digital dashes now, so rad! I had no idea they had them that early in the crowns.
  3. Bluebear01

    Bluebears01's '83 Toyota Crown

    Cheers for that. Yea, super satisfying. You never know if the engine you're pouring hours into is a dud or not till you hear it bark. I'm pretty sure the main reason for doing the swap in the first place was for the noise.
  4. Bluebear01

    Bluebear01's '83 Toyota Crown

    My oldest was super excited, he's done quite a bit on it over the last 2 years. Stoked to finally get it moving! There is still quite a bit to do before it's on the road, but the motivation is very helpful!
  5. Bluebear01

    Bluebear01's '83 Toyota Crown

    Small update - got the rear brakes rebuilt & bled the system, first time I've had a brake pedal in 12 months. I also had the fuel bulkhead terminal arrive so I got the fuel pump all done & fitted. So nice & quiet in the tank! I did manage to make it move this weekend too! I'll try and get a video up some time...
  6. Bluebear01

    Bluebear01's '83 Toyota Crown

    Something I've been looking forward to for a year, putting the front back together. Luckily my two boys didn't go and loose all my bolts, and lots of pictures makes it so easy. The paint turned out nice too which is a bonus. Now the front is all bolted up the fuse box & wiring can go in, then I'll figure out the ECU wiring. I've got new neighbors moving in soon, might be making a good/bad first impression depending on their tastes. Maybe I should hook up the exhaust first...
  7. What an inspirational build, absolutely love your attention to detail with all the little things! Was the worry with the heater pipes to do with heater efficiency, or more to do with helping engine cooling?
  8. Bluebear01

    Bluebear01's '83 Toyota Crown

    I've gone front to back replacing all the old low pressure fuel hoses. I chopped the engine bay fuel lines a foot shorter to tidy it up, and I found a nice spot underneath for the filter. The fuel tank pickup hole is tiny at 45mm, but I've managed to fit the new electric pump to the pickup and squeeze it through. I've ordered a bulkhead terminal for power, then it's just pump wiring and the fuel system is sorted... Thanks for watching!
  9. Bluebear01

    Bluebear01's '83 Toyota Crown

    Coming up to 2 years since I got this engine, I'm hoping I can get it moving under it's own power this month. The engine is bolted in for the last time now and the gearbox crossmember is all sorted. The lengthened driveshaft fits beautifully, the clutch is bleed up and the pedal feels great! Next up is finishing paint on the front fenders & radiator support so I can put the dog box back together & rewire the engine bay. Getting painfully close to making some noise!
  10. Bluebear01

    Bluebears01's '83 Toyota Crown

    Cheers for that! If I was to guess I’d say the relay is in the engine bay fuse box. Don’t worry too much if it’s a pain. It shouldn’t be too big a job for me to trace the wires through.
  11. Bluebear01

    Bluebears01's '83 Toyota Crown

    Also, I don't know if most Crown people have already found this but I stumbled across it a few years ago. A really nice detailed write-up on a few MS112 Crown fixes. I don't know the guy but my guess is his name is Barry.
  12. Bluebear01

    Bluebears01's '83 Toyota Crown

    Wow, haven't checked this in a while! Cheers @Avenga! I'm currently sorting out an in tank fuel pump, and I noticed the wiring is there for an electric pump, even though this was always the carb model. It might be a long shot, but does anyone have a wiring diagram for the MS112 crown or know where the fuel pump relay/wiring is on the efi model? It might save me running a new circuit to the front. Cheers!
  13. Bluebear01

    Bluebear01's '83 Toyota Crown

    I've had to tweak the L/H manifold to get past the clutch slave, just rotated the flange by 90 degrees. I also made up the new clutch hard line. Engine mounts are done and bolted on for the last time. The new flywheel/clutch/bell housing combo had a weird issue where the thrust bearing would just about fall off the nose of the gearbox before the clutch was disengaged. I guess I could have spaced out the flywheel but I didn't like the reduced starter teeth engagement, so I ended up having the nose lengthened by 10mm by my local engineer. He made a nice job where the extension is pressed in another 10mm inside from the join, I feel much better about it now. I've just got to finish adjusting the pivot ball length & slave cylinder angle, then the whole lump should be ready to bolt in!
  14. Bluebear01

    Rules for PCV/Rocker Cover Vents

    Cheers for that link @Yowzer. I wish they had bothered to teach us that at tech, bloody interesting.
  15. Bluebear01

    Bluebear01's '83 Toyota Crown

    Haven’t done much over summer, but I have just about finished the mounts. I’ve had to give the engine a small tilt away from the steering box, I’m hoping any torque twist will be under 10mm, that’s about all the gap I’ve got. I’m getting the driveshaft lengthened by 110mm next week, it looks like the A series auto has the same yoke as the W55.