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  1. Bluebear01

    Bluebears01's '83 Toyota Crown

    I saw that! Looks like you're doing an amazing job with that car. I do feel a little guilty with how nice it fits so far.
  2. Bluebear01

    Bluebear01's '83 Toyota Crown

    Mount time! I didn't have much choice with engine positioning. I've got maybe 10mm ether side. I'll take a threaded casting off the steering box to give it more room. The steering center link means I can't go back any further without cutting the sump but the crank pulley already sits a little further back than the 5m did. The remote filter housing just clears the factory mount position, it'll be easy to change from underneath. The gearbox mount for a RNZ147 Hilux has a greater offset than the factory mount, bringing the auto cross-member close to its original position. With all that lined up the chassis mount position is about 90mm offset to the 1uz mount position. The engine mounts from an FJ40 fit really nice in the limited space, have limits to catch the engine if the rubber fails & also have a female thread on the bottom which will make installation a breeze. The Mount Shop were super helpful with tracking those down. My father-in law came by, took some measurements & drew up some sweet brackets to bring it all together. Looks much nicer than I would have cobbled together, should make for a tidy job!
  3. Bluebear01

    Bluebears01's '83 Toyota Crown

    Cheers man, I'll put that into the long term plan then.
  4. Bluebear01

    Bluebears01's '83 Toyota Crown

    Bugger! Have you had bad experiences with them? If it does go pop what would you recommend as a better fit? Cheers.
  5. Bluebear01

    Bluebears01's '83 Toyota Crown

    Cheers man, it's a blast having him as keen as I am. Lots of good memories for him hopefully.
  6. Bluebear01

    Bluebear01's '83 Toyota Crown

    I cleaned up my W55 in preparation for bits coming from NZAD. The aluminum that was covered in oil from the old 21R came up like new! I can't believe something designed for a 4cyl can happily take an 8. Then I tracked the courier like a hawk for this! The casting looks really nice, super happy with it. The kit from NZAD came with bellhousing, flywheel & clutch kit. I just needed to cut the ring gear off my flexi plate, heat it up & drop it on. Happy days. Measurements show the shifter lining up nicely with the factory floor hole. The bell allows for the fork to exit either side which will he helpful. Hopefully I'll sit this on the engine & drop it in this weekend. Then I'll know how close everything is going to be!
  7. Bluebear01

    My Toyota Crown 5m situation

    Found it! Dizzy, pickup, module, coil and spare module. I replaced my points dizzy with this after getting sick of replacing condensers all the time. It's yours for the price of a courier if you wanted to have a play.
  8. Bluebear01

    My Toyota Crown 5m situation

    I might have an electronic dizzy setup at home for the M, I'll let you know.
  9. Bluebear01

    Bluebear01's 1937 International D-2

    Cheers man! It is so refreshing working on this compared to the modern stuff.
  10. Discuss away on this old pile of pre-war rust!
  11. This old girl is an ex-military truck that has been in the family of a good friend of mine for a solid chunk of last century. It's only recently been pulled out from under the Macrocarpa it's called home for a few decades. The loose plan at this stage is to get it mechanically back to new, but keep it looking like it is now. Over the last few months I rebuilt the front brakes, replaced the wheel bearings & had the master cylinder re-sleeved. Today was a beaut day for getting more done. So many seized bolts though! Got both guards off & the steering linkages straightened/cleaned up. The front is back on the ground, next I'll tackle the rear brakes & fuel tank. It hasn't run in a bit, but does turn over by hand. I'll get the engine out for a look over after I get the body off. I do like the rat-rod look. I won't be going that way, but I can see the appeal. Anyone here play with these old things? Anything I should look out for? Cheers!
  12. Bluebear01

    Bluebear01's '83 Toyota Crown

    I was getting sick of tripping over the engine, so it's sitting in there till I get clutch/flywheel bits. It fits real nice, but I think I may need to take a tiny bit off the sump to give more room for the steering centre link. .
  13. Bluebear01

    Bluebear01's '83 Toyota Crown

    The callipers were in a bad way. Both pistons were frozen in and pitted, but Safe-R-Brakes managed to cross them over to a Mazda piston of the same size. Having the genuine pads was a life saver. It has all 12 separate anti-rattle clips, I think I was missing most of them. Should stop nicely now too! I see Repco has the Ferodo GP2 pads on clearance for $10 a set, anyone have experience with them being noisy/dusty etc? Thinking of getting some for the future.
  14. Bluebear01

    Bluebear01's '83 Toyota Crown

    The front brake rotors arrived outa Aus and they look good! Ended up being a real pain to get wheel bearings. All the remaining stock had been on the shelf so long it took me 3 goes to get some that weren't damaged or had bits missing.
  15. Bluebear01

    Bluebears01's '83 Toyota Crown

    Interesting, didn't know that. Cheers! So if I need to keep the same slight angle in this chassis it might be better to use the U2 bell housing cut/welded or with an adapter plate, rather than the NZ Automotive complete bell housing? Thanks for the heads up.