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  1. As long as you've got adaptors to go from 3xtiny to 4x114
  2. Perfect. 10 points for throwing a rod
  3. So an unconfirmed date is 24th September. Plenty of time to sort cars
  4. Maybe late august early Spetember. Depends on how excited everyone is and give everyone time to do an oil change on their SUs
  5. Looking for expressions of interest. I can organise a Saturday of power runs at Flame Performance of we have enough cars. 8 to 10 cars would be ideal. Would be around $100 per car for a few runs and a print out of the results. Probs sort a BBQ and what not and made a day of it. See if your Morris minor can crack 15hp.
  6. Doubt it but I know some GPS units do that. Provided you keep them uptated and the government keeps the online info up to date
  7. Major 2 are When were the injectors serviced last and has the IP had a rebuild. how difficult and rattelly it is on startup stone cold is a good test to see what itsb fuel system is like. then theres the usual of general servicing (oil, filters, coolant, etc). Those Era transits also use bolts to hold the manifold on which snap off in the head so an exhaust leak is a bit of a major to fix. There is a company here in christchurch called All Transit Parts which would be a useful contact for spares. Rear brakes trake a hammering for some reason too. I refuse to work on them now as most are neglected pieces of shit. Especially if theyre a camper van.
  8. I would be tempted to look at the power supply to the ignition. What vehicle? I've got a few old Nissan wiring diagrams that may help.
  9. I have had this issue with a couple of those 2E engines. The culprit both times was the transition circuit on the secondary barrel. It's a very small passage that lets a little fuel in just as the throttle plate cracks open so it doesn't lean out. It has a small air bleed at the top of it to help emulsify the fuel. When this air bleed gets blocked (which is very easily) the transition circuit can syphon out the fuel bowl into the manifold. While driving there is enough air going into the engine to keep going all be it run very rich. But at idle the fuel just pours in and fouls everything up. Appears to only happen when the carb is hot. Not sure why. Maybe the heat soaked fuel expands the right amount to start a syphon.
  10. As far as I know good silicon hose is more chemically stable and will resist fuel/oil better. It also doesn't go soft and expand with heat. One of those things that has its benifits with a performance engine but isn't worth the extra cost on a stock engine getting putted to the shops.
  11. What side of town is it on? If you really wanted to go whole ham I could run it through a prepurchase check at work.
  12. Have watched similar videos of starting bulldozers in the Canadian winter. Build fire under engine to pre heat it and hit battery with welder for extra cranking juice
  13. What sort of car is it? I work for a company called Classic Workshop in Ferry Road. We can quite easily carry out the work and source the parts. It will be done correctly and to a high standard but probably wont be cheep.
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