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  1. I went mountain biking around hanmer on a school camp. There was one particular track a small group of us went on which was a short very steep up hill then weaving down the side of the hill. We did it 3 times. First time we were all over the show, canning out left right and centre. Second time was a bit slower and cautious. And the final time we threw caution to the wind and flew down the track. One of the group went over his handle bars and somehow ended up receiving from the handle bar. He was walking wide legged the next day.
  2. I'm thinking of heading to the local beige food vendor
  3. Took the Crown Coupe for a cert today. Passed with flying colors. Its been a few late nights at work prepping it for scrutiny. Lets hope the plate arrives before Friday. Plymouth is out of the running with a leaky rear axle seal. Whats the boose supply like in Hanmer? Load the car before leaving or buy local?
  4. Shit a MS111 now that's rare. As far as I'm aware the only reason they exist is to use up the last of the 4m engines.
  5. Great to see another one of these being saved. What model is it? MS112?
  6. Is anyone coming up from Dunedin way? I need some parts bought up.
  7. just sent payment. @yetchh appears to have decided what vehicle I'm driving.
  8. got my shit sort of sorted and thrown an entry in finally. I'll have a spare seat or 3 if anyone needs a lift. It will either be Golf, Crown coupe, Mum's hilux, or if I'm feeling brave '29 Plymouth. Kinds depends on whats WOF, reg, and running
  9. I want to throw money at my Chrysler so this lot is up for sale.
  10. Shit I'm going to have to get the engine back in the crown wagon toot sweet. So aside from rituals involving pubes and a sussage fest in the hot pools, can someone give a newbie a 30 second rundown on what to expect?
  11. pretty sure there is a 1275 lump at the VCC parts shed at mcleans island.
  12. WOF time and one problem I hadn't fixed is the gauge light didn't work. Upon spending an hour removing the gauge cluster I was reminded some pratt had glued the gauge lights in with RTV. So the fix was to reinstate the original poverty spec gauge cluster and repair it with parts from the diesel one. I realized that of the wires that were cooked only 2 needed connecting up. A few hours work and I had my MPH gauge cluster with functional illumination installed in the car. Leaving mums place the first bump I went over the speedo light went out... bugger. The second bump set off lights and sirens in the car. turns out the oil pressure sender wire came off and grounded on the engine making the car think there was no oil pressure. The car got a wof and is now ready for another 6 months of driving and breaking down.
  13. Safety @cletus and @chris r need a little context with their harsh reviews of drum brakes. They are bloody good at bringing a moving mass to a grinding halt because of their large surface area. But suck at dissipating the resulting heat that builds up due to science. You'll find in a car with non-boosted brakes drums are better.... well for the first stop or two.