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  1. Carsnz123's 1984 Volkswagen Mk2 Golf 3 door

    Went for wof check. Got chucked out on an exhaust leak.Fixed that and got wof/rego. Welded a muffler in the back because the novelty of being loud and obnoxious has worn off. All sweet for daily use again.
  2. Carsnz123's 1984 Volkswagen Mk2 Golf 3 door

    Due to me still not having the Crown Wagon going road worthy yet and getting sick of burning almost $100 of fuel a week in the Crown Coupe the Golf is going to get some use. Problems to solve were: 1. Pissing oil everywhere 2. Pissing coolant everywhere 3. Dodgy cam belt as a result of no.1 4. Radiator fan not working properly 5. No wof or rego Oil and coolant leaks were solved with liberal use of RTV, 518, new crank and camshaft seals, and new gaskets. I removed the crappy single speed fan and retrofitted the 2 speed fan from the parts car. The thermo switch for the 2 speed fan actually works so no more manual switch on the dash. Turns out a cam belt for one of these is a shit of a thing to find and I got lots of nada from pretty much every autoparts store in Christchurch. Top notch bloke Bob at Stanmore road auto had one on the shelf though. With new parts fitted and the little 1.3 ticking over like a gold watch I took the car for its first drive in 4 months and didn't have to worry about it crapping out in the middle of the road. Hopefully it passes a WOF tomorrow. Pics (or lack there of)
  3. Tumeke's Wolseley 6/110 discussion

    You should see the place at the moment. Datsuns galore
  4. Tumeke's Wolseley 6/110 discussion

    You're welcome to borrow or buy my Mk2 golf. I need to fix the cam belt though. Might do that today and drive it for a bit.
  5. Got the engine back together and put a different carb on it. Couldn't help myself
  6. Much progress has happened. Made a list Then ripped the front subframe out of the parts car as I'm going to use it. The parts car also had an unexpected bonus in the form of Lumenition optical electronic ignition. While removing the exhaust I managed to snap all 3 studs off which then required the use of an acetylene torch to remove. Dealt with leaky core plugs also revealing lots of corrosion in the cooling jacket. I went oldschool and shellaced the fuckers in. They wont come out any time soon. The shellac bottle said "Caution Flammable" on it. Decided to put it to the test.
  7. Tumeke's Wolseley 6/110 discussion

    Drag that Humber 80 out of marshlands @Tumeke, plates off something live. Bobs your uncle.
  8. Tumeke's Wolseley 6/110 discussion

    Let me know when you find a quality British vehicle @Nominal
  9. Adoom's 1972 Triumph 2000

    If you need any parts there is several rusty 2k and 2.5k trumpets where I grabbed my Ceds from.
  10. MORE PICTURES!!!!! Went and picked up the 330 parts car. Got to have some unsupervised fun with heavy lifting equipment. Probably due an air filter And after an hour of fucking around IT RUNS!!!! The challenge will be having it ready for Nationals.
  11. Time passed and a rego on hold H330 turned up for sale. No motor and power steering box, plus a couple other bits missing but live plates. And lots of rust. The red Ced is going to donate it's motor for the short term and be shoved in a corner, Ive got to go pick up a parts car the has electric windows and a couple other goodies.

    Needs more GTE.
  13. Kirk28’s 330 280c caddy wagon

    Where did you find the guard badges?
  14. For some reason I've still got this and I finally found time to put it on the hoist. now time to change the oil. err how the fuck does this work? Hang on I've got an idea Almost got the fucking thing out 15 minutes later and the fucker is out. The new filter is a little shorter an went in without fuss. 14000k between changes... seems legit. Shit in the radiator seems a little rough too I had to get some coolant and fell prey to the $1 stand next to the counter. Now your car smells like Skyline? But its all class on the street
  15. Tumeke's 2.5 PI Trumpet

    @Tumeke Do you want a pretty mint spare front?