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  1. As a slight left field suggestion for an engine: Volkswagen VR6!! I thought of doing a vr6 swap on my MS117 but decided against it due to having a couple 5mge kicking around and a very limited budget. The main downside of a JZ is JZ tax.
  2. Slightly on topic sharn. Apparently it's common for the n54/55 bmw guys to run 100% methanol in their WMI setup when they've maxed out the flow of the high pressure fuel pump and want a bit more go. I've seen several of those installs and it's got methanol fire written all over it.
  3. I think I've got a book at work. Will check tomorrow. Other wise ring Erick at Automan Automatics. The main thing with a dynaflow is most of the gears are done on different vane pitch in the torque converter. There's 3 different types too from memory. What's it in?
  4. I believe it is possible to get a GVM lowered but requires some indepth engineering certificates to prove that it can't carry the weight that it's currently rated for. I recently (probably a year ago) ran a late 40s truck through reregistration. It had a 6.5 or 7 tonne GVM on it which was incorrect going off GM's specs from the era. Mainly non boosted brakes, section size of the chassis, and the number of leaves in the rear springs. There was also still an old loading certificate in the truck that said it was good for a touch shy of 5 tonnes. With the evidence accepted by NZTA the GVM was dropped which resulted in it being able to be driven on a class 1.
  5. 80s Toyota digital dash. Has anyone every fitted one to another model car or know how they function? I've got one out of a GA61 that I've had silly thoughts about fitting to my MS117. I suspect getting a face lift MS112 digi dash would be easier but that's some rocking horse shit spec parts. And even then I suspect electrically ill be in for some fun. The speedo is just a mechanical cable. I guess the tacho, temp, fuel runs off a signal fairly similar to the analog dials.
  6. Looks like I'm several hours too late to identify the engine. I've worked on a couple of those Sunbeam engines and immediately recognized it. But Ive never seen one in a boat. The poms did have a thing for marinising little car engines. We've got a BMC Vedette under a bench at work which is basically a BMC A series of 1098cc I think. Crank start, mag ignition, forward and back box attached to it. Cool little thing. The Vedette was built in many different marks based off an Morris 8/minor power plant over the years. Bruce at Mechanical Restorations Vintage & Classic Spares has a lot of parts for them if you get stuck. He's got a huge stack of NOS bits for a lot of pom stuff from that era.
  7. Thought I'd chuck a plug in for the second running Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac day in Christchurch. https://fb.me/e/59wiobZpW
  8. I was taught that a fuse can carry 80% of its rating happily. So 10a fuse will carry 8a all day. Going off that I usually fit a fuse 125% of the max load if a fuse isn't speced by the manufacturer. Another consideration is the wire size. No point fitting a 10a fuse to wire that can only handle 5a.
  9. They are a right pain to get off. A very sturdy puller is required and shock NOT HEAT. At my old job we had a unit like this which worked wonders. The middle bit is hydraulic. The puller we use at work for doing that job is a big hefty cast unit which you can pull up with a 50 40 inch breaker bar without worrying about bending it. Its got solid striking face to hit with a decent sized hammer. Squirt CRC up the keyway. load it up hard with a bigger puller then solidly strike the centre of the puller with a decent sized hammer. make sure you have the nut loosely screwed on the end of the axle to prevent the puller shooting across the workshop.
  10. Talk to motorsport wiring guys and its quality crimp all the things. Solder is brittle and fails etc. you can get snazzy spendy cripms with a serial number son when one fails you know which employee to yell at. /more ling
  11. As long as you've got adaptors to go from 3xtiny to 4x114
  12. Perfect. 10 points for throwing a rod
  13. So an unconfirmed date is 24th September. Plenty of time to sort cars
  14. Maybe late august early Spetember. Depends on how excited everyone is and give everyone time to do an oil change on their SUs
  15. Looking for expressions of interest. I can organise a Saturday of power runs at Flame Performance of we have enough cars. 8 to 10 cars would be ideal. Would be around $100 per car for a few runs and a print out of the results. Probs sort a BBQ and what not and made a day of it. See if your Morris minor can crack 15hp.
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