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  1. What engine are you putting it on out of interest? Bigger air jet means leaner at top end. Isn't unusual to have a larger one on the primary for fuel economy at cruise and having the secondary jetted richer for power under load. I'm keen to see how it works for you. I've got a couple Chinese dcoe 45s coming for a project. I've had issues of rubber components in Chinese carb kits not liking our fuel and swelling in the past. So wondering what these carbs will throw my way.
  2. Might pay to repair the trailers spring before hand.
  3. Not 100% sure that throwing 300KG on the front end is a good plan. / may as well stuff an LD in there
  4. something Chinese. I got it second hand off a mate of mine. seems to go hard with that stuff. MA is water soluable to you can blast it off with the hose.
  5. https://www.cleanerswarehouse.co.nz/ these guys sell a kero based degreaser called MA. its what ive got in my parts washer. its about $100 for a 20L container
  6. I know there is another one at the christchurch VCC barry shed
  7. I did a similar trick with a lowered E34 540I but the whole side came off the ground with the jack just behind the front wheel. Really stiff cars those E34s. The cronw coupe flexes badly for something with a full chassis. Can barley get the doors open and closed on a 2 post hoist.
  8. Buick turbocharged those engines in the 80s with good results. Or get a superchizzled one and swap whiny boi for spoolie boi. Look up what the yanks do with the buick V6. It's madness
  9. Ah yes, honda bike service intervals. Oil every 1000k and filter every 3000k. Gets spendy when you're using it every day.
  10. Fuel pressure reg? Clamp off the return line and see what happens.
  11. As a side note: Penrite say their GL5 oils are yellow and white metal friendly. And they recommend their 85w-90 for most older transmissions.
  12. Please help me comprehend why you would want to do that? If the car didn't have a cat to start with there is a good chance it will clog it in the space of 5 min due to not enough heat in the exhaust system. Most early cat cars ran really retarded ignition timing to help with this issue. from memory emission tuning for a 2.5 trumpet is like 2BTDC where normal is 10BTDC.
  13. Plz post pics of ensuing destruction
  14. Or do the ol rev the shit out of it and cover the top of the carb with your hand causing a massive vacuum in the carb pulling all manor of fuel and possibly crap in to the manifold. Will smoke out your garage possibly but can fix the issue in under a minute
  15. What car is it @tortron? Not because I've got useful info but curiosity. The early turbo Pulars were good for cracking behind the front door due to being a bit weak there. one good railway jump could warp them so ive been told.
  16. Similar to ford owners referring to Tudor and Fordor, that's just illiterate boomer speak. The W50 has been referred to as a Celica box for yonks and same with the W58 being called a supra box. probably the two most common vehicles they could be robed from. I was under the impression that the gear/worm on the output shaft of the gearbox stayed constant and the speedo drive gear varied when changing speedo ratios. sorry have no idea where the G box fits in the picture but id take a guess and say it would be similar to the W58 gearbox as far as speedo drive goes. Edit: just looked at the listing on their site and my guess is the corrector goes inbetween the speedo drive and cable. So really the info they're after is the thread size and core size of the cable. probs best to email them.
  17. Speaking of Minors and Marinas, do you have any contacts for new trunnions and uprights? seem to be getting in a few with stuffed suspension and parts are a shit to find.
  18. Yes and I perform such magic on a daily basis.
  19. How anal does one need to get as far as tyres go on a street car? like as long as they don't slip in the wet like Super Meows or are noisy and mushy like Hiflys, you're golden.
  20. The temptation to make an adapter to fit one of the DHLAs I’ve got is rather high. Would look funny as fuck too.
  21. Having trouble with Toyota M series carb shit. The engine is a M-J with the emission spec carb on it. It keeps leaning out in the transition between where the intermediate circuit stops being effective and the main circuit kicks in. It’s almost like the main is being a little slow at coming on. Upped the float height with little to no effect. Accelerator pump plunger is new. Even cracking it open slowly it gets to a certain point, Boggs down, then the main jet fires fuel in and away we go. There is a vac operated accelerator pump on the carb too for a little more enrichment when the engine is cold. I’ve rigged that to work when the engine is warm. Helps but still not enough. I’m at the point of stripping the thing down fully and getting it sonic cleaned in the hope there is some little passage that’s blocked which I missed with compressed air.
  22. Slight laugh is Repco brand dot 5.1 is cheeper than the dot 4.
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