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  1. The temptation to make an adapter to fit one of the DHLAs I’ve got is rather high. Would look funny as fuck too.
  2. Having trouble with Toyota M series carb shit. The engine is a M-J with the emission spec carb on it. It keeps leaning out in the transition between where the intermediate circuit stops being effective and the main circuit kicks in. It’s almost like the main is being a little slow at coming on. Upped the float height with little to no effect. Accelerator pump plunger is new. Even cracking it open slowly it gets to a certain point, Boggs down, then the main jet fires fuel in and away we go. There is a vac operated accelerator pump on the carb too for a little more enrichment when the engine is cold. I’ve rigged that to work when the engine is warm. Helps but still not enough. I’m at the point of stripping the thing down fully and getting it sonic cleaned in the hope there is some little passage that’s blocked which I missed with compressed air.
  3. Slight laugh is Repco brand dot 5.1 is cheeper than the dot 4.
  4. Have had quite a bit of work done by him. Never had one of his cams fail. Good engine assembly lube and good oil when breaking it in and you’ll be fine.
  5. Not sure if this is better here or in general but anyway. Carsnz123 has been a fool and bought a V8 E34 Bimmer. Among the European issues it has the wiper arm has attacked the screen a little. Has anyone tried polishing glass themselves and got any advice? or is there some OSGC in Christchurch with the gear who would do us a cracker deal? These Ali kits look the tits herzliche Grüße Fool With Euro Cars Again
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    Su carbs

    Sounds like youve got the incorrect needles. Your spring selection should be based on having the piston at full height at redline under load. TBH having a O2 sensor like the kits that 14.7 sell makes life much easier when setting carbs up on a midified engine. Also ensure that your mechanical and vacuum advance are working correctly. cant count the number of times that has screwed up tuning a vehicle.
  7. A series don't make enough power to break things. puhuhuhu
  8. There was a thing earlier in the year that they were going to modify the brake rules. Have you got any info on this?
  9. Yes It's a shit of a thing to machine. Freezing makes it easier and having an air supply to cool your tool helps. High rake angle and razor sharp tool helps a lot too. The boys at SAS or Autoline (I've forgotten who) here in Christchurch have someone who can machine bushes and I'm fairly sure hes based up your way. Might pay to ring them.
  10. Wurth Liquid Metal is the tits for shit like that. Is a grey epoxy that sets rock solid and sticks like shit to a blanket as long as the metal is clean and its got somthing to key into.
  11. @Beaver also check the voltage to your coil under cranking. Had it in the past with a valiant that was really hard to start. Only had 4V at Thebes coil.
  12. Check resistance in primary and secondary windings. They fail due to insulation breaking down. low resistance or very high resistance is bad. If engine stalls or is hard to start pour water over carb and fuel pump to cool them down. If it fixes the problem then your fuel is getting too hot.
  13. Was a bit of a sad day. I said goodbye to the R30 wagon. It's headed back up to where it came from and going to make a surprise visit to its previous owner who thought it would never see the road again. But don't worry the funds will be used for more fun with diesel swapped nissan/datsuns so keep an eye out
  14. My experience with Pertronix stuff is fixing poorly installed units and dodgy reluctor wheels. Unless you're running a well tweaked engine my general advice stick with the points. The number of people that fuck up fitting those kits is amazing. But cheep points like fuel miser are shit too. Good quality points and condenser in a distributor that isn't worn to hell will fire up no problems and run sweetly.
  15. The require servicing from time to time. I imagine its got dirt in the mechnism
  16. I’m not allowed to see VQ timing chain apparently
  17. Chrysler didn’t this for testing for the cross ram engines. My Forman has shown me pics of a mechanically injected 265 with a similar setup that was in a jet boat. Was quite a Rocket aparently. Used centrifugal weight to push them out.
  18. Isn't there a formula for working out the curve of a velocity stack bellmouth? similar to that of how they work out sizing of trombones and of the like.
  19. The quality of Fenix was obviously better then. They're shit now. Stay faaaaaarrrrrrrr away from them. Will fail in less than 6 months.
  20. Hey @cletus, this is the cert tag on a 180sx at a dealer. Would the fact that the the model hasn’t been inputted incorrectly be an issue? Resulting in you being reasonable in requesting it be fixed if you were a prospective buyer?
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    Fuck really??? what sort of hourly rate are they charging? Pretty sure i was quoted less than that to blast an entire cedric shell after I'd steam cleaned it.
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    Would pay to get a quote for sandblast. Make sure its a company familiar with doing cars. Youll get 20 min into it with the wire wheel and realise its a massive ball ache.
  23. Hasn’t been one one yet. That’s the goal following TRDs bible. Need to go see damo with some money for new carbs. Nothing wrong with 20 year olds
  24. I'm sure @RUNAMUCK will pipe up soon with supercharger sharns and that the A series is the greatest engine second only to the Chrysler Hemi. You might also want to take driveability int to consideration too. I've spent $4k so far to make a toyota 3K push 150hp because I'm silly. Could easily do that with a 20V 4age for the same money, it would make power below 5000rpm, and probably last longer before needing an overhaul.