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  1. TIG seems to be the consensus. Now to work out exactly where I want the brackets and get it done. Thanks for your help gentlemen
  2. When the bracket is fixed to the motor its screws into a larger plate which is fixed to the firewall (all the fan and half of the motor is behind the firewall is the ventilation ducting) hope that makes sense
  3. Hi All, I've been pottering away at this for over a year now basically making up some replacement heater motors for the Jag. I've basically got everything done but I'm a little hesitant when it comes to attaching the mounting bracket to the motor. I reckon this can't be welded due to the electrical stuff inside the motor (theres two big half doughnut magnets glued inside the circular housing - I might be able to remove the rest of the innards) I had been planning on epoxying it but wasn't sure I'd be able to get a good key on both parts (or if it would stand up to weight / momentum of the
  4. looks like a beaut day, I'll have a trawl around for a few hours today - might pop in and say hi
  5. Don't worry I think the range went up to 200 - 220 around town with a new carb on it
  6. Your Jag reminds me of the improvements made to the Quadrajet on my Jags old V8. Choke plate removed and holes drilled through the secondaries plates. Used to get 120km out of a 50L tank
  7. I've got some lying around if you still need them....
  8. Opps missed last night - and i was just sitting on the couch too
  9. Looks like a break in the resistance wire about 7/8 of the way up (this should be continuously wound from top to bottom) this will be why there is no reading. I assume the wire can be rewound. Head off to Parrots to get it repaired - let us know if you get the helpful guy or the grumpy bugger* * grumpy bugger may be only be available to jaguar owners
  10. My old Headmaster is convening the swap meet. I wonder if he still wears roman sandals, walk socks, stubbies and a tie?
  11. This is correct - I tried to get the original plate back on my bike after this rule had been brought in. I couldn't as it had been re-regged with a new plate
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