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  1. Mk1 cortina

    Just my thoughts but could be a heater tap being stuck open thus not stopping the water flowing through the heater matrix?
  2. Rich1179 1972 rover P6 3500S

    Well it drove to work for the first time today... needs a new clutch as its slipping bad under acceleration.
  3. Rich1179 1972 rover P6 3500S

    Ok long delay but another update, firstly big thanks for all the help I managed to get a new front wing (being installed arfter lunch). Ok on to things I have done... first I found this loverly range rover discovery with an itty-bitty 3.9 in it. All other parts are available if anyone here needs them... secondly I have just rebuilt the old 4 speed as yet to find a 5 speed that will work. Also the rover 3.9 got fitted with the front dress off the p6 however I'm using the discovery pick up and sump (extra oil). Still haven't been for a test drive but sounds angry.
  4. Rich1179 1972 rover P6 3500S

    Ok sorry for the late reply, firstly had a good night at the Auckland meet a couple of months ago since then had a few things come up. A ) breaks are good until they are on gravel... B ) once on gravel they lock the wheels and you end up in the side of a levin... C ) levin doors are no match for a front right corner of a P6. so yea basically just got a shipment of new panels to replace the front corner with a new light fitting as the current one is permanently attached to the wing now... as a side note i have a new T5 box and a 3.9V8 to replace the 4 speed that may or may not have 10mm of play in the output shaft (that may explain the dodgy speedo...) It will be ready for Nats promise...
  5. Bigfoots daily wagon of slam

    So no Celeste? I'm guessing the fact you did not fit too well in mine put you off
  6. Rich1179 1972 rover P6 3500S

    next update, had to rebuild the calipers again grrrrr damn no longer stocked piston seals, any who rebuilt now and also ordered a kit for the front 3 pot calipers. still got my eye out for a transmition as i need to fix the release bearing anyway so may as well use it as an excuse to upgrade. hopefully next update will be quicker than this one.
  7. Rich1179 1972 rover P6 3500S

    Been a couple of days but calipers are rebuilt and got some new lines too so tonight will be the fun job of refitting, bleading and testing. Fingers crossed they will adjust up this time.
  8. RICH1179 1972 ROVER P6 3500S

    tbh its not a huge issue and the rear axle is under the fuel tank on a rover, any way think its like 3 bolts to drop diff on the rover due to the strange DeDion set up. but may look into an access patch if i can line it up
  9. Rich1179 1972 rover P6 3500S

    another day another post, so its been 1 week since i collected the car. tonight we tackled the rear calipers, easy way of getting them out is to drop the diff, damn inboard disks. anyway striped them both down and found they where at the limit of adjustment and both pistons where weeping so order new o rings and pads tomorrow. also found i need a new front to rear line and a new set of rubber lines all around... 45 years takes its toll
  10. Rich1179 1972 rover P6 3500S

    Got carb and manifold last night, not sure when I'll fit it yet though. Tryed a test drive last night and found the rear calipers are not adjusting up. So yay more rebuild kits
  11. Rich1179 1972 rover P6 3500S

    Fixed miss fire and now she is growing at my nabors time for the cosmetic and clean up. Oh and a carb on a duel plane manifold.
  12. Rich1179 1972 rover P6 3500S

    Well finaly got it to fire up. Still running points and the stock carbs. Sounds like shit but that may have something to do with the single cherry bomb in the exhaust and lack of a cylinder
  13. Rich1179 1972 rover P6 3500S

    day 3 update just ordered an electronic ignition kit, points are shot and kit should be next day to here. suspect faulty/ blocked carbs so hunting down a aftermarket kit, was sort of planning this from the start as my dad has shown interest in the carbs for his jag... evening entertainment tonight is looking through trade me for an ignition switch to replace the botch job i currently have n the dash and some other interior goodys
  14. RICH1179 1972 ROVER P6 3500S

    Thanks mate
  15. RICH1179 1972 ROVER P6 3500S

    Hey anyone know the points gap on a old rover v8? Thanks