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  1. OK so no surprise they both failed. Anyone know a good exhaust shop in wellsford area to shut the rover up a little bit? Thanks
  2. Well, 2 cars going for wof tomorrow lest see how much of a list they come back with
  3. Maybe next year I'll have got these done
  4. You know it's got real when they are all inside
  5. Hey it is no question about that... Needs more boost though to get its 12.9 quarter time again but idk if I'll have time to get and fit a controller. Also rover has a new heart this year so no longer has a tired old 3.9 from a disco... Nice new 4.6 with cam hopefully the wof guy doesn't notice/ gives no cares
  6. Well you are welcome to buy it then pedal it every day but honestly I'll see got a mate who is keen to take it down too haha.
  7. The race is on to get my cars back to wof level.... Civic has failed on a couple of things. Celeste and rover booked in for Monday
  8. I defiantly wont be there but will the car be ready for drag racing next month... we will see, civic needs a new pair of shocks and wheel bearings. then rover and Mitsubishi needs to go for wof... hope they pass
  9. we will see.. work is hectic so will see how i go
  10. Perfect may have time to sort wof points
  11. So tomorrow original place? may swing by in the civic now its running and i can pretend its 2018 (wof says it is)
  12. hey never know may even have a V8 scorpion by then
  13. this is something i'm keeping an eye on.. never had any of my cars on a track... some maybe fast others i don't trust
  14. Stage 4: the engine. its tired, blowing more smoke than my grandfather and taps like Gene Kelly. So tbh i have been planing the engine swap fro a few months now, First i brought a whole land rover for the 4.6L V8. (yes that is another 3.5 and a Honda city turbo engine in the background) while stripping this down i was looking at cams and found a hot auckland cams cut that stated "Needs increased compression ratio" and well that is like saying go nuts. so i looked around at how rover mad both the 4.6 and 4.0l engines have the same 9.35:1 ratio. I then found that the only difference is the pistons and this is how they made the 8:1 ratio low compression ones. so well i brought a 4l bottom end so with my maths if the 4.6 pistons in a 4l block lower the compression ration then the 4l pistons with a 4.6 stroke will raise it to about 10.75:1 (only 0.25:1 higher than a stock 3.5L P6 engine) perfect armed with a box of bits that i got just befor lock down I have started the clean up process (Rods and pistons chilling on a jag) as a touch of madness hit... i removed the spot welds on the front rad support... less angle for the v8 to get in and out of the bay then i got bored and well may have made a starter fit in the body as the solinoid did hit the chassis... not no more with a slight tweek to its angle And some new mounting holes well now you are up to date hopefully more to come soon