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  1. Cool. Think we might book in a cabin at the mount holiday park if anyone else is crashing in towel ronger on the Friday night
  2. @HighLUX any indication on when we’re gonna kick off on Saturday? Just tryna toss up whether to head up Friday or up the guts Trev it Saturday morning from HB
  3. Entered! hope you guys are reading for punishing boomer adv chat
  4. the ol' three year old thread dredge. Long sold now sorry champ. The guy i sold it do did a fair bit of work then flicked it on to a guy further north. No idea where it would be now. Id also like to buy it if you track it down!
  5. that looks lush as fuck. self sufficient man camp for all
  6. Bring that pest @Geophy with you, he’s due to get his name on a register down here
  7. blardy leg end mate! be good to see ya. Lemme know if you need a place to crash or anything
  8. Woops forgot about this and got re-stoked. deffs upgrading to Xr250 for this and boomer ADV’ing wtb: bark buster givi top box and garman gps
  9. Tell your sister https://facebook.com/events/s/hawkes-bay-small-bike-ride/489607441967796/?ti=icl
  10. OS boes, i have semi organised a group ride aimed for small bikes on Saturday feb 15, 2 weeks away. Most may have seen this on moped Nz Facebook page but if not come on doooooown. proposed route HERE from Facebag page Anyone in or around the Bay come for small bike pest, where we will sample the finest of Hawke’s Bay. The ride will begin at the pools carpark by the port entry, meeting from 9:30 and leaving at 10. We will ride down Marine Parade then a few back roads to Havelock North, climb to the top of Te Mata Peak and marvel at some delicious views. Then carry on through Hastings CBD, along Omahu Road and a wee loop through the Puketitiri Hills back into Napier. Then conclude with a few how ya garns at Shed 2 on West Quay. The ride is just under 100kms and with a few stops to regroup and refresh should take 2-3 hours ish. There is the opportunity for bonus gravel road riding or extending the route if enough interest... or if you wanna hang around for the weekend then we can drum up another ride somewhere! I can potentially provide some accommodation for out of towners and a place to park a few trailers/vans/utes etc This will be a good chance to come and meet some other small bike pining weirdos, have a few beers and enjoy the lush roads and scenery that Hawkes Bay has to offer. The ride is aimed for small bikes less than 250cc. But we wont discriminate if you wanna hang out on your big boy bike. Open to suggestions on changes to the route or other roads to ride! I have left the ride relatively short for those on smaller bikes and kept off highways as much as possible. There will be a fair bit of open road riding so make sure you own the road, but being respectful to other drivers etc. but you already knew that. Got any questions just holla at me!
  11. whats the best way to test the module? pull it out and test resistance ? alternatively how could i test fuel pump without dropping tank etc ?
  12. lel i am proficient in choke operation m9 google says electric. looks like its an in-tank pump and i just filled it up. womp
  13. my EF civic does this weird intermittent thing where it dies as soon as you disengage the key/starter. only does it sometimes, and you can keep the revs up and sometimes save it or hold the key on and keep the starter winding and it sorts itself out. this morning i had much trouble getting it to start and when it did it cut out a few times before i managed to save it with a bit of choke and mashing the throttle. I dont think its a usual culprit like a vaccuum leak or carb issue cos the car runs fine once it starts up (eventually). Am i right to suspect it may be the fuel pump? Google has suggested the ignition module as well but im leaning more towards fuel pump being a lemon anything else to check? anyone had similar issue? D15B motor.
  14. After getting my cushy posterior punished on Te Ureweras, i decided to look further into the suspension department. the rear has like 0 travel in those old shocks, might as well be hard tailed jim. So when a mudbug came up for wrecking on trademe, all i could think of was how cool this would look with those quintessential yellow springs on the rear. Took a punt and wanged them on. they are in average condition but what mudbug isnt? popped the standard suspension mount bushings out and swapped them into the mudbug shocks and was direct bolt on m9 country calendar theme plays