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  1. yea brand spanking clutch cable which ive made plenty of adjustments to. What ive noticed is with the bars being very low, my cables like to kink up behind the headlight and along the frame. need to swap out for some higher rise ones which may help as well. yep though i may as well replace em, may smash a couple washers in there as well for max tightness.
  2. Little bit of progress on this thing, has been a bit of a one step forward two steps back type operation. Have taken this for a few test rides so far. Can confirm it goes hard for what it is. should try track down a go pro for some gnarly helmet cam footage and wind noise. Two problems have arisen since riding this thing; One, it is wayyyyy too rich. It is flooding the bike and wont start. I have adjusted the needle and running std main jet size, so the mid range and WOT feels okay, but it will not idle. The pilot jet is sadly mashed in there and seized, not even an ezy out could extract it. going to have to drill it out and tap the thread again, so need to track down a tap for the appropriate thread pitch. Then will smash std size pilot in and start tuning from scratch. Two, the clutch slips. Well, not really slips, but the disengage is very delayed, you change gear and about 5 seconds later the clutch releases and finds the intended gear. ugh, cases have to come apart again. So last night i pulled motor apart and the clutch plates looked okay, hard to tell if worn but they were pretty thin at 2.5mm. No worries i thought, i'll just swap the plates out from my low kms replacement motor. yeeeeea im probably gonna go ahead and not use those.... So this is where i am. now waiting for a clutch birthday parcel - springs and friction plates from Yambits. Bout a week turnaround for shipping. But i have made progress where it counts, with the installation of the world's most vital and MUST-HAVE ADV accessory - the Aliexpress dart pouch, the PPSC weapon of choice for securing your Winny Blues on long rides.
  3. I hope you have a Bluetooth speaker mounted to adv GN, blaring the entire trip playlist consisting of life is a highway born to be wild 500 miles
  4. Less than three months away ill start packing How’s everyones progress going?
  5. ho ho hoooo park your peepers to the 500m mark and check out the latest edition of RX125 escapades As previously mentioned, carb has been doing mega wees out the overflow of the carb bowl, and i set out to rectify this problem. Well fuck me dead this drove me up the damn wall. no matter where the floats were set, it would leak out the overflow. i had two carbs to test out, and both leaked when i put fuel through them. There's not much information on these bikes on the innerwebs. seems they have been forgotten/no one gives a fuck about them enough to put any decent info up online. the closest spec i could find was 21mm float height. After setting both carbs to this height i was still getting wees all over the motor. adjusting the float height either way by bending the brass tab was not changing anything. Only way it would stop leaking was if you set the floats so high that the needle valve was closed all the time. This should have raised alarm bells to me... turns out the overflow tube in the float bowl was loose - meaning any amount of fuel in the bowl would wee out the overflow. perhaps in the ultrasonic clean this had been rattled loose or it was like that beforehand. I guess the other carb i had had a fucked needle/seat which was giving me a false negative type set up. So yea have a video of it running nicely all on its own, no choke no leaks! it does a tiny dribble out the overflow which can be solved with a little fine tuning of the float height, but stoked that its holding its fluids like a big boy. NANGS Can someone whos not a spoon like me embed it haha Only a few minor jobs to do - free up sticky throttle cable - fit joiner elbow thing to airbox/carb and tune properly - get all lights working properly etc - get a mirror - take it for a decent spin - revin!
  7. tents sites booked for both nights for the PPSC 65th regiment. Ready for hilarious $6 tent eminent failure fizzing like a dropped pepsi
  8. had a new one to go in but it was in there quite loosely, i will strip it down once again and double check everything.
  9. by gee by jingo by crikey, i have been beavering away for a few weeks smashing out some work on this bad boy. Made some good progress, accumulated all my parts and proceeded to smash it all together. Assembled front brake, bled system and got the front end fully fitted. The aliexpress master cylinder feels like garbage to in all honesty, but still more inspiring than the original excuse of a master cylinder they came with. I then proceeded to reassemble the rest of the bike. Motor went in no dramas, but shag me sideways, there are some things on this bike that drive me bananas. the exhaust has a small stud which located on a tab at the bottom of the frame. usually most of these bikes bolt up to the cylinder and then a support to the swing arm bolt, but this extra stud/locator thing makes fitting this exhaust a cunt. The footpegs also have to come off for removal of zorst, and those are also a pain in the ass to remove. But alas, we pushed on and got the bitch back together. To be completely honest these bikes are so much more pointlessly complex than its competitors, honda cb125 suzuki gp125 etc. While i was in p naughty for swap meat, i popped over to see @Flauski and he gave my carb a hoon in his ultrasonic cleaner. Turned out grouse. I then smashed a carb rebuild kit in it and slapped it on the motor. lastly was a new chain, and the bike was back together for the first time in 6 months! i proceeded to get it running, and it would idle all on its own which was great, but the carb leaks badly, so investigation is required. But sounds healthy, throttle response is acceptable, and the smell, oh by crikey the smell of mineral 2 stroke being consumed at an alarming rate. pretty stoked at how far this thing has come, just need to finish putting bits on like the clutch cover, button cables up and do a bolt check, then take it for a hoon!! pinch me im dreaming.
  10. Owning this thing has been very fun! On my first day of ownership i thought i'd go for a ride with some tractor and saddlebag enthusiasts down Central Hawkes Bay to the Patangata Tavern for a shandy and sharn. After fueling up, the battery died on me which i thought was odd. at least i had plenty of big hefty harley riders to give the only japanese bike in the group a push start. I quickly learned that these bikes do not like running with a dead flat battery. After a while it wouldnt even push start, which left me stranded somewhere on highway 50. thank god for AA plus! The previous owner had told me the bikes battery would go flat after a while if not riding it often, these old bikes tend to have pretty tired charging systems so didnt think much of it. Didn't realise it would shit the bed within a day of owning it... Started with the regulator/rectifier. a quick diode test showed it was chooched. A second hand article was had from a wrecker in chch. The bike now held charge, but every time it started up it would blow the main fuse. I found some helpful info on the GS resource forum, which helped me diagnose a faulty stator. A common issue with these bikes, as they are tiny, dont get a lot of cooling from oil in the cases and are just generally shit. tracked down a local replacement. Its a Ricks Motorsport Electrics aftermarket jobby. the thing is super beefy and has like double the copper windings on it than the factory article. Now just waiting for a gasket for the stator cover and can finally start getting some more miles on it! yay for old shit
  11. $6 tent from the warehouse acquired! Any tips on how to waterproof it will be greatly appreciated
  12. Bike prep is going good. Might take it for a test ride this weekend And by ride I mean sit on it and make nang noises
  13. Keen to come along, was Ken for Hawke’s boes in my now native area but NP is lush and full of symmetrical mountains