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  1. wow, massive chub forming for this. in the words of sumpson, registered like a sex offender. hey @DoBro Jesus me and markku would be very keen on enquiring if any of the wounders fleet would be available to make this a more interesting trip. you can ask Als mum for a reference on how i treat other dudes rides
  2. Yea keen to put together a rag tag crew of poorly organised individuals to drive one of the wounders blue smoke machines across the Amuri Plains in search of PGs and Irvine’s pies
  3. Keen. Let me know if you need a hand with admin stz @Truenotch is no doubt also keen
  4. Great hardbody, great magnet, even greater Pro-Lift jack. That is all Edit: enjoy your new page, /Ling out
  5. Yea man, not identical but a similar setup. We are dealing with hatch which has slightly different covers and few more things to dismantle to get to it. A hoist would be ideal
  6. thanks mate. had a crawl under the thing and identified the black box which contains the sack, held by 400 different types of elaborate plastic screws which i will no doubt need a specific tool to undo then break 10 of them which cost 8.99 plus GST each. chahoo
  7. who are our resident frog enthusiasts? gf's 2007 peugot 307 hdi is giving us dpf additive low warning on dash. my first question, is there a dpf reservoir under the car somewhere we need to top up, or can we biff in an in-tank additive to make the environment okay again? and secondly, what kind of additive do we need? google saying eolys, but cant seem to find any nz suppliers of this shit? google is not definitive with answers, and shes tried a few garages and both have said cant help ya sorry gotta go to peugot dealer. would appreciate any help as modern euro diesel is making my head spin. thanks boes
  8. top of the Old Man Range. sent from Airbus A320 Carmichael at Anaheim 1!!! Watch him through the dragons back!!! Look out James Stewart on the Geico Powersports NBC110 makes a move on the inside! He might go for the triple here!! also fuck yeah. get a load of this big ass johnson of a rock Crew at the top of the old man. So much cheese.
  9. Moist morning mildew madness. piano flat was turbo lush. it begins!!!! me oh my i have enjoyed that yes boy Waiting for sumpson after he took a lie down wrestling the NBC through the ruts Adrian pickin the cleanest line through the worst bog
  10. The big fruit with the big fruit Nevis crossing on the Yamaha Big Wang 200 Somewhere on the Nevis, having a few man coffees and mystery meat tubes End of Nevis. Support wagon still a while away saving a Subaru Outback that took a drink in a bog Maggot sack set up in exact dogging GPS coordinates
  11. holy birthday cake batman, that was epic. gutted i couldnt get my shit together for the full hog, but even 2 days was enough to fizz the bung real hard. massive thanks to the support crew, Mof and his great organisation and leadership skills, and all the riders for being absolute GCs. was such an awesome crew good yarns good vibes. will post some pics up soon. was trying to take as many as i could but was too busy cheesing, a go pro is a must next year. Highlights in no particular order: Bart and the two hole turkey roast machine, see you round like a jaffa, using a subaru outback as a sledge reverse towing down the nevis hill, double browns in picturesque locations, jugs of speights, roadside gourmet bb grillers, Pet Shop Boys at 11pm at piano flat campsite, old man range rock steps, large phallic shaped rock on windy hill, damside snags. Basically you just suck if you didnt go
  12. Despite my best efforts. Sadly I will be doing a Blake jones and turning up on a not shitty old motorcycle. hey cheesing to ride bikes with some gcs tho, will probs try take heaps of pics vids etc. wondering if anyone has any spare accom in waikaia? If not I will biff the camping setup in. Looking forward to a few liquid sandwiches at the waikaia pub watching @RUNAMUCK run 15psi sharning about hilux surf rear windows !!!
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