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  1. ARE YOU AN ANGRY BOOMER ABOUT ALL THE CANCELATIONS OF THIS SISSY ASS PANSY VIRUS? BLARDY SNOWFLAKE GUBMINT MATE couple of us motorcycle enthusiasts are keen to do a ride now that nats and the brass monkey are cancelled. It will be pretty no frills, fend for yourself camping type setup. If this sounds like a bit of you please register your interest and try and salvage some joy in these trying, unprecedented times. will be predominantly lower north island based. More details on the route to be provided in due course. You should come and join a bunch of reckless boomers/internet weirdos tender regards
  2. so i ended up getting that 40L dry bag. This Givi one. shit its good. 150 clams was steep but man so worth it. name brand quality multiple little stash pockets and all of the boomer accessories. fits my tent, sleeping bag and bedroll in the no dramas. will be a bit of tetris to try and squeeze clothes and other essentials in there but i will make it no doubt. The beauty of the durable grippy material is that it sticks to the seat, and you can lean on it, making an extremely uncomfortable bike marginally more comfortable. Bring on some beach nangs in a couple weeks to shake this puppy down
  3. Who wants to see a boring maintenance update? everyone. Sweet, Cool. Okay here you go Hastings Honda provided the goods, and some divine sharns of how good these bikes went back in the day. Then they ended up selling me a front brake cable that was too short. even after swooning me with shit chat, and pulling out the genuine parts manual for the exact model I still got the wrong bits. That’s parts guys for you, I guess. In the the time I’ve owned it, I’ve shouted it new front brake pads, a new fuel tap to help with its obsession with fuel wees, an oil change with some fancy motul stuff, and this afternoon we checked and set the valves correctly. it goes pretty hard for what it is tbh, it’s doing a bit of power sweat out the head gasket and rocker cover, but if it wasn’t doing oil wees I would have been more concerned. ive still got to sort a storage facility on the back; in all essence I feel a 40L dry bag strapped to the pack rack will be plenty for what I’m trying to do on this bike. Im in full Brass Monkey prep phase at the moment. Mr. Lux’s BOP ride and Nats pesting should be pretty good trials for what works and what I will need to improve on for the big trip south. will it make it??? Stay tuned
  4. Boomersville Mount Maunganui wanted 3 night min stay so me and @00quattro00 are booked in at the Tauranga Tourist Park in towelronger city for Friday night. Feel free to come and pest about with us to build up our sexual tensions for the weekend
  5. Cool. Think we might book in a cabin at the mount holiday park if anyone else is crashing in towel ronger on the Friday night
  6. @HighLUX any indication on when we’re gonna kick off on Saturday? Just tryna toss up whether to head up Friday or up the guts Trev it Saturday morning from HB
  7. Entered! hope you guys are reading for punishing boomer adv chat
  8. the ol' three year old thread dredge. Long sold now sorry champ. The guy i sold it do did a fair bit of work then flicked it on to a guy further north. No idea where it would be now. Id also like to buy it if you track it down!
  9. Bring that pest @Geophy with you, he’s due to get his name on a register down here
  10. blardy leg end mate! be good to see ya. Lemme know if you need a place to crash or anything
  11. Woops forgot about this and got re-stoked. deffs upgrading to Xr250 for this and boomer ADV’ing wtb: bark buster givi top box and garman gps