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  1. Yeah think I’ll grab a few stogies for authentic log cabin shit yarn vibes strewth boys!!! This time next week we’ll be balls deep in the most serene place on planet earth. The bung is well and truly fizzing
  2. How much does that L plate weigh? Surely shave 25 grams ditching that
  3. Hack up a modern cb125 front guard?
  4. Camping setup much more refined than last years. Let’s get into it!!!!!!
  5. I’ll put you down for 5 pink pussys and a kung pow chicken jim
  6. im Sure miyagi will sense our presence as we travel towards the city /yea better book a table. We might disrupt the other 4 guests in the restaurant with our rambunctious yahoo’s
  7. Ppsc are camping at Thornton beach holiday park on the Thursday night if anyone wants to get their bum pre-squeezed. BYO stogies
  8. i dont have videos, just 'nam spec PTSD flashbacks to getting drenched while unpacking a $6 warehouse tent