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  1. SR241 is PPSC tyre of choice, i find them the best value for money dual sport tyre available. They are quite soft but they go really well on small bikes. SR244 is also a good option, bit of a beefier knob.
  2. Boy I can’t wait to see the look on mr miyagi’s face when we order 40 pink pussys
  3. bit of a /ling thread jack, but anyone wanting a good shakedown/cant wait til november to ride with a bunch of sweaty dudes, PPSC are organising a ride from the hawkes bay up to waikaremoana for an overnighter. looking at the last weekend of august, 29-30. if that sounds appealing to you just send a fax my typist Gladys and she can telex you an information pack.
  4. Yea that was probably the moistest 24 hours I’ve ever had, besides that weekend with Al’s mum. torrential thunderstorm, then hot and steamy night in $6 warehouse tent, made for a lot of condensation. would I do it all again? In a heartbeat
  5. Hmmm it’s June, should probably turn my non running motorcycle into a running one nah week before will be alright who else is camping this year ? Go on you know you want to...
  6. +1 for mt21s, we run em on our vmx bikes and I have the “rally cross” edition on my XL250R. they have a thick edge on the knobblies, you won’t be knee dropping like valentino but man they are so good in gravel and shit terrain
  7. Another project!! loooong whistle boys here she is the stock agent special, the Country Calendar theme humming, fonterra payout whinging, river polluting, gate closing pinnacle of agricultural motorcycling. This bike was actually my dads, he purchased it in 1976 and delivered newspapers for the wanganui chronicle, and general pesting round the Rangitikei region. He gave it to his pal to look after for a while when we moved house many moons ago, ol mate wants it gone now so i have come to snap it up. According to jim the bike ran when parked, however that was many haircuts ago. Its sat outside for a very long time, The motor is seized solid, so it will need a proper birthday once we get to that point. Today i started dismantling it and taking stock of what it needs... pretty much one of everything. Taking it apart had its moments; plenty of snapped bolts, rounded out screw heads and a lot of rust. I have a lot of challenges ahead of me; the biggest one being finding a replacement tank. Ive seen some rooted tanks in my time, but this one is really up there... Yea that chrome will come up mint maaaaaaaaayte F Dagg Automotive and Farm Machinery Limited So this is where im up to. Once i can rig up a suitable stand for it i will proceed with final strip down. The fork uppers are fucked too so im thinking of swapping a complete Mudbug front end onto it. Parts in general are proving to be a bit tricky to track down for these too, ive found that these are very simila to the TS125 of similar vintages, only slight styling differences, and the addition of the Hi-lo gear box on the TC.
  8. ill have a spare spot for a little spoon in my one man tent jim
  9. let me know if anyone has a spare bed /or if you'd like to turn a twin share into a couples retreat
  10. TBH codys/brian lowns can gtfo this year. keen to subsist purely off Pink Pussies from the China Palace wonder if Mr. Democracy Manifest will put a few in a doggy bag for me for saturdays leg of the tour
  11. Fresh deck of Winny Selects and a Otara briefcase full of Codys
  12. off topic but hey beave when youre there can you take heaps of pix of lush Tuai hydro houses and derelict .govt buildings for me to fizz over plzzzzzzzz
  13. picture a steamy sunday morning, the earth's moisture rising through the Waikaremoana canopy, while a bunch of hot and sweaty blokes all wake up after a long night of talking about their feelings. perhaps ill look at writing a Mills and Boon-esque romantic paperback novel about this years ride PFT