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  1. TimShadboltfan27

    Nicks GS450 punishing twin

    Owning this thing has been very fun! On my first day of ownership i thought i'd go for a ride with some tractor and saddlebag enthusiasts down Central Hawkes Bay to the Patangata Tavern for a shandy and sharn. After fueling up, the battery died on me which i thought was odd. at least i had plenty of big hefty harley riders to give the only japanese bike in the group a push start. I quickly learned that these bikes do not like running with a dead flat battery. After a while it wouldnt even push start, which left me stranded somewhere on highway 50. thank god for AA plus! The previous owner had told me the bikes battery would go flat after a while if not riding it often, these old bikes tend to have pretty tired charging systems so didnt think much of it. Didn't realise it would shit the bed within a day of owning it... Started with the regulator/rectifier. a quick diode test showed it was chooched. A second hand article was had from a wrecker in chch. The bike now held charge, but every time it started up it would blow the main fuse. I found some helpful info on the GS resource forum, which helped me diagnose a faulty stator. A common issue with these bikes, as they are tiny, dont get a lot of cooling from oil in the cases and are just generally shit. tracked down a local replacement. Its a Ricks Motorsport Electrics aftermarket jobby. the thing is super beefy and has like double the copper windings on it than the factory article. Now just waiting for a gasket for the stator cover and can finally start getting some more miles on it! yay for old shit
  2. TimShadboltfan27

    Te Urewera Undertaking, 2019 Nov 29th,30th,Dec 1st.

    $6 tent from the warehouse acquired! Any tips on how to waterproof it will be greatly appreciated
  3. TimShadboltfan27

    Te Urewera Undertaking, 2019 Nov 29th,30th,Dec 1st.

    Bike prep is going good. Might take it for a test ride this weekend And by ride I mean sit on it and make nang noises
  4. TimShadboltfan27

    Hawkes Boes ZOIP

    Keen to come along, was Ken for Hawke’s boes in my now native area but NP is lush and full of symmetrical mountains
  5. TimShadboltfan27

    Nicks GS450 punishing twin

    So dreamy! What a combo.
  6. TimShadboltfan27


    I'd say once @BLIZZO leaves town, the Ding will go to the dogs
  7. battery was drained and i charged it back up, reading healthy voltage. also sounded fine when it cranked today so i think its doing its job. think stator could potentially be chooched eh, i will run a multimeter over this new reg/rec tomorrow to confirm its still ok, and then probably check the stator. its weird that a stator would blow the fuse instantly tho, could it be shorting out?
  8. TimShadboltfan27

    Nick's 1979 RX125 resto

    we will rebuild today smashed in some new headset bearings, feels pretty nice up in there i tell ya. new tyres were fitted also. i went for Pirelli City Demons front and rear, both 3.00 x 18.tried and tested good quality road tyre, be interesting to see how it fears on the waikaremoana gravel.. Front rubs on the fender a little bit so i am going to have to grind down the side brace things. Still need to do a yambits order for rear sprocket, front brake pads, oil seal for kickstart, and air filter. then i will have accumulated everything i need to fully reassemble! fizzing!!!
  9. Wondering if anyone can give me some ideas, my GS450 recently shat the bed and fried the reg/rec. it drained the battery, would push start ok for a bit then wouldn’t push start at all. The coil runs off the battery so once battery was dead flat nothing it wouldn’t run at all. Replaced the regulator today with a similar model, off a GSX400E Of the same vintage. Same colour connections etc. after fully charging the battery, I started bike up and it blew the main fuse after a few seconds. Lights and ancillaries don’t seem to blow it just when the bike is starting/running. Any ideas on why it might be blowing the fuse? Have checked all the immediate earths and everything is secure
  10. TimShadboltfan27

    Datto_610's Suzuki FZfiddy

    That looks to be a fa50 tap, which are vacuum operated iirc. Fz are gravity fed taps, you should be able to find a chinga replacement for $10-20 shipped if you browse Ali or eBay
  11. TimShadboltfan27

    Te Urewera Undertaking, 2019 Nov 29th,30th,Dec 1st.

    Strewth accomm in gizzy is looking expensive, where is everyone staying and what have you paid? Waikanae beach is suuuper spenny on booking.com etc and no cabins left at the top 10. Either something else is on in gisborne that weekend or Oldschool is going to double the population for one night
  12. TimShadboltfan27

    Nick's 1979 RX125 resto

    makes sense, might give it a nudge
  13. TimShadboltfan27

    Nick's 1979 RX125 resto

    more progress these last couply weeks, ordered a bunch of parts which have arrived but still few more yet to come. todays job was fork seals, everybodys favourite. Yamaha's quality suspension components were on display when removing the old seals... yay for hoarding parts bikes! lots of rust and old fork oil sludge. now forks are back together looking a lot better than when they started. the stanchions came up alright with sandpaper and steel wool, the super rusty shit is gone but there is still a fair bit of pitting in spots, i am skeptical as to what the WOF man will say come re-vin time. i will just whack a pair of gaiters on in a half-assed effort at hiding it. bikes coming together! waiting for headset bearings to arrive this week, then can keep assembling bike. Then fit new tyres, rebuild carb, sort out front brakes, get her running and take it for a skid!
  14. TimShadboltfan27

    Hawke’s Bay roll call?

    do weekends work for most people ? could be keen to venture out to the Puketapu tav or somewhere similar one saturday arvo if that works