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  1. TimShadboltfan27

    Te Urewera Undertaking, 2019 Nov 29th,30th,Dec 1st.

    Please swoon me with power station yarns @Beaver
  2. TimShadboltfan27

    School Ball Transport - Balclutha 24th May

    i got a better idea, drive them to the ball in EA wagon, wearing your pirate costume, and ramble on to the kids outside the hall that the EA is a future classic and a high quality Australian sports wagon, and that they will be the most desirable car in NZ. then they will look back on that night years later, being like, hey remember that old pirate dude at our high school ball who told us EA falcons were the next Mustang? he was right all along. /ling
  3. TimShadboltfan27

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    That loop looks dreamy tbh, keen for the Tuhoe Rod and Tackle Tickler 2019
  4. TimShadboltfan27

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    Yea now I’m in same island as this I am deffs gonna make it to wherever the ride is. I think the only person I know of who’s been thru waikaremoana is p8vete so would be a good part of the country to explore. Jugs of Waikato at murupara tav and perhaps a social geography lesson at Kaingaroa Village would also be interesting
  5. TimShadboltfan27

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    did someone say power station? lets do it
  6. TimShadboltfan27

    Hawke’s Bay roll call?

    Yarns about princesses over a couple ranfurlys
  7. TimShadboltfan27

    Hawke’s Bay roll call?

    Pretty keen to get some meet ups/events going on round the bay. I see there’s a few lurkers on here from round these parts. Even if your old car isn’t going would be good to have a meet up and yarn about gross cars over a few beers. @00quattro00 and I are often working on our old shit most weekends so keen to get something together. Who’s down? @Ash-he @Leebo3 and others
  8. TimShadboltfan27

    Nick's 1979 RX125 resto

    gaw blimey, the frame and gubbins are back from the painters, was stoked on the three working day turn around. even more stoked on the finish! potato poor light pics dont do it justice, the finish is grouse. I went for a sandblast and then an epoxy chassis/industrial paint, its a decent coat and has a real nice gloss to it. cant wait to get it all greasy and yuck reassembling. If anyone was interested; frame, swing arm, brakestay arm, triple clamps, side stand kick stand to sandblast and paint was $200. Can thoroughly recommend Comac Industries here in Napier, good dudes who pine over classic bikes and have some rad solo speedway bike memorabilia around the office. Carb kit has arrived, waiting for my yambits package then she'll go off like a long tailed cat in a rocking chair factory
  9. TimShadboltfan27

    Napier Swap Mate Sunday 5th May

    mean. I need more pointless shit ill never use. i'll be there
  10. TimShadboltfan27

    Nick's 1979 RX125 resto

    got round to completely stripping this bad boy, and is now a neat-ish pile of bits. got mildly overwhelmed looking at all the bits there wondering if i'll remember how it all goes back together. she'll be right jim so i have the frame bare, along with swing arm, brakestay, triple clamps and stands ready to be sandblasted and powdercoated. that will be next weeks mission. Then can finally begin the glorious task of putting it all back together! really going against the oldschool tradition and actually making progress on this. in other news, i have ordered a whole bunch of shit from Yambits, swingarm bushes, seals, sprockets and the likes, along with a carb kit. The arrival of these bits will coincide quite nicely with getting frame stz painted. i also spent today taking apart the front brake caliper and line. I thought at first that the master cylinder was good. but after trying to give it a bleed i realised it wasnt actually letting any fluid flow through. the inside looked like a Castle Street bathroom. Brown Jim put me onto one of these Aliexpress master cylinders, which could be had for a ridiculously good price. it arrived last week, i wanged it on and by gum she bled up and felt goooooood. Then i took apart the caliper and it too resembled a toilet in a student flat. But alas, a piston and seal kit are on their way. Lots of words! tldr? We're gittin 'er done
  11. TimShadboltfan27

    Nick's 1979 RX125 resto

    A lazy, turd polishing afternoon. have some boring pics, bought to you by steel wool and wire brush and loads more i forgot to take photos of. the bike is slowly falling apart...
  12. TimShadboltfan27

    Nick's 1979 RX125 resto

    made a bit of progress. So i had the motor buttoned up in the frame, but needed some gubbins to get it to run. I stripped the carb and gave it a little clean. the fuel and oil lines were solid and crusty. i spent this morning trying to track down some fuel hoses and after visiting a few places found what i was after. also got a new throttle cable, feels super lush. plumbed oil pump into motor, topped up the 2tang, filled motor with gear oil, made some premix for the tank at 50:1 and thought by jingo, this thing might actually fire! and it did! but not nicely... it would only run on choke and throttle hung up a fair few times. it's not running well at all but at least it fires and kinda runs if you massage the choke and throttle. current state: next i'll probs get the carb ultrasonic cleaned, track down a carb kit and a gasket set to make sure all the surfaces are mating like chimpanzees. but yeah cool this thing made ring dings and clouds of blue smoke! yay!
  13. TimShadboltfan27

    Oldschool Hanmer Springs - 2019 Discussion

    strewth, just checked air new zealand and stone the flamin galahs, return flights are cheaper than a pack of winny blues!! get amongst! @SunnyCoupe will be broadcasting his talkback show live from cabin 8. Bought to you by woolrest bio mag!
  14. TimShadboltfan27

    Kdotlowe's YB100s

    id just check theres no holes or soft areas and if it all holds air/doesnt pinch choobs run em. personally i think that looks all good, maybe tape the rim before putting rim strip on for max coverage but yea looks sweet