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  1. We will go waikanae top 10 again gizzy. Then probs te araroa campground? Is there gonna be a big divide in people staying at hicks vs te araroa? Where’s everyone leaning towards?
  2. @nzstato might be a /ling but always puzzles me why driveway and landscaping aren’t part of CCC. Did your contract with the builders include lawn and a drive or did you agree to exclude these and do yourself? When we value shit off the plans it’s always tricky when we do completion reports to release all the funds and they have no lawn or pathways, and are still using a pallet as a front doorstep … house isn’t exactly “complete”
  3. Including all their smash hits from the 70's! Heaven is in the Back of My CT Rack The Devil Went Down to Opotiki and their cover of Unchained Melody which swept the nation. Available in Mono Sound
  4. Upon the walls of the waikaremoana mess hall I stumbled across a rare pic of The Hokianga Halfwits 3rd XV, colorised from 1917. Due to the war effort the team was reduced to three players that season. As opposed to defaulting, the men played each game with a 3 man side and amassed a world record point differential of -14,000 after 6 games. from left to right; Kamahl, Tom Selleck, and the villain from Lethal Weapon 2. insert: the microwave from the Rawene Tea Rooms which served a whopping 400 roast dinners during the winter of 81.
  5. that would be a bloody good mish for you guys from nelson/marlborough! few spicy roads between there and palmy to make the trip a bit more interesting/off the highway. PPSC will start planning the route north shortly. Would highly recommend camping for anyone looking to spice up their trip. Camping at the gizzy holiday park is pretty rad popping open your tent to crashing waves and a sweet view. Can imagine up the coast gets even cooler
  6. Sounds good mate. PPSC will set up a docking station for ya
  7. That’s gear. I may have a pair of mudbug shocks floating around they were too long for RX and made chain stretch in quite an alarming fashion. will dig out next time I’m out there
  8. Years of tv radiation have left our genitals withered and useless so now we ride slightly larger motorcycles to compensate. will ride from palmy and hopefully make it 1500km ish journey. Hey @tortron come down to palmy and bend valves the long way to east cape
  9. Yes! we need more recruits in our Medium sized ADV Club PPSC spinoff series
  10. You taking this to the brass @xsinclairx? Will keep an eye out for it!
  11. Haven’t done full roman MS paint graph extrapolation but 750 kms used 1 and a half tanks and I think it’s a 60L.. so about 12L/100km overall? A lot of traffic wombling in tga/mount. It’s bigger than lux and full of camp shit so greater consumption to be expected
  12. @HighLUX yea after looking at the exhaust tip after a while it’s definitely running rich. Had that coolant warning light flicker on randomly the other night ... should prolly check that smeg in the reservoir keen for cat delete and 4wd sway bar 3Y the world
  13. Gather round for a sharn boys Me and the ol miso soup went for a trip around Northland at the start of the year and camped out of her old mans AU wagon which was lush. While it was a robust and practical Australian sports car, it was cramped and not a functional camper. We caught the bug for camper life and started browsing trademe with mild enthusiasm and wild pinterest-fuelled dreams. The first takeaway i got from van shopping - fuck vans are expensive. In our budget all we were hoping for was a flogged out ex-tradie L300 with 500xxxkms. Until one night this bad boy popped up on trademe - the skylite roof piqued my interest immediately. It had everything we needed: fully self-contained, electric cert, wof and reg and a boot full of camping gear and was in our budget! I enlisted the service of fellow 3Y enthusiast @HighLUXto go kick a Kelly 70 for me, and confirmed it went hard for what it was. So we made a spur of the moment decision to go pick it up from Rotorua the next day. Its a lush spec import Liteace with pop-up skylite roof and is well specced up the front with monsoons, power windows and steering and a fully hektik JVC headunit run straight off the battery in true SCA carpark installation fashion. The 3Y-EU injected 2 litre donk actually doesnt disgrace itself on the flat, though it dislikes maintaining reasonable speed up hills. Suits me though, wagon time ain't no crime. Have taken it to TGA for a weekend since buying and it was smooth and comfortable but by gum it drinks 91 like Sumpson at Nats 13. It is an ex-backpacker rental van which explains why everything has been done legit - no doubt its seen a fair few dogging spots in its time. The interior was setup for a single with a tiny bed, which needed to go. Other amenities include a sink unit with water and waste, a compostable toilet and electric chiller. The electrics setup is pretty lush - battery and inverter setup with adventure kings solar panel thing, along with power point for camp grounds, complete with RCD and 3 pin outlet to run the breadmaker. There must be nearly a grand worth of electrics alone in this thing, stoked. I then set about the task of building a double bed, adopting a @Beaver approved design from his Vanette. A slat bed with additional pull-out frame so can be used as a single seat during the day, and pull out for double bed at night. I made it out of decking timber and ripped down some fence rails, as it turned out to be the most economical solution amidst this nationwide timber shortage. so its a little chonkier than i would have liked. I had an uneven number of slats so had to double up on long bois. Still, for a bumpkin with fuck all carpentry skills im sure Stevie Wonder would approve. OCD trigger warning I dismantled the old bed and left the electrics in-situ and then when i built the new frame had to play electrician and figure out how to put the RCD and gear back together. Tidied up a few cowboy spec installation foibles while i was there. Pretty stoked with its functionality, and still some room underneath for storage of bits and bobs. Next mission will be to build a storage solution on the otherside of the van to maximise space in this compact little rig. will be sure to document that too. The hugs and kisses is currently making some lush 70s floral print covers for the mattress squabs to give it a nice lil retro vibe. Then what? go dogging i guess oh and maybe slam and wheels hehe
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