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  1. TimShadboltfan27

    Nick's 1979 RX125 resto

    made a bit of progress. So i had the motor buttoned up in the frame, but needed some gubbins to get it to run. I stripped the carb and gave it a little clean. the fuel and oil lines were solid and crusty. i spent this morning trying to track down some fuel hoses and after visiting a few places found what i was after. also got a new throttle cable, feels super lush. plumbed oil pump into motor, topped up the 2tang, filled motor with gear oil, made some premix for the tank at 50:1 and thought by jingo, this thing might actually fire! and it did! but not nicely... it would only run on choke and throttle hung up a fair few times. it's not running well at all but at least it fires and kinda runs if you massage the choke and throttle. current state: next i'll probs get the carb ultrasonic cleaned, track down a carb kit and a gasket set to make sure all the surfaces are mating like chimpanzees. but yeah cool this thing made ring dings and clouds of blue smoke! yay!
  2. TimShadboltfan27

    Oldschool Hanmer Springs - 2019

    strewth, just checked air new zealand and stone the flamin galahs, return flights are cheaper than a pack of winny blues!! get amongst! @SunnyCoupe will be broadcasting his talkback show live from cabin 8. Bought to you by woolrest bio mag!
  3. TimShadboltfan27

    Kdotlowe's YB100s

    id just check theres no holes or soft areas and if it all holds air/doesnt pinch choobs run em. personally i think that looks all good, maybe tape the rim before putting rim strip on for max coverage but yea looks sweet
  4. TimShadboltfan27

    Nicks Honda MT50 dirt scooter/PPSC gateway bike

    another day at blizzshop and we banged new tyres on, loooooooooooong whistle they look lush. the vee rubber front tyre appears to have a larger inflated diameter than the cheng shin rear. but hey, will suit me fine. whacked a new spark plug in and seems to have resolved the misfire issue! its so easy when you know how! so all thats left really is to wang a new battery in there, replace headlight bulb and action bronson into the sunset. probs a new pair of grips wouldnt go astray. here it is parked up next to its not so distant cousin CB50
  5. TimShadboltfan27

    Oldschool Hanmer Springs - 2019

  6. TimShadboltfan27

    Oldschool Hanmer Springs - 2019

    keen if i can get a ride from the airport/car to use in chch!
  7. TimShadboltfan27

    Nicks Honda MT50 dirt scooter/PPSC gateway bike

    Pining for motard nangs
  8. TimShadboltfan27

    Nick's 1979 RX125 resto

    aaaaand donk back in. Yesterday we nanged down to palmy and grabbed the 3rd bike in @00quattro00's BA XR6, using far too much gas doing trailer nangs on gravel roads and zututu'ing cunce on the expressway. took me all of 2 minutes to throw it in and bolt up. god i love these small bikes. everything was coming up milhouse, the replacement motor threw good spark, but then the kickstart shaft seized on me. it felt pretty sloppy to begin with, these have quite a lot of slack until they engage the crank, this one particularly more so. good excuse to pull it apart and give it a birthday i guess. failing that i could just throw in one of my other three motors... any have a shit photo of my fleet of rusty 2 strokes
  9. TimShadboltfan27

    Polished Rockers March 3 2019

    A couple of PPSC bum grabbers have expressed keen interest in attending the following event. Anyone else coming along? these are rad events, deffs one of NZ's best bike shows. http://motoevents.nz/polished-rockers-bike-show-upper-hutt/
  10. TimShadboltfan27

    Lord Gruntfuttock’s 1975 Ironhead Café Racer…

    lel thats my old one. i must have omitted to remove the QCR sticker stoked to see it still alive and most likely on the same tyres and condition i sold it in
  11. TimShadboltfan27

    Nick's 1979 RX125 resto

    the donk is out! ready for its replacement.
  12. TimShadboltfan27

    Truenotch's Tiny Tracker - Yamaha MX100

    Let me know if you wanna flog any rx125 bits off I could be keen...
  13. TimShadboltfan27

    Nicks Honda MT50 dirt scooter/PPSC gateway bike

    oh yeah stuff has happened! well stone the flamin galahs once again @BLIZZO has been beavering away and banged a chain on, it now moves under its own steam. having taking it for a ride it got to 65km/h without any dramas, playing with the sprockets and i could definitely see the needle creeping further. The fuel leak was actually the fuel tap - new article from ebay sorted that. Ordered new shoes for it too, only the finest cheng shins and vee rubbers for this stallion. feat Blizz's hooves also bought aliexpress rear fender with built in light and Blizzshop customs wanged it on. if only sugar were as sweet as him. unfortunately it has a slight miss at mid throttle and cuts out intermittently, probably ignition related. next mission is to fit the tyres, then try and resolve this gremlin and pest into the sunset. here it is next to its big brother XL250
  14. TimShadboltfan27

    BlownCoronas 1988 Toyota Crown TC24SC

    Good to see this car finally back in the hands of an OS’er. Was @frodo‘s for ages then he sold it to some goons in Auckland, who were the probably the people you bought it off. Can confirm it’s lushness and supercharged nangs
  15. TimShadboltfan27

    Nick's 1979 RX125 resto

    baby steps! got a Flaxmere master key and got the cap open. Was pretty gross in there, so bought a catering sized bottle of white vinegar and smashed that in there. gave er a good ol swishing and let it sit for two weeks. let nature do its bidness, came back 2 weeks later and flushed her out. zero leaks which i am stoked about, so no pesky pinholes or cracks in the seams. got it looking pretty good in there! think ill get a tank liner for it eventually. have ordered a new tank cap, petcock and fuel filter so should be able to hold petrol now!