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  1. /Ling post as i am probably unable to attend, due to close proximity of a certain @Chunky_t's wedding and life in general. but Porika Track is a must for any riding in the top of the south. Tie that in with Braeburn track and maruia saddle could be a spicy option to get to hanmer again, or murchison if youre into that sort of thing. The highways round there arent that bad. did them on my xr250 on the brass monkey trip and wasnt holding anyone up or being blown off the road
  2. Hell yeah a massive thanks to @johnnyfive for all your organising, accommodation and general GCness will dump some medium-sized pics later
  3. Made it home today round lunch time after staying in covid hotspot taupo last night. medium bikes turned into small bikes with torrential rain and gale force headwind
  4. ill take my pink pussy to go thanks. Just chuck it in a glad bag.
  5. Looking good murray ! be keen to go for a local pest some time to shake down the rigs
  6. Long time no update. Because not much has happened with this thing. Its a 40 year old honda, it handles everything like a champ and is generally rad at being lush. The only grief it has given me has been a fried coil, which was easily sourced from Anaconda Honda. In June me Midge and Blizz went on a journey around the south island to get to the 40th Brass Monkey Rally. Blizz was on his Africa Twin and Lips on his tractor spec R80. This thing was no match for the big blocks on the highway, but on the gravel it really holds its own, it just braps through anything and besides having non existent brakes, it is quite predictable and 21" front wheel is lush for off road stz. I left from Hastings and ticked up 3500kms over 10 days. Saw some amazing sights, rode some awesome roads. A lot of gravel. really made me miss the south island... Heres a pic before Some pics during And heres a pic after. My 40L dry bag pretty much held all my shit, tent, sleeping bag and mattress, then clothes and other misc shit. Then i had my tank bag full of tools and spare oil. Cos it was cold as fuck i just wore my wet weather gear all the time. This thing got an absolute hiding after 3500kms. Throughout the trip, my rear brakes gradually went from shit to horrifically shit, as i'd run out of adjustment and the drum arm was over rotating. On about day 7 of our mission, we took a journey on a rude looking back road between Cheviot and Hurunui, which quickly turned into a cow shit covered, rutted as fuck farm track. Channeling my inner Carmichael i tried to pick a dry line out of the mud, but was a bit shit and ended up getting cross rutted and low siding through some delicious resource consent and nitrogen leaching goodness. Front brake lever snapped clean off on impact and rear brake pedal bent up into the engine case. After some masterful cable tying and rock bashing i was able to get her rolling again, but was relying on mostly engine braking for the rest of the trip. It also consumes oil at a somewhat? alarming pace. I managed to consume just over two litres during the trip. for a bike that holds 1.6 litres, that is a bit more than power sweats. Think its time to shout this thing its first top end in 40 years. Some orders have been made for some engine and brake parts. The trip also highlighted some deficiencies in rider comfort and storage provisions. So Ive bought a few more ADV accessories like larger footpegs and a acerbis fender bag for additional storage on this rig. Will update with shiny new bits and more boomer ADV accessories. You should all buy 250s, they are rad
  7. Wow, this sounds amazing, is there anyway i can register interest as pit crew/traffic management advisor/BP Butter Chicken Pie Procurement Officer/Commentator for a team ? Two Jims in a Booth are dying to get their teeth into some more nitty gritty motorsport commentary action.
  8. We will go waikanae top 10 again gizzy. Then probs te araroa campground? Is there gonna be a big divide in people staying at hicks vs te araroa? Where’s everyone leaning towards?
  9. @nzstato might be a /ling but always puzzles me why driveway and landscaping aren’t part of CCC. Did your contract with the builders include lawn and a drive or did you agree to exclude these and do yourself? When we value shit off the plans it’s always tricky when we do completion reports to release all the funds and they have no lawn or pathways, and are still using a pallet as a front doorstep … house isn’t exactly “complete”
  10. Including all their smash hits from the 70's! Heaven is in the Back of My CT Rack The Devil Went Down to Opotiki and their cover of Unchained Melody which swept the nation. Available in Mono Sound
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