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  1. It’s back! By general demand, the now annual Hawkes Bay Moped NZ ride. In 2021 we're whacking it up a notch and exploring the bay over two days. Saturday's ride will comprise a scenic tour of Napier, Hastings, Havelock North and a bit of back country towards the ranges. Refreshment stops along the way and avoiding highways as much as possible keeping smaller capacity cycles in mind. This ride is a little over 100kms in length, beginning in Ahuriri and ending at the Westshore Hotel for fizzy sports lagers and firm handshakes. The route is subject to change based on potential road cl
  2. It would actually go really well in the enduro class for vmx. Probs won’t get the red plate as you’d be lining up with xr650s etc but would hold its own against the xr200s and pe175s. Just big carb, maybe aggressive cam like that torture test dude and it would probably go pretty hard ?
  3. Disc brake front even?? Probably goes harder than my xl250 lol /do berm buster on it this year plz
  4. That would be an epic mish over a weekend. Does Ohura still have prison backpackers ? PPSC have tried to get a ride through Forgotten Highway off the ground but its a bit of a drive to go for reccy to make sure google doesnt send us to Deliverence spec woolsheds in the middle of nowhere
  5. It's all DOC land so access is very limited. Boat access only to most places Whanganui River Road to Pipiriki would be lush, then a bit of gravel out to Raetihi. The Patea Dam (Lake Rotorangi) is also rad but bit of a dead end. Think the deepest you could penetrate (heh) the hinterland would be Old Whanga Road and the Bridge to Somewhere on the western side, accessed from Forgotten Highway. Again nothing links up to the other side and deffs no roads in place as its native forest/DOC land.
  6. Yeah think I’ll grab a few stogies for authentic log cabin shit yarn vibes strewth boys!!! This time next week we’ll be balls deep in the most serene place on planet earth. The bung is well and truly fizzing
  7. How much does that L plate weigh? Surely shave 25 grams ditching that
  8. Hack up a modern cb125 front guard?
  9. Camping setup much more refined than last years. Let’s get into it!!!!!!
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