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  1. TimShadboltfan27

    WAGNATS 2019 FEB 5TH - 10TH

    Hey this looks cool, I might come for the weekend and pest with a non wagnats compliant vehicle. Is it a slab of lobros on entry if your vehicle is not a wagon?
  2. TimShadboltfan27

    Nick's 1979 RX125 resto

    red RX125 was put on the chopping block and sacrificed for the greater good. removed front end, seat, sidecovers and oil pump from the red bike. After a bit more tinkering i was unable to get the red one to start up due to a lack of spark. I got the silver one running on carb cleaner at full throttle as carb is jammed. was quite lol, much cheech out the zorst. this all confirmed that i would use the spare motor ive got as it is the tidiest and has the cleanest bore and piston head. It was run on premix in its last life so needed to put an oil pump on from another bike. gonna order some bits and then get the good one running and riding, then strip er down.
  3. TimShadboltfan27

    Nick's 1979 RX125 resto

    well boy have we come a long way since the last post! I thought id keep to the tradition of oldschool and instead of making meaningful progress on the bike i had, i went and purchased two more. knowing i needed plenty of genuine yamaha bits that were going to be unobtanium, a good tank, sidecovers seat etc i stumbled across the red one on trademe under wrecking bikes. got in a heated bidding war and snagged it. thanks to my knight in shining armour @Threeonthetree for picking up and inspecting for me. unfortunately it doesnt have a key so am unable to check condition of tank, but rust around the bottom seams would suggest its not in great shape. however the saving grace is that not only does it have a mint seat and matching pair of side covers, but the front forks are in good nick and the front brake also still works ok! a seal kit and flush should see me through. the silver one fell in my lap after @Tumeke had a shed clear out. the motor runs on engine start and has a lush pack rack for overnighters. the tank on this one looks the better of all 3 so i will run with this one i think. so the count is now 3 complete bikes and 4 motors in total. now they are tucked away in my new storage facility here in the Hawkes Bay, gonna get tucked into stripping them down and chucking the good bits on to the original bike! then she'll go like a cat on a hot tin roof m9
  4. TimShadboltfan27

    Nicks Honda MT50 dirt scooter/PPSC gateway bike

    19 f 16 r i think
  5. TimShadboltfan27

    Nicks Honda MT50 dirt scooter/PPSC gateway bike

    so after going on a few outings with the penis pinchers sex club, i decided i had to get back into the 50cc game. Was ideally on the hunt for an A50, or small 100cc 2 banger of similar nature. Then this old thing popped up on facebag. Had @BLIZZO go inspect, and within minutes it was on the back of his ute! i would then spend the next three months pining for my next trip up north to get this thing tidied up and in a rideable state. It wasnt perfect when we got it - was obviously someones beach hack and does not appear to have ever been used on the road. the frame was haggard and boy there were some questionable exhaust leak repairs which including the use of an m8 bolt to plug a hole in the chamber. Blake gave me a list of what it needed and even tore the motor down and inspected. Webike australia had everything i needed; top end, crank seals gasket kit and front cables for about $130 landed. couldnt find the materials for that! next it was a trip to Beryl at Feilding AA office to get a plate for it, classic rego and this thing is now legal for just 64 clams. then just last week when i got back up home, we spent two nights in Blizzs shed making this thing marginally pretty and making it do ring dings. a questionable prep job and some quality spray cans made it look pretty decent again. just dont look toooooo closely. motor came up great after a few coats of that VHT wheel paint stuff. new clutch and brake cable, wang in a new piston and crank seals, replenish 2t and gearbox oil and we let er rip. Started after two kicks. unfortunately the carb is leaking like a sieve, it has been put thru ultrasonic cleaner so is most likely a needle/seat issue. birthday kit on the way. Unfortunately no nangs - we had ran out of time to put on a new chain after two long nights of completely stripping and rebuilding this thing. big props must go to blizz for all the work he smashed out on it. true GC. next will be wanging a chain on, get a none ice cream container front guard for it and then hit the molesworth m99999 i am excited for what interesting adventures lie ahead of me with this dirt scooter. perhaps ill enter the NZ supercross champs. stay tuned
  6. TimShadboltfan27

    Otago/Southland Meat discussion thread

    beerfest you say... this intrigues me
  7. TimShadboltfan27

    Otago/Southland Meat discussion thread

    thinking early december ? November's all stitched up for me i think
  8. TimShadboltfan27

    Otago/Southland Meat discussion thread

    anyone still keen to on a cruise/ meet up somewhere? id be keen to go check out the Riversdale Tav or something and go through for a cruise somewhere - what are peoples thoughts ?
  9. TimShadboltfan27

    QCR Chris's Honda CT90

    first bike ive seen that made a square headlight look rad! such good build man
  10. TimShadboltfan27

    Otago/Southland Meat discussion thread

    Yeah shizzl was all over it like a cheap suit mayte. Sad about fxgt, sell it or did it give up the ghost?
  11. TimShadboltfan27

    Otago/Southland Meat discussion thread

    will send you a pm mate cheers!
  12. TimShadboltfan27

    Otago/Southland Meat discussion thread

    Hey my southern breathers, misso and I are looking at buying boring modern daily spec civic in invers and wondering if any of you fine chaps could cast your eyes over it and make sure it’s not a complete lemon? Apart from the fact it’s a civic. Happy to shout you something for your troubles! @Lord Gruntfuttock @shizzl @Toddy415 /anyone much love
  13. TimShadboltfan27

    Otago/Southland Meat discussion thread

    but i hear you folks, bit of a stitch up for those travelling long distances. We do cover a pretty large area here. another alternative is exploring more countryside and venturing to a country tav in the middle of nowhere, much like the St Bathans and Nightcaps Hotels. Im thinking somewhere like Riversdale, Mossburn. Be a bit less distance for you southern pests, close to a halfway point between central and southeRn cats.
  14. TimShadboltfan27

    Otago/Southland Meat discussion thread

    yeah back to the north island for a change of scenery! and @kyteler, in the gloria it's a $30 weekend...
  15. TimShadboltfan27

    Otago/Southland Meat discussion thread

    If not, Gloria will look lol next to stangs and harleys