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  1. Yea foreshore and seabed! Keen for campsite carb rebuilds in Waikaremoana tbh. Keep it in your back pocket Jim. Mine runs a 30 standard and is suuuuuper rich at idle and 1/4 throttle I’m interested in anything that will lean it out down low.
  2. Total Andy /ling but gizz 17.5 pilot to have a play with my RX125... will swap you a 30 if you need spare bits
  3. Aaaaand she’s legal as a drug sniffing beagle! i described my revin process in the revin thread, but today I got this thing back on the road. Stoked as fuck. even get to keep the original plate! 68 Gag em since last update I decided I thought I’d bang some off road-ish tyres on it considering my main premise for this bike is light off road duties. I managed to track down a PPSC control tyre Shinko SR241 in 2.75 x 18 for the front and a Shinko SR244 in 3.00 x 18 for the rear. The front needed a bit of a massage and some self clearancing to fit, but the rear fits comfortably. well what now!?!! I need to get the seat recovered and paint those side covers in original silver. Decided I’m gonna keep the OG silver tank and it’s patina, and get some decals done. then perhaps make some tasteful scrambler mods.... Bring on the Te Urewera Undertaking!!!
  4. Hello all. I now have some first hand experience in re-registering a motorcycle that has previously been registered in New Zealand. so I thought I would re-cap the process for those interested. Note: may vary for cars. the motorcycle in question is a 1979 Yamaha RX125. This particular bike had not been registered since 1986 and was not recorded in the NZTA data. The only proof of previous registration was it’s original plate and attached wof tag. a few months back I walked into the AA testing station in Napier and asked for everything I needed before taking it in. The helpful gentleman told me I required two things; proof of ownership and proof of previous registration in New Zealand. He stated as the bike was pre 1990 I did not require a brake declaration. for proof of ownership, AA provided me with a standard statutory declaration form which I filled out and had declared and signed by a notary public at the Napier District Court. This took all of two minutes to obtain. for proof of previous registration all I had was the wof tag and number plate which the inspector accepted. i rung them up yesterday morning and booked the bike in for the following day (today). Dropped bike off at 8am and by 11:30 they text to say it was finished. When I got there the inspector asked me to show all the lights and indicators etc worked. Then they ran it through what I assumed to be a standard wof check which it passed with no issues. the cost was $180 then registration for 12 months on top of that. they even re-used my original plate, even without having to get the authority myself from that lady at NZTA which was great. all in all a very easy process and the guys at AA Napier were extremely helpful and efficient. hope this helps for anyone who wanted up to date knowledge on how the process works.
  5. Four of us j5, will Happily accept lodging in lean to’s, kitchen floors and dog kennels
  6. NZ Rail Fan spec train spotting + small bike gravel road pesting ? I’ll have to bring an extra towel for the additional foam Ill be spreading
  7. Sweet, got my sleeping arrangements sorted! but seriously, probs won’t be much worse than the tent I’m using /wats waterproof
  8. hey @johnnyfive where are all our fuel stops along the way? more specifically on day one as it seems to be the longest. I'm guessing leave with a full tank, fill up in Murupara, again in Ruatahuna and then nothing until Gisborne ?
  9. informative as always, thank you for directing me to an appropriate local government publication good sir. oh yeah, this is a month away!! my panties are already becoming saturated at the thought of thirty small motorcycles manging through Tame Iti country
  10. hey @johnnyfive / others who may have used this road recently, i came across a bit of boomer talkback discussing they were sealing the waikaremoana road. are they sealing the whole thing or just parts/patch work? i hope it remains as much gravel as possible
  11. More joyous progress on this thing. I got me new clutch pads and springs. The new springs were considerably tighter than the existing ones, they definitely helped a lot. There's a lot of conflicting home-mechanic information on the internet about installing clutch pads, and how long you should soak them in oil for. Some suggest an hour, some a day, and a few "ex-GP" mechanics recommend months. I am impatient and soaked them for an hour. It feels great now, best clutch i've ever felt on a bike so i call that a win. The first couple of mangs it did slip a small amount, but once motor got some heat into it the clutch has felt fine and no further issues. Will be interesting to see how long it lasts. Carb now has standard size pilot jet in it and idles nicely. Still a little rich, but ok for now. Just need to get some miles on it. A lot of faffing around has gone into making it run nicely, i had to make a frankenstein throttle cable out of four, then had a local bike mechanic shorten the upper cable as it was too shlong. With a smooth throttle cable, new front brake and new clutch it feels like i just bought this thing off the show room floor! I just need a mirror and to get both brake switches to work and i am ready to pay a visit to the re-vin man. Much excitement. also spotted this wild as fuck RX125 at the DGR in Wellington - sounds just as wild as it looks. Some inspiration for further down the track...
  12. I have this neat lil country calendar-esque pack rack on the back, aim is to mount a 2.5L Jerry can, tent, sleeping bag and whatever other sundries I can fit. Will run a tank bag as well for spare Brian Lowns, and of course a PPSC dart pouch on the handlebars to keep my winny blues secured. Less than 2 months to go and still don’t have a running legal bike. WTB: plates n tagz for a rx125
  13. yea brand spanking clutch cable which ive made plenty of adjustments to. What ive noticed is with the bars being very low, my cables like to kink up behind the headlight and along the frame. need to swap out for some higher rise ones which may help as well. yep though i may as well replace em, may smash a couple washers in there as well for max tightness.
  14. Little bit of progress on this thing, has been a bit of a one step forward two steps back type operation. Have taken this for a few test rides so far. Can confirm it goes hard for what it is. should try track down a go pro for some gnarly helmet cam footage and wind noise. Two problems have arisen since riding this thing; One, it is wayyyyy too rich. It is flooding the bike and wont start. I have adjusted the needle and running std main jet size, so the mid range and WOT feels okay, but it will not idle. The pilot jet is sadly mashed in there and seized, not even an ezy out could extract it. going to have to drill it out and tap the thread again, so need to track down a tap for the appropriate thread pitch. Then will smash std size pilot in and start tuning from scratch. Two, the clutch slips. Well, not really slips, but the disengage is very delayed, you change gear and about 5 seconds later the clutch releases and finds the intended gear. ugh, cases have to come apart again. So last night i pulled motor apart and the clutch plates looked okay, hard to tell if worn but they were pretty thin at 2.5mm. No worries i thought, i'll just swap the plates out from my low kms replacement motor. yeeeeea im probably gonna go ahead and not use those.... So this is where i am. now waiting for a clutch birthday parcel - springs and friction plates from Yambits. Bout a week turnaround for shipping. But i have made progress where it counts, with the installation of the world's most vital and MUST-HAVE ADV accessory - the Aliexpress dart pouch, the PPSC weapon of choice for securing your Winny Blues on long rides.