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  1. Another step forward, a good cleanup & might get away with just patches along the bottom edge
  2. the good diff is out now, something fugly is going in just to keep shell mobile, front end out soon too, paint it all up ready for refit
  3. Hmmmmmmm good thing j didn't specify a year
  4. Front jacking points a bit muntedwhip them off, hammer out etc & refit
  5. Up in the air tonight...... rotisserie? Or spot blast ? Most of the underside is pretty good
  6. Can't see me getting much motivation to go anywhere now. Ditched the last joyride for health reasons& til I figure out wtf is wrong with me I'm not going far
  7. But....... cos I'd hate myself & & I'm a pedantic fucking perfectionist I'm chopping the arse off it. Rust in the seams has to be dealt to, then I guess sand/beadblast the damage
  8. Sick of looking at it & shoving it from corner to corner. Bog the bitch & shut the naysayers up & drive it is what i need to do.............
  9. classy eh, everything changes inside except the seat mounts, they on cert plate, awesome gear change too, a foot of lateral movement & nearly a foot fore & aft lolol
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