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  1. Not much space to store all the bits coming off. At painting time I want it on rotisserie, need to be more systematic approach for this job, unlike slightly disorganized chaos of last car I've just done
  2. & I got stuck behind a red rolling roadblock several weeks ago dribbling into balclutha. How can I forget the cave dweller, it occupies a big chunk of garage real estate, from which it's getting evicted from soon for its resurrection by Xmas!!
  3. The windscreens out now, revealing a unexpected surprise... Despite leaking like a submarine screen door it's NOT rotten round the frame. Now comes the unburial. Scarily I still get asked if I've still got it & people miss seeing it smoking round the streets
  4. & that's about how far & motivated I got........ Til now! So I'm sticking my head on the block & saying it's on the road by Xmas!!!!
  5. Been too long between drinks, got incentive to do something now... On the road by Xmas - this Xmas!!! I have a playpen now to work on the cave dweller & paint it. Thanks to a mate who needed a touch up done & a car painted I now have a shed to work on avenger & not piss off my neighbours.
  6. Mines gunna be further forward over windscreen & with a bigger angle & curved too. Yours looks good too
  7. Gave it some thought........ For about 5 seconds. You think I'm just building a box to sleep in........ Hell No!!!! This is my mobile grandstand to park around the back of Teretonga too!
  8. Been shopping for framing timber. Cheaper than Mitre10 & lengths I need Pallets from local boat builder, more than long enough....... & Free! Just need bloody weather to play ball
  9. Well........., Day 2 of build, day 1 washed out with rain- thems the breaks here building outdoors!
  10. The turbo in it is only running 9 lbs boost, wouldn't have bought it without one. She steps out abit now on the tired donk, fresh motor & intercooler + wind up the boost........ Should be fun then!! Already know how painfully slow they can be, Dad had a non turbo with a smaller motor If weather behaves over the weekend I should be cutting & start assembling the bottom section.
  11. Rough mocking up means I can only go bout 1600mm forward from back of cab. Looks like it'll be @ 4100 long x 2100 wide x 2000 high overall at this stage, + deck is @ 800 off the ground Pity it probably won't be ready enough for Augusts Hamner excursion.
  12. Threw some money at it & treated it to a set of Gabriel shockies, it now sits in the drive with a flat battery. Sum idiot left the radio on! Resisting the temptation to dress it up, it ain't gunna be a showy money pit. Nudge bar, driving lights & canopy is about it! And get another donk, freshen that up & turn up the wick a bit. Just for the record with 3/4 tank of fuel it weighs 1670kg as it sits now. Be interesting how heavy the slide-on winds up being.
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