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  1. I ran solid mounts in my civic and wasn’t great cracked afew front windows. I had my standard mounts remade in nolothane made heaps of difference. Carnt remember who did it tho
  2. I had to deal with this company for work. They were not the easiest to deal with and always a bullshit problem during the job. There’s dodgy Ute places these days everywhere and some of the shit they are fitting is so sub standard I cringe when I see it drive past me.
  3. Yeah heaps are like it. I’ve revind a few with no problem. I did need to get a new bolts on one of them
  4. Hi what did you use for the curtain? PVC?
  5. Do you need a cert if you replace windows with steel? For example a station wagon if you take the windows out of the rear doors ,weld a full plate over (but still leave the door handles and locks in) and take out the rear side glass out and did the same. So it’s kinda like a panel van
  6. Hi I just got a 59 auto union junior with a poped motor does anyone know anything about these? It's a 2 stroke (3 banger) front wheel drive. I have a motor In bits but not sure if it's all ther and if I can get parts or anyone know of a conversion? Thanks