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  1. I’ve got a 97 Toyota hiace truck (dyna 100) with a 3y with all these emissions crap on it. I only got it 2 months ago with 19,000 kms on it now it’s 26,000 and started to miss under load or real shit idle when cold. I’ve done leads,coil,plugs, had carb taking off and cleaned, drained and cleaned tank,lines and new filter. So I’m here to ask if anyone knows the answer to these questions 1) can I just dump the carb and all the shit that goes with it and just chuck in a manual choke carb? 2)if i ditch the emissions control and carb will the dizzy with internal coil be sweet or will I need to change back to a normal type coil? I’ve asked around but I’ve just pretty much got told to convert to different motor because 3ys are thirsty and slow. any help would be much appreciated
  2. I know it’s over the top but how cool would it be
  3. Yeah they just as shit that’s why the don’t pass compliance
  4. I’ve got a 69 Datsun 521 Ute with a shit chassis, I’ve found a 73 Datsun 620 chassis that is near perfect. I’ve gone over all the part numbers and measurements on both chassis and the only real difference is the petrol tanks are mounted on different sides (521 on left,620 on right). So if I bolt the cab into the 620 chassis how do I get this on the road? The 521 has dead reg but the 620 has live plates on hold, it’s just a bolt over swap
  5. I’m pretty sure you need 16s. All the skylines and shit are 16 inch wheels
  6. I’ve done it to a lot of the swift recaros, works mint
  7. You can take the bags out of the seats and repack where it is with foam. They just bolt in. Commodore seats tend to shit themselves when you pull the apart to fix as the backing falls of the fabric
  8. No worry’s if you ever need and canopy fitting or shit like that let me know I get them cheap as and I head up to hihi every second weekend
  9. Hey mate if you use stainless bolts make sure they are marine grade and try to put plastic washers so the less stainless hitting the Ali, the 2 metals react and it eats the Ali (even worse it it’s old Ali).
  10. I never put it on the road.when I imported it they lost the dereg papers so had to sign a declaration to use it as parts or race car. It did win the coopers beach paddock bash 4 years in a row
  11. I’m not heading up to my place up north for afew weeks.ill she how stuffed she is and let you know.the rear hatch fell off last time I drove it so I put it in the barn and forgot about it
  12. Yeah I got given it when I bought My c110. Used it as a paddock basher ( I know I’m a fuckwitt )
  13. I got a super rusty super turbo March I could part with, been parked up since 09
  14. I ran solid mounts in my civic and wasn’t great cracked afew front windows. I had my standard mounts remade in nolothane made heaps of difference. Carnt remember who did it tho
  15. I had to deal with this company for work. They were not the easiest to deal with and always a bullshit problem during the job. There’s dodgy Ute places these days everywhere and some of the shit they are fitting is so sub standard I cringe when I see it drive past me.
  16. Yeah heaps are like it. I’ve revind a few with no problem. I did need to get a new bolts on one of them
  17. Hi what did you use for the curtain? PVC?
  18. Do you need a cert if you replace windows with steel? For example a station wagon if you take the windows out of the rear doors ,weld a full plate over (but still leave the door handles and locks in) and take out the rear side glass out and did the same. So it’s kinda like a panel van
  19. Hi I just got a 59 auto union junior with a poped motor does anyone know anything about these? It's a 2 stroke (3 banger) front wheel drive. I have a motor In bits but not sure if it's all ther and if I can get parts or anyone know of a conversion? Thanks
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