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  1. Found a pic of mavis reassembled, lolol
  2. Sure, but its not your lucky day. Deleted the semi naked one ages ago
  3. Hey guys, got a broken? car in dunners, clutch or cogbox issues. Wondering if anyone can has a quick look & assessment which part broke? Daugthers lancer wont go into gear now. Gunna be up in weekend to pick it up anyway & drag to invers.
  4. blue guards????? Bonnet could be hiding blue too? I do know previous owners wife put car through back of garage once years ago
  5. oh yummy, not a patch in sight yet
  6. The bit to the left im betting needs removed
  7. I'll get a pic tonight, he added an extra bit that im betting needs cut off.
  8. Rhs needs glued up, panelbeater may not appreciate me cutting holes hehe, i made a single piece patch for him to glue in for me.
  9. No real surprises around the A pillar Cant be lucky on both sides
  10. New plan! No rotisserie now. 1. it'll take forever! 2. WHY??????????? The few bits needing attention can be easily dealt with on the hoist! It really is still better than it has any right to be. 1 thing intrigues mewhy hasn't a wof tester ever spotted this??? There's no spot-welds!
  11. So id better rob the good hardware & toss into the gold scavenger
  12. It wont be attending in this, robbing clutch cable for other scavenger tonight. Wont need it again so i may as well get some use out've it. Should be able to rock on up for it.
  13. Making progress, stripping doors out tonight, relatively bugger all rust in them
  14. Loaded up & ready. Neighbour turned up & said 'i thought you were gettin another motor!?!!! What happened?'
  15. New home for the next couple of months
  16. Hmmmmm, so I may have things abit cockeyed. Rigid suspension & flexible shell I guess not entirely desirable? Or this was a Monday morning or Friday afternoon assembly job? Yes the welds are broke & have been for awhile
  17. So........... Back to the glacially fast resto scrubup make-over endeavor of a Todd Motors classic everyday shopping trolley Maybe
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