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  1. Nah, just ditched the old sketchy rectifier and put in the regulator. Won’t be putting out loads of current but am running LED lights everywhere and it hasn’t been a problem
  2. Being a hipster isn't all it made out to be mate - I struggled with the rotation game and then gave up
  3. Done a couple wee things lately, -Did a 12v conversion, -Got rid off the old ugly indicators and put super small LED ones on, -Put a new clutch in with heavy springs -Put a mini speedo on -Did some skiddies, Just need to find a cool looking 18" dual sport/tracker front tyre in the right size (have got a rear), then will lower the rear and hopefully it'll look rad! Shnaps;
  4. Bike is looking rad dude! Also, I've got those same mini switch clusters (from Modern Motorcycle Company?), and I've run everything through them without relays and they seem to be holding up fine. All of my bulbs are LED but the horn and kill switch would draw plenty of current. Everything still seems to be sweet!
  5. Have done a few jobs on this ol girl lately; -Popped in the ported motor -Got expansion chamber in Indo that looks similar dimensions to the 80's "Bansani" pipe that was the rave, finally got it on -Put some decent rear shocks on, I lifted it about 2" to see what it looks like. Unsure if I like the rear slammed or high. I'm stoked with the clean section below the tank and the rear triangle with the low pipe. Sound like a proper 2 stroke now too, and actually goes waaaaay better with the pipe and porting. Too bad it just clutch slips if you're on the pipe above 2nd gear Unsure if I prefer front mud guard on or off also. Will try and take some good photo's on the weekend.
  6. Howdy, Have been doing a bit on this old girl while being on holiday lately, even managed to get a WOF! Anyway, whats been done; -Changed to a Link G3 (super easy to use compared to the megasquirt), have tuned it reasonable well so the mixtures are all safe. The ol' 4ag goes surprisingly well! -Fixed up and resprayed an old dash in the nice porno beige. -Mounted one seat.. -Cut off the terrible exhaust tip and made a cool stainless rod gearstick! -Random little things for a WOF. This thing is super fun to rip around in, tis constantly picking a wheel with the little 165's and open spinner! Is crazy loud inside with all the sound deadening removed and no seats ect, ear plugs are almost necessary. Am kinda unsure if I should pop in a J160 and a decent diff, or sell it. Hmmm. Here's some pics!
  7. Have done a couple wee tidy up jobs lately - Got new control switches for the bars, rewired a bunch of old messy crap, painted a couple wee things, jetting the carb a bit better. Still needs a wee bit of fine tuning though, I need to go and get some more plugs! Also I finally got my license so have been riding everywhere, so much fun. Will work on getting on expansion pipe and popping the new motor in soon! Peace
  8. Hey team, done a couple wee things on this ol girl lately! Chucked some new bars, grips and throttle on, made a front mudguard, and got rid of the ol oil tank. Also passed a warrant which is rad! Been having loads of fun ripping around the streets, exhaust pops and farts and is pretty loud so it's sweet for winding people up. Got pulled up the other day though, Cop said he was trying to catch me for 5 mins haha! But he was a GC and let me off with compliance for not having a motorbike license haha.. Also brought a new motor thats been ported and had a few other bits, apparently it'll be an extra 10hp which would be epic! Will try and get that in over the next couple weeks. Also brought a bunch of jets off Ebay so I can try get this running good with the new motor. Also will try and mod my PE175 pipe to fit at the same time. Happy days!
  9. Hey mate, I was lucky and a 18" old suzuki wheel just popped up on trademe. It I brought it and it fitted up sweet! From memory a old drum GN250 front wheel will work. But I'm not 100%. Theres a forum somewhere with all the old suzuki rim/brake/axle sizes and you can just find something that'll work. I was keeping my eye out for an old DR rear wheel as it should fit the TS and is half an inch wider. Good luck!
  10. Thanks for that dude! Just brought some bars, grips and and new throttle assy from them, Rad!
  11. Done a few wee jobbies on the ol girl lately, it's all pretty much ready to go! I'll go for a warrant next week and see what they fail me on.. Still need to get some new bars and grips. Was going to get some gears off Dime city cycles but shipping is pretty bloody pricey. Ahwell! Pics..
  12. Cheers Chap! That's in the Skin bay at work, it's much better than my garage that's got no bloody power or lights! Yo Nick, yeah I want to ditch the oil tank but apparently these engine gets almost no lubrication on one of the mains without the oil feed. So I'll probably make a oil tank that looks less ugly sometime. Keen to get a warrant and do some street hacking first though. Sounds rad with the 85 chamber, but is crazy loud, and doesn't go that well, needs jetting to suit for sure, I chucked the factory exhaust on for a warrant anyway. Have almost got this thing kinda road worthy. Have made a seat with minimal padding, and it's actually kinda comfy which is rad, need to get it covered though, anyone know someone that does sweet seat recovering? Also put all the indicators and lights on. I want to move the tail light to the left and put it opposite the number plate but I don't think it'll pass a warrant like that, so I'll move it after a warrant. Also my headlight hasn't turned up still, cocks, so I chucked the old headlight on badly, but it looks kinda legit for rolling around for the interim. So hopefully I don't get pulled up. So it's pretty much wait for my headlight and cover the seat then I can try and get a warrant! Anyone know any kinda loose places that aren't worried about mudguards etc? Couple of pics here for pine.
  13. Did a few wee jobbies on the bike today; Modified a sx85 expansion chamber to fit. Will probab.ly do nothing for performance because it's not the right type of pipe for the engine but it looks rad. It'll be the job until my PE175 pipe turns up (then I'll mod that to fit). A GC from work bent some stainless tube for my rear hoop so I welded that on too. Now I can get onto making a proper seat. Managed to strip a thread for the exhaust too. And painted a couple wee things. Rad
  14. There is a tube like piece that sits inside the stanchion and connects it to the fork lower, I put a 3" spacer behind the head of it so effectively the stanchion sits 3" lower than it did before. I also cut the springs to suit, but only cut about 2.5" off them so they're loaded up a bit more. Pretty hard to explain but there's loads of info in different forums
  15. Hey team, Have been frothing over small engine tracker style dirtbikes since a trip to Indo a while ago. I pretty much just wanted something 2 stroke with rego. This popped up on trademe and was just down the road so I went and got it! I then turned the backyard into a flat track figure 8 and gave it the hiding of its life. Then I started stripping it down to change it up a bit. Have stripped all the crap of it, rebuilt the forks and lowered them 3 inches, put an 18" front wheel on (was 21"), and sandblasted and painted a bunch of stuff. I chucked it together yesterday to go for a wee skiddie and it was super fun! Handles so much better being slammed with road tyres. It still feels like a moto bike though and is wicked for banging off curbs and grass skiddies! Have got a new headlight and indicators etc coming so hopefully will have it all together and warranted by the end of the year. Rad. Also if anyone is super into their 2 strokes and knows how to work them up properly please let me know! Am super keen to hot up an engine for it!