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  1. kdotlowe

    64Valiants 1969 low light kombi

    Man that seems like an incredible price! Looks dope bro !
  2. kdotlowe

    Chris.QCRs 1980 Harley Davidson Sportster XLH1000

    I pine over the decor of your garage just as much as the bike!
  3. kdotlowe

    Kdotlowe's YB100s

    Cheers! Good to know. Rims are spendy so would love to avoid having to buy new ones. But at the same time I don’t want to have to replace them once I’ve reassembled the wheels.
  4. kdotlowe

    Kdotlowe's YB100s

    Good to know! @Lord Gruntfuttock Cleaning up the rims as we speak. What's everyone's thoughts on the rust situation? I've ground it back as much as possible and treated it with a converter. The spoke holes are all good. Think this will be an issue?
  5. kdotlowe

    Kdotlowe's YB100s

    Yeah a few were seized on good! I think I'm just going to replace them all. I'll happily pay the money to avoid having to clean & polishing the good ones here haha. Will measure up and check Ali.
  6. kdotlowe

    Kdotlowe's YB100s

    Well that sucked. Broke a few spokes so I may as well have cut the bastards off.
  7. kdotlowe

    Kdotlowe's YB100s

    I know this is going to be a pain in the arse, but I'm attempting to re-lace the wheels with new spokes and nipples. Removed the old dry rotted tyres, bearings and starting removing the spokes. There's a fair bit of rust in the rims but the nipple holes seems to be pretty solid so I'm not too worried.
  8. kdotlowe

    Kdotlowe's YB100s

    Turns out the switches I ordered are slightly different to the OEM ones. I don't want to have to rewire anything so today I set out to restore the originals. Happy enough with how they came out. The switches now 'click' much better than before.
  9. kdotlowe

    Kdotlowe's YB100s

    Well that's it, the engine is complete. Just need to get a small enough torque wrench to torque down the head. Going to wrap the engine up and keep it stored safely while I make a start on the rest of the bike.
  10. kdotlowe

    Kdotlowe's YB100s

    Few more parts from China. It's all so ridiculously cheap it has to bite me in the ass later on down the track. $14 for a set of control cables, and $25 for the switches.
  11. kdotlowe

    Kdotlowe's YB100s

    Good to know. I think because the tank requires some minor bodywork paint might be the best option. I don't really want to try colour match paint to powder.
  12. kdotlowe

    Kdotlowe's YB100s

    Making a start on the bodywork. Pulled out the swing arm and lower shock bushings which was an absolute bitch. Using a ghetto method of hot glue and a socket extension to pull out some of the tank dents. It's surprisingly working. What's everyones thoughts on powder coat vs paint? I want a good finish and the frame, side covers and tank will all be colour matched. Is powder or paint cheaper? (I suck at painting so don't want to do this myself).
  13. kdotlowe

    Kdotlowe's YB100s

    That was vapour blasted - well at least the head was. Done through a guy called Darth Vapour.
  14. kdotlowe

    Kdotlowe's YB100s

    Look what we have here. Had to do a mock up after painting the cylinder and head. Off to the machine shop tomorrow.
  15. kdotlowe

    Kdotlowe's YB100s

    The end is in sight! Blasted head and cylinder. Once machined and installed the engine will be complete!