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  1. Dude, I'm lovin this. Two tone + legit accessories. Nice.
  2. I will have to get my Yammy F5 going and meet up for a putt putt.
  3. Ahhh, I saw you this morning putting along Langley. Nice bike! Unless there is another one as tidy with a green helmeted rider. Disappointed I had had my headphones on so I was late to turn and see.
  4. Nice, only about 5 Kawasakis?
  5. Awesome, can't wait to see ya old man's car ripping up the hill.
  6. If your rebuild kit didn't come with a float valve replacement that will be your culprit for over fuelling. As I pointed out, the original one was dicey and not operating smoothly. Good to hear its runnin and smokin'!
  7. Flauski

    Kwaka Z650

    Still sitting in a box waiting for me , like the rest of the bike
  8. Flauski

    Kwaka Z650

    It is not going as yet, a looooong term project. I am trying to cull the fleet a little. I will send you a message.
  9. My bad, I see you said the tag does match the plates, I thought it says doesn't. I would still get the original colour info for the vehicle that the plates belong to (from land transport) and see if it matches the original colour od the shell in front of you. A mistake, even though it would be epic is still plausible when they are assembling cars in the 70s, literally grabbing the next shell and next ID tag off the pile and uniting them.
  10. I'm getting lost here. tag don't match shell? tag don't match plates? plates match shell? If tag doesn't match plates, what does chassis number on tag come back to?
  11. Mazda 1300 coupe - two door coupe roof Mazda 1300 sedan - 4 door Mazda 1300 saloon - 2 door same body shape as 4 door. Well that is how it was explained to me moons ago. The interwebs says a sedan/saloon is the same same Tomato / Tomato. I can't remember which body style it was but it was not correct, I just used sedan / saloon as an example because it rang a bell.
  12. Sound straight forward but have you actually tried to change the body type recently? I thought it could be done with a conversation but learnt there is now a form. I tried that once a couple of years ago, same deal. A car registered as a saloon when it was a sedan. I got told I needed to fill out the form and get proof in the form of a statement from the manufacturer and that the chassis number matched the body style so never bothered. Once again, gotta get the right person on the desk on any given day.
  13. Ahh, good to know what sort of car. So like quite a few NZ assembled cars in the 1970s by Todd Motors where shells were shipped here with no chassis numbers stamped and not necessarily ever were (ala Datsun 1600s and some Mazdas) and they just relied on a manufacturer ID tag. So the ID tag on the car, on face of it, is for the wrong body style and recorded manufacturer (Chrysler/Hillman) and that is what leads you to believe it has had the plates tags swapped? Has the question been asked directly of the current/previous owner? It may be just a mistake. I have seen a ton of mistakes for old cars. Peoples recording ability in the 70s-80s was just absolute rubbish. If it was assembled here in NZ then it could have been some muppet on the production line that put the wrong tag on the wrong shell. You could investigate this further. If you contact Land Transport they should be able to tell you any history of colour changes to the car. ie, its original details may have been changed - colour or body style. It might be obvious that the car in front of you was originally brown, or you have scratched some paint off and seen brown at the bottom (unlikely someone has EVER done a bare metal interior/exterior paint on an Avenger.) If the original colour for the plates, matches the car in front of you, this could indicate a mistaken ID tag put on the car. I have used the above before. A car I have owned had a chassis number stamped into it that looked like it had been done by a kid (wonky) and in a different place from JDM assembled models. But after confirming chassis number range allocation for exact model year for NZ assembled cars as well as the different chassis number location directly with the manufacturer I took a further step. I confirmed with Land Transport that the car was originally registered as yellow and had been changed to green in 2006 and blue in 2008. I could see areas of the original colour in the boot were yellow under blue and green. I was then satisfied convinced that the car was legit and the person who stamped the chassis number needed their eyes fixed. A further glimmer of hope is in the engine no. Land Transport (not car jam) can search via engine number. The details will only be lost if the original car was deregistered around 1990. Failing that all you can do is ask a Land Transport inspector, spell it all out and hope you get one that is up with the play / cares about old cars. Even that is difficult.
  14. True but he is asking about re-registering. Good luck trying to convince Land Transport or an inspector that putting plates and tags on a vehicle was not done for a dishonest purpose. The fact is, you cannot swap the identity of one vehicle to another regardless of the reason. To be re-registered, the burden of proof is on the person proving (physically with engine/chassis/ID numbers) that it is not stolen. Not that it might be or might not be because it is impossible to determine.
  15. It would seem that he is screwed. Engine no? Without some firm proof as to the original identity, he will never be able to prove its not stolen. Buyer beware, due diligence, caveat emptor etc.