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  1. Hey guys dunno if this is the right place to post this.... But NZ Datsun Club Inc is having a National meet this year in Hanmer Springs, similar to the OS Nats. Bring your Datto along! This year the plan is 9as copied from nzdatsun.com http://www.nzdatsun.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=8806 Now Friday Oct 25th 20196.30pm Meet at the Peg, Main North Road Belfast (Those coming from the North we will start a cruise thread so you can all meet up and cruise down together, so please let us know your plans by posting up in there, maybe someone can take a lead in getting a deal on the ferry and trying to get as many as possible on the same sailing) (Same for those coming from further south, forget Waimate! Come to the Datsun Track day, more seat time, better cars, and some great people to hang with).Saturday, 8.30am Hanmer Meet up at (TBC) and Cruise to Race track for a Track day, bring your good brakes, tyres and change of undies.5.00pm Cruise back to Hanmer to meet up for the AGM and Dinner. Simon is investigating accommodation options, but there are plenty of houses for rent and anything from forest huts and cabin in the camping ground to flash resorts. Don't forget your togs for the hot pools.Evening: party time, TBA.Sunday Oct 27th9am Meet up and cruise, check back as details will be added, post up and have your say, we have a couple of ideas forming on how this will look, but may take in the Awesome Hawkswood hill climb, Leader Valley and maybe even the Go Kart track, lets face it 1200s are really just Go Karts anyway.BBQ Lunch, anyone rocking a 260C, Ute or V8 280zx with a towbar may be hit up to tow the NZDatsun BBQ trailer.Are people interested in returning to Hanmer for another night? Christchurch? or heading closer to home??Monday Oct 28thBreakfast for the hardy, before we get on the road again. There is a discussion for the ferry crossings as a group and discounts available for the club. Should be a good weekend. Feel free to shift/delete this post if not relevant to OS regs Cheers, Cole
  2. Ryan im Cole, Darrell is my father who was with us. Did you meet him?
  3. Yeah man please do! Seen your wagon around a fair bit, very clean! You passed us in a grey Countrylane Kitchens trailer and blue ranger on the route to Hahei. Towed the datto there and sleeping in the trailer will be parked in the classic area tomorrow about 8am
  4. Im here now and parked my 120y in the classic area. Staying at Hahei camp ground
  5. Cut off the h150 brackets to mount onto the h165. Will need to make sure I weld these on perfect! aiming for a non cert swap as the diffs are practically identical Yarns heeeeerre
  6. Been a while since an update, A14 has been running well. Finally got the jetting better, smoother to drive and more fuel efficient! Up'd the main jets and changed the emulsion tubes to improve the change between idle and main jet. Its still a little bit lean, but have spent far too much lately on trial and error with finding the jets. In November, my diff became seriously whiney. Ended up buying a 2nd hand head to put in, this seems to be working okay for now. Sourced a Datsun H165 ute diff 4.11 ratio, this needs some mods to fit but will be far stronger than the h150 thats in the car at the mo. Will be working on this throughout the year when I visit home during breaks from uni Took the car to Caffeine and Classics at Hampton Downs after xmas, also came to the Oldschool Drags at Meremere!
  7. New pads and slave cylinders installed today
  8. Just me, got the old man to grind the welds back. Then I went at them again making them presentable and re welding where needed Cheers guys. Hours upon hours and around 1m^2 of sheet metal :D
  9. So thats it for now, Ive caught you all up with what I've been up to lol Feel free to drop some comments here https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/60176-120whys-other-y/
  10. Running gear install For those wanting a face to the name, I'm Cole on the left. My car is on the right. My sister Jessie's car is on the left and my old man Darrell is on the right. 13 x 7 Hotwires sourced from Wainuiomata for $350... All had 7mm tread on 185/70/13 Supercats. $250 of polishing and they turned up mint. Need a coat of black paint now
  11. Two coats of DP40 epoxy primer with 2 coats of ACV 2 pot Autothane paint on top. Wet on wet application
  12. BOOTH TIME... after a year sorting rust, this was very exciting
  13. So this piece was very fun, hence why I left it till last. Unfortunately this was after the undearseal stage so some of that burnt off
  14. Exciting to see the underseal go on after hours of wire wheeling and rust work plus rust treatment.
  15. B310 strut top mod into the b210. this lowers it by about 30mm by bringing the strut further up. You need to prise the lip with a cresent gently