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  1. It's possible? Maybe someone swapped the yoke from L series to A series? I ended up getting my other shaft shortened and balanced as that one was slightly too short and way out of balance!
  2. Diff installed and running well! Ended up getting a driveshaft shortened, re balanced and a new joint fitted under level 3! The 4.11 ratio provides a fair bit more torque than the 3.9 and is paired well with the 5 speed box! Anyway, I was asked a while ago to share some photos of inside the car as I'm pretty useless at this... Interior is 95% mint, a tear in the hood lining and a tear in the already repaired drivers seat. Plans to get this tidied up soon! Went for a little drive to the beach!
  3. Managed to get the rest of the panels bolted on, sanded and ready for highfill primer! Finished masking up and blew over it today. Will get onto sanding tomorrow and give it another blow over. Aiming to have it at the paint shop next week!
  4. Busy week, prepped, set up booth and sprayed the door shuts, under bonnet, under boot and sprayed some other bits for the other car. Looking to finish off the fine filling this week and have some high full on nearing the end of the week https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/60176-120whys-other-y
  5. More updates... Laid some paint this afternoon ready to go back in the car. Also, forgot I never posted the guard resurrection. In December last year I spent some time repairing rust, filling and sanding. Got some paint matched, its not perfect but pretty close considering the lime/yellow/milky colour. The paint tin is back at the shop and they are having another go at it. So back to the diff, aiming to have the exhaust sorted on Saturday and the diff in on Sunday. Might go for a hoon up the road on Sunday night
  6. Bit of a cheeky update from end of last year... Engine in, running and driving! just no brakes, but who needs them. We've been filling, sanding and filling some more. Aiming to get highfill primer on before we come out of lock down then some more sanding... https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/60176-120whys-other-y
  7. Shit that h150 took some hard work! h165 is from a 1200 ute, same width as the 120y h150 diff. Maybe I should get some of that oil... might be worthwhile in this new diff. Video below of how bad they get lol
  8. Few small updates from today - Bracket made for 120y hand brake cable to mount, bit on the ugly sign but she'll do! Diff wire wheeled, rust treated and prepsol'd ready to prime tomorrow. Aiming to have the diff in on Sunday after I do a some exhaust mod's...
  9. Shite man looking good! nice getting that stuff sorted Had a geez at your h165 conversion photos, I'm doing one at the moment for my 120y. Do you remember re welding/adapting for the shock mount on the diff? Ive had to take the h150 mounts and weld them onto the h165 to fit
  10. Good to see your still mucking round with Nissans Bit of a shame with all the shops shut right now... Surely its essential to have a glorious mode of transport?
  11. Working on installing an H165 in the Y. Getting a bit over replacing the H150 heads, the A14 seems to destroy them... Cut H150 perches off, realigned and welded onto the h165 housing. Found a driveshaft in the shed, 1275mm long. Aligned this up and seems to fit well with the larger diff. Not sure what this is off? Something A series. Would like to acquire another one if anyone has one. Working on a bracket for the handbrake now, will be using the h150 120y cable. Need to offset the mount by 100mm to fit the h165 diff Aiming to wire wheel the diff and get it painted this wee
  12. Ill get some on here! Its very original and tidy
  13. Chairs fellas, I haven't checked this in a while! have since left the Wairarapa!
  14. Long time no update. Car ran super well over summer, minus a little incident where I struck some slippery stuff (oil?) on the way up the bombay hill heading to Auckland for a classic meet. Long story short, front of the car hit the barrier, was lucky it missed the wheel and didn't swing the back end into it! 100km on full lock doesn't feel too good. About a week later we were heading to Leadfoot fest so had to quickly turn a repair around and get it presentable again... Slide hammer and a few dollys helped with that.
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