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  1. Hey keen rung the campground today will ring tomorrow as no answer. Me and Geophy Jr are in just need to build a non scooter for this year.
  2. If you pop it in the mail I can, based in Hamilton though
  3. Geophys chop shop, never add always remove.
  4. Am coming this year will do the same as normal. -Catch a ride over Friday after work 'for a look' -Have beers -Decide I dont wanna go home and have too many beers -Wake up on JTB couch -Hitch hike home and struggle cos im not a early 20s german lass. Dont think ill ever learn.
  5. Yeah rock auto man, by far the cheapest. Went through and did my research about a year ago for my corolla.
  6. This makes me excitable, Jeff Snr still has his xl250 from when he was a whipper snapper down south and he is keen to pull it out of retirement. Speaking to him the other day he said the biggest shortfall with them is the front drum brake, if you could find a disk brake front end out of another bike that would make a huge difference.
  7. Yep have access to a few lathes, biggest lathe I can use normally is 92mm bore 2m bed. Should be big enough for most stuff. Otherwise have a 20mm bore 500mm lathe at home. Pm me if I can assist.
  8. Yeah man thats my old one, am curious to what the dude I sold it to did to it. Yeah kick start was blanked when I got it is a good motor did chch to hokitika and back on it just the rest of the bime required a bit of attention frame wise.
  9. Hmm cant figure out why it smelt so much, he was running the same motul 710 as me? Also surely they are taking the piss calling OIL 710. Main reason I buy it.
  10. Oh the plane from Auckland, excited to catch up with you guys.
  11. Not sure about other peoples opinions but I am taking my FR50 with a top speed of exactly 70.0kph. Would love to have some people to hang with haha. Figured at least if someone is doing scooter speeds its more open to newcomers.
  12. Have done a couple at work if its on the cheap you can drop them in.