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  1. Got taken for a blat in this earlier in the week and oh boy is it rapid. Such short gearing, just comes on boost with all the revs and just keeps going through gears at pace. 10/10 would trade again, makes me wish for more close ratio gears in my life.
  2. Have done a few nights for the local structural/ heavy transport fella and he gas flux core for everything. Shits amazing for 5mm and up just melts in, heaps of penetration and no splatter. Weld speed is about twice that of solid wire, great for positional too. I brought a 5kg roll for home which I have played around with a bit, ill take a pic of the label tomorrow. Not something a normal person would need at home but for reskinning a truck bed or smashing out some portals for a building, super invaluable.
  3. Sounds like a great excuse for a large sump with a 2 stroke detroit dewatering pump. You care about your neighbours so it has a muffler but it mostly just rattles around on top.
  4. 0.9mm is quite a common compromise wire size. Do alot of solid core mig at work and its my go to for a little bit of everything. Would have gone through over half a ton of it over the last 3 years. I do find its quite lacking at anything big but if I do have 10 and 12mm work to do ill chuck a roll of 1.2mm on for the occasion. 0.9mm can do comfortably about 2mm to 8mm with correct prep all day.
  5. We had a sausage roll for lunch, nothing is impossible.
  6. Have a look at this guys youtube page. Is a friends Dad who is also president for the BOP club has a full build explaining how hes done everything. Super clever dude making do with basic tools me and @Beaver got the full rundown when we watched the racing in Te Awamutu. Bloody quick too. https://youtube.com/@bazzasgarage1922
  7. If its only for tungstens a green wheel is the one, also helps with contamination as only gets used for 1 job.
  8. Yep we had at the same where I did my apprenticeship too, is a bloody awesome machine. Height adjustment is awesome and heaps of power too.
  9. Great choice in tool, up there with one of the most common tools I use. One thing to pay attention to is that ideally you want to be doing your linishing over a rubber wheel is much quieter and leaves a better finish. Alot of the cheaper ones arent really linishers as such they are just belt sanders stood upright. With a bit of trimming you can rotate then to face outwards instead of upright but having an aluminium roller to linish against is a bit shit. https://www.bunnings.co.nz/ozito-240w-bench-grinder-and-belt-sander_p0323486 ^is your cheapest option at $120, they are fine very underpowered and need sander roatated to get best use out of them. They do work though and if money is tight they are a good stepping stone machine. https://www.machineryhouse.co.nz/g1590 ^ Is an option thats come into the market in the last couple of years, good design with belt pointing out and you can see the rubber wheel at the front. About $550. https://nzsafetyblackwoods.co.nz/en/linishall-bench-grinder-bg8l-each--01670411 ^About $700. Are a very good machine is what I have at home, takes a bit to spin up but has a fair amount of grunt. Are a very common machine most engineering shops have multiples of them scattered everywhere. Not so good for production material removal as are lacking in power but good for everything else. 10/10 would trade again. As far as buying 2nd hand I would be cautious and know the value of what gear is worth new the market is cooked. Was watching the bigger brother linishall 3ph linisher on trademe, it sold for $450 more then what they are worth brand new. See the same thing happen at machinery auctions as well. Main thing to take away is that whatever you buy get good consumables. Most grinding/sanding tools issues can be masked to a certain extent by installing good consumables. I buy most of my consumables through PPS, there red VSM Ceramic linishing belts are awesome last for ages and keep there edge well and arent that expensive. Dont even bother using the brown belts you can get from aliexpress and what they come with from the factory they suck shit. Might as well rub your parts with a brick they both remove about the same amount of material. Let me know if you want more info or if ive missed something.
  10. You missed the high rpm little whistle they get just before a big onnngggg.
  11. If there is a couple of ya im happy to come up one weekend day for a tutu? And get you dialled in on the tig. Not the right person for bodywork though. I want more people to be able to make cool shit so if I can help someone im more then happy to.
  12. Uhh @Beaver has your frame, can you buy him 2 hotdogs for delivery? For storage please save me a great bath sharn for one day in the future.
  13. Unfortunately not, have @Dogwatch brothers wedding that weekend. Want me to get that frame down to you?
  14. Yeah shit yeah thats awesome, ill PM you been thinking how much handier it would be if it could do power as well.
  15. Out of interest is exactly the same weight as my work ute, D40 king cab 4wd navara with a flat deck and a half width aluminium gullwing toolbox. Yours isnt too bad of a weight considering it has a bus motor and diffs out of a truck in it.
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