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  1. Hmm cant figure out why it smelt so much, he was running the same motul 710 as me? Also surely they are taking the piss calling OIL 710. Main reason I buy it.
  2. Perfect that would be lovely thanks. Will sort in 4 months
  3. Oh the plane from Auckland, excited to catch up with you guys.
  4. Unfortunatly attendance dates clash with a 3 week south island 4wd trip but ive figured out how to make it all work so I can do both. Anyone in Wellington have room to store my Corolla for 2 weeks after wagnats? Will fly from there to the south island.
  5. Not sure about other peoples opinions but I am taking my FR50 with a top speed of exactly 70.0kph. Would love to have some people to hang with haha. Figured at least if someone is doing scooter speeds its more open to newcomers.
  6. Have done a couple at work if its on the cheap you can drop them in.
  7. Quick numberplate question, just finished rebuilding a trailer which had no original numberplate but the newly assigned number plate is huge and doesnt fit anywhere. Ive cut 70mm or so off the bottom where I would assume a rego tag would go but its still to big, can you get the numberplates made up in a square shape the same as mopeds? Used the same form to register so I assume its possible but VTNZ lady had no clue.
  8. Lemme know if you go pickup @Beaver have been meaning to inspect @Kimjon shed for a while.
  9. Can I please put my name down for a patch? Will chuck dollars through if there are any left
  10. Progress so far, bikes have both been taken for a couple of run downs and have now been taken to an old man to get the final 2 stroke seal of reliability, am so amped even though ive never been just excited to do some dirt/ actual off roading tbh.
  11. @ned it will be fine my cousin is borrowing my lets which has the same motor as your FS so speed wont be an issue, just storage but if you wish I can come up one weekend and make somethung up for yah
  12. No accomodation @HighLUX you got another 2 trees I can hammock from at the bach? Other then that night I think im sorted.
  13. Hammock has been brought, front stem bearings are ready for me to pick up to have a crack at mk2 of putting the 125 front end in the lets, once thats done time to get this A100 motor together. Shit this is gonna come round fast