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  1. Tin arse
  2. If you buy it Beaver ill give you a ride down and grab my stuffs.
  3. Yeah just try a small bit, it will become obvious whether its working or not. Those rods go mean on the tig just scrape the flux off and wire wheel the rod. Use as your filler rod for all the dodgy repairs. Used them recently to weld up some holes between the vanes on a triumph 2000 water pump for old barry mate. Apparantly its still going mint, he refuses to replace it as reckons its a long term repair. Was quite a good repair to do as was the gunkiest place to repair, super grot super shit casting but still welded good.
  4. Lincoln 200M. Have been eyeing them up at around 2.1k+ gst. Seem to review well and being a lincoln its easy to get part.
  5. Wouldnt think so, the materials arent that dissimilar. Havent had one break on me yet and I use that trick alot.
  6. Agree with KPR, 1.6 mild steel is the general rod For stainless most of what I do is fine pipe work so I use a 1.2mm give a real tight weld. Have 2.4mm mild steel as a back up for big gap craft jobs or things requiring filling up. Stainless rod on mild steel is a good get out of jail card, its probably naughty but it welds yucky mild steel without going all poopy. Good if you are repairing old exhausts etc. Really like the silicone bronze rods, makes pretty welds.
  7. Yeah its under my bench, just need to finish off the new terminal connections. Will post updates once ive finished it.
  8. I can see why you would want one for more specialist jobs but have lived without it for the last 6 years. I think if you get to the point where you are wanting a pedal you would upgrade to a grunter machine as well.
  9. Would like to bring 2 bikes, may I bring pitty pup if I hack it up into something exciting? 125cc hillclimb only.
  10. Is this the thinking that has lead you to own 10 Dr200s at once?
  11. British racing green for me. Easy to make pop especially agains your pi badge. Also gloss green is reflective enough that is disguises welds you arent proud of. Go you man looks great.
  12. Nowhere near as fancy as your guys setups, is more of a test bed for a custom full size cabinet. Was give a cabinet from my old work that someone had raxxed the gun and screen out of. Took alot of inspiration from Sheepers cabinet and came up on this. Still have a bit of tutuing and and finishing to do but seems to work considerably better then before. Have a gavity feed hopper on the side which makes a huge difference, just super consistent flow and good pressure from the 2nd smallest tip. Has a 12v ali x light bar in the side but will probably go to a light bulb like most of you have. Have it going into a shop vac but have a cyclone extractor to use, just struggling for room atm.
  13. Something I have been working for on and off a year or so. @Dogwatch is keen on gardening and always figure that I have the shed for car stuff she deserves a shed for garden stuff. Looked at all the mitre 10 cheap shittas and they all looked horrific. Ended up seeing a crowd in TGA called the shed shop selling prefabbed sheds with basic wooden framing. Pulled the trigger and got free delivery through the home show. 10/10 would trade again very sturdy proper gutters and no rattles. Was awesome they clip wheels in the edges and roll it to where you wish. After a bit of exacvation Had a good pad to put shed on. @Beaver and @GuyWithAviators gave me a hand to make up a base to sit it on to get the shed off the ground, then made up a floor for it. Lined some walls, made a bench and put a bit of trim round the window and it was ready for paint. All the planks in the shed are planed down old fence palings. Gave it a lick of paint, popped some shelves in and made up some steel hooks and its good to go. Finally got the aliexpress solar lights in this afternoon shit they go good. Stoked at how it turned out is a bit fancier then we both anticipated but she does alot of gardening so it gets used alot. Its amazing how much nicer it feels inside with lined painted walls, feels like a proper shed not a cupboard.
  14. Bit big dia for gear I have acess to. A machinist with a lathe will do it faster with a 4 jaw chuck. How big is it?
  15. Yeah it is a certain rod not a normal brazing rod. Your welcome to do a couple of joins and see if you can break them I think you will be suprised.
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