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  1. Meh thats not to be scoffed at, give it a year for it to oxidise and you will never know you have been there.
  2. Unfortunately we were leaving it to the last minute so had nothing planned.
  3. Sorry for late notice but me and Jeff Snr are gonna have to bail. Silage season is dragging on and Jeff snr bike isnt in any condition to make it. Sorry team
  4. Ancient chinese proverb "A real man always does it in one load"
  5. Geophy

    diesel spam

    Sweet done will get some this week
  6. Geophy

    diesel spam

    Hey very basic question but im new to diesel life, whats a good oil to roll in the older 2l Hilux? Averaging a oil change every 3 months as am covering a few Ks commuting so happy to buy good shit if its doing a good job.
  7. Geophy

    Power files

    NZ$ 27.92 49%OFF | 3/8" Air Belt Sander Air Angle Grinding Machine with Sanding Belts for Air Compressor Sanding Pneumatic Tool Set https://a.aliexpress.com/_mL4tta7
  8. Geophy

    Power files

    I roll a pneumatic aliexpress one daily paid $25 for it and put 3M belts on it. Is identical to the ones being sold from the local autolink for $150, like identical identical. Good belts is key 3M are easy to get but have had good luck through pps.
  9. Fuck yeah keen is like a 30 sec job. Message me and we will sort it properly no problem.
  10. Cool to see this bike get done properly, FYI the muffler packing on that bike is super hi tech Goldilocks. From memory I got about 6 in there.
  11. Hey keen rung the campground today will ring tomorrow as no answer. Me and Geophy Jr are in just need to build a non scooter for this year.
  12. If you pop it in the mail I can, based in Hamilton though
  13. Geophys chop shop, never add always remove.
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