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  1. Hopefully you can read this.
  2. Don't know if you can google and find it but in the latest engineering news magazine there's a nz company developing high end race engine stuff. They 3d printed the intake runners to fit between a profile cut ali flange and their off the shelf throttle bodies. Epoxyed the inside surface to seal it then tested it to 100psi. Fairly sure it was only 2mm wall thickness with like 3mm thick ribs. Remembered it when you mentioned 3d printing and carbon wrapping. I'll try find the article today. This could well be the future of oldschool.
  3. Look forward to the turbo. Skid plate + makita one ways + turbo = skimming across those ford crossings. Win win.
  4. I check back here each day hoping to see a desprung Micra While you pour your morning coffee, a little child at heart waits. He waits and hopes to see a little micra grading your driveway.
  5. On the weight loss theme. A mate and I had a 4wd Subaru Leone wagon we thought we'd make into an off road buggy. We removed all panels and doors, chopped off the roof at the bottom of the windscreen height, chopped the back off at the rear most suspension mounting point and put the fuel tank where the back seat was. Added a single roll over bar and a bar across the tops of the chopped pillars. Now this isn't recommended for a tidy road going car but the performance increase was staggering. In the length of an industrial Dunedin block (maybe 100-150m max) we were cracking 130kph, it kicked the ass off my Mazda gtx at the time too. Never did take it off roading though, someone drove past and offered good coin for it. And that's my story.
  6. Stripping out the interior an option? It'll make a bigger difference down the 1/4.
  7. Might find you'll need to disable the curtain airbags, possibly cert required? If it's a trades van full of tools or gear and an airbag goes off, that gear is going to become a projectile. @cletus may have some insight.
  8. Can you blow through the pipe?
  9. The car got a wof? Have insurance? Get a good stone chip in the windscreen and they'll replace it for free. Stone, wheel brace, whatever.
  10. Going against oldschool protocol here but at what point would you need a cert for raising a car and chucking a set of mud tires on it? Assuming there's no tire clearance issues on suspension components and structural bodywork and guards flared to cover tires. How much higher with say aftermarket springs could you go before all the suspension geometry goes out the window? This is all hypothetical but keen for a laugh to have a lifted shitbox on mudders. I understand a 195/60r15 tire is around 24inches high and going to 32 inch muds would give 4 inches more ground clearance. Is it legal to put spacers between the front and rear subframes (if applicable) and the body to achieve a body lift? Cheers. Pic for inspiration/ clarification.
  11. Machines ok with tool steel. It's also soft enough that close enough is good enough. Enough already.
  12. I've got welding gear at home. You in a hurry for it or after lockdown ok?
  13. Cut the whole removable tongue bracket off and glue it onto your towbar, easy. Have done it a few times myself. I've fitted heaps of towbars through my old work, and made a fair few from scratch. The quality on the premade ready to fit kit's is questionable at best. Without knowing your welding ability, I'd say you are more than capable of doing a better job than most.