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  1. a.craw4d

    Nissan key fob

    Ling post but I've removed the transponder from a car key and just attached it to the ignition barrel, then get normal keys cut.
  2. Really? I've got a S13 Silvia that I converted ca18de to the sr20det. The sr came from a factory s13 and the conversion uses all factory parts. I was still under the impression I'd need driveshaft hoops for cert. PS, haven't been for cert because project lyfe.
  3. But we all secretly love them. I may as well try put the final nail in the coffin so I can be the one who ruined it for everyone. In all seriousness though it'll have suspension and all the required bits n pieces to be safe and legal so I don't actually see the problem. Plus a low car towing a high trailer just looks stupid. Nobody wants to be that.
  4. Anyone got a link to the rules for building a trailer? Also, is this leaf spring setup legal here? Don't know if it would actually work very well but it ticks the low box I'm going for. Might go something along the lines of this but mounted higher to achieve more low. PS, I don't care if it drags on shit
  5. a.craw4d

    Re Chrome Alloy Wheels

    Don't know about what's available near you but my work has a special lathe set up for machining the face of wheels. On something like those I'd get blasted, a coat of black paint down between the spokes ( don't worry about getting paint on the faces, it gets machined off), get the faces machined and then a good clear coat on top.
  6. a.craw4d

    Welder buying spam

    Have just ordered one of these also. Will update once I've given it a good work out.
  7. a.craw4d

    Welder buying spam

    That boc smootharc 185 is a nice little unit. Have one at work and is nice and simple to use. I bought a strada? 200amp acdc machine. Goes well and has heaps of adjustments that I hardly use. Down side is it's big and bulky. It's probably the same as machinery houses ezitig 200.
  8. Yeah I'd be scared of a plug set up as the wheel nuts would be fully located on the plug. You'd be totally relying on the plug to wheel join holding the wheels on the car.
  9. What would be the best plan of attack to repair this? Three piece wheels have had the steel inserts removed and the stud holes slotted. I want to repair to original so thinking of a couple of options. 1- Weld up the slots, machine the holes and fit new inserts (if I can get new inserts). 2- Use the shank style wheel nuts and machine up a washer/spacer that locates on the countersunk and flat area around the stud holes but leave the slotted part as is. Thoughts? PS, I can weld ali and machine parts at little or no cost.
  10. I've just used autosol metal polish in a couple of places I probably shouldn't have with great results (so far, may yet end up in the disaster thread). -Clear yellowed plastic, looks like new now. Will see how it lasts. Unpolished headlight. This one looked clean and clear before I cleaned up the other side. Side polished with autosol. -Powder coated motorbike wheels, have done a small patch and looks really good. It has removed crap that carb cleaner and petrol wouldn't.
  11. a.craw4d

    Nick's Datto 1600

    Love the car. And +1 for keeping the paint scheme. I learnt to drive in my Dad's 510. Later on I bought myself a factory original one from an old couple in Christchurch who'd had it from new. I foolishly sold it because I didn't want to spend the dollars to fix the rust it the rear gaurds, rest of the car was surprisingly straight and rust free. We all make bad life decisions sometimes but you sir have not.
  12. a.craw4d

    xsinclairx GS650e Cafe/Brat project

    What'd you use to clean up the wheels? Looks good.
  13. It'll just run rich for a second after it has blown off. Otherwise it'll be fine. On a manual it'd make a little pop on gear change, sometimes a small flame out the tail pipe. Looks and sounds good.
  14. a.craw4d

    SHIZZLs Super Hunter smack talk fred

    Shit that looks good @shizzl. The back looks like it could come down a little more but it doesn't stand out as obvious either. Might settle down a bit yet. I love how tough a car can look with some wide steelies and decent low.
  15. Will be rolling the guard lips but keeping the exterior factory. Haven't finished the suspension set up but the rims should be very close to the guard and I don't want any tire protruding past the rim. Have searched a few tire manufacturers and seems I can only go down to a 195/45r15 on a 15 x 7 wheel. Need to find some pics now of that wheel and tire combo to see how it looks.