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  1. Am in 2 minds of doing this. Many conflicting opinions about the motor’s longevity after governor delete. As it is with the governor, anyone can jump in and give it heaps with no fear on my part of it going pop. I can tighten the spring to increase revs / speed and still keep it within its limits while at the same time I still get wide open throttle up to that limit. Also bear in mind this has been an almost free build so far. Purchases to date include the chain, sprocket, brake and throttle cables.
  2. Terrible video as promised. Filmed with my left hand, left hand also on brake duty’s so terrible braking as well. I also drove this to a local supplier to pick up stuff. There’s a video floating around somewhere of me high siding it, almost getting thrown out then crashing into their shop wall. Was fcuking hilarious. We then loaded it up with bearings and housings and hooned back to work. Got many thumbs up and a couple photos snapped while waiting in traffic at the train crossing. It’s such a hoot to drive.
  3. Did a run around the block with a speedo app. Time to tighten up the governor a bit. Can’t be holding up traffic. edit. I tried to take a terrible one handed video of a ride in this. But it’s, well, terrible. As I need 2 hands to drive. Might upload it anyway.
  4. Tried this. Hate to admit it but it was terrible. Surprising amount of grip until there’s none at all. And being rear heavy I could hold very little drift angle before it spun very quickly. Did eventually add a chain tensioner as the chain was super slack. Drove this a few blocks away to show a mate, got chased by a dog on the way. Dog was bigger and faster and wanted a piece of me. Luckily (for me) it got a little too close to the rear wheel and got clipped, tumbled and gave up the chase. Scariest moment so far on this thing.
  5. So now I really needed a proper throttle setup. Machined up a little cable clamp thingy that also connects to the throttle linkage (still running the governor). Added some extra springs so the throttle reliably returns to idle. And for the final (for now) touch I tightened up the brake cable. A quick test up and down the street at home and everything’s working well. It’s a luxury being able to sit in a seat and drive with 2 hands. Is a bit slower on the governor than previous tests but ok for now and I know it’s happy to rev a little more. To do’s include: -Fit a chain tensioner. Some dick didn’t machine slotted holes in the engine plate. -Get a speedo app to clock this thing. -And tighten up the governor spring. Concerns are: -The axil isn’t going to last long. -And neither are the brakes. But those are future me problems. Will chuck some average videos up soon.
  6. Wow that was a while ago. I went to hook up the brakes and found the little adjuster thingy had gone south on the last joyride. I didn’t have any adjusters in my stash that fitted so chopped up an old mountain bike brake/gear shifter combo. Now I had brakes it was time for more hooning. At this point I’m still sporting a decent exhaust burn on my right hand from the last test runs. So I wedge my hand in hard against the choke/ throttle/ spark plug area and go for gold again, still kneeling in a similar pose to driving a dingy with an outboard. So fun. So fast. So dodgy still. Work mate watching from the roadside reckoned 60 clicks easy. I was catching up on cars real quick and the brakes were only slightly better than the foot dragging on the road option. By the time I pulled back into the workshop I’d cut my hand up fairly bad, blood down the side of the motor. And one knee was sore as fcuk and starting to swell up. All in all a great time was had and received many roadside thumbs up. Glad @xsinclairx wasn’t patrolling the area that day
  7. This has been sitting at work awaiting some love. The boy had water polo practice early this morning so I had some spare time at work. Chucked the chain on and started it up. A little squirt of gas and it shot across the workshop. Sweet as I’ll jump in and try it up and down the side street. Holey shit it hooks up fast and does an easy 50 clicks. At this point I see the errors in my actions. I’m kneeling and steering with one hand. The other hand is on carb throttle duties. I have no brakes hooked up and it free wheels with the clutch. No engine braking what so ever. So I’m now doing 50 plus kph, kneeling on one knee while the other leg gets thrown out onto the road for desperate braking. It works, just. So I rinse and repeat a few more times because it’s great fun and why not. Anyway, I didn’t die. Did just go and buy some long cables though to get some brakes and proper throttle set up. Pics as hooned.
  8. This gives you an idea of the size and proportion of this thing. It’s quite rear heavy, will be interesting to see how well it turns.
  9. Beefed up the engine mount and fitted sprocket.
  10. JUST like the ones on the front? Exactly like those ones? I think you’ll find they are your old ones! They were delivered buy Karl iirc. The rears come from smokinjoe, (is he still around?) I don’t think the rear axil will last long with the 5hp to be honest but I can make a better one when that happens.
  11. Oh yay I can now share videos. Here’s an old one with the last motor.
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