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  1. Think he's keen on a mk4 supra next. His skyline lust starts at the r32 so haven't fine tuned that into him yet but he's on a good track. I think the decals really finish off the r34, was kinda plain before they started going on. He's just got the doors to go now then chuck the wheels on.
  2. Mr 10 has gotten brave enough to try putting decals on. He only ripped 1 of the early ones but it worked out fine.
  3. Mr 10 progress so far. His paintings getting neater as he goes and everything’s coming together as it should.
  4. Think I paid close to $10 a pop for the last paints I bought a few years back so stoked with The Hobby Clearance Company prices.
  5. @WhangareiKE70 more dets on your folder please? Looks simple but I can't figure out how you clamp material in it. Is there something missing? I want to build a small set of rollers to roll 3mm flat bar, only need to be 300mm long but haven't been able to settle on a simple and effective design yet.
  6. Your painting and weathering looks amazing Dan. My 10yo boy recently bought his first kitset. Fairly ambitious for a first timer but he loves cool cars so I'm not going to stop him. I've only been giving guidance, he's trimmed, smoothed, painted and glued all the suspension together so far and is doing well. I bought a few paints from this place https://thcc.nz/ Paints were under $5 each and only $3 shipping, good stock and fast turn around. Highly recommended. I've also got an airbrush coming as I was never going to be happy with a brush finish on my Silvia. Just need to stop picking up new projects and get some shit done. Will try get some pics of what the boy's done in the weekend.
  7. @GuyWithAviators I should be able to pick up and hold for you. I'm out and about in a work van most days so can make a detour. PM me some details and I'll see what I can do.
  8. ^very similar to how a nail gun works. Thanks for sharing. "We won't all now build illegal firearms"
  9. Probably no good for Dunedin then. It's already slow enough going up hills.
  10. -Check. -Need all the tools in the back. -Lol, including all the big holes in the front? Heard it makes the heater go better. -Check. Not my money but I quite like my work and value not spending all my time refueling.
  11. Does anyone have some tips to get better fuel economy out of a 2005 Toyota hiace van running a 1TR engine? It’s a 2L petrol auto, work supplied van so hoping there’s something I can do without too much trouble to get it running better. Currently it does 310km to 53L petrol. It’s recently had a new air filter and is due an oil and filter change that I’ll sort out soon. I mentioned this in spam and cletus said they’re basically petrol thirsty turds. Probably true but fingers crossed I can spend less time at the local BP.
  12. This panel with the above controller be an ok combo? https://www.jaycar.co.nz/12v-5w-solar-panel-with-clips/p/ZM9050 If so it's a whole setup for under $50.
  13. Care to explain? Please, I have no idea. The car is a Toyota Altezza 4cyl beams but it has the largest battery I could fit in the battery tray.
  14. How does one achieve regulation? Was hoping 12v 10w was low enough to plug and forget. The car will probably get used every couple of weeks at the most.
  15. Can anyone recommend a solar powered battery charger/ maintainer? I've recently got a work van so the daily is now sitting for long periods between uses with the alarm set. I'm wanting something that'll maintain the battery so I can just jump in and use it when need be (car is parked outside). Would something like this be suitable? https://www.supercheapauto.co.nz/p/kt-cables-kt-cables-12v-10w-solar-panel/572249.html#q=KT solar panel&prefn1=adArticleType&prefv1=Solar Panels&sz=60 Hoping I can sit it on the dash and plug it into the cigarette lighter. Thoughts? I've had a quick search on here for this info but my search skills are probably mediocre.
  16. Hey @CarolsHusband I'll happily listen while you go full Barry on your weathering techniques. That stuff looks amazing.
  17. A mate of mine made a few sets by using old worn out adjusties. Ripped the guts out and found an off the shelf insert that fitted inside. Definitely no race spec build but fine for the street.
  18. @Willdat? I remember that van, wonder what happened to it. @Vk304 I realize you've probably already sorted the intake but would an s13 sr20 intake have fitted?
  19. Ah yep I see where you’re coming from. I’d imagine the half shafts and cv’s will be fine, if anything the driveshaft and uj’s might want to corkscrew. It’s a street car so won’t get a real hiding. Or should I recommend he runs supercats, linglongs or equivalent
  20. ???? It’s Toyota driveshaft and axils getting mated to the Nissan diff. Are you meaning if that Toyota inner cv was replaced with the correct 5 bolt Nissan unit that happened to also fit the Toyota spline on the axil? Or combine a Nissan outer cv shell with Toyota cv guts? Could be possible but we also need to narrow up the diff as much as we can. Nissan is about 80mm wider than the stock Toyota. Also not mine to do the required research and the work asked above is all easy to do. Stock Toyota on left, Nissan on right.
  21. Thanks again. Just checking before I do it. It’s for a customer at work. He’s put a Lexus v8 into an early celica and upgraded to a skyline lsd unit. Should do a good skid.
  22. Here’s a pic of the diff stub shaft with a 5 bolt set up. I’ll machine it off. Weld a new flange on and machine it to suit the 4 bolt axil. Will also machine a spigot to suit the axils.
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