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  1. Ive had my dirt bike cart wheel four or five times down a hill,tweaked handlebars straight and barrp im out of here Also had my dirt bike fall over in the shed and its fuct the header pipe When i was young fella i went for a ride,jumps missing trees by mms and wheelies all day Then broke my collar bone when i slipped on the deck of the ute loading the bloody thing
  2. Dirt bike life Better than a car pulling out in front of you on road Always good idea to have a look at landing of a jump beforehand Good luck with recovery
  3. 1hz will do 1 million kays no worries They still have them in new 70 series in africa cause they run on dodgy diesel and can fix bush mechanics stylez Just drive it for what it is
  4. Hmmm All the factory non turbo diesel 80s ive seen have been 1hz
  5. You mean 1hz? Piston tops on the 1hz are bit thin so will fail with to much boost 1hz+t you dont really go past 5-6 psi to keep them semi reliable Think safari used to do a bolt on turbo kit They are pretty slow so any boost gona help
  6. Went there for lunch couple weeks ago Old smokey burger and chips were pretty good. Up here working at the moment but have to head back to Auckland tuesday If plan changes and still about will head in for a feed.
  7. If keen on a off road trail ride let me know I usually go for ride every couple of weeks Going to the sandpit out west auckland next weekend try my new bike out.
  8. Yeah random soft spot there my mate found one last time we went.
  9. Roof tent i got has a room under it like this So you could make something work mounting it to a trailer
  10. Went for a 5 day camp couple weeks ago I have a roof tent or a tent swag that i would normally use Was doing one night stops and was solo so tried a different setup,with rear draws and rear seat folded down had a flat surface so brought a single mattress and slept in the cruiser I could have my awning with kitchen underneath setup in 8 mins. Diffently wasnt roughing it had my engel to keep food and beers chilled and the cruiser has rear screen so watched a movie most nights with proper Dolby surround sound lol Mate has a 4wd space gear with pretty sweet se
  11. I liked bruce lee and test drive on c64 as a kid
  12. jessemk2

    diesel spam

    That 2hundy had some serious coin spent on it
  13. Renthal and pro taper still do handelbar pads not checkered thou Can still get bmx ones that might fit https://www.flitebmx.com/collections/build-your-own-pad-set/products/classic-checkers-bar-pad-only
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