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  1. jessemk2

    SiRge's 1985 Honda Crx discussion

    Had one of these 20 years ago Zc motor went good in it would smoke fxgts all day I slammed it on 16s which caused chassis rails to get a hiding and it started to rust that long ago Wof guy started being picky so flicked it.
  2. Im gona head in for a scoot If we go up queen st i might have to jump off and push the last 100m but ill be power banding hard on the down hill sections!
  3. I got there 30mins late we b lined it to waitoa to see if we could catch up but no luck Ended up going for scoot around for few hours anyway
  4. jessemk2

    JesseMk2’s Tr50

    Cdi not adjusty Have ordered bigger carb /upgraded variator kit and 70cc kit so hopefully will last until then
  5. Any locals know if theres a place close by where can park wagon and trailer or is there plenty of parking on the streets?
  6. jessemk2

    JesseMk2’s Tr50

    Dont think so all ive done is swap cdi unit But think cdi changes ignition timing or some shit and maybe the stock jets/carb dont do it justice
  7. jessemk2

    JesseMk2’s Tr50

    So far have done 380 fun ks on this thing Did 68k trip yesterday Cdi has got rid of the speed limiter but lost what little torque it had so dies out on hills quite bad(50 ruckus beats it) So im thinking need more mods to take full advantage of cdi On the flat it winds out to the point im feeling sorry for it like its going explode if i hold it pinned haha,got be careful i dont get a speeding ticket now too. Its developed a rumble at higher speeds in the rear axle so probably have to look into that sooner rather than later Scapped footpegs twice second time lt lightened rear wheel and turned into a drift which was interesting But its been hard case get waves and smiles all the time
  8. jessemk2

    JesseMk2’s Tr50

    This turned up from Nz scootercare yesterday Should ring ding ding bit better now Raizer getting me in some more goodies soon that should make the zuk even moar awesomeer
  9. Haha the zuk already hits the limiter on most streets in Auckland One mate text me back saying hes in So got the street magic and a zoomer on the trailer so far
  10. Im keen on this Ill hit up couple of mates with 50s and bring trailer load down.
  11. jessemk2

    JesseMk2’s Tr50

    First mod! Sticker added .1hp
  12. jessemk2

    JesseMk2’s Tr50

    Mate text me last night see if i was keen So went for a scoot around town
  13. jessemk2

    JesseMk2’s Tr50

    Yeah suspension not really setup up for off road stuff done few stair jumps already and found limits of travel It seems way better than your average step through scooter thou and i prefer having footpegs to stand on and a gas tank to clamp with your legs to help steady things up This one going to be more for tearing up the city streets
  14. jessemk2

    JesseMk2’s Tr50

    If anyone has bits for these im keen to hoard!
  15. jessemk2

    JesseMk2’s Tr50