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  1. Do you get the hubs anodised/coated while there stripped down?
  2. jessemk2

    diesel spam

    Not motorbike/car fast But for a full size diesel suv it gets to highway speeds no problem
  3. jessemk2

    diesel spam

    Installed a ultra gauge on the cruiser It detected 43 sensors it can display At the moment set up to display boost volt transmission pan temp and torque converter temp and page 2 display oil temp oil pressure intake temp engine temp You can have 8 different pages displaying 4 to 8 sensors that you can scroll through on the fly. Pretty cool gauge i reckon
  4. 1985/86 live axle front petrol or diesel would be worth most to yota barries id say
  5. I remember guy who certed my landcruiser telling me i had to remove airbags and replace seat belts,part of the reason was my custom front bull bar was not designed tested with airbags. I did send him a couple paragraphs from cert manual that excluded my cruiser from frontal impact rules because mc class with gvm over 3.5t. And he said thats fine
  6. Mate did a gu diff conversion on his gq He did it more for the little bit wider track,brakes were still average at best Good quality brake pads and a serviced brakes system will get you through a cert imo
  7. Factory seat/tail spoked wheels remote res rear shocks swept up muffler in hrc colours pls Sorry I prefer restored mod over coffee hauler
  8. jessemk2

    diesel spam

    Factory 1hdt runs about 10psi 1hz+t won't handle alot of boost keep under 10 psi 15 to 16l per 100ks is about right would be around 12 if coasting around flat open roads in top gear I'm no diesel expert but hard start when warm usually low compression or pump timing
  9. Did it come with the alarm or did you install it
  10. Motor for crf? https://www.trademe.co.nz/3198270309 Honda 2 strokes been selling for a premium
  11. Cutting stock muffler in half will(cheap shorty)help ring ding ding
  12. KDxs are sweet bikes Keep eye out for motard rims and tires. That and a re gear will make it a back road demon on the tarmac.
  13. Cr250 motor in that frame would be ace. And it would make it worth shit loads
  14. 30hp think the xr250r i rode not long ago lost half of those over the decades,but I did just get off a 4fiddy The xr is one of Hondas most durable reliable bikes so there cool
  15. On my dirt bikes I glue and wire tie them on. They can still twist from holy shit hope this isn't going to end bad (holding on for dear life)
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