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  1. Get the spade out and start adding lift to the take off?
  2. Ive had my dirt bike cart wheel four or five times down a hill,tweaked handlebars straight and barrp im out of here Also had my dirt bike fall over in the shed and its fuct the header pipe When i was young fella i went for a ride,jumps missing trees by mms and wheelies all day Then broke my collar bone when i slipped on the deck of the ute loading the bloody thing
  3. Dirt bike life Better than a car pulling out in front of you on road Always good idea to have a look at landing of a jump beforehand Good luck with recovery
  4. 1hz will do 1 million kays no worries They still have them in new 70 series in africa cause they run on dodgy diesel and can fix bush mechanics stylez Just drive it for what it is
  5. Hmmm All the factory non turbo diesel 80s ive seen have been 1hz
  6. You mean 1hz? Piston tops on the 1hz are bit thin so will fail with to much boost 1hz+t you dont really go past 5-6 psi to keep them semi reliable Think safari used to do a bolt on turbo kit They are pretty slow so any boost gona help
  7. Went there for lunch couple weeks ago Old smokey burger and chips were pretty good. Up here working at the moment but have to head back to Auckland tuesday If plan changes and still about will head in for a feed.
  8. If keen on a off road trail ride let me know I usually go for ride every couple of weeks Going to the sandpit out west auckland next weekend try my new bike out.
  9. Yeah random soft spot there my mate found one last time we went.
  10. Roof tent i got has a room under it like this So you could make something work mounting it to a trailer
  11. Went for a 5 day camp couple weeks ago I have a roof tent or a tent swag that i would normally use Was doing one night stops and was solo so tried a different setup,with rear draws and rear seat folded down had a flat surface so brought a single mattress and slept in the cruiser I could have my awning with kitchen underneath setup in 8 mins. Diffently wasnt roughing it had my engel to keep food and beers chilled and the cruiser has rear screen so watched a movie most nights with proper Dolby surround sound lol Mate has a 4wd space gear with pretty sweet se
  12. I liked bruce lee and test drive on c64 as a kid
  13. jessemk2

    diesel spam

    That 2hundy had some serious coin spent on it
  14. Renthal and pro taper still do handelbar pads not checkered thou Can still get bmx ones that might fit https://www.flitebmx.com/collections/build-your-own-pad-set/products/classic-checkers-bar-pad-only
  15. jessemk2

    diesel spam

    Egr already done Had a tune and center muffler removed Its making just under stock power atw instead of flywheel Real happy with perfomance at moment,will probably get new exhaust but probably go single not dual just want slight v8 burble,have to live with it as a daily and guy i talked to said no real advantages with twin 3 inch unless chasing high torque numbers. Better mod for me will be tc lockup to keep trans temps down
  16. jessemk2

    diesel spam

    Ended up not getting a 70 paid bit more and brought a 200 with the twin turbo v8 diesel Torque for dayyyys!
  17. ^Yeah thats what a did on my mc class vehicle(light bar on roof/front bull bar/ rear bar) Passed cert and testing station wof
  18. You might want to check That trademe link could only be for one radius arm?
  19. If you plan to do some decent off roading caster correction bushes will wear out quicker,the hole not center in the bush so less material and flog out I run superior engineering super flex radius arms(passed cert) which are similar to those and still run genuine bushes and give you caster correction for suspension lift.
  20. jessemk2

    diesel spam

    ^Ive got a 1hd ft with 510k and a 1hd fte with 630k on the clock both never had bearings touched Think its early 80 series with 1hd t (12 valve turbo)they had a recall on bottom end bearings. Anyone here got a 70 series with the 1vdt?hows it been to own? Looking at replacing my 100 series with one Ive talked to a guy that worked at toyota few years back and he told me 2010+ are best(solved oil pump issue) and when clutch packs up replacing with performance after market. If i get one wonder if it will be as reliable as my 100,it still pulls like a train after 15
  21. Had one of these 20 years ago Zc motor went good in it would smoke fxgts all day I slammed it on 16s which caused chassis rails to get a hiding and it started to rust that long ago Wof guy started being picky so flicked it.
  22. Im gona head in for a scoot If we go up queen st i might have to jump off and push the last 100m but ill be power banding hard on the down hill sections!
  23. I got there 30mins late we b lined it to waitoa to see if we could catch up but no luck Ended up going for scoot around for few hours anyway
  24. Cdi not adjusty Have ordered bigger carb /upgraded variator kit and 70cc kit so hopefully will last until then
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